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Truth or Denial in the Age of Information Overload


by Zen Gardner

A lot of people are getting more frustrated than ever with either trying to wake people up, or just witnessing the apparent absolute ignorance of people not being able to notice what’s really going on around them. There are many reasons for this, and it’s an age old problem.

In today’s world, it appears it’s because things are crystallizing so fast and the flow of changing information coming at people is so massive it can barely be processed anymore by the lower density mind. True to some extent.

You’ll soon see that doesn’t hold up when it comes to consciousness.

But as a result of this onslaught people just shut down. In spite of so much Truth being more readily available than in any other time in history people still choose to close their eyes and ears. This info-barrage is no excuse for anything, but it’s part of the reality of the effects of this swirl of accelerating craziness that’s spinning around us.

And that’s just what’s on the mental, informational surface. Vibrationally and spiritually things are even crazier as the Matrix and its inter-dimensional minions furiously fight against the natural progression of change and advancing energetic waves of Truth our world is experiencing.

All this may not appear to be an improvement to many following this recent galactic alignment and change of ages, but despite the chaos getting loosed on the world we are definitely moving towards a much greater conscious state of awareness and energetic power. It’s getting free enough to see and experience all this that’s the major issue at hand.

Don’t let the confusion and chaos fool you. Keep your ship steady as she goes. It’s all a transition, but man the helm diligently. This is the real deal and it’s about to get very personal if it hasn’t already.


Testing Times Are Times of Choice

It’s a very challenging dynamic we’re all facing at this juncture.  And I expect it to get even wilder and more confusing by the day, especially to the unwary. And this increased fury of change is causing basically two reactions. We either open up to new and more fulfilling options for our lives, or we duck and cover and adopt the state sponsored party line for seeming safety and security.

It appears to be that simple.

The preponderance of the population is apparently shutting down and hiding from this seeming informational onslaught. They are actually happy the state propaganda machine pablumizes everything into a nice, warm, sugary goo. After all, it’s easier, and easier is better, right? Like eating cheap toxic processed fast food instead of real, living food. “We’ll worry about that healthy stuff later. You can’t expect me to eat consciously and study what’s in stuff all the time. Surely it can’t be that bad if the FDA has approved these foods and additives. And the media might not be perfect but they’d never outright lie to us…” blah blah.

Little do they know. But intentional ignorance is of course no excuse either. Even the slightest bit of critical thought could open the floodgates to the Truth but the subconscious awareness that there’s way more behind the wizard’s curtain than they care to know about keeps them squeezing their eyes shut.

Look at Sandy Hook-winked. If people knew the depths the Powers That Be sink to put on such elaborate murderous schemes and the many strange goals accomplished during these high profile rituals it would make their heads spin. So what does the media controlled world do? Nothing. Not even admit one iota of contrary evidence, be it others arrested on the scene or any contradictory stories that don’t toe the party line.

And on top of that they demonize anyone who not just proposes opposing information, but dares to question the lack of evidence to support anything that happened as the public was told! Anyone smell 9/11 here? Not a bad comparison really, an emotionally charged and fact-bereft media story that has just the right desired effects.

Always ask, Cui Bono? Who benefits? Apply that across the board.

But the time to pay the fiddler is nigh. Personally and collectively.


Even the Back Burner Is Boiling Over

There’s one thing people aren’t counting on. In this energetically enlivened time everything gets activated. Even the pots put on the back burners are boiling over and there’s no ignoring these suppressed issues any longer. You can’t stop the energetic changes any more than you can keep the waves of Truth like waves of the ocean from hitting the shore.

And despite all this jacked up confusion, people subconsciously realize to wake up and challenge any one of these major issues might mean having to see and therefore react to other issues or questions. It might mean changing their whole understanding of life which would take them to new, uncomfortable places.

For those trying to put off these uncomfortable realizations, it’s gonna get a heck of a lot more uncomfortable as well as confusing for those who don’t get honest about what’s before them and rise to the challenge, believe me.

We’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Plain and simple.


All or Nothing at All – Beware the Vortex

It’s really becoming all or nothing at all when it comes to the fundamentals of Truth vs. the Lie in people’s lives. Those that shut down and close their eyes and ears to the Truth are forced into the only other option: the one touted by the mainstream media/religion/intellectual mantra and enforced by the matrix. And its end is death..spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The vortex of this false world is way too strong for anyone to be anywhere near the big lie with little compromises to not get sucked into the whole morass of deceit. We’ll all be shedding more and more cherished baggage as the storm picks up.

Let go gleefully. It’s helping you get free.


Commit to Detachment

It’s very simple knowing what to do. Arm yourself with Truth and Love and detach from the Lie any and every way you can. Any compromise is going to cost more than it ever did before. As the wind picks up even the smallest bit of debris becomes increasingly hazardous. Same with attachments. The smallest thing can bring us down if we’re off guard and playing too near to the snare of the matrix.

Think about that.

The battle before us is overcoming the fog machine that brings on excuses, indifference, apathy and confusion, all very “reasonable” causes for inaction and keeping wrong attachments. That we’re being absolutely hammered with false informational overload is a given. The wonderful part of the equation is the good informational field that’s intensifying at the same time.

Stay alive, alert and detached. The only way to process this burst of false information is to step back, see yourself as consciousness having an experience called “you”, and then process it and act or not act accordingly.

Such is the way. A great default that always works for conscious warriors.

Much Love, Zen



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  1. One the best post I have read in 2013.There is a very clear message coming at all of us, every were at all times and at a faster pace. Even the naysayers in they’re excessive complaining but never understanding are starting to smell fear and panic of the decision making process, now fighting with their own thoughts and inter feeling’s of the wrongness of what was forced learned as truth. I say ..Let it burn!! Here’s the first fricken match.Drink a kick ass margarita with fresh lime and smile. There is no left to blame at this time .There are those that did and those that dint , we all know what has to be done with our life’s, even those who are on Zoloft still have a flashing beacon light.. even if dimmed ( shrugs ) It never has to start all over again if it never starts to begin with. Just think No more hero thoughts brought on by false fears, no more compelled superficial emotions, no more knee jerk reactions, no more living for items of fake worth,no more feeding the ego threw statement of surrealism. Just live with love and compassion.. is it that hard ? Is it that hard to give with out taking ? Smile with your eyes people..

    • Rt. on Peeks. Everyone knows, though most thumb their nose…but even those on no-doze know which way the wind blows. …Just wait ’till it starts to howl…

      All along the watchtower, princes kept the view
      While all the women came and went, barefoot servants, too.

      Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl
      Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.

  2. Thanks Zen, I totally agree. The ripples grow. Soon it will be a tsunami. Now is the time to learn (or remember) how to be in the ocean of life that is the deep end of the pool.
    Peace and love

  3. Stunning series of highly appreciated and qualitative articles that deal with the reality of this time. So much is being written om many “light sites” but so little is understood as to what is really happening. Thank you for providing a source of grounding and a compass. I fear many are getting lost in the winds of delusion. Your reflections provide a useful and badly needed anchor. Thank you.

  4. It may be an “information age” and an opportunity to see through the veil of lies we’ve been fed, but much of the information we read even from trusted “alternative” sources is false as well. I’m not talking about theoretical stuff that can’t be proved, but simple falsehoods that could easily be seen through with just a moment’s reflection. One example was on RT the other night. The show’s presenter said, “We’re the only mammal that drinks another mammal’s milk!” with all the conviction and authority in the world. I thought, “That’s interesting” and then went downstairs to make a cup of coffee. That’s always our cats’ cue to come and sponge some cow’s milk off me. Then there are the stories I’ve been told about animals adopting other species and breast feeding them like their own. It’s not a big deal, but I can imagine tens of thousands of viewers took that little false factoid as gospel because it was presented on a trusted alternative news site and not NBC or CNN. Information is great, but rather than swapping authority figures, I think a little objectivity (or genuine detachment, if you like) is in order.

    • Yes, anything needs to be treated skeptically. That’s the state of affairs we’re living in. But don’t let it sour you to the truth within anything either. It’s a fight, but well worth fighting. Love, Zen

  5. It’s funny how the talking heads have reacted to Alex Jones mentioning the queerness of building 7 on the main stream media. They say things like “that guy thinks the government was behind 9-11″, as if that qualifies A J for the funny farm. Will the talking heads on the MSM look at what 1500 engineers and architects for 9-11 truth are saying? Probably not (yet). Will they watch a video of building 7 falling and think about the high strangeness? Probably not ,yet. The only good thing to come from Shady Hook and the assault on the second amendment is that guns and ammo sales have gone through the roof! Someone out there is awake. Even the jagged rocks at the beach become rounded and smooth from wave after wave. t

    • A couple of thoughts. I had heard that there will be a shift so that some people will see things completely differently from others. While some watch the news or even alternative news and can’t see the truth from the disinfo, others can perceive something wrong.That subtle awareness is huge when operating in this society.
      Another thing, time and again, I think the PTB know that people buy guns when something like this goes on (the threat of limiting gun sales), so part of me thinks they want everyone to be loaded up, so humanity can turn on each other. I think all this talk about “mental health” research and iniiatives in the wake of Sandy Hook is where the real goal is. Just a thought.

    • Our hope is our alternative voice. The MSM is sold out and will get worse and worse. We have to spread the word by other means. What people need to realize is WE DON’T NEED THEIR DAMNED VALIDATION FOR ANYTHING….period. And grow in confidence and boldness about their understanding. The hypnosis is very clever, snapping out of it is paramount. – Zen

  6. I find mo,re and more that when I pass on information about possible cover ups or chemtrails to my friends, that I get in return, ” I don’t want to know that stuff.”, ” I don’t want to be bothered with that, I just want to finish work and retire and not have to worry about that.” It is sad to see that in so many people that you would think are ready to know and do something about it. It may just be to late for some.

    • David, I have gotten the same response and dismissal. But I really believe people see what they are ready or prepared to see. Those that dismiss or can’t process the information are not ready. It may take a few years. But you planted a seed. They may hear it somewhere else and then it will resonate more. Good for you that your eyes are open – to be on the other side of the process is challenging. I guess it’s like seeing the subliminal message in a drawing. It takes a while before what’s pointed out is actually seen.

      • Good analogy Clara. And seed planting is our passion once we know. We can’t consciously watch idly by as the world burns, we have to react to our particular worlds we live in. Period. Handcuffs are made by the matrix. Love you, Zen

  7. Good stuff Zen. I do concur with thine assessment. The time of great change is now washing over this microsphere in which we move and have our being. Do not fret about or cling to mortal minded friends and family. Show them thy fearlessness and channel thy love without asking for SELF and all things be thine to share.

  8. An existential circus, a quantum carnival, a cosmic pain in the butt, an adjustment long postponed. I have turned on the fan and am only waiting and waiting for the stuff to hit. I long ago tired of this worn-out drama, and a bad one at that. I used to hope for some other means to manifest, but at this point, I can only say “let’s get on with it.” How do you know a Zen Buddhist? They are the ones that are not bothered with having shit all over them. It is a dirty job, but do not let it bother you. Just another day in Samsara.

  9. I realised somehing wasnt right during 2009…and have been that way since….

    Since then…and now…im inclined to think things arent much different….WHO exactly is seeing changes?…..no one here..no one in my reality….
    Keep working…sit down and shut up…

    This comment makes me wonder…..im just wondering

    “In today’s world, it appears it’s because things are crystallizing so fast and the flow of changing information coming at people is so massive it can barely be processed anymore by the lower density mind. True to some extent.”

    If the un awakened…(if thats who this comment referrs to..) the low density minded……and the informtion they are getting cant be processed…then there is a fuck load of people droned!!!…because from my viewpoint..they are doing a very good job of making out as if they are recieving no information at all…
    Keep calm and carry on!..who the fuck has anylized THAT bit of genius mind bending embedded commanding?…..the British way right!?

    If theres an awakening going on…then people round here havent got the jist of it…………

    • Hi Emjay,

      Funny that you should mention ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. In the summer, I reckon you could walk in any shop in England and see that slogan on some product or somewhere. It used to incense me. The propoganda message is now in many a British home and car. When people ‘wake up’ in the morning and make themselves a hot drink, the first message of the day they will see (on their coffee mug) is ‘keep calm and carry on’. When driving, it will be dangling in front of them from their mirror in the form of an air ‘freshener’. When they relax in the evening to watch the propoganda box, the message will be there on their cushions. Etc, etc. Genius indeed.

  10. After all is said and done what can we change? Only that “man” in the mirror? We have to try tp teach others, even if that is our folly. In Nichiren’s Budhism, if you see something you should say something, like Homeland Security. Otherwise, by remaining silent, you could be born as a mute in your next life.

  11. In light of mental health issues, one thing that has been on my mind lately (no pun intended) is the huge effort/expense put forth by our government to enact zombie warfare drills. Of course, they say the scenarios represent how to battle a group of “terrorists” attacking… sure. So my question is are they gearing up to fight against crazed masses of people that are psychotic due to either a.)their mind-altering medication being suddenly unavailable, b.) the release of a “bug” on the American people, c.) the absolute panic that will ensue when grocery store shelves are bare and clean water is gone, or d.) a combination of any or all of the above? The military isn’t going to conduct fictitious multi-million dollar drills unless there is a future event they are planning for. Just wondering… And, I’m new to your blog, but so far you are dead-on! (Pun intended)

  12. Excellent article Zen. I can smell and sense the ooze of profound change and the terror it is having on those who wish to ignore and fight it…but as I say “Delusion Just Postpones the Inevitable”. We are here to help facilitate the shift and help those who wish to make the transition. Many will not make it…however I believe they knew this before they incarnated here this time.

    • Thanks, Sabes! Yes, it’s very profound and will get more and more so in this unique period we’re in.
      Perhaps some know they won’t make it…or they just can’t overcome their particular challenges. Free will is still free will, no matter what the inhibitors. And exercising our free will to reach out and help someone alters the course of everything. It’s learning to exercise that profound freedom fully that still challenges each of us. When we stop doing that we’re stalled out and fading backwards into the morass just with newly defined cell walls. Knowing the Truth is a massive responsibility. That’s why those that really get it are so highly motivated. Keep on! Love, Zen

  13. 30 years ago before the internet it was painstakingly difficult to package info and try to wake up people. Now its wonderful with the internet and we are seeing great results. But it’s still too late. Alas, we are still arguing if mercury is a poison outside your body but safe in your teeth next to your brain. Im done. Im tired. Good luck my fellow generations. beholdapalehorse.tv

  14. The following might be a tedious tirade, some mubo-jumbo or it might even be able to offer confidence to those who are uncertain but whatever it may be, it should not be imbibed other than being one of information.

    When a person is the blind-blinded, no amount of Truth or Truthing will work. It is like trying to relay the principle or concept of colours to those born blind. It is impossibile. For humans, Truth becomes an accumulation when It is impossible to attain. For those who think that they have the Truth, Truth merely becomes another religion, depending in the religiosity in consideration. This is because when knowledge is unattainable, knowledge then becomes a religion, oka an Ownership Issue. This is also why people talk about Divinity or any unattainable/unrealisable as being one of owning. Truth, therefore, is about becoming and is not about others becoming, oka religiosity, “knowledge”, and so forth, the latter being that of trying to own when empowerment eludes. An impossibility when one is still Of The Material imagining that Truth is Of Materialism when the Essential Truth of Of Absoluteness, oka The Spiritual.

    Truth is an Accumulation because Absolute Truth, oka The Evolutionary Spiritual or The Divine, lack the means of gifting its Essence to another. Truth is like The Judiciary and is merely but a principle. For The Judiciary to be felt, Law Enforcement is the means. For Truth to be felt or perceived, Love is its catalyst. This Simplicity Eludes almost ALL. As such, for Truth to “Flow”, Love is the means. Translated to The Material, The Truth of Divinity/Reality is ONLY realisable through Love and NOTHING else if only because Divinity/Reality is not about owning but about becoming. Love, therefore, is The Flow/Tao/Experiencing/Expression of Truth. Wherever and whenever there is Truth/He, Love/She is always by His side. Without one single exception. This is why The Sun is about Sunlight too and A Word is expressed via Its meaning. As such, when it comes to Reality/Divinity/Evolutuionary Spirituality, although a Principle and Its Expression are separate, they are never, ever, seperated other than being different but always together/complemented/balanced. For Humanity, however, Truth is seldom about Love but about the might of some [stupidity of] brain function.

    Reality/Divinity empowers through Sharing & Unity whereas Relativity/Humanity empowers through Exclusivity & Division. Even this Simplicity Eludes to the point that people are easily mesmerised by Sump’fing New. There is nothing new other than, say, having a sewerage system which distances people from the reality of their elimination to the point that they cleanse themselves without using water leading to the “deadening” of their Ritualism-Licentiousness – to be further distanced by the “softness” of some superman creativity. Talk about waste and it accumulation. This is just one example of the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense taken as “progress” by The Stupid-Dumb, the latter being a fact and not some discrimination. Even Discrimination is taken by almost ALL as something relative/jugemental/of-violence/Of-Ownership-Issue. Absoluteness/Divinity/Reality “discriminates”/discerns from The Present/The Fact and not from The Past or The Future which is where “discrimination” gets its unsavoury meaning like, say, “Gay” from homosexuality, there being nothing “gay” about homosexuality other than being the path to destroying procreation – not when the overly-developed brain is there, of course, and its science nonsense, Science being for proving Divinity, which will happen in the near future, and not for running away with its own stupidity, Science being Of The Width, oka The Overly-Developed Brain, the condition where Conscience is missing, Another Simplicity which Eludes, especially the unconscionables and their cunning substitution with over/too-much conscience.

    Unless and until a person is able to realise how he [the masculine for brevity and not some macho-feminist tussel of a nonsense] is truly infrastructured, which includes his spirituality, Spirituality being EVERY human’s 4th dimension[ality] and not merely the preserve of some “pope” nonsense, say, he is like the blind-blinded [from birth] trying to realise colours. When it come to colours [yes, it always has an “u”], it is Another Simplicity which Eludes. Reality is when the choice is absolutely visible and not the gambling of the blind-blinded, a correct gamble being the latency of its incorrectness at another moment. When a person has yet to be able to truly choose between White and “Black”, Black being when White is absent and is therefore a function of White and not because Black is real and separate entity other than being a separated dependency, oka a Myth, there can be no colours. When one has yet to [be able to truly] choose between White & Black, there can be no real colours, there only being colours within White. For the Shades of Grey, however, by going to “The Right”, the colours of The Psychedelic is available whenever the means is available with one caveat, this means is both addictive and destructive, the repetition of destruction via the-relatives/relativity being when singularity/absoluteness is lacking.

    Relativity is full of The Distractions from Reality which mostly aim illude-delude. For example, through the mesmeric Tentacle of The Boookie, Religion & Religiosity, most assume that The Soul is of one’s sole entity. This is incorrect [but how will anyone realise so other than being impossibly so unless one is Spiritual, Spirituality NOT being of The Dearly Departed or some spookiness but Of Absoluteness] because every Soul has 5 components where one’s essential self is but one out of the five. And on and on the religiosity goes with Multiplicity of Choices, including the majority of choices that are merely gambles, being the distractions for capturing one’s essence/essential-self, The Attention – one’s Attention having zero association with that invention of the repetitive Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler and its AHDH nonsense, Q&H’s mantra being Repeat Prescription, repetition being the result of being relative, oka addiction. And we humans are addicted to everything, including that Ownership Issue called “Truth”. As Gandhi had observed, “We must be the change we seek”. Found such an entity yet? Certainly not via knowledge. Afterall, all know that “Lottery Winners” are for real but have you met one yet and should you be so lucky, are you really lucky or could it be merely Sump’fing New. leading to some truth, which when it is not realisable, becomes another object for owning, to own being the latency of being owned, Control Freaks being those who were already abandoned/owned. Yet Another Simplicity which Eludes.

    As such, how will Truth be realised? By being Of Love – not the love which expects or demands, oka Vested Interest, but The Love which is Unconditional and when it comes to Love, it is where Charity Begins – At Home – CBAH being that which informs that there is nothing constructive or destructive that one could wage upon another without having done to same to self first. Love therefore means having the ability to love one self before one is able to love another, loving one’s self being to be truthful to self, one could never be truthful to another when one has yet to be truthful to self. As such and in reality, being The Example is the reality whereas the relativity/seeming-reality is to be The Leader, the latter being a myth which almost all follow and imbibe. Of course, should “The Leader” be malevolent but cunning-covert, what then? Another Simplicity which Eludes is that when it come to gains, only self will do whereas when it comes to a loss, it is magically for everyone – especially including those who have never benefitted from the gain. This, then, is the sort of miracle almost all imbibe if only because religiosity is one’s religion. To be truly empowered, like say sight, one not only do not need to Read The Manual, one only needs to assume one’s power whereas to be blind-blinded, one not only needs to Read The Manual, one needs too imbibe The Manual. Now, is this magic or mnerely some toothfairy truth.

    There is ONLY One path to Truth and that is to become and to become a part of Truth [because Truth is not for/about owning], one needs to relinquish The Desire for Purity by becoming The Purity within Desire, there being no such a thing as TDfP when TPwD is lacking. Hands up those who feel that being Pure within Desire needs some materialistic instructional manual instead of merely assuming one’s innate power, the Taboos within ALL called Morality. Divinity is infinitely deep but its realisation is merely Innocence at Play. Just like flipping a switch should one needs electricity – unless the urge to own Electrical Power Generation is all-consuming because The Overly Developed Brain, oka The Width, is driving the Insanity. The Width, oka The Brain which include the relativity of The Physical Liver/Right-The Physical Heart/Left, scales from The Past towards The Future whereas The Depth, oka The Absolute Heart, traverses along The Present in an anti-Gravity fashion, all that is living within Nature being anti-Gravity, Gravity or “The Gate to Hell, being that of Carbon, oka The Human, The Carbon Tetrahedron, oka “The Lower Pyramid” sited at The Perineum, being Of The Swastika which is always teteering unstably on one of its apex, “The Higher Pyramid” being at The Brain and is always resting stably on one of its side. As such, Divinity constructs from top to bottom whereas Humanity constructs from bottom to top.

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