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US Presidential Candidate: "Israel Did 9/11"



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  1. WOW! That was unexpected.. and great to hear! I had given up on anyone else being able to make their way onto the presidential ballot. I just wish they had spoken more about what its actually like living in Tehran. As asked I shall spread the WORD. :) In light be done..

  2. Hi Zen

    This guy is like Ron Paul on steroids…with the youth of Gary Johnson.

    If this guy is even allowed to enter the political boxing ring, he will have an unimaginable amount of opponents in the opposing corner.

    Pulling out the ziOnists ticket will have even grassroots activists raising their eyebrows. We’ve had so-called grass roots people walk out of our eDucators of liBerty meetings at the mere mention of the ziOnisTs control of our gub’mint, not to mention the 9 11 connection.

    But who knows, when and if enough educated people have rallied together to enter the ring, we might be able to apply the emergency brake to the oblivion express.

    Positive vibrations to this young man!

    Thanks for posting and many fwd’s.


    • Yeah Randall…this really encouraged me just to see his courage and pure confidence…and most of all how the Shift really is hitting the fan…we’re only seeing the tip of the good iceberg that’s going on, but kuddos to this fine example of true, awake and unafraid humanity…keep his safety in your thoughts and prayers. He’s about to be vilified something fierce, the Zios are gonna sic their dogs on him…Z

  3. Why, oh why do news casters feel the need to have a big screen behind the guest? Enough with the over-stimulation, already. I want to listen to Mr. Miller – not be distracted by Bill Clinton’s huge head.

  4. Here’s all anyone has to do to get Merlin on the ballot as a Write-in
    go to the site I listed above, this was the address that I got in a return email.

    Robert DePasquale (in an email) said they are submitting applications for write-in status, people must be eligible voters, he will email a form in pdf to be snailed to their office and submitted to your sec of state elections. Depending on your state they may have already got enough names.
    I’d donate, but I already gave all my money to jesse benton, er I mean; nsa’s liberty movement tracking system, er I mean Ron Paul.

  5. Yep keep this guy safe he might end up saving your ass in America. Even are ass north of the border. Great jolt of reality. To bad nobody in the MSM business had the nuts to put this on the air.


  6. Shame that he sees the present reality more or less as it really is, yet has bought into this ‘American Dream/Founding Fathers/Little House on the Prairie’ fantasy history of the US. I’m also amazed that he can say what he says above, yet believe that his West Point classmate, current CIA Director, David Petraeus “is a good man”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFZXfBzIshs, @3mins. Oh, and he wants to keep America white. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p04oan71_d0&feature=related It’s so easy to just blame it all on the Jews and not see that psychopaths are born into ALL races.

    • You could moderate your generosity toward generalisations. Ex. Indian people migrate everywhere globally but they are not known to subvert governments and banks and infiltrate to hijack, foreign film industries. Surprise- There are NO Indian geographic explorers of any fame.
      Their political psychopaths are not much interested in foreign governments.They do the old traditional assassinations- keeping the violence at home. Indian migrants have a distinct philosophy of respectful coexistence wherever they go.

  7. Oh, dear….
    Who falls for this crap….
    “No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in”.
    “If voteing changed anything, they’d ban it”….
    Forget fiddleing and tweaking.
    Let’s just get shot of the buggers.

  8. Don’t loose the point!!! Here we have one man, speaking out, risking his life, going against a machine that kills people for sport…Balls the size of Montana. You, freakin’ bet I’ll stand behind him, we need 50-100-1,000 more to stand up and say we live in a world of lying sacks o’sh1t running the planet and how many of you think the same thing and will stand with me.
    Yea the system is corrupt, here’s my “protest vote”…
    If you think anything we said was racist, read up on the intentional fast-mix of diverse humans, with the ONLY agenda being to create hostilities….

  9. Bradley Manning needs a fair and fast trial…..write your representatives he needs to tell his side of his story.



    Our media is controlled and our air, our waters, our oceans, our earth, just about everything we eat, breath and see on tv or dont see on tv or read on the net is toxic or monitored and really, 2012 can be a beautiful place, one heart to help another… Evil vs. the Divine – Lightworkers time to change our dna to light and love and help those that need help…



    May God Bless America and what it was meant to stand for one nation under God….

  10. If history has anything to say,America needs to kick all the Jews out. They have been kicked out of every country province,region they ever settled in in any number…..throughout recorded history…We need our media back,our banking system,Hollywood,and throw all the rats in prison from the DHS ..

  11. I dont even doubt for one minute that the Zionists threatened Ron Paul’s life and his families…just like Ross Perot

  12. Here goes one who is not under the influence of the Zionists hallucinatory drug running for USA’s president (not expecting to win) dare speak the truth and hope to make a difference. Wake up people…

  13. He sounds good. It’s like the UK Independence party here in the UK, they get virtually no airtime and MSM works overtime to suppress their voice. But UKIP is growing rapidly and if this Miller chap is genuine then good luck.

    • Yes, a fool and his vote are soon parted

      Corporations and government overseeing the alleged voting and alleged counting of votes is like letting the wolves guard the sheep. Neither the government nor citizens are allowed to know how the electronic vote process works at the code level because it is a proprietary company product. The wizard is running the scam on us behind the curtain of legality.


      Until there are paper ballots with physical copies made available to everyone that votes. And until the handling of the votes and counting process is under 24 hour surveillance and oversight by the citizens we will never have any hope of changing this wholly corrupt system. It is all scripted show.

      Vote fixing would be a critical cog in the wheel of tyranny. Do we really need to look at who owns and controls the companies involved in this process? If you do you won’t be surprised at what you find.

      When enlightenment reaches the slaves the show will suddenly stop like musical chairs. Only the ones that will not get a chair at that point are the slaves. One more path that will lead to martial law being declared and illegal executive orders are all enacted.

      All of society is just layer upon layer upon layer of deception, criminality, corruption, manipulation, and greed in our dystopian reality.

      Whether the pyramid succeeds, collapses or turns upside down any hope of real freedom will be a tremendous struggle.

  14. If he is pointing at Israel as the sole perp, then he is making huge mistake. They may have participated, but look inside our own gov for the bad guys.

  15. Awakening to the false flags is the trigger to shake humanity out of it’s stupor, along side of that is the light shining on the manipulative religious dogmas and the poisons being fed to all humans.
    Yes, the current system is horribly corrupt, with few leaders. Strength in numbers, hundreds of truth sites, hundreds of truthtellers emerging–support them, before they are disappeared…

  16. Way too little, Way too late. The oblivion express is going at full throttle, and the stick is broken off. There ARE no brakes, and the tracks are greased with the blood of ignorance, guilt, ego, and utter stupidity that is both programmed into the majority of lemmings (who are soul-less) and also into the fools who won’t wake up to realize that house always wins here because you can only what’s going on in this itty bitty dimensional aspect of the world. It is ALL a great and evil fabrication, you lose by coming here, unless you are one of them. They even grind their own homemade lemmings without a care, just as long as they can get real soul-ed beings into the mix whose suffering DOES add energy worth the investment. Keep buying this “there’s still hope for this noble project” nonsense and then you are about to get completely written off the ticket by the Father who comes in Power and Glory, not as before, to help many who needed it,but now only a few need to be evacuated. The rest is dross to be transmuted. Get ready those of you physical men who only have egos for minds (even supposedly “enlightened” egos… Chogyam Trungpa)

    • Afshin Nejat….
      I agree.
      As I said in a post a while back….
      I’ve travelled widely and I don’t see this “awakening”.
      And what there is, is not enough, is too late and is in the wrong places.
      I’ve watched this shit since the ’70’s, when I was old enough to see what was going on.
      One does what one can, but….
      It’s out, “one-by-one”.
      Humour, beauty and working on oneself….
      We’ll meet on the other side.

    • Afshin, nice comment and I agree.

      I think anyone buying into this guy (or Gary Johnson, or Ron Paul, or any of the other crap paraded out by the very same entities and system in control now) being in any way able to change anything, is in absolute and frankly disgusting denial. Basically everyone, especially those coming to sites like this, should know better than to fall for the same tricks over and over. This site is too often long on dross, platitudes, and starry-eyed new-age “love”, and too short on practical reality.

    • Sorry, Ed. Kerosene can’t melt steel, never mind 110 floors of it! So even if they weren’t wrapped makes no difference. Those buildings were reinforced 3 times regulation to be sure since they towered over the city. They were demolished. No steel building had ever collapsed by fire before…or after, 9/11. On that day 3 buildings did…and one wasn’t even hit by a plane..and all it had a could of small office fires. Please do your homework.
      Go to ae911truth.org for some real science.

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