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Truth By Consensus – How To Control Our Thinking


by Zen Gardner

Funny how this works. People actually think they can arrive at the truth by averaging what they hear.


That’s how most people are taught to think. I get this argument all the time.

It totally explains the power of the mass media. Just think about this dynamic. How do people arrive at conclusions? What information or lack thereof are they deriving them from? Pretty stark reality if you’re willing to look it in the eyes. People are incredibly similar in their outlook and understandings. And hence behaviors.

Incredibly so. Like we’re following a script.

Look at yourself. How you dress, the expressions you use, what you’re into. No matter what segment of society you’re living in, it’s pretty freaky. I remember when I decided to grow out my facial hair and looking in the mirror thinking, “Am I following some meme being broadcast by these bastards?”

Paranoid? Totally. It’s the only way on this planet. Completely healthy. If you’re not, you’re not awake yet.

Truth is Never Popular

While a defined consensus gets established and reaffirms the status quo, “contrary” eddies of thought and realization make their way through the public psyche. These are carefully ferreted out by the watchdog media cabal and portrayed as “fringe” ideas and “conspiracy theories” of course.

Carefully and dutifully packaged and sublimated into a negative subconscious arena for the mainstream unawakened.

Anything contrary is now anathema, resented; spuriously thrown overboard as wing nut conspiracy talk.

Typical. And more importantly…very effective and very efficient.

Getting To the Point

I’ll take Truth over BS fairy tales any day of eternity. No matter the pain and seeming loss of emotional or otherwise investments, bring on the Truth.

9/11 is always the standard reminder of how duped the world can be. Plain as the nose on your face those towers were brought down by some sort of exotic and carefully planned out demolition technique, but what the hell.

No one cares. Or very few. At least that’s the portrayal we get and it seems to hold way too much water. People are even afraid to discuss the subject. That’s when you know society has been seriously hemmed in and headed for dismemberment.

As obvious as it is, the Truth can just be right there without people being able to see it. It’s the condition of our “race”…we want to believe what we want and will cloak it in “positive thinking” or “idealism” or imposed bottom line security needs whenever we can for peace and comfort.

Very, very sad from the Truth perspective, but oh so understandable.

Blindness until awakened. What a tale.

But behold the awakening in spite of all this!

Enter Psycho-Sexual Addiction

This psychological pandering we’re witnessing is simply a ploy to keep the masses asleep. The populace has been duped, hypnotized, seduced. It no longer can contain, maintain or control itself. It must have the savories and goodies of the system or it will go berserk.

This addiction is firmly established.

Football, advertising, game shows, reality dramas, zombie and vampire horror and sci-fi movies while sucking down addictive, poisonous foods………”Please bring it on! We want more! We want another reality, not our own!”

Scantily dressed young girls, sculpted effeminized men, cross sexual weirdness of every type and genre….

…bring it on. Chaos is our new middle name–in fact, their manipulated shifting world is apparently our New Normal.

‘Chaos is the new normal’ is as cognitively dissonant as the ‘war on terrorism’. Orwell, you must be howling!


Know what you “believe” about not only their false structure, but our true reality, to the point it’s not a belief. Please know each of those as facts…not an emotional extension of some hope or sense of idealism. Be sure you’re deciding for yourself and not following anything unconsciously.

We’re not used to that kind of truly independent thought, having been taught all our lives to just follow, obey and repeat, so it’s a lot of work and a set of muscles that have to be developed. You’ll see what I mean as it goes along.

Affirming our conscious awakening in spirit, word and deed is our primary purpose and most potent weapon. Not only against the usurpers and the ignorance and darkness that seems to rule our current paradigm, but for the development and realization of the true conscious reality that is there to be expressed into this dimension.

Get busy being and doing what you know is right and the rest will follow, I guarantee. Because that’s how it works.

And do it in love.

If we can wake up, anybody can.

Love, Zen

“If you’re not free to follow life’s signs and live in synchronicity, you’re not free.” – Zen



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  1. Right on! When I first heard Pres Bush delare his “War on Terror” I giggled. What a farce. First it is an OxyMoron, and second, because we already know who the real Terrorists are. Which only means someone else is going to be taking the blame. That brings me to the “alleged” Osama Bin Laden. The ficticious Bad Guy, who suposedly planned and execjuted the 911 atacks from half way around the globe. I was also not in the least surprised that his body had to be dumped in the Ocean after was was supposedly killed. What a shame. Now all the Sheeple in the world can go on beleiving that Obama is the great hero that he wants us to think he is. And such great timing – just when Obamas popularity was beginning to slide and the election was looming on the horison.

      • I don’t know if it is obvious once we are awake. It seems the majority thought rules, has always ruled and will always rule society; even if the majority believes that each individual must be awake and responsible on an individual basis for the consequences of their actions, it is the majority thought that rules. Unfortunately today the world is not ruled by the majority thought; it is not even ruled by a consensus of thought from the majority. It is ruled by a hierarchy of thought that creates the consensus in the majority for political and economic reasons, or better put, greed and power for a few at the expense of the many. As one of humanity’s nemesis from the last century said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” It works and why does this work? Because my friend it is easier to die happy in the service of the lie then to be executed by majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is. The only way to change this is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth; and isn’t it funny that the only way to maintain the status quo is to be willing to die for what you believe is the truth. It would seem we are captured, coming and going by a hierarchy that creates the ‘lie’. Fortunately there are human beings who do find it a better lived life to be executed by the majority consensus for knowing the lie to be what it is and take their chances on there being a higher order of things beyond this reality. Therein lies the rub that irritates the elite and they have yet found a way that eradicates that type of individual for society. There-in lies the hope of humanity.

    • * …sadly ,oft times it’s difficult to understand something…when one’s paycheck depends on ‘not’ understanding.
      Therein lies the courage.

  2. I was suggesting that a young man, and scion of an influencial family, would get a better view of the state of things if he looked at several sources for the same subject and then compared them, considered them and then came to a more informed conclusion. He listened. Then he said but nobody cares whether the information is true any more. They just want to know about the general flow and conform to that.
    I realized at that moment that he’d let me in on a mind set so outside all I considered important that it could have come from the dark side of the moon. I was immensely grateful to him for that eye-opening observation. It helped me to understand why so many people have faded into a shifting theatrical backdrop for me. I’ll walk through a crowded hall and only one or two people carry the resonance of integrity. The young man allowed me for a moment at least, to glimpse something of the world of the backdrop people.

    • Wow. Amazing he articulated it so clearly. I think there are a lot more people at a higher state of awareness than we think. They’re smouldering and just need that last spark to ignite the combustion. That’s why the state media works so hard to do what they do, using peer pressure, fear, guilt and shame. The problem is people using that as their yardstick, consciously and subconsciously. Another reason to turn it all off. Good example this weekend was the NFL getting on the gun control bandwagon, getting another state mantra into a new, major more so-called conservative strata of society. “Golly gee, Bob. If even the jocks are on board with this it must be right.” Baaaaaaa

      • Then I guess we need to make sure the new “general flow” is awakened info.
        I can already see the line between msm and alternative getting fuzzy. There are some crossover stories that are both telling the truth. One story that msm was all over seems to have been overlooked by alternative media. Did you watch the video of Angus T Jones on forerunner 777? He tells people to google the effects of tv on the brain. Kids are curious and they will go looking.
        Its only a matter of days before the awakening becomes obvious.

        • I saw that too–it was all over the MSM. Angus was saying some good stuff..they made him apologize of course. But sorry, can’t stop the awakening! “head for the hills, controllers…the dam’s busting!”..;))

  3. great piece of prose posing as poetry for the soul…

    only one critical observation…
    dismemberment might have also been disembowled…
    starting with the heart
    …with conscience seared by sorcery…
    the eviscerated zombies drool watching the ritual sacrifice of their children…

    the joy of hope

  4. Zen my friend, you are so right. I have tyo listen to forceful opinions considered fact by those expressing them.If I were to take umbrage with them I would be in a constant state of discordant resonance so I listen knowing its fruitless to even attemt to debate them. I respect all opinions even of those who spout loudest, but alas any I express are immediately an issue for put down and argument. Its sad that people try to forcefully ram their opinions down your throat, because they believe theirs is the only truth. Alas I now avoid debate as it seems pointless to express any opinion that does not fit the common theme and so perpetuates argument. I really do not want to go there. Am I wrong Zen?

    • Each situation is different. There’s definitely times you can’t get through with a thing and you hv to walk away. Sometimes if you’re stuck in the conversation or situation you can bring things up in a question form. “What if that premises that’s built on isn’t exactly that way?” Someone just yesterday I had a fantastic A-Z Truth conversation with (once I get rolling I’m tough to stop, but he enjoyed it..) brought up the McAfee guy in Belize murder story as a shocking example of the world going wonky. I said “What if someone’s going after him and that’s not true but a set up, like so many other things?” (we’d already been deep into social engineering so it was in context). He just stopped and smiled and said. “Oh yeah.” That was an easy sell since we were already in the labyrinth but the power of “just wondering” can sometimes be used to see if there’s any crack for the water to seep through to get started. May not happen then but later, but you can at least be true to conscience.
      Groups are tough though, when they can prop each other up. One on one is usually the best, as the weakest skeptic can often be the guidepost, unless someone really has some conviction. Main thing is being true to what you feel is the right thing to do. Like Dane said in his chemtrail article, it doesn’t pay to unwisely hit people over the head with things. But then again, you never know when you do bring something up and the group appears to rebuff it, people will come around later on in private and ask for more info. Guess we all hv to play it by ear, but play it we must! ;))

      • Love the story about mcaffee. You are so right that people are ready for this truth because we are already aware of corruption.

  5. I see it as my job to awaken others. I know I came here to do this and I know you guys did too. Its no accident that we all found this place
    We have to focus on awakening the sleeple and stop treating them like they are an enemy. You were a sleeple once too. I refuse to use the term “sheeple” anymore (although i just used it lol). It puts a seperation between us when in fact we claim to be trying to bridge the gap.

    Dont forget where you came from. Rememeber all those wrong choices and mistakes you made, remember the things you believed before you knew better and realize that we are all one. I woke up at 4:44 this am- does that make me better than someone that didnt wake til 7? No, thats an absurd conclusion. Perhaps that person was up late nurturing a sick child. Assume nothing except that we are all the same deep down inside. We all want a better life, some of us just have no clue how to find it yet.

    Once the majority of the awakened collective(us) gets to the point where it is ready to stop defining and dividing, we are going to have a major shift in consciousness.
    Its almost here but it lies on our shoulders. It is our responsibility to show the rest of them the way just like the path was shown for us in many ways. And like Zen said, do it with love-it starts your day off nicer to wake up with birds singing than it is to have a bucket of cold water thrown at you.

  6. Get busy being and doing what you know is right and the rest will follow, I guarantee. Because that’s how it works.
    And do it in love. indeed brother zen. indeed. lovely article, i need to repost this. :) much love brother.

  7. Thank you. This realization has been happening my entire life. Wondering why so many people adhere to clearly illogical positions. Reading about cognitive dissonance. Reading 1984 as a teen and later as an adult, getting another story entirely from it. Orwell only underestimated the power of imagery, the rest is spot on. Images, like words, form our worldview. If we cannot see something different, we cannot imagine its existence. The movie Brazil ends with the protagonist riding off down a narrow road completely lined with billboards to prevent seeing the real land outside the physical and mental prison. This is the information highway folks.

  8. The truth is trampled in the streets daily, eviscerated by those who remain hypnotised. The reality is obscured by the fiction created by those who wish to dominate the world. To them, the real truth is as poisonous as a rattlesnake because it would reveal them for who they are, and most importantly it would set the people free.

  9. Ah! The truth definitely is not popular and as lonely as it is, I could never go back to life in the dark. We have some friends who would prefer to stay inside the box, if you will. It’s clear, with their way of thinking, that venturing outside the box is too scary to even consider. But, we can tell some truths are making their way in – little comments are made here and there. One of them even joked about “hitting the chemtrail button” on one of his recent commercial flights. Amazing! All the info I’ve poured out about chemtrails, not one time has that word ever been mentioned by them – never a question, never a comment, but more importantly, no denials either. As baby-step as it is, I consider that progress.

    • Gr8 attitude Sand. Not easy in this environment. Another post just up that addresses similar issues. Love this: “Ah! The truth definitely is not popular and as lonely as it is, I could never go back to life in the dark.”
      That’s pretty much what we’re all saddled with. And you know what, enjoy the ride! We’re on goooooood horses!! Love you, Zen

  10. You know Zen,

    You have the right idea. I mean your seeing so many of these things just as so many of us are. All these questions remaining unanswered, all these gut-feelings. Just wondering when this so-called Truth and all would emerge. Still, I think your falling into a few traps. I mean, you could take it from me, this whole thing is not as simple as it seems. There are illusions and there are counter-illusions. And it’s all gonna get way worse before it starts getting better. Then again, how do we even differentiate better from worse? We’re all so programmed, how do we even know whether what we think is right or wrong. Some may say let conscience be our guide but then again, every man has a conscience of his own. I really think it’s about time we start putting the pieces together. The Truth, if it is true at all is not very far away from discovery, at least we hope so. But then, is it what we really want, is it what is really best for us. Or is it merely a stepping stone towards the “idealism” of which you speak, knowing what it is only to better define what it ought to be.

    Either way, I can’t see the Truth emerging unless freedom is preserved. Unless we all look beyond the little things, unless we break free from the bondage of our personal beliefs and our opinions of the beliefs of others. Unless we draw a clear line between harm to the person and harm to the “conscience”. Still, there is so much that is still being kept secret. And so few who dare to challenge that.

    Zen, maybe the time is drawing closer. Maybe soon, the missing pieces will come to light. All might be revealed. But that’s when the change has to happen. That’s why the Truth is only the first step on the journey upon which our World must embark. Our World can only be defined by the diverse views and freedoms of our beautiful people.

    As for now, let’s put the pieces together. Let’s join the links between all the great mysteries, let’s compile all the information into a grand masterpiece. Maybe then, we would have a clearer picture of what our next step should be.

    Call me Nate.

  11. In my own experience I feel that things are changing because there seems to be a global perspective developing all over the world. One that see’s everything in with a different idea of what is possibile . Considering all the poverty, war, and conflict in our world. Things which are here for reasons and will continue to be while nothing happens. The idea where the whole system that we live in is actually flawed to it’s very core. Looking at monetary policies, who creates them, and how money creation itself holds the real power over the control over the energy of human beings. Banks in control by private ownership groups who hold the monopoly over money creation and policies. That’s what this is all about, power and control. A never ending debt based economy where the “free market” goes for everything in this world, including you. Built on the need for problems to stimulate economic growth, an idea that money is everything we strive for therefore becoming enslaved by it’s control.
    With money there will always be the few who will get to the top and wish to stay there at any cost. Look at the U.S, in the most debt, in the most wars, has the largest most mind boggling budget for defense(war), a government that tries to stretch its influence across the globe, and they are only making things worse. Recently, I saw a video of a UN voting over banning of nuclear weapons, and low and behold, the U.S and isreal were the only two. How Ironic.
    The real power has always been with the people, but we have long been manipulated/conditioned to look at the world in certain narrow perspectives. Wholly limited by the idea that money controls everything. Once we realize our relation to nature, and how the real power lies with us, we can change everything into something considered self sustainable and more. Where all basic needs are provided without the need for any money, anywhere.
    Individual, independent, and yet a truly united people for the truth and limitless potential of human beings. No more banks, no more bills, no more employment for pay, no more limitations by ideas of “debt”, no more burden to survive, no more tax, no limitation by money, no more need to do anything except to be selfsustainable. Anything is possible.

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