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Unbridled Truth – Ex-Marine Sounds Off



Here’s a ride through some unbridled truth. Enjoy as this former marine flays all the right characters in his rant on imperialism. – Zen




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    • His dad was for sure hi up in the sottish rite .. i think his dad was 32 degree .. This why the pick turned his back on the Walter Jones bill that would have Impeached OBam Bamm .

    • Ken Okeefe is a WARRIOR
      a level 99 Jew Fighter.
      This dude disarmed an Israeli commando who attacked him on the Mavi Manmara,. Ken did not hurt him and was unarmed. That is what a gentile does.

      What a jew does.. Shoot an unarmed photographer with 2 kids TWICE in the forehead point blank and then claim that they were attacked with “sticks”

      Judaism = Satanism.

      Real truth warriors REPRESENT!!!!

  1. We are the jews, we are the zionist, we are responsible for everything that happens to us. We can blame no one but ourselves. We are amerikkka, we are wrecking ourselves and bringing down the ship. It’s in our nature to self destruct. The button has been pushed and their is nothing that can be done. We used to think that we were the New World Order because George Bush uttered these words. The New World Order does not include amerkkka or Israhell. All those countries that have been opposed to the zionist movement are the New World Order and we have no future in it. Can’t you see that we are dying? We are no longer a viable country. No one takes us seriously, we have lost the respect of all the world. Can you honestly believe that we have any moral standing in the eyes of the rest of the world? We have become a scary story to the rest of the world, a tale of whoe! We are at the precipes of destruction. We cannot go back now, all we can do now is jump to our death. Good Bye! Cruel world, we are all dead!

  2. Having the people figure out that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ IS part of the Plan. The goal being to show the world how the U.S. government is corrupt to the core and worked in collusion with the Zionists to kills it’s own people. Once the economy collapses and several states ‘attempt’ to withdraw from the Union (this will also be a scam) and civil war breaks out further dividing the country; Chaos and Spiritual Bankruptcy will ensue and the U.N. will come along as Savior with their One World Government to keep you safe as now all independent governments can never be trusted again. The People, broken and starved, will Demand it.

  3. Yes – actually any ‘solution’ provided by/within the system will give us the same result we’ve always had. We have to stop depending on the system to fix itself – never has – never will – not in the dna. So we need to stop feeding the man and start feeding the mother – that is remove energy, time, emotion – negative or positive – it’s still food – as they are parasitic omnivores – it’s just your energy that keep them going. Their biggest nightmare – aikido principles – go around them – don’t feed the beast. We all need to create our own solutions in our little sphere of influence and voila – no base support – pyramid collapse. We ARE the change we’re looking for : ) .

  4. Zionists and World Control By Deception, do not explain Muslim violence. Muslims are inherently violent and this is not the work of anyone other than Muslims themselves. Even when we have definitive proof that 9/11 was an inside job and that the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan were engineered, Muslims will not be absolved.

    • And who’s waging the wars, might I ask? And under false pretenses? Would you be pissed if your family was raped and murdered? Would you be a happy and content Palestinian mother who watches generations be wiped off the earth? Think a little more with your heart, and don’t listen to so much mainstream tripe, it wears grooves into your mind…
      Do you know any Muslims? Ever lived in a Muslim country? I have. You have no idea what you’re talking about and what you’re spreading until you get more real information and some personal experience in the matter, George. Every Muslim you’ve seen or heard of has been portrayed by the MSM…think about it.

      • Well said Zen , that kind of attitude really, really upset’s me . Wish people would open their eyes. Any thing, just a bit of compassion would be a start !!! XXX

    • george = jew shill

      the jws are scared of people knowing the truth about Islam above all else.

      An alliance between christians and muslims would END them. more than anything else.

      which is why u will see the jews tell a truth just so they can slam islam. islam is enemy #1 because only Islam can stoop Judaism.

      muslims = most peaceful people on earth
      just like … THE GERMANS

  5. He is so right… Except its not the ‘European Central Bank’ but the Rothchild/Zionist Jewish Bank; Based in London,it controls 57 % US Federal Reserve since 1913…Every US War intervention since that time,was to benefit,them,and the British Empire they control… SEE THE BAD WAR.COM. THE END OF SOVEREIGN AMERICA. Brother Nathanael Kaptner.com THE UGLY TRUTH.COM

  6. BRAVO! Straight from the hip and unvarnished. I Love this man. Every soul who cares about truth and true justice is beautiful.

    He knows who the real enemy is. I hope there are many more former military like him. It seems that segment is waking up and outraged. A very good sign. General Smedley Butler said it too ” All War is a Racket”.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  7. Okeefe is a tough dude and a REAL warrior.

    While we all sit on our keyboards too scared to even say the word JEW for fear a jew shill might all us names. Ken married a lady in Gaza and lives there fighting the beast on the very front lines.

    Let that sink in for a second. Whose with me?

  8. unravel the spaghetti mess…

    THE TRUTH IS no one on Earth HAS to live in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    TALMUD = stool sculpture…

    90% of the members of the stool sculpture deity cult {TALMUDIA} are just descendents of PROSELYTES


    all that is necessary is for the little people to KNOW THE TRUTH about what makes someone a “JEWISH”


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