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    by Zen Gardner

    It’s amazing how starved for truth such an informationally soaked world can be.

    But here we are.

    Sleep apnea, or discontinued, interrupted breathing during sleep, is a terrible condition for anyone, often requiring the assistance of breathing machines. It’s a relatively new affliction to our times often having to do with obesity and nervous conditions.

    When applied to Truth this concept is so indicative of the vicious cycle we live in. The whole world is in this truth starvation cycle. Lack of life-giving air, as in the influx of truth, will cause some serious personal and societal repercussions, as exemplified by the current world’s confused and dilapidated state. It is beyond starved of fresh truth.

    It now requires a machine to keep pumping (dis)information into its circulatory system. And who’s supplying the machined “air waves” they’re dependent on?

    You guessed it.


    We Are What We Breathe

    It’s true we are what we eat, but it also applies not only to our food and water, but also to our air. Our food is adulterated, our water is deliberately contaminated with psycho-sedatives, and our air is systematically poisoned. These clearly affect our perception and behavior.

    Now transliterate that to our informational supply.

    Truth deprivation is the biggest story of all. And it’s the most serious. The other symptoms are merely physical manifestations.

    When fish are starved for air they exhibit certain behaviors. We’re seeing that in humanity. It’s truth starvation causing humanity’s unconscious flounderings on the deck of a truth deprived world. Lying governments, non-nutritious foods and education, empty media, and a broken down family and social system contribute to this nutritionally starved morass of informational excrement that is asphyxiating the world’s populace.

    Humanity is living in a carefully circumscribed truth-deprivation tank, and it’s gasping for air.

    Controlled Behavior Is the Intent – Period

    People today live in a controlled environment. We live within our self-and-otherwise prescribed limits, but we live there. Some wake up to realize these apparent limitations are imaginary, but most do not. Hence the stupefied world of today.

    The limits are as they seem, in the minds of those who accept them. If you believe and agree for whatever reason, it’s yours.

    Much like the elephant on a tether, we’re trained to think we have circumscribed limitations we cannot cross. How very wrong. It’s entrainment, simply said, it’s nothing but a trained response. When we’re deprived of truth we behave unconsciously. Without the resources to make an informed decision we are not fully complicit in the scheme of things, but we are unwitting sponsors of a uniquely artificial world that only prescribes control and manipulation.

    When we wake up to our fully conscious nature it all seems like a dream we’ve surfaced from, but that is the world most of the planet lives in. And will surface from.


    The End is Always the Beginning

    We are the prescribed solution.Whatever befalls us.

    The matrix of deceit is another animal; It’s a strangely misdirected one, that only seeks to deceive, contain and manipulate at unimaginable levels. It is not from our dimension.

    If anyone cannot recognize the systemetized strangulation of Truth at this point I seriously wonder, but there are many who get it. Those who do get it are the many folks who are reading this right now.

    It’s not a big jump. It’s a simple reality.

    I hope you make it.

    Love, Zen




    1. Truth Apnea. Perfect title for this topic Zen. The sleepwalking program has been in operation a long long time, thus the illusion is fortified by tradition and carried out by habit. The detour for alternative thought is passed quickly by…..asleep at the wheel comes to mind.

      It is difficult to be patient with so many snoring in the burning house.

    2. Also, what makes this so apropos is that while breathing is normally an involuntary action of our autonomic nervous system it can also be consciously altered with extremely positive results.

    3. Very good topic, Zen. As more and more awaken to Truth, the more disinfo and disinfo agents seem to be generated to battle the awakening. It is hard for people to sort through it all and keep moving forward to Truth. I have struggled, but keep tuning into my heart vs my mind to sort it out. So many of us are born into this system of deceit and lies and wrapped up in a whirlwind of society that does not let Truth shine through the debris of the storm. All of us have to keep doing what we can for we each have our own ways of spreading Truth and Love – that is what the we need – as we all have different things that will awaken our minds and touch our spirits and souls. Much love to you, Zen. You have been battling this for a while as so many here and prove amazing inspirations for me to keep on with what I can as little as it may be. Thank you!

      • Wow Heather, you amaze me with your sense of wisdom and understanding. “So many of us are born into this system of deceit and lies and wrapped up in a whirlwind of society that does not let Truth shine through the debris of the storm.” Profound. The debris is overwhelming for so many. Very sad. But something will awaken them. At some point. We can do our part. XX!

        • I think for the majority, in the US, it is going to be when their materials and ways of life are sitting in a pile of debris. It is sad. But, so many are wrapped up in all that does not matter – the controlled environment. This will get as ugly as it needs to in order to awaken the majority and begin to find balance again. How far? Yikes, what a thought! Hugs, Zen!

    4. Another well written article. You bring up good topics and are able to perceive from different angles with depth. So I always look for your articles. This one began with a very enlightening statement: “It’s amazing how starved for truth such an informationally soaked world can be. But here we are.” Oh how true. Information at our fingertips, yet truth is illusive.

    5. My last sentence reminded me of something I wrote a few days ago:
      So we find ourselves now in the information age, where information is at our fingertips. But how many people have the logic and discernment to know what is true and what is not? How much of this information is even truthful? We are living in a world full of deceptions. We now have vast amounts of information, but we have lost our ability to remember it, discern it or even apply it. It is shallow. There is little depth of knowledge or wisdom. We have become clever and cunning, but we have lost our wisdom. We are in pancake consciousness: Spread out all over the place, but very thin and shallow.

      • I think your summation is fairly accurate Greg. But the answer seems to be found in the deconstruction of the ego. Truth that is aligned with the Universe, must be absent my personal illusions of gain or control, and instead be aligned with none-aggression principals and love. Once “I” am removed from the equation, from there wisdom and discernment can flow. Truth cannot be destroyed, only hidden. Truth in me begets the truth oitside of me; while lies in me, begets the lies outside of me.

    6. Hey bro –as always great writing and I am so glad like a beacon of light you continue to add reality to the internet –keep up the great work – Ken

    7. Zen you continue to amaze. This post of yours has hit on everything I’ve been wondering about lately. When your site was down last week and my life line cut off…… talk about starved for the truth!!

      “It now requires a machine to keep pumping (dis)information into its circulatory system. And who’s supplying the machined “air waves” they’re dependent on?” When we experienced treemageddon 2 years ago here in CT (power was out for weeks) I heard horror stories from parents about how their children could barely function unplugged w/o all their gizmos gadgets and distractions. We were one of the first areas to power back up and my kids were kind of sad cause they were just getting used to “tuffing it out”

      “Humanity is living in a carefully circumscribed truth-deprivation tank, and it’s gasping for air.” the truth really will set us free. I like how you put it — SPOT ON SIR!

      About those “pre$$cribed limits”

      “Some wake up to realize these apparent limitations are imaginary, but most do not. Hence the stupefied world of today.” YES – We’ve woke up to realize that money isn’t our motivator to live. Unfortunately, TPTB have perfected this moneyball with the masses. Most feel limited because they cannot “afford” to pursue what they want – “The limits are as they seem, in the minds of those who accept them….” I don’t accept these limits anymore, but I still can’t play with the big boys…..”It’s not a big jump. It’s a simple reality.” My whole life I’ve been screaming THIS ISN’T COMPLICATED PEOPLE….. life is simple – stop letting THEM screw you up. I’m not waiting for a revolution anymore. No more protests. No more marches. I am simply RESISTING the machine in anyway I possibly can.

      resist is the best way for us to revolt now

      • Yr always encouraging Jers–and so perceptive. Rt on about resistance – it takes many forms, like learning to utilized Chi – (see Drew’s comment/link!) much to learn, but rudder only works when the boat’s in motion…;))

    8. Correction – you are not what you breathe. You are not what you eat. You are not what you drink. You are not even what you think. You are infinite consciousness. There is more truth available to the seeker now than at any other time in recorded history. The tide has turned.

    9. Been thinking a lot about this lately, too. The mouth, the eyes and the ears – whatever goes through these portals affects us significantly. Food, fundamentally, is chemicals, and when ingested causes chemical reactions in the body and the mind.

      The written word affects people enormously. We see words on a page and hear them spoken to us, BY us, in our heads. Statements become ‘facts’, because ‘it is written’. It’s a form of hypnotism, just like the TV. Just because somebody has read masses of books by esteemed people or otherwise does not make them knowledgeable. They may have absorbed a lot of information, but this does not make it truth. Truth rings clear as a bell, and it’s a bell that’s seldom heard. So the mouth, the ears and the eyes need to be very discerning because they are the portals into our energy field.

      • Words are powerful. They liberate or enslave, empower or disempower, etc. That’s why the media and PTBs keep up their constant bombardment of BS. Ours is to unlock the prisons and awaken humanity to truth.

    10. Given that God rests in Truth, it really makes you wonder about which direction we’re heading in as a species. Well written, Zen.

    11. Melatonin and sleep are related. The function of the pineal and melatonin are related. Bad sleep, bad pineal, bad pineal, bad society.

    12. Good point, turn off your Wi-Fi and cell phones at least at night because it affects your melatonin and sleep.

    13. I believe that I have actually ascertained the solution o this, and World Peace, and many other issues. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to implement my solution.
      If all thoughts were known, we couldn’t help but be empathetic, although we may not agree, we would at least understand WHY people feel as they do , as they would understand OUR feelings.
      Truth deprivation? Wouldn’t be possible.

    14. Thanks for another excellent article, Zen !
      Here’s my big awakening lesson after a week of personal pain and suffering.
      If we want to achieve our goals in life, we need to take certain actions.
      However, these actions are not possible without learning certain values and principles.
      It is only when people live their lives guided by benevolent values that humanity can end its suffering.

    15. The sad thing about rising consciousness among young generation is that they cannot concentrate more than very short minutes because of video culture and are not able to read the wisdom infront of them….!!!! The Matrix has done a very good job….I am afraid that only the total breakdown of plugging will force them to think by themselves when all the electronic gadgets wont work anymore…….some EMP from solar flares or Niburu will do the job…. Thank you Zen for all the wisdom… It is hard to try to carry the light when so many people are not ready for it…!!!I really think and pray that higher realms will help with the transition…after all we have been invaded by all kinds of low flying ET that had no business in being here…He are divine by creation and we are part of the earth…so please Spirits of the hierachie help us clean the place and put all those Zionistes and their allies infront of a serious Nuremberg type trial for multiple crimes against humanity…!!

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