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UNGRIP – Declaring Our Inherent Independence

Extremely powerful. Please pass it on. This is a template for taking action, abiding by conscious awareness of our inherent rights as sovereign human beings. - Zen[Hat tip: RHitt - tx!]



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  1. I am detached a bit myself from those who want us to “lower our standard of living” (to “save the Earth”, insert favorite here), for a new taxation scheme is seldom far behind. EXAMINE THE FILMMAKERS’ POSSIBLE AGENDAS, before becoming seduced.

    • I have not watched the video yet, but I understand it’s important to gain perspective on the filmmakers agenda and especially to follow the money trail as to who produced/funded the film.

      However, I also feel that we do not need to LOWER our standard of living, but we must CHANGE our standard of living.

      Right now our current “standard of living” is one that is based on an infinite growth economic model based on finite resources. It’s a completely illogical system that feeds us a standard of living that is killing the planet and the other species that share the Earth with us. It is truly an ignorant standard of living that involves sacrificing our home and resources for more “comfort”… complete insanity and it must change to one that takes into perspective biodiversity and the vast interdependence of all humans and species to contribute to each others ability to survive, to share resources, and find a balanced ratio of consumption and conservation. We need a sustainable standard of living, no more and no less… otherwise we will continue to destroy the planet at break neck speed.

      • He’s right about Ben Stewart though. His previous documentaries -the esotetic agenda, Kymatica- are filled with the precepts of the elite’s coming new world religion.
        And Stewart doesn’t offer any answers to any problems that haven’t been dealt with in Moving Forward of the Zeitgeist movement.

        People are trying to find answers in fantasy, and its exactly where they can more easily get confounded.

        Our present standard of living, the basis of it, can be maintained, just differently, inside a much different world wide system. Most resources that make for a high standard of living when relating to basic human needs, are not finite per se. We can always grow trees and fruits, energy can be created from so many infinite sources. It all depends if you equate standard of living with consumerism.

  2. Fantastic video ! When i revoked my Citizenship it was a lot of paper humping .ugh like chewing tin foil …Its a mind fuck if your not ready to embrace leaving the big tit of the Queen with all the glorious benefits of being a citizen . it can look very enticing..and Hey it it works for ya ,, have at it ,, if not please stop bitching about being governed and do something about it. I remember being called a ex pat by a fellow one time at a diner party . He was a” pro tea party” that was the label he gave himself , but the labeling at me was said with such hostility and anger i was kinda shocked , I was drinking a tea and being outside i poured the tea on the grass, I then and ask him if he felt better ? needless to say this discussion ended up like they all ways do the about the roads .. its all ways about roads ??? I never seen how much people care about roads until you talk , “freedom of taxation.” Roads of glory ! Hot smelly assault .worth every tax nailed into your labor slaving ass 😉 income tax = you pay to work , property tax = you pay to live .. so do you really have benefits or are you just paying for things that where your to being with ? when the queen can melt ice cream with her eyes …let me know :-)

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