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Types of Empaths

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By Lyn-Rose-Hornabrook and Grace and Grace Associates Consulting Inc.

There are different types of empaths who employ different psychic empathic traits. These are the 10 levels of the empath:Psychometry – the empathic ability to receive energy, information and impressions from objects, photographs or placesTelepathy – the empathic ability to read people’s thoughts.

Mediumship – the empathic ability to feel the presence and energies of spirits

Physical Healing – the empathic ability to feel other people’s physical symptoms in your own body (and often the ability to heal, transform or transmute them)

Emotional Healing – the empathic ability to feel another person’s emotions

Animal Communication – the empathic ability to hear, feel and communicate with animals

Nature – the empathic ability to read, feel and communicate with nature and with plants

Geomancy – the empathic ability to read the energy of places and of the land – geomancers can feel the energies of the Earth, such as Ley lines. They can also get headaches, pain or anxiety before earthquakes or other disasters occur anywhere on the planet.

Precognition – the empathic ability to feel when something important is about to happen (often this can be a feeling of inexplicable dread or doom)

Claircognizance or Knowing – the empathic ability to feel what needs to be done in any given circumstance, often accompanied by a feeling of peace and calm, even in the midst of a crisis

Symptoms of being an Empath:

•Acute senses – i.e. sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing etc.

•Acute awareness of the feelings of those around them and feeling deeply for those in pain or suffering

•Often easily hurt

•Avoidance of conflict where possible preferring to keep things harmonious

•Easily startled by noise

•Easily moved to tears because of deep feeling

•Nervous in crowded situations

•People feel safe around them and able to talk to them easily. Even complete strangers will talk to them about personal things without consciously intending to do so

•Animals and children love and are attracted to them

•Easily affected by the weather

•Their greatest gift is to perceive with the heart

•They are usually a blessing to be around as they are nurturing and caring

•Music and harmony are very important to them. They can lose themselves completely while listening to music that resonates with them.

•Water is very beneficial and therapeutic to the empath

Having psychic empathic traits can be extremely challenging, and even painful. The definition of empathic understanding is to be able to feel what another person feels (sometimes both emotionally and physically). Even under normal circumstances, having psychic empathic traits can be confusing and difficult to manage or understand, but in times of global chaos, emotional tidal waves that rip through the collective consciousness can be utterly overwhelming. This is why an empath feels anxiety at these times.

Some people consider being an empath to be a paranormal trait, but it is more normal than we realize. Many, many people have psychic empathic traits, but they are usually labeled as being “overly sensitive”. Empaths have a heightened sensitivity, and parapsychologists often refer to them as being “Psi Sensitives”.

Some of the characteristics of an empath include being “moody”, or having mood swings for no apparent reason. This is because empaths pick up on the energies and emotions from other people, places, animals, and even things around them. An empath can be feeling fine one moment, then suddenly become depressed or sad or angry, or even develop physical pain and headaches “out of the blue”. Many empaths can feel like they are going crazy, especially empathic children who cannot understand what they are feeling or why they are feeling that way. An empath must learn to trace these feelings back to their origin in order to determine what triggered them. First ask yourself, “Is this mine?” – if the answer is no, then determine when and where it started, and who or what was around you at that time.

Some other characteristics of an empath can involve extreme shyness, avoidance of public places, or being overweight (especially in children). These are all ways to try to shield and protect oneself from the psychic abilities of being empathic. An empath can absorb and take on the feelings and symptoms of others just by being near them or even by speaking with them on the phone, which is why an empath feels anxiety when faced with crowds of people.




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  1. Zen Thank you for posting This. I love when you post these Posts on spiritual teachings, it helps me immensely. I love the posts that comes from your passionate heart mostly, but these are certainly my second favorite types of articles; truly thank you, and keep them coming!

    • I am with you Gustavo – Most people don’t comment on these types of posts.

      I do believe we are all Empaths – I have all of these symptoms – some traits are more pronounced than others. I do work at improving them daily – it helps immensely when living in this ghoul controlled world.

      • To claim “we are all empaths” is untrue. Some people have absolutely no empathy for anyone, at any time, in any place, ever, and don’t even know what the word means.

        • We all have the empathetic ability/power or what ever you want to call it within us – some chose not to use any of it – it is our free will of choice that we all have while temporarily using these bodies.

          There is some amount of truth in everything. There is some amount untruth in everything.

          • No, not everyone is an empath. Either you are an empath or you aren’t. One cannot simply learn to be an empath or choose to be open to emotions one day.

      • We give people hope who have lost it or are struggling. Sharing our light is our true purpose everything else is just a bonus. Enjoy!

  2. Hiya ,
    Yes they do exist , when healing others , I have experienced a pain that will travel up my left arm and lodge in my elbow. Sometimes it has been excruciating. I also identify with all but one of those traits. Humanity is in a lot of pain and the collective feels like it has been brought into a flight and fight consensus and not that of the higher mind. I feel the sorrow of Earth/ Gia and the constination of a external source. Through our weaknesses and most importantly our individual lack of self esteem, we have lessened and negated our own natural common sense and sovreignty allowing the ensuing choas to reign. We ,rather than becomming a planet that utilizes these abilities for the collective greater good, have on the whole ignored or ridiculed them. We have allowed ourselves to be limited and boxed into , what is now becomming very strict and narrow boundries. We are toddlers in tantrum collectively and surely need to grow up.

    • Well said. There is a lot of pain and it will get worse. We have to learn to transcend, not harden against, these sensitivities at certain times or they can knock our batteries out. That’s why people who have these characteristics need to know who they are and why they feel the way they do, or it will cause confusion for them. Again, the wake up is what it’s all about!!! Once they wake up the energy released is just so wonderful and helpful and again, it grows exponentially.

      • Finding out I am an empath and not crazy has made me feel like an anvil was taken off my chest. Since I was very young, I’ve always felt emotionally tired, drifted off in unstimulating classes, become angry for no apparent reason, needed my “quiet time”, been sensitive to smells (the shampoo, perfume, and candle isles are the death of me), and felt overwhelmed in crowds. I always have deja vu and I always have to leave a party or gathering within an hour or two. I thought I was going crazy, so I never told anyone what I was feeling and continued to take on the burden of knowing others’ secrets and emotional life stories. Because of this, I would have constant breakdowns. I used to go to therapists for help, and they told me I had depression and anxiety problems, so they perscribed me some pills. When the pills just made it worse, my family and I were out of options. Until yesterday my mom went to visit her friends and a lady came. This lady has this energy that I could feel as soon as she stepped out of her car. I felt small compaired to her, even though sh was four inches shorter than me. She was kind and compassionate and she answered all of my questions and then some. During the end of the night, she asked me if I felt things or knew things no one else could feel or know. She asked me where I felt it. In my chest. She was the one to tell me that I am an empath and that she can help me block out emotions and control how I feel. I didn’t know much about empathy, so I looked it up, and this is one of the articles I’ve found. Thank you so much for sharing your views, as I can now understand more about myself and be a strong, helpful person instead of a useless invalid.

        • Don’t be afraid to say what needs to be said to someone you encounter. You will know what needs to be said and to whom. It may be a loved one or a stranger. Trust me, they are listening and need to hear what you have to say.

    • Just do your work and you will touch those who are ready. Don’t worry about the rest. They will be dealt with either by themselves or Gia. She always wins in the end!

  3. Thankyou for posting this piece. I get really freaked being around certain individuals and the only way I was ever somewhat okay in large crowds is being half crocked. But whats been the worst is picking up their physical pain, exhausting to say the least! I get the strangest pains in places I know I have no issue with. But when the person is far enough away, lets say miles here and I put them completely out of my thoughts the weird pains just go away. I think there are far to many people with special ability’s that have been misunderstood and labeled with some ridiculous pseudoscience disorder and then sadly given some psychotropic drugs with horrible side-effects for so-called treatment.

    • I knew many here would resonate with this. It’s important to know who we are. And yes, they know and have a spiteful jealous hatred for us, and hence poisoning us and our environment in every conceivable way. Fear not, they can’t put out the light with darkness. Their only power is if anyone falls for the fear game. All illusory. Death itself is nothing to fear, one of the biggest cons ever pulled on humanity.

  4. I’m always amazed at how, ignorant people view Empathy as Sympathy.
    or the clever ones? who know how to take advantage of our good natures, it seems like a prerequisite if you have the ability to put yourselves into anythings shoes.

  5. I have come to enjoy my own company. Have never felt comfortable in a group setting as well as that one on one experience. I am the square peg trying to fit into a round hole. My vibs are wanting to fix things and make people feel better.
    Just recently, I first read the word empath in another blog. Never heard of it before. Looked it up and it seemed to fit me to a tee.
    I find great comfort in my pets and the nature around me. I often feel sad about the direction this world is taking. There is too much of that me first narcissism.
    I do hope this galactic shift will begin to balance our world and I want to be here to see that happen, though I am well into my years and time grows short.
    We are in such a mess right now. I no long believe that anyone with a soul can’t sense something is afoot. For those that are not getting it, you need a foot where the sun don’t shine or consider yourself one of the unaware propagators of the whole bloody mess. No matter the outcome, we are ALL in this together.

    • Yeah -Pam – I’ve always been a people person – more one on one, but didn’t mind large groups or crowds too much when I was younger. I can even stand up and speak to a large group of people without fear. Lately the large crowds and groups of people are starting to feel repulsive to me. I think that we are vibrating at a different rate than most of the people we are around.

      I have been making huge changes by letting go of old relationships that don’t feel right anymore. I’m even moving from where I have lived for many years. Big changes are ahead. Make the most of what we have and have fun.

      • JB
        Where are you going to move to? Maybe more country oriented? I guess in this time in my life, I have different feelings about being in the public eye, but in my twenties and thirties I sang solo in public venues. It brought true enjoyment to my life. Less set in my ways and having so much fun.

        • I’m going to the deepest south of the continental USA(It will be a lot less than the 10 million people I live near now)- I very much dislike cold weather, but I can tolerate high heat and humidity very well.

          I can strike up a conversation with a goat or a squirrel. My wife says I should be in radio broadcasting. I was on a 30 minute show as a guest with my chiropractor once and loved it. Lately I have been doing a lot of calming for people in line at the various stores I frequent. The patience of people has reached it’s limit- I usually do it with some humor.

          As long as you are having fun in life – All is Well. Good to hear that you are less set in your ways and going with the Flow. More people should take this up. Be Well and Enjoy Life.

    • Well said Pam, I am fortunate enough to live next to a huge area of woodlands. I get so much joy feeding and watching all the wildlife. I’ve seen so many species of birds at my feeders and I also found out that I lived in a migratory path for many species. Lucky for me! The cats, ducks, birds, raccoons, possums etc etc all exist pretty harmoniously here in my little world. I’m doing a lot planting this year aswell, which I thoroughly enjoy lots of heirloom veges and medicinal herbs. Footnote,” I hate shoes”. Yep corny too lol. Your not alone :-)

      • I must admit I am a barefoot child.
        Story about the raccoons. Five plus years ago we had a raccoon family, mom and three babes. We have an attached barn to the house and I fed the cats out there. Well the raccoons would show up at night to finish off the cat food. One night, I was sleeping on the couch and I heard all this racket going on in the kitchen. Got up and there are the babies drinking out of the water bowl on the floor. It was precious. In summer we leave the door open from the kitchen to the barn, so the cats can go in and out and the babies just came right in. There was no fear yet. What a moment for me.
        Have you noticed, with the migratory birds, geese come to mind for me, that they are flying north when they should be heading south? I noticed the flight changed about three years ago. It seems like they are confused. I live on the northeast coast in New England. Just curious.

  6. It’s great to see all the good comments here. People are opening more than I thought.

    Isn’t it weird when you are near or next to other people or in a vehicle next to them and you all of the sudden know something about them – and you may have never met them in your life – I have been getting this more in the last couple of years than I used to when I was younger. I found this info I get is absolutely correct when it was someone I knew and the info given to me matches up with what I found out about them later. This is way beyond knowing if someone is evil or good – this info can be very specific and detailed.

    WOW – What a ride this is becoming.

  7. I have always been extremely empathic. It made childhood really difficult because I was very defensive because I knew who was good and who was potentially dangerous and would do whatever I could to get away from the bad people, while clinging to those who were good for protection, even if I didn’t know them. I’ve noticed other peoples small children will cling to me like that, even if they don’t know me. I can tell you with all certainty that there are more dangerous people than there are good, trustworthy people in my experience, sadly. They are not all sociopaths, but many have the tendency to act like it due to drug-numbing or something else wrong, like extreme suppression. I can feel the difference between a sociopath and an empathy-capable person instantly. Sociopaths and psychopaths are drawn to me, but I am quick to spear them with my tongue, and most go away quickly when they realise I do not allow myself to be vampirized. They like to use empaths who do not understand them as easy prey. Once an empath understands the mind of a sociopath, they will concsiously stop being victimized by them because the usual sociopath will turn and run away! (Psychopaths are more difficult, they like the challenge too much).

    These days there is often a great sorrow from the earth. Sometimes I feel like I am a tear duct of earth, but not painfully, as it only hurts if I don’t let the sorrow come through. It is a necessary sorrow, not like self pity or personal grief, which are tiresome, but a release that is not solely my own, but that needs to be expressed regardless. When I let it channel through me easily and without friction there is no pain in the sorrow at all, only tears, and happiness is easy afterwards. It’s difficult to explain but I think others who experience it will understand what I’m saying. All life, plant, animal, or other, needs to share with other life, to be felt and understood in deeply untouchable-by-words ways, and need their energies to be accepted, not rejected or ignored, no matter how painful. Our auras all overlap. They make us all one.

    • Wow, that was so instructive and heartwarming. Wonderful insight and information there, I hope many read it. I’ll be contacting you, more need to understand these precepts for their strengthening and understanding of what they’re going thru and how to deal with it. Love, Zen

    • Wow Rachel, while reading that I was you, you were me. You put into words everything I wanted to say today and every day. For me it is so painful to be alive but I am one with the animal kingdom, plant life, fishes of the sea and all their brethren, all things great and small. I’m especially sensitive these days and tears come easily but like you said it’s all good for the good. Blessings, Love to all

    • Rachel, Thank you for this. Like you, I too had a difficult childhood – and continued right on through adulthood. As a child, I could “feel” the energies, but was unable to pinpoint what it was I was absorbing. And my entire life, really bad people that do bad things have always been drawn to me for some reason. Now, I think I understand why. Your comment, “I can tell you with all certainty that there are more dangerous people than there are good, trustworthy people” rings true to me, but in this society, that thinking is considered to be too negative and “you’re so paranoid!” – so I have spent a lifetime squelching that belief. Since my awakening just a couple of years ago, I’ve worked on finding the goodness, but …… I know there are good people out there. I see them here in Zen’s garden and I see them on youtube and on blogs, but …. well, anyway, I seem to draw the nasties to me. So much so, that I begin to think that I must be one of them. But, it’s that they want me to be one of them – and that will not happen.

      I’m only capable of allowing the pain to channel through when I’m alone. And with the way the world is now, I spend a lot of time alone. I run into stores, shop quickly, and dash home. Being around the masses is just too hard. Which makes it extremely difficult to nudge others out of their slumber, but I manage to get a few quick chats in before I dash to the safety of my cloistered life.

      • After reading my post above, I realized I did not convey my true self. It may seem that I’m lonely and sad. I’m not at all – I’ve never been happier than I am right now. Once I woke up to what was really going on in the world, I was taken aback, yet strangely joyful I realized I had been living a life that was not mine – I’m sure many here can relate. Just as some eat fast food – mindlessly bolting down the food without tasting or chewing – I was living a fast life. Going through the paces without digesting all the sounds, smells, textures and sights of our world. I still get caught up in the pain of my physical body – but I’m healing – healing my body, mind, spirit. I’ve learned, as Pisces222 says to, “Practice the Presence”

        I have a hunger for the slow life – cleansing my surroundings (still working on my mind) of all unnecessary debris and enjoying every moment. The song, Let Go by Frou Frou says it all. There’s beauty in the breakdown. So, let go. Let go. Just get in. Oh, it’s so amazing here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV2E1epyIkc

        “If you know that you do not understand, then you truly understand.” ~ Alan Watts (in Zen’s post Creating Who You Are.)

        Love to all

        • I didn’t think you sounded lonely or sad at all. I understand the spending time alone thing totally, lots of us need that time for comfortable self-expression. I have dashed in and out of stores quickly too and shopped at night to avoid people. Just at the point in my life where I really started to get to where I was comfortable enough in social settings to channel energy and thrive in those conditions, all that electromagnetic stuff and chemtrails started and I got overloaded and sick with really severe asthma and electro-sensitivity. So now I dart in and out of the grocery store with a gas mask on crappy days, and get even weirder energy feelings than before because people are feeling things towards me like pity or laughing at me inside as well as just existing in state of imballance. Now I miss socializing, and being physically unable to socialize due to chemicals everywhere makes the “natural” bad aura problem seem alot less horrible as it once was. I really miss dancing at concerts like Widespread Panic, where everyone’s on their toes and ready to dance at the instant of the first note, the absolutely most wonderful way to channel energy! Just need to kick the chemical sensitivities to the curb!! Lotsa healing…

      • I love the “nasties” because they think we are prey. I get to give them a taste of their own medicine. They feel like they are special because they can manipulate people but a true, strong empath can outmaneuver them. Work on your gift and don’t be afraid to use it for good. We are here to make a difference. Shine, light always wins! Also, forgive those who have tried to hurt you……they will be living their own hell soon enough.

    • hi, was and am learning about the empath information. I am and have been, from birth, an empathetic person. I love people, and want to offer words of life to them, and I know I am not God. I use to take blame that was not mine to take for everything from soup to nuts. Now, as I get older, I know that I am very easily drained energy wise, and for a while, almost became a hermit, because of a time in my life of feeling my body, and psyche let me down. I know, now, that I just did not know, with the line of work I was in, doing hair, and trying so hard, in a job that I was going top speed for so many hours, and then getting exhausted, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and then blame , shame, an affair, no sleep, and tired, and not myself, that i stepped back from life, to heal. it took me ten years, but i am emotionally strong, and want to give back with a career to help others with what i learned. i had uncontrolled high blood pressure, anxiety, and no focus, and now i take no meds for the most part, but can still know that i can be energetic, and have it leave with a glance from the person who may or may not be a sociopath, psychopath, whatever, and maybe not, maybe it was the kids crying in the store or car next to me. i know this is a gift, and i want to help, but i want to be as strong as i can be, to shield me, from the negativity, and pull on my energy, and creativity. i have so much to give, and so much to share, and want to help, but i need to learn to keep my peace, focus, and strength, spiritually, so i can do these things. any help is so welcome, and i will use it to help others. thanks, mw

      • Hi Mary – search the word empaths on the site – go to the magnifying glass and scroll over it and you’ll see where to enter it. There’s other articles with some terrific helpful comments on them as well. Let me know how you do.
        Much love, keep growing, the information will come to you but you have to do some looking as well.

  8. Today was really rough for me, the tears came so easily. It’s getting harder and harder to cope “in the world”.
    The particular setting I move in (work in, live in) is so stuck, stagnant it’s suffocating. My sensitive spirit screams daily for relief. I know I have to stay the course, be aware, alive and just Practice The Presence (my way of saying being in the NOW), It just gets damn hard some days when you can’t just walk away from it all. It’s great to be able to come here Zen where I know you all understand, thanks with love

  9. Pisces222 I totally relate to you. I too am finding life increasingly more difficult, and like Rachel, I am able to sense people’s energies just by being round them. I hate supermarkets, malls or anywhere I have to come into close contact with other people’s energies, which these days I find almost suffocating, because so many folk are giving out narcissistic, or chaotic stress vibes. I can actually feel the auras of people in close proximity to me sending out ‘tendrils’ towards my own energy body in attempts to plug in and suck my energy while they have a chance. Its not likely intentional on their part, but it seems to me that people who burn-out their own energy competing in ‘matrix life’ are in constant need of a top-up and will subliminally use any opportunity to suck energy from empathetic, caring people to keep themselves going. Its tough out there and shielding yourself from it all is quite difficult to sustain for any length of time, so I am now living a rural life where I can potter with the wildlife, grow fresh veggies, breathe deeply, relax and just be me! :)

    • I love those places. I create a good energy then I feed off of it! Great way to power up if you have to be there for a while. Just remember you have the ability to change a persons mood and happiness is more contagious than unhappiness!

  10. Thank you for this lovely message! It reminds me once again, that to be empathic is a divine gift not a disease, which should be treated by psychopharmaka. :)

  11. Thank you for this article. So many people are waking up and discovering their true selves. I have been through so much because of my psychic abilities. I’m an empath and recently discovered that I can heal people and animals by touching them. I thought I was loosing my mind for a while there but I’m working it out so to speak. The best thing I’ve learned is to protect myself psychically before I go out in public so that I dont absorb other people’s issues. I also feel that as I heal my self that I’m healing the world around me, too. Send love and healing energy to all that are open to it!

    • Stay on your toes. The attacks will start to come from those you have known for a while or blood relations – even without their knowing(hopefully you realize this already). The better you get with your healing powers the more your light shines – this is great protection in itself, but it does attract more attention from the more evolved dark ghouls. By cutting your physical and etheric ties with these entities is of great help.The more I learn about who and what we are – The more i know how little I know.

      No Fear – Just Be Aware and All will be Well. You seem to be on your path.

  12. I am an empath and work with empaths and intuitives, so I understand what we all go through and are going through. This article that I wrote might help some of you, if not all ?

  13. It is particularly challenging when you have a child that is also an empath. Due to past experiences I have social anxieties that I am working on and she can pick up my emotions when I am feeling panicked. Other people are always commenting about how laid back and calm I am in all situations. But inside I panic in social situations. She picks this up and the unsettling feelings she gets from it escalates to throwing a tantrum. It can be both a blessing and a curse. I have precognition, but cannot interpret feeling a certain thing until a situation has occurred. I balled up and cried uncontrollably at a relatives house one night as they were sleeping, and then a few days later the relative passed away in that room. I’ve been able to “feel” when a person has passed away in a place or is going to. I pick up the phone before it rings (it rings rarely). I don’t talk about these things with people because it might sound ludicrous or like bragging. Reading about other people who experience these things or reading explanations of these things help me understand myself and my daughter more. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  14. I have been searching for answers for people like myself,yes Im an empath,very sensitive to others emotions,I don’t know how to detach from their feelings which causes me to start feeling other peoples emotions,especially with the heart.It seems my heart always hurt when others hurt,I love the greenery of an forest area or any landscaping,water calms me,I always know when someone genuinley likes me,most think Im weird but always call for advice,I would love to have an one on one with you,Im also a veil baby;I was born completely wrapped in a white veil,so I was told.I really enjoyed your article,peace.

  15. I have been finally becoming comfortable with myself . …I choose what others emotions I absorb or block….I no longer cling to negativity from others after all I control my own feelings about myself…..I am frequently hit strongly when a friend is in need…

    I can connect with spirits, no I don’t see them or know who they are except a recent loved one who passed . I can feel where they are ….know when our house is what we call going active…..

    I am also a working artist.

    I would like to develop my gift to a more advanced level any suggestions ?
    Thanks Becca

  16. I’m an empath who knows how to make people smile and feel better. I have learned how to change the entire energy of a space by what I bring with me. I’m naturally bubbly and I share my smile and openness with everyone, I usually don’t talk about myself but I get others to open up to me. If I need to, I share about my difficult life and I honestly share some of my very depressing story and how it still affects my life. I learned that honesty works along with empathy. They then become empathetic when they were so conditioned to being closed to emotion. Most people just need someone to talk to who is not judgmental and who is open. Through those exchanges, I have gained renewed energy. But beware the people who only talk about themselves, they are energy vampires. Let them talk but walk away as quickly as possible. They give nothing.

    • Well said! Honesty is very akin to empathy as it’s vibrational and that’s where real communication takes place no matter the “chatter” – although words of course convey spirit as well. Keep on smiling Nica! What a wonderful soul you are! X!

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