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US Gov't Terrorist Identification Chart



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  1. LOVE IT! . . . Especially the comment from Frank Zappa. I had no idea. Thank you, Zen, for helping us wake up!

    • Frank was a true Genius, and not just re music. He was greatly into the realities of the hidden fascist government. It was via him I first heard things like how the US gov. Put all the Japanese Americans into concentration camps during ww2.
      I think he was killed, like Lennon, for his opinions.

  2. Aint it the TRUTH——I wonder what they will call you if yer hungary? – REFRIGERATOR TERRORISTS — COLD WAR?-or if yer not wanted anymore -ALEFT-OVER Terrorist.-if its the FREEZER yer worried about-The SIBERIAN DEEP FREEZE–Brought to u by Kenmore Appliance Company — ahahahahahahahahahahahaha—- IT ,S carazy OUT THE FOLKS- — If you let them get to u they win. You are in control -they can take the body not the spirit and the mind. They dont know what you think so why tell them. FEAR in any form is wrong but to let that FEAR take you out is what they want. I do laff at it and when im stopped i smile and talk nice to them and i ask how their day has been and it takes them off of their game. Then when they want to argue i tell them i know what they are tryng to do and it wont work because i care about their day. Now in my mind im thinking- well— be careful you will say what you think—- CAUTION is the name of the game here- It is funny how they will make us think up things like this sign. PROGRAMMING- —-Be careful how you think – you will say what you think and they want that. So SMILE and become a HAPPY PERSON- HAHAHAAH Thot i was going to say Ter???????? Yall have a great day-

  3. Love the chart Master Zen:
    President Obamanation has never met a Muslim he didn’t like or want to apologize to.
    He has installed the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Libyia and Egypt. There are Al Quaeda black flags flapping throughout North Africa.
    Be aware and prepare
    “Terrorist Attack On America:

    • Yes Frank, that cute little exercise in entrapment has served several purposes, besides the obvious bump to general paranoia about “domestic terrorism” . It also added the idea that opposing the Federal Reserve is a “terrorist” idea – rendering many sane, thinking people to the terrorist list but also a quiet little thing people have not noticed, that is that his fake bomb was described as a “weapon of mass destruction”. Huh?
      Remember when a WMD was a Nuke of Chem/Bio weapon? Not any more it seems, now just an ordinary bomb (presumable excepting one owned by America of its allies) is a “Weapon of Mass Destruction”. And thereby Evil and Illegal.

  4. Zen, you have a great sense of humor….check out this video, at the end is a real garden fairy living in the apple tree, you can hear his wings….


    I think it is real, much like the crop circle that has a butterfly man with wings, the biggest crop circle ever, Man indeed is in a new age!


    Nature tells us we must live in NATURE…you will feel a magnetic pull of your body if the fairies invite you in…All strength comes with the awakening of love in the heart.

  5. Also, to add to the poster:

    Grocery Cards
    Credit Cards
    Debit Cards
    Annual auto registration, hey I did it once…
    Property tax
    False Home Loans
    False People
    False Flags
    Lies on food packaging
    Gardens that have no food
    Lights that have mercury in them
    Shoes with no shoelaces
    Dogs that don’t bark
    Cats that don’t purr
    Cows with bad milk
    Bees that we can’t find anywhere
    People that lost their hearts
    Airports where we cant wave goodbye at the window gate
    phony fast food
    microwave ovens
    Gas prices that are fixed
    Decay of inner cities
    lies lies and more lies on television
    lies lies and more lies on radio shows

    and drum roll

    commercials, commercials and really bad commercials
    (photo of throwing your tv and radio AWAY)

    all should be on the poster list…..

    Add a book case that is sitting EMPTY….and a mind that is as empty as the book case…


  6. Well, it appears that most all Americans are on the list. I did not see where veterans was posted on this list.

    What we need is untification of Americans to come together and stand up for the constitution.

    Need to read this book out about Americans who take a stand. It’s so real so I recommend it to everyone. It’s that good.


    Once bureaucrats dominate our everyday lives then it’s time to take back our lives and live free again.

  7. Terrorists / terrorist helpers on the OFAC “Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List”: Al-Qaeda, the Babanousa Milk Products Factory, the Omdurman Shoe Factory, the Flamingo Club in Jamaica, Sudan Airways, the Serb Democratic Party (the guys who defeated Milosevic), Htoo Furniture in Singapore and the Daffodil container ship. I’m not making this up, check it for yourself. Interestingly I didn’t see the MEK, the Pentagon or Ann Coultergeist there.

    The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. You can never know when will a terrorist container ship from Sierra Leone sneak up on you. With a name like Daffodil, they are prone to anything. 😀

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