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US Imperialism Rolls Out – Invasion, Occupation, Disruption

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President Obama has placed whole nations on his Kill List. Syria and Venezuela are to join Libya and Iraq as states that have been made to fail, while Ukraine is snatched into the NATO-EU orbit. “The neo-conservative project for a new American century has reached full fruition under a Democratic president, who now has many notches on his gun.”

The word imperialism fell into disuse in recent decades. If it seems slightly retro, that is only because there aren’t enough Americans committed to telling the ugly truth about their government.

During the cold war era we were told that communism increased in influence via a domino effect, knocking down nations one by one and forcing them into Moscow’s or Beijing’s orbit. In the 21st century there is a new domino theory which puts every part of the world into America’s cross hairs.

Barack Obama has succeeded in expanding America’s influence in ways that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney could only dream about. The neo-conservative project for a new American century has reached full fruition under a Democratic president, who now has many notches on his gun. He and the rest of the NATO leaders began the trail of destruction with Libya, tearing that country asunder under the guise of saving it.

Using lies and their servants in the corporate media, they constructed a tale of a tyrant and a people yearning for protection. That evil success emboldened them and their gulf monarchy allies further and they decided that Syria would be the next domino.

That plan didn’t work quite as well as Obama and the rest of murder incorporated team thought it would. When the British parliament said no to new military adventures Obama was left sputtering on national television. He was forced to back down from an adamant position he had taken just days earlier.

The semi-comedic setback was only temporary because the monster must be fed at all cost. The system can no longer sustain itself and brute force is the only out. There is nothing old fashioned about imperialism. This malevolent force is still alive and well.

George W. Bush made efforts to overthrow the democratically elected Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela when he plotted with the opposition against the late Hugo Chavez. Obama is clearly more committed to violence than his predecessor and has helped to stir up right wing Venezuelans who want to rid themselves of Nicolas Maduro. Maduro has been weakened by the ginned up protests and is now forced into talks with an opposition that won’t be satisfied until he is dead and gone too.

The Venezuelan people have voted for their revolution numerous times. The U.S., a country that never ceases to call itself a democracy, has thwarted their clearly expressed will time and time again. But that is the essence of empire after all.

While armed force against Syria was temporarily blocked, the West, the Persian gulf monarchies, Israel, and jihadists have not given up their effort to topple the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria. The savage war has made thousands of Syrians homeless and starving refugees, all because the empire needs its next domino.

Not only does United States meddles in its own backyard, it also relentlessly interferes on the other side of the world in far away Ukraine. Popular discontent against that country’s president became a successful effort to bring that country into the western sphere of economic influence but with the awful strings of austerity attached. Ukraine has the choice of going bankrupt or being bailed out and dying a slow death a la Greece.






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  1. speaking with some of these undergrads on campus recently, they have been and are being sold this globalization bull along with all else as the controllers now are using this word “globalization” in lieu of new world order. little do the sheep realize they are being led to complete domination and slaughter figuratively and literally.
    they have also been sold the climate change bullshit. from my perspective i see it worsening for as time has gone on and no one speaks out, this has become the new norm. met one student yesterday, a senior, she does see some and told me she recently finally bought an iphone, the others were treating her as an outcast due to the fact she still owned an old regular cell phone which she rarely used. she also told me about the globalization and climate change, even she bought it. she is different as her dad is from Pakistan and the mother from France. the Americans are always the worst, has always amazed me how those in this country cannot see themselves as the rest of the world does. I am taking a chance speaking of this again on campus as I have been threatened twice and told if I do so again I will be fired. :( it is a nightmare to be in this environment. the students really are zombies now and walk around in droves on these things never looking up. they stand in groups together but apart as they are all using these abominations. they have become machines. I can “feel” the bad energies/vibes coming from most of them. I have done so for some time as very empathic but it is getting worse.

  2. 3.’To add to all this global tragedy, they own and print your currency. The Federal Reserve and the Bank of E, the BIS and the ECB, more than 60 per cent of central banks world-wide. It’s much too big to hide. 4. So when your politicians send your kids to war, do you understand who they are fighting for? The ones they are attacking with ships, planes and tanks, have oil, but do not have privately-owned central banks. It’s not humanitarian at all, you see; it’s the war economy. They don’t give a fuck about anybody’s kids, you see, it’s economic policy. Demonic policy. Demonic policy.!’ Vss 3&4 of DEMONICONOMIX Ariel Oct 2013.

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