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Two Problems Too Big for Nation States – Clif High



by Clif High

With respect……nation states are too limited to be long tolerated in humanity’s future.

A number of researchers have identified a schism within humanity and described it as a ‘break-away civilization’ emerging. The ‘break-away civilization’ is defined as having humanity separated into two groups by a 60 years notional time, and perhaps a thousand years time in technology.

On one side of this divide is an elite cadre of self-selecting humans who have access to technology so powerful that it has made them capable of killing with impunity (so they believe) anywhere on earth at any time. This group likely has access to technology that allows them to travel throughout our solar system to some degree. Further, they may soon (if not already) have access to the ability to muck about in time. This group likely has daily contact with non-human intelligences in a relationship too complex to analyze from the available data/speculation.

On the other side side of this barrier are all us billions of regular humans trying to get by tough lives in tough conditions with the general level of technology currently available, and made incalculably worse by the hugely parasitic load of the church/gov’t blood/life suckers. Hidden within the parasitic blood suckers is a direct line that supports the ‘break-away civilization’ with our blood/sweat/tears. The billions of regular humans are further hampered by the ‘bloodline elite’, and the fractured ‘nation-state system’. As all us regular humans are certainly aware, this ‘blood sucking tick’ on our collective back is extracting too much to long bear.

It is my contention that the nation-state is a central player in the formation of the break-away civilization, as it was the nationalistic military structure that originally formed the matrix by which this civilization came into being. Further augmented in modern times by the rampaging, lawless, global corporation structure, the nascent break-away civilization began separating itself from the ‘above ground’ nation-state structure in the early 1950s. It now exists entirely as a planetary collective (self organizing status is unknown) that is masked by the many layers of lying shit-for-brains people commonly, and collectively known as ‘politicians’. These minions of the break-away civilization are in control of the nation-states that gave birth to this group, and continue to support its growth by parasitism run rampant across the planet.

It is further my contention that this situation of the division of the species into these two, unequal groups, is untenable. There are signs that the break-away civilization leadership is aware of the vulnerability caused by the current state of separation, and is accelerating their push for some form of solution.

From the point of view of the regular humans on the planet, the ‘solution’ being developed by the break-away civilization looks a whole lot like the NWO.

If someone does not do something, there are going to be very large problems due to the inability of regular humans to accept the NWO image of our future.

The break-away civilization fellows also know that resistance to NWO is/will be fierce. They continue to encounter it in unexpected places where their every failure to progress actually drags them further back. As an instance, the harder TPTB (proxies for break-away civilization) push on gun control in the USA, the more guns are sold. The more they demonize ‘home schooling’, the more parents start doing just that….and so it goes. Not very much to the liking of these break-away guys. No real progress in moving us masses toward their goal of (i am guessing here) willing acceptance of slave status.

So they, the break-away guys, have been killing humans. Mostly in ones and twos….that kind of thing, getting rid of the really annoying fellows. Lots of scientists/researchers who just keep getting a bit too close to their reality, and in the limited understanding of the break-away guys (remember they are lacking a whole lot – hugs from mama, home cooked meals, pies, a species in which to belong), the approach has been to eliminate problems by killing off people.

Some of the aware population of the planet of regular humans started noticing the whole ‘dead scientist’ pattern a few years back, and that put even more pressure on the break-away guys. And so it goes to the point that we have now reached where the whole planet is undergoing changes that are kicking both groups collective butts, while the ‘gap’ between the two hardens with time, and cumulative emotions.

In some regards, this current situation is a meta-level, planetary expression of the dynamics that had been engineered into so many nation-states over the previous century, e.g. Germany, Viet Nam, Korea.

Unlike the issues that affected nations split by geopolitical forces, our current problem has no readily available conduit for a solution. This is because the problem is truly planetary, or species wide, and therefore is above the ‘pay level’ of nation-states. In fact, it is above even the hated NWO vehicle of the UN (United Nations), as nations, united or not, are still nations, and thus restricted in their ‘legal authority’ outside their borders. It is this aspect of USA behavior with its military that clearly paints our nation as a prime supporter of the break-away civilization. However, the break-away civilization is, apparently, no longer dependent on any single nation-state, and is actually a global, or planetary sub set of the species as a whole.

While most of the billions of regular humans on the ‘down side’ of the 60/1000 year technology gap are loyal to their nation-state, or at least dominated by it, the solution for all of humanity must be larger than the nations that created it.

No nation-state can negotiate on behalf of humanity with the break-away civilization as it would instantly, and always be perceived as a case of domination by the particular nation involved. It does not matter if it is China, Russia, USA, or Tonga, they would all be perceived by every other nation state (especially the personally paranoid politicians who run them) as being ‘out for themselves’.

So it ain’t gonna happen that way, the ‘reconciliation, and reintegration’ i mean. And this form of ‘r&r’ must occur. Not only is our planet in upheaval, and all hands are required at humanity level for survival, but the separation is wounding us both. This wounding is bidirectional at many levels, and it seems (from some linguistic clues) that the masters of the break-away civilization have at last become aware of their own degradation being induced by this unstable, and yet, unbreachable, precarious situation.

Therefore it is my proposal that the World Government of World Citizens, which is de facto, and de jure above the nation-state system of the world, form a commission with the expressed mandate to explore ways and means of effectively communicating with the break-away civilization such that reconciliation and reintegration may be approached for the mutual benefit of the species here on earth including humans, individually, and collectively.

The reason that i propose that this commission be formed poste haste has to do with the other problem too big for nation-states, and that is what ever the hell it is that has the break-away civilization so scared of the next few years (read this as ‘nasty blood sucking slobbering space aliens coming here’ i betcha).

To my old, and admittedly addled brain, better we should face the ‘what ever the hell/space aliens’ as unified adult members of a (gasp!) adult species…..it just may work out a bit nicer that way.

Remember: Transparency derives its power from our collective billions of eyes, so feel free to stare.

Welcome world citizens, de facto, and/or declared.

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  1. Wow! First Alan Watts back from the undead, now Clif High. The Universe about me converges. Soo, I too may see the Light, first hand, as ’twere, ’tis, and shall always be.

  2. Well a picture tells it all almost you left out many keys minions these are just the puppets I only can say prophecy is being fullfilled at a rapid pace I might add so hold on this new ride we are all boarding is one hell of a ride for the majority right into hell

  3. Well here we go again. Why is it that I am constantly being reminded of the Beatles? “Come togther right now over me.” Love, A.

  4. This goes far beyond aliens and species. We had our time during Star Wars…Which was real. The real player is “the force”..YES. The central theme of STAR WARS…What is happening on earth has everything to do with “the force”. The dark side is using the force on humanity. Even the players have been played by the force and I agree they now realizing how deep they themselves have gone into the darkness.

    The central theme of Star wars is still THE PLAYER, its all around us, the air we breathe, The force is inside our body as fear.

    Our entire existance is aslepp uncluding plants, animals, rocks, sands, water…Nothing can fight the force here….only light force from far away galaxy can defeat him..and they are here…we will soon see light being interacting with us

  5. Thank you Clif for an excellent article ! Yes, the world certainly needs solutions based on humanity collectively working together to solve our internal, NWO, undesirable alien problems etc. What if the solution was actually very simple ….. that the “power of love” is the most powerful weapon in the Universe to defeat any undesirable actions or beings. Perhaps, we could investigate and list the millions of ways in which love can solve all of humanity’s problems.

  6. James Horak is a guy who talks of the possible alien threat hoax that may be foisted upon us,and the difference beyween ET and EBE, This aside exellent article Cliff. We are all Sovereign Beings,so why should we have to pay to live on our own planet,period.

  7. Why is the Dalai Lama a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? And why does Maurice Strong, with David Rockerfeller and his sister Hanna, go to all the trouble of funding various groups, some of them Tibetan Buddhists, with land grants (as though it was theirs to give!) in Colorado at Crestone??? I rally wonder about that. I have np problem with anyone gettign help to do something good – but I do not think Maurice STrong or his siter or Rockerfeller are intent on really doing good for anyone. It all seems a bit sinister to me, and strange. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    I am also wondering why more than seventy people have committed suicide by fire in Tibet recently. A young woman with two young children was the most recent that I have heard about. It makes no sense at all and I am very suspicious. Is the CIA involved – and the so called “Tibean Government in Exile” “Governments in Exile are typical ploys of people like Soros, Rockerfeller and other Horros of the NWO. And what has the Dalai lama got to do with all this???

  8. We’re getting there.

    There’s lots of encouraging action taking place now. The parasites know this. They are scared (and should be).

    Clif is right in the way he has described this situation.

    My personal feeling about the current division in our culture is that I will not live with it. If that means I am perceived as suicidal, SO BE IT.

    It won’t be long now.


  9. the disseminators want us to believe in Aliens, but that is the great deception, everything found on earth has been created by earthlings. The great deception will be a species probably spliced from the dna of many creatures, with great intelligence, that will be hoisted upon the sheeple, to bow down to or look up to, Aliens will come to ‘save’ us in our darkest hour, which is fast approaching….

  10. Clif, probably should have mentioned Rich Dolan and his unassailable scholasticism on the “breakaway civilization.” Many will not have the background to fully grasp your meaning, absent Dolan’s work. Credit where credit’s due….

    • Barking….
      How have I ended up here….
      I remember in the ’70’s, it was possible to have fun.
      Blast around.
      No problem.
      I spent years looking for a good intentional community.
      Didn’t find one.
      Found lots of smaller versions of the greater world, though….
      Anyone heard of “Ong’s Hat”….
      I wonder where they are now….

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