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Two Planes – David Griffith

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The sad truth told in a gripping song, sent in by the composer/singer David Griffith. Tx for sharing, David. - Zen



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  1. Awesome David. Amazing how many people pause when I ask them how many towers fell when two planes hit. They pause — because they know. They know the truth, but are afraid to speak out.

    I’m so sad for the world.

    • I have respect for your opinion but I do suspect that that theory is disinformation designed to weaken the Truth movement. It really is drawing a “long bow” and it makes normal people discard the whole idea that 9/11 was an inside job.

  2. Who gains?


    If this happened in any other country, the outcome would have been vastly different. Only ‘exceptional’ americans would fall for such a pack of lies. Only ‘exceptional’ americans would do this to their own people. Only ‘exceptional’ jewish americans and their friends would profit from such a dastardly deed.

    Greed indeed.

    • Greed? Way past that demetrios. The event was a ritual sacrifice, planned before the construction of the towers. A secondary purpose was to gain populous acceptance for deeper encroachment on personal liberties. Larry the weasel is a scapegoat profiteer, in case they got caught. These guys have no nations, they have no religions, no allegiances other then to themselves and their parasitical spirit masters. The rest is just theatre.

  3. A Chutzpah crime indeed. But everyday their credibility crumbles, and when the dam breaks there will be rightful vengeance – it will be awful, and glorious. And this wonderful song will be sung in the celebrations.

    • I have been warning about this reaction when the trickle of truth becomes a flood. Non- zionist Jews really should start now distancing themselves before its too late.
      Unfortunately the “Learned Elders” would welcome such an eventuality – the “Holocaust” myth is wearing very thin these days and they would welcome a new one to market.
      They have kept the Tribe together for thousands of years by ensuring a culture that exploits the “goyim” so much that people develop a hatred that keeps ordinary Jews alienated from the surrounding culture and hence isolated. It’s a very long practiced practice. It’s absolutely not an accident that it’s so easy to dislike Jewish people.

  4. thanks Zen for your sharing of this song.

    It’s a strange thing to live quietly for decades and then find that you’ve done something positive which resonates.

    The film maker for this video is local, eccentric and has a ‘day job’ like most of us. He did this ‘gratis’ and without any real ‘belief’ in the ‘free fall’ aspect of 9/11 – which, to me, is the critical fact from which all else flows.

    ‘Who dun it?’ wasn’t the point of the song but – boy – what a rabbit hole and what strange connections.

    Not the most cheerful of topics in which to meet and thanks, one an’ all, for the positive feedback.


    • A pleasure to post, David. Our generation is hearing the calling very profoundly – it’s time to stand up for the Truth and what is right and loving and for our children and grandchildren’s futures. Music is a very powerful tool – meaningful words set to vibrational music. Your heartcry here is so very touching. Unfortunately the 9/11 Truth community has gotten a bit divided over who and how but like your song says, the fact is, these were brought down. Let’s start from there. But that millions have died and continue to die and be incarcerated and populations put under draconian controls based on a huge, almost unfathomable LIE (the bigger the lie…) is what makes the blood boil. And if you question the mainstream story now you’re a suspect. Pretty far down the tubes – we have no choice bu to stop everything else and get in the fray and inspire others to do the same – or there won’t be a world to defend. Much love, Zen

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