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The Truth About Our Predatory Medical System

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[These are sordid realities few know about or have come to terms with. Mankind has been cudgeled into believing the medical system is the god of health and well being, when in fact it is a quack-filled, self-serving drug factory abusing both doctors and patients.

Granted, there are technical necessities when it comes to personal care and there are sincere folks in the industry, but the system that has been foisted upon us is predatory and even scientifically unsound.

Please pass this article on. Very few have connected the dots concerning our self glorified seeming antiseptic god like medical system. Avoid it as much as possible. There are healthy, natural alternatives to healing readily available. Better yet, try prevention - a last ditch effort for most which is how they want it. Your dependency is their income and control. - Zen]

Dave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

History is filled with stories of absurd medical ineptitude, and in all likeliness, today’s medical practices will be seen in a similar light several decades from now. It seems that each generation of medical authorities are so engrossed in their sense of superiority, they fail to learn from history and recognize their repetitive assaults on the human body through their misguided intentions to treat symptoms with poison. The reason mainstream medicine has lost its footing in the hearts and minds of the people is not due to the lack of scientific progress, but sheer ignorance enveloped in a thick layer of insanity. Here’s the proof.

Tooth Worms Cause Cavities 

Before anyone understood the reasons behind tooth decay, medical authorities naturally thought it was tooth worms which were widely considered to be the cause. Evil tooth worms date back as far as 5000 BC. In ancient times, there was no scientific explanation for tooth ailments or the unsightly appearance that tooth decay left in its wake. So without any way to rationalize how these “holes” were created in teeth, the brilliant concept of the tooth worm was born! Many believed that the tooth worm bore a hole through your tooth, stubbornly hiding beneath the surface. It caused a toothache by wriggling around, and the pain subsided once the worm rested. Yes, I’m serious. Dental treatment for the tooth worm varied depending on the culture and era it resided in. In ancient times, doctors believed the tooth’s nerve was the tooth worm! Once the dental crown was removed, the worm-like nerve was pulled out. Surprisingly, it may have relieved some of the patients’ pain, considering a toothache will usually come into play when the nerve is affected by tooth decay.

The Horrifying Weight Loss Drug

2,4-Dinitrophenol or DNP was actually a prescribed drug some Doctors for weight loss in the 1930s. It dramatically altered the way the body uses energy. After only its first year on the market Tainter estimated that probably at least 100,000 persons had been treated with DNP in the United States, in addition to many others abroad. While taking these drug, patients could eat practically any quantity of calories and they would be consumed by the metabolic processes initiated by DNP leading to a rapid consumption of energy without generation of ATP. It was found to increase the metabolic rate by a significant margin. While this may sound like the best invention ever, there was one major side effect. The drug was discontinued in 1938 because people were literally cooking from the inside, with massively raised body temperature, heart rate and sweating which was often fatal. Case reports have now shown that an acute administration of 20-50 mg/kg in humans to be lethal.The drug is available through online pharmacies and people are still taking it, and it’s still killing them.

Children’s Soothing Syrups

Today’s version of soothing drugs for excited children (or just children being children) is Ritalin, a central nervous system stimulant which causes brain changes similar to cocaine. Ritalin is the brand name for methylphenidate. Although introduced way back in 1956, experts still aren’t sure exactly how it works. Some scientists have even proposed that Ritalin boosts learning. In the 19th century, their Ritalin for children was soothing syrups. Many people simply could not be bothered with disobedient children, so Doctors would recommend a series of “soothing syrups,” lozenges and powders, all which were carefully formulated full of as many narcotics as it could hold. Each ounce of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup contained 65 mg of pure morphine. In 1910, the New York Times decided the whole narcotic-babysitter concept was probably bad in the long run, and ran an article pointing out that these soothing syrups contained, “…morphin sulphate, chloroform, morphine hydrochloride, codeine, heroin, powdered opium, cannabis indica,”and sometimes several of them in combination. Many children died from these concoctions which would likely incapacitate today’s average drug user.

Dimethylheptylpyran – High-Potency Marijuana 

From the 1950s to 1970s, military physicians administered Dimethylheptylpyran (DMHP) to their own service members to learn how these agents would affect humans. DMHP was a synthetic analogue of THC, the psychoactive constituent in marijuana. It was so potent that a 1mg dose could leave soldiers unable to perform their duties for up to 3 days. DMHP and produced sedation and hallucinogenic effects similar to very large doses of THC. But in addition to this they also cause pronounced low blood pressure which occured at doses well below the hallucinogenic dose, and could lead to severe dizziness, fainting, and muscle weakness, sufficient to make it difficult to stand upright or carry out any kind of vigorous physical activity.

The Curative Powers of Mercury

More conventional wisdom from claimed medical experts as early as 1500 BC were endorsing the use of mercury to treat pretty much anything and everything. Scraped your knee? Just rub a little mercury on it. Having some problems with regularity? Forget fiber, time to get some mercury up in there! If you lived more than 100 years ago, you simply weren’t considered healthy if you weren’t leaking silver from at least one orifice. Mercury was used as a cure for syphilis and to its credit, the “cure” usually resulted in one less person with syphilis in the world. It’s generally believed Mozart was poisoned by mercury-based syphilis cures, which contradicts the film Amadeus in which he was killed by writing too much music somehow. Mercury we know now, is one of the most toxic metals known to man. There is no safe amount of mercury in any form, and there are hundreds of scientific studies documenting the adverse effects of mercury, merthilate, ethyl mercury in children. What’s even more insane is that despite a mercury ban imposed by the FDA, 60% of all flu vaccines still contain this deadly neurotoxin. The mainstream media and peer review journals still to this day promote mercury as being good for you. Check out this news report…you need to see it to believe it.

The Anti-Pot Drug That Can Make You Suicidal

Getting the munchies is one of the most well known symptoms of marijuana smoking. Scientists figured that if they made a drug that had the opposite effect on the body, they could make people less hungry. SoRimonabant was born, a drug that works in the same places in the brain as cannabis but has exactly the opposite effect. Once approved it was being prescribed by Doctors for weight loss. Shortly after market introduction, press reports and independent studies suggested that side effects occurred more intensely and more commonly than had been found by the manufacturer in their clinical studies. Reports of severe depression and suicidal thoughts were frequent. Despite the known side effects, Doctors continued prescribing the drug which led to many deaths, none which were attributred to the drug itself. In 2007, it was reported that the committee advising the U.S. FDA had voted not to recommend the drug’s approval because of concerns over suicidality, depression, and other related side effects associated with use of the drug.

Calm Your Cough with Heroin 

In the late 19th century people apparently Doctors took cough suppression seriously. We’re talking “I’m-going-to-prescribe-you-some-heroin-to-calm-yours-cough” level serious. Heroin, by the way, was originally developed by Bayer who marketed heroin in 1895. You know, those friendly folks behind harmless old aspirin. Bayer used to be called IG Farben, a pharmaceutical and chemical conglomerate that allegedly sponsored experiments by Nazi torturers. There’s nothing like a company that produces pain relievers that also used to sponsor Nazi torture camps.

Sleep Walk Much? No Problem Take Zolpidem and You’ll Sleep Drive

Doctor-prescribed Ambien, the nation’s best-selling prescription sleeping pill just a decade ago, was showing up with regularity as a factor in traffic arrests, sometimes involving drivers who later said they were sleep-driving and had no memory of taking the wheel after taking the drug. In some state toxicology laboratories Ambien made the top 10 list of drugs found in impaired drivers. 26.5 million prescriptions were filled in 2005 alone. Ambien’s maker, Sanofi-Aventis and their spokeswoman at that time, Melissa Feltmann had this to say “we are aware of reports of people driving while sleepwalking, and those reports have been provided to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as part of our ongoing postmarketing evaluation about the safety of our products.” Folks, if you need more evidence of the lunacy of the FDA, Big Pharma and practicing physicians, there’s no hope for you.

Women Used To Be Put To Sleep To Deliver Babies 

After World War II and until the 1970?s, women in labor in the United States (and countless other countries worldwide) were given general anesthesia to put them to sleep while they were delivering their babies. Since women were unable to push the baby out, a physician used forceps, large steel spoons, around the baby’s head to pull it out. Most pregnant women would cringe today at the thought of this process, but it was a routine procedure and acceptable for the majority of deliveries. It was not questioned. It was the norm.


Bloodletting was one of the most enduring and popular medical practices in history, originated by the Greeks and used up until the 19th century for, well, basically everything. Medical wisdom at that time assumed if you had an illness there was a good chance you had, well….too much blood. Now, a person having too much blood may sound about as absurd as a person breathing too much air, but that’s what “medical experts” thought at that time would treat and even prevent disease. Basically the theory was that the body was filled with four fluids (blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile) called humours and that any imbalance in the four was the root of all illness. “Bleeding” a patient to health was modeled on the process of menstruation. Hippocrates believed that menstruation functioned to “purge women of bad humors”. During the Roman Empire, the Greek physician Galen, who subscribed to the teachings of Hippocrates, advocated physician-initiated bloodletting. Galen created a complex system of how much blood should be removed based on the patient’s age, constitution, the season, the weather and the place. “Do-it yourself” bleeding instructions following these systems were developed.


Trepanation is a fancy word for drilling holes in your head. This is actually the oldest surgical procedure known to man. Historically trepanation was most commonly used as treatment for seizures, migraines and mental disorders. Surprise, surprise…having a gaping hole drilled in your skull (usually without anesthesia) did very little to help people’s headaches or brain issues. Although a pseudoscience, the practice of trepanation for other claimed medical benefits continues and a few brilliant individuals still practice trepanation to this day. The most prominent self-trepanation is offered by Dr. Bart Hughes who did apparently go to medical school (why am I not surprised). Hughes claims that trepanation increases “brain blood volume” and thereby enhances cerebral metabolism in a manner similar to cerebral vasodilators such as ginkgo biloba.


The vast majority of the world’s men, including most Europeans and Scandinavians, are uncircumcised. And before 1900, circumcision was virtually nonexistent in the United States as well–except for Jewish and Muslim people, who’ve been performing circumcisions for thousands of years for religious reasons. Believe it or not, circumcision was introduced in English-speaking countries in the late 1800s to control or prevent masturbation, similar to the way that female circumcision–the removal of the clitoris and labia–was promoted and continues to be advocated in some Muslim and African countries to control women’s sexuality. One of the main reasons people choose to have their child circumcised is on the advice of their doctor believing that it’s nearly impossible to keep an uncircumcised penis clean. This also isn’t true. And people make the mistake of thinking that they have to retract the foreskin to keep it clean. They don’t. In fact, retracting the foreskin before it’s meant to be retracted creates adhesions and infections. It sometimes doesn’t retract on its own until a boy is older. Often, there isn’t an opening between the glans penis and the foreskin. So you gently retract it every year on the child’s birthday until it’s fully retractable. Only then does it need to be cleaned, and you can teach a boy exactly how to do this. Researchers and statisticians have conjured all sorts of studies attempting to validate myths about circumcision that have never been proven. Although close to 80 percent of U.S. boys born in the 1970s and 1980s were circumcised, that number decreased to 62.5 percent in 1999, and 54.7 percent in 2010 and is now well below 50%. The drop is mostly due to informed parents and not decreases in insurance coverage for circumcision. Officials estimate that up to 40 percent fewer U.S. boys will have been circumcised in 2013 compared to just a few decades ago.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

In what reality do we live in when cut, poison and burn are the only ways acceptable to treat cancer? Modern cancer therapy fits in very well with the above insane methods of medical treatment. The cancer industry destroys or marginalizes safe and effective cures while promoting their patented, expensive, and toxic remedies that do more harm than good. No chemotherapy drug has ever actually cured or resolved the underlying causes of cancer. Even what mainstream medicine considers “successful” chemotherapy treatments are only managing symptoms, usually at the cost of interfering with other precious physiological functions in patients that will cause side effects down the road. Chemotherapy has a number of post-treatment adverse effects. Most chemotherapeutic agents do enter the brain and they can directly and indirectly produce a number of acute and delayed changes to the central nervous system. These effects can last for years, then dissipate, or, when they occur in young children, can ripple into adulthood. Chemotherapy drugs (especially alkylating agents) are known to cause other cancers including leukemia many of these drugs fall into this class. Alkylating agents directly damage DNA of all cells. These agents are not phase-specific; in other words, they work in all phases of the cell cycle. Because these drugs damage DNA, they can cause long-term damage to the bone marrow and consequently affect long-term immunity. Radiation therapy can also increase the risk of developing cancer in most people. The types of cancers linked to radiation therapy are vast, but primarily consist of leukemia and sarcomas. These cases typically develop a few years after radiation exposure with the peak of risk being about five to nine years after exposure. Again, most patients that pursue radiation therapy develop secondary cancers related to treatment and not as a consequence of the original cancer. Radiation-induced cancers have exploded in the past two decades ever since radiation has proliferated as a treatment, usually secondary to chemotherapy.


The introduction of foreign DNA, animal tissue (i.e pig, horse, rabbit), chick embryos, formaldehyde, bovine serum, mercury, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), MSG, aborted human fetal tissue, monkey kidney cells, neurotoxins, immunotoxins, carcinogens and infertility agents injected directly into the body, OR otherwise known as “vaccines”, will likely be viewed as the most destructive medical practice of all time in the future. Coming generations will view this generation of physicians to be the most irresponsible pseudoscientific practitioners influenced by unsupported data and lacking evidence based medicine. Much of the brainwashing related to vaccines comes from centuries of myths. There is irrefutable evidence showing that the historical application of vaccines had no health benefit or impact on prevention of infectious disease. There are undoubtedly questionable contributions of medical measures in the decline of mortaility. Two centuries of official statistics clearly show that vaccines did not save humanity from disease. The main advances in combating disease over 200 years have been better food and clean drinking water. Improved sanitation, less overcrowded and better living conditions also contributed. The CDC recently admitted that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccinewithin an 8-year span from 1955-1963 when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. A recent publication in the Annals of Medicine has exposed the fraudulent nature of vaccines such as the Human papillomavirus (HPV). The false science about vaccination and the rise in correlated diseases is now being documented in books, journals and reports with many now fully assembling the data on how synergistic toxicity is affecting infants and young children. Vaccines are also causing mutations that may jeopardize the health of future generations. The growing evidence against this toxic practice is spreading throughout the world and there is little doubt that vaccination will one day be abolished and seen as another footnote on the most insane health (or should I say disease) practices of all time.

About the Author

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.





  1. Anytime you your diagnosis is prefaced with the manufactured word “have”, just run or at least toss the prescription in the garbage can.
    You have arthritis. No shit doc, I know my joints hurt.
    You have heart disease. No shit doc, I know my chest hurts
    You have obesity. No shit? I never would of guessed?
    Am I talking to a vending machine?

  2. Who are these people that set these procedures into place, where the hell do they come from, must come from the deepest pits of hell. I’m so feed up with these minions of hellish realms its like the gate portals have been opened to hellish realms. I wish these minions would all die and go to a hell that’s far worse than the one they are already in.

  3. The new, more Cosmic Consciousness is making its way into the Mainstream Socitey’s every nook and cranny
    Today’s practices will soon be seen as barbaric, weird and almost criminal; like the brainwashing the Big Pharma is doing to make us buy their products; But…THAT does not necessarily make their products would all be bad…..even if their sales methods are a little bit immoral.
    Yet ,
    we should not denyi the fact that first time in thousands of years so called Mental Patients started to receive treatment and care SOMEWHAT humane was when Chlorpromazine -marketed as “Hibernal” was invented http://www.chrcrm.org/en/salute-excellence/introduction-chlorpromazine-treatment-mental-illness-north-america
    This is just one of the many Pharma pills that has helped Mankind in the way no Right Diet (even when eaten most all of one’s life ) and Natural Plants have ever done!……


    If you have never been around a person in severe psychosis or a person suffering from Schizophrenia , you don’t know how these people suffer

    I love Veggies and all Plants, all Natural, but I do not spit on help that can do what these cannot
    The Truth is; Mankind still lives the Times when we do smart in accepting the things that help us -even if Man made!!! We use so much else Man made that we wouldn’t if we lived in the Paradisical state we are originally meant by Life to live…..but we don’t….. Can Anybody show me the Way?…the way to Eden?

    0030 AD – “That ritual routine is heathen, say this prayer.”
    1850 AD – “That prayer is superstition, drink this potion.”
    1940 AD – “That potion is snake oil, swallow this pill.”
    1985 AD – “That pill is ineffective, take this antibiotic.”
    2000 AD – “That antibiotic is artificial made by corrupt
    pharmaceutical companies. Here, eat this all-natural plant root!” :)

  4. bloodletting is on this list by mistake I hope.
    I believe bloodletting wasnt being done because of “too much blood” in the system, but because the blood was carrying too much “waste” that the organism wasnt able to process, for example in the course of severe bacterial infections.
    reasonable bloodletting allowed organism to get rid of such toxins without them being needed to be processed, and then organism would replace the toxified blood with fresh one.
    same mechanism applies for blood donors, who are usually more healthy because of their “blood letting”, in the form of sucking it away from the system.
    I am not saying blood letting is good in any condition, but it might be, and for sure it is in severe infections.

  5. Still to this day women are NOT allowed to give birth naturally in a birthing supportive body position .But considering the option : “Women Used To Be Put To Sleep To Deliver Babies” I think we have improved a bit. But just a bit!
    The body position that still to this day is customary is NOT a natural. Bush -Women do it much more naturally: Crouching!…..

    the debate about whether to vaccinate Babies/young children or not has now gone on for G-d how many years!
    Vaccination is great method to build up immunity against diseases…. but to put MERCURY and FORMALDEHYDE and other similar extremely poisonous chemicals in the vaccine is NOT a good idea! But that does NOT make IMMUNISATION bad!!!!!!
    Come on!
    google : “is there any benefits to vaccinations at all?”

    Another aspect to be aware of is that there ARE MAD Doctors out there who give (far too) many vaccines in one shot! Should NEVER be done!…ONLY one at the time. Vaccines like PDT (Pertussis/Diphteria/Tetanus) are common practice sine oh 50 60 years!….. Never heard any complaints about that particular one….and quite frankly; the option: the risk of getting any of these three illnesses is… ah, well… not an option…if you ask me! :)
    In Western Medical Practice ; by the time a child is 6years they’ve gotten 43 vaccines (but usually NOT 43 vaccinations!… Combos are popular ) 43 shots is to go overboard. Here we have an example of those Big Pharmas’ “SUCCESSFUL” Brainwashing campaines!. It is -as I see it-absolutely criminal !)

    Leaches are used more and more in today’s Med treatments . Leaches are used to suck away big blood clots under the skin. MAGGOTS -especially i situations where wounds do not heal but go into nekrosis- are the only thing /ones that can perform the micro surgery needed to clean away all dead tissue so fresh living tissue is uncovered from underneath the dead tissue. Nothing and nobody else can it!…only the Maggots! Thanks to this treatment method Burn victims as well as accident victims have a chance to heal MUCH BETTER than EVER before!!!!
    Google also :” hospitals that use maggots in wound healing”

    The rest in the article I do agree with without any objection or anything to add. :)

  6. As an osteopath I can concur with the above statements about mainstream medicine. Most oncologists if diagnosed with cancer would shun the accepted protocols. The hypocrisy in medicine is suffocating. It is about corp drug profits not about helping people. Many doctors are good people overwhelmed by a bad system. Avoid it as much as possible.

  7. Show me person who has somehow been better other than towards Mother Earth being Vegetarians , for instance….. ALL people seem to catch something and IN THE END NOTHING IS CURABLE WITH ANY METHOD!!!!! So why be so high on the horses and poohpooh what really has helped millions of people ?

    We are all children of our Times!…be those times in the Dark ages or Middle Ages. Was living any better?…eh , maybe.
    Sure….every five generation -or so- group of People have improved the conditions for humans a little . It has added up to what we have today. including those OLD methods that some of us know are the very best
    from NATURE!!!! Man himself has come up with NOTHING that would not have its Prototype Model in NATURE
    It often took some several three digit million yearsfor Nature to finetune that thingi… But Man does something TODAY that has not been done by Nature, nor Man ever before, and he thinks then he’s such a HOT SHOT!

    Nobody forces anybody to go through with any treatment or life style one does not want. But, let me know when you have a heart attack.I come and make sure nobody will do the mistake of helping you to ER for help…. I’ll hand you what you long for that moment, a stalk of celery or Budweiser -or do you prefer Miller? And I’ll -of course- help you up on your feet so you can take yourself home .
    Or an other scenario: Your House burns down and you get 60 -70 % two and three degree burns. Never mind , just go on with your day, maybe you’d like to sit a while in cold water to cool down a bit; that’s all the help you’ll want !!! all else; the help you would NEED would of course be of BAADBAAD…. :(

    Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall.Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again!……

  8. The Conclusion: We need BOTH NATURE and MAN MADE ! Just one or the other does not necessarily give us the help we need /want when things / health have gone wrong -be it in an accident or just by our body crapping out, which it does….sooner or later…..Because any better state of being requiers a consciousness / vibrational level that, I at least, have not heard any person having achieved as of today; Febr. 2014. *-*

  9. Men will come to such a state of misery that they will be grateful that
    others should profit by their sufferings, or by the loss of their true riches, that is health.
    Leonardo DaVinci

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