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Very Aware Spiritual Rant!

Rant on, Peakster! Excellent delineation between taking responsible action or being seduced by the numbing effects of debilitating and isolating belief systems and over-spiritualization. It's a very real world around us we can't hide from by trying to explain it away. Some straight loving insights here to chew on. Sharing empowering information as much as possible is one such course of protest and activism. There are many more. Gaining conscious awareness should be anything but debilitating but instead spur to massive change and action. But beware the many pitfalls so well outlined here by Dr. Crackers. What will we tell our grandkids we were doing when they wake up in a totalitarian, militarist dictatorship they were building all our lives? In the words of Martin Niemöller, a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps: First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me. -Zen



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  1. If no one paid taxes there would be no taxes. if no one went to their shitty jobs there would be no shitty jobs. if no one picked up a gun there would be no guns. if no one bought crap widgets there would be no widgets. if no one became a cop there would be no cops. if no one paid their bills there would be no bills….. if no one paid attention to the TV there would be no TV…. if no one listened to TPTB there would be no powers that be…. we need total focused personal responsibility…. to grow on a mass scale… MASS civil disobedience which does not mean violence it means to WALK away from the illusions

    • Absolutely SPOT ON Tommy. That is the ONLY solution – Billions of good people to walk away from EVERYTHING. All of it, the entire matrix that enslaves humanity with its invisible prison bars – It’s ALL an ILLUSION.

      As The Lord Humongous said, “Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror”.

    • It’s true, and it always has to begin with one. And the one is YOU. I will join you on your stroll, away from all this madness. Let’s hope we can avoid another sort of madness.

  2. Wondering why the duality…that is, must it be an either/or.? How about both? Perhaps it is necessary for some to experience immersion in one aspect of that duality before moving to the other & eventually an integration. Just putting it out there…I depend on this wonderful site and enlightened beings for my sanity and courage. Heartfelt thanks and love to all.

      • Zen…in case you didn’t know…the photo you chose(for this article), was taken from the 1971 movie “THX-1138″…far ahead of it’s time & a personal milestone of Geo.Lucas….Spooky accuracy, to say the least.

    • freespirit ,, If you look at the Russian revolution You will understand very fast thee was only 2 choices for 30 million humans Killed . Thats just in Ukraine and Russia what about the Pols and Hungry ect … Not sure where you getting a duality in the Video .. its a clear as i can be .. unless I a ma not understanding your question
      Thanks for you comment !

      • Sorry Peek & all – that was hastily written and ambiguous response – shall try to be more clear & articulate…. I think we all agree that we are in uncharted territory here. Things are changing at an unprecedented rate – the speed that new information is streaming in makes ones head spin, yes? It is my understanding that we are experiencing a profound change on the spiritual level as well as the more obvious. For me, it is clear that this involves/requires an out with the old, in with the new deep-cleaning – hence the chaos, destruction and resistance from the old that doesn’t have any desire to leave. It is the responsibility of each of us to clean and de-clutter our ‘house’ in preparation for the upgrade/renovation. First, one has to take proper inventory of all of one’s stuff in order to do this properly. That takes some deep introspection. No one else knows where we keep our secret stashes of snickers – which most need to go, eh? Some of us have been saving everything while others give regularly to Goodwill. Therefore, this is a task one must do inwardly and alone. It’s been time & energy consuming for me & I’m still finding those hidden stashes…
        Once we’ve cleared the clutter in our own house perhaps we can support those with bigger houses. Can’t do it for them, wouldn’t want to, not our job, frankly, imho, their stuff is none of our business.
        Once our house is in order, or during the de-cluttering process, we do something much more fun and more overtly active. That is, exercise our love muscles in preparation for the upgrade. Love is the most powerful force on the planet and probably universe. Use it – extravagantly, lavishly, copiously, all balls/ovaries out freely. Practice on everyone you encounter, even/especially the least deserving. Shower your kids, pets, plants, co-workers, patients, target employees with acts of love & kindness. Use the NATO (not attached to outcome) for most effectiveness. We can also co-opt some of ‘their’ technology. Send out your loves drones and shower the people of Gaza and Syria with love. Let it rain down freely and cover the land with a blanket of love and unity. Get your stealth bombers out and carry out your love missions so no one sees you coming or going – they just feel the love left by your being. If skeptical just try this for a week – at the very least your blood pressure may improve. The love campaign that is, the de-cluttering takes awhile – at least, in my case…
        Our bodies are approximately 65-75% – consider the implications: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oq0E5DBuzOE . How cool is that?
        Actually, Tommy said this all very well in the first posting but, oh well…Hope this isn’t too ‘new age’ y (whatever that means)…Better duck – incoming love bombs

      • Pols and Hungry. Yes. Maybe you should turn your spel chek back on. Just a suggestion. How do you expect to be taken seriously when you don’t even take language seriously. Think about it.

        • Maybe you should understand that your ” English language” was a forced on to people and use to confuse them,. Maybe you should lose your ego and place a topic that has to do with the subject .. You obviously understood what I was talking about .

  3. Yes Peek Spirituality is and never was about sitting and contemplating ones navel. Real, true spirituality is about action it’s a doing thing taking personal responsibility for our actions. The sooner people stop being mesmerised by this the better. You can be totally in this world but absolutely not of it But still be engaged its all about people . Love kitty xxxxxx

    • True that Kitty .. The one thing that dives me nuts is the false claims that miss lead people. There is a undertone in lots of blog and Alternative so called news post that have this its all going to be ok ..don’t worry and dont fear .. well wake up call There a 2 emotions Love and Fear use them both the right way with a realistic awareness of the truth. Lost spend time preaching and trying to learn Issues that would help you read the game play .This is why on the Brand X post I was telling you keep your eyes on teh ball and the ball in the Money . That is way on the Russell Brand Brand X post I posed how people in you country just were robed in broad daylight and have you seen one stitch of news on it ? How many seniors and kids now suffer because they now are forced into dealing with the state for Life or hard struggle on their own . Thanks Kitty .. Hi to Mr Dog

      • Hi peek trying to get another comment to you. Have tried so many times think I may have pee’d some one off !! just testing to see if you get this but will keep trying !!! Kitty x

  4. Zen could you pls email me, So I can send you my comment via that route? I know you are not censoring me. But I think the PTB are not liking what I just said. Cause it disappeared three times. This video by Mr. Peeks resonated with me profoundly. I always love it when Peeks is featured here. :)

    @ Tommy, great comment. Spot on. There would be no more wars either if people failed to show up. The entire system is made by and in the service of only the psychopaths. When people walk away from the illusions. That corrupt system is extinct. And the PTB have no more useful tools.

  5. From Kassandra: Thank you Mr. Peaks. I always appreciate your videos. Thank you for this very important message.
    The PTB do want people in bubbles, or so passive they never take a stand for themselves or for others.
    I can’t help but think of the incident on a bridge, where a woman was being violently raped and assaulted. And all of the MANY witnesses did absolutely NOTHING. To escape her attacker she threw herself over the bridge, plunging to her death by drowning. It sickens me that not one person lifted a finger to intervene. How can any one of those witnesses sleep at night or consider themselves moral human beings when they failed to help this woman? Personally, I could not live with myself unless I acted to help her.

    I know what I would do. Because I did save a woman from being raped twice, on my street, in the neighborhood where I grew up. he was on top of her both times. Trying to force her legs open with his legs and pinning her arms to the ground. Both times i came up behind this creep and kicked him as hard as I could where it really counts. :) Which immediately stopped the rape. And I pushed him aside, and helped her up, taking her away to safety. And then later this same creep tried to rape me when one of my ankles was so severely sprained I could not put weight on that foot at all. He attempted to rape me in my own front yard. But I fought back. Cause no one else was there to help me. And I bloodied his nose, which stopped the rape. And he had the gall to whine about it. ( The police in that neighborhood do not protect people. And should you try to call for help. They might get to you, in two or more hours after the fact. To take a report and then do nothing.)

    Clearly there are times to be peaceful, and times to be “all out of bubblegum.” Clearly we need to reflect that even Jesus (pbuh) knew inaction was not always the course to take. How have people forgotten what transpired with the incarnation of the usury money worshipping psychopaths of his era? The Red shield cabal/Goldman Sachs of that age. How can anyone think we are to remain silent? Under the onslaught of such extreme tyranny? How can we consider ourselves moral if we do not speak up for each other. How can we call ourselves “good” or “spiritual”, if we do nothing to oppose evil?

    Tragically the PTB do infiltrate all religions to some degree. So we must be ever vigilant. We must strive to discern. And do not let them divide to conquer us either. Our future depends upon that. We are all in this together. We all must watch one anothers backs!

    How would the story of Thunderheart have ended if the tribe did not defend one another at the stronghold?
    Now think of that on a larger scale. And did they use violence? No it was not necessary. No more than porcupines go rogue through the forest attacking woodland creatures. :) This really isn’t so hard to understand.

    I hope people find this link useful. It talks about the tyranny of those who think we can only have happy thoughts 24/7/365, and no negativity. ( Isn’t that hedonism? Rather than being spiritual?) Besides the edict to live in a perpetual bubble. IMO- these ideas are very much result of social engineering. By foxes who have infiltrated the proverbial religious henhouses. Caveat Emptor!


    Much Love Back at you Mr. Peeks! And thanks again Zen!

  6. Dear Mr. Crackers,

    Maybe you can help me with a long-held question. I listen to the rants… wake up sheeple… wake up… do something!! I pay attention to everything I can tune into, so that I will know the pulse. It’s horriffic, it’s depressing, it’s overwhelming, it’s killing the children, it’s killing us! Okay, we understand that. We’re awake. Now the question: wake up and do what? talk? I talk one-on-one to people. Do what else?? store food? eat non-gmo? get rid of stuff? buy everything at goodwill so as not to support the beast? drive an old car? I do all that too. Can’t get me to march, there’s nothing for me to whistleblow about, so there we go.

    What else… wake up and do what? We’re doing the best that we can by aligning to the vastness of the human spirit, trying to calm ourselves and step aside from the fear tsunami, trying to find a way to affect people from the inside out, and find the way to some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Maybe there are some shallow spiritual people, maybe there are quite a few, but the ones I know are powerful from the inside out, making changes in small ways with the way they interact and the way they teach.

    Lots of people like me haven’t dropped out of awareness – we can see. We’re in this fight and our eyes scan the horizon for the escape hatch… comeon folks – go this way.

    So maybe that’s you too – aware and scanning the horizon. Thanks for the video. I’ve been wanting to ask… wake up and do what… for a long time.

      • Sorry Zen I don’t see one thing of soul or beautiful in another Human saying now what ?? wow Ida I really hope you can look at your children and say .. well i was talking and i was out not buying gmo food bla bla bla.. ,,are you kidding me.THis is the problem right here is this bullshit softer side of evil resistance..

    • Ida I will answer this in 2 parts so I am clear as I can be and i will speak for my self No all . Your question ….
      ( “Maybe you can help me with a long-held question. I listen to the rants… wake up sheeple… wake up… do something!! I pay attention to everything I can tune into, so that I will know the pulse. It’s horriffic, it’s depressing, it’s overwhelming, it’s killing the children, it’s killing us! Okay, we understand that. We’re awake. Now the question: wake up and do what? talk? I talk one-on-one to people. Do what else?? store food? eat non-gmo? get rid of stuff?”)
      The answer is simple for me Don’t stop as long as there is a evil a Good must be there to hold some line and fight back , The more people that say” Now what” well then you are looking for a quick finish to a Problem that has been around for 1000 and 1000 of years ,I feel and I speak for my self there is NONE NO Nada! wasted time in stopping as much as i can in my physical body and my mental strength to help and fighting for my fellow humans .I eat and breath it . Its not a game or a job nor do ask anything in return Its IS what IS RIGHT ! and that what matters, They don’t sleep Ida They dont care IDA They wont stop Ida .. so why should I .. ME and any other HUMan that sick of it and IDA I STAND LOUD AND PROUD to any other human that has the true strength to make change happen for the betterment of all of us .

      • part 2 answer to Ida
        What else… wake up and do what? We’re doing the best that we can by aligning to the vastness of the human spirit, trying to calm ourselves and step aside from the fear tsunami, trying to find a way to affect people from the inside out, and find the way to some light at the end of the tunnel.

        Maybe there are some shallow spiritual people, maybe there are quite a few, but the ones I know are powerful from the inside out, making changes in small ways with the way they interact and the way they teach.
        Thats works till there a gun in your face ,.,, wont be helping shit sorry its truth ,.As much as I love Gandhi wisdom and philosophical ways in the end 2 country’s were carved out and more killing and enslavement .. So You wake UP and you try and do what you Moral duty as a human to stop this as much as you can .. Looks its not fucking flowers in a tea cup all ..you can pretend for the time being But you can see whats coming at us .If you make a physical stance then use your mental strength and hale others that have physical strength to get involved .The point is YOU Never stop till they are gone forever ..and if you choice is to not care TBB will have their way with you .

        • Ps Ida I am sick of this light seeing carp that light is a fucking train at the end of tunnel.. do what you want I am not living on my Knees I will die fight for others,

          • and sorry Ida ( Crap ) is what i meant to say .and I hit send on accident.Ida this light seekers shit is not the time You want to seek light then get rid of the darkness and its not going to happen over night .. i have a real problem with boomer that have work up and now run around in this I want help phase. as they fell hook line and sinker over and over aging on brainwashing and self greed ,, Now they want to share all there worldly know how because they understand the shit is getting real and the western culture of cheep everything is going out the window.People tell me they wake up all the Time and still don’t understand the monetary policy global Geo politics and religious eschatology.. They say they under stand astrology and eastern philosophy with spiritual enlightenment and healing .. LOL ya you woke all right .. into another dream I can give 16 country’s right now, none of those things matter why .. because children are staved and Murdered.. tell that to a mother .. like fuck !>
            Sorry I DA .. I love ya i really do why cause i know there is good in your heart and you are brave Make your stance . XO

          • Peak, I know that you love us and fight for us, and how could I do anything but thank you and salute you. Thank you for seeing the good, and the bravery. I soldier with my brothers and sisters, the spiritual warriors. These are the ones I know best… not a single one is weak or escapist, and so I rose to point toward us as a power source… not flower children chanting in the face of a gun, but conscious and perceptive enough to be in the world, and changing the world. PS – I’ve never called myself a light seeker and I’ll be careful about using that ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ phrase in front of you again :-) have to find a new one.

          • Ida why is there no comment Box on your blog site ? em I missing something or not seeing it ?

    • Only my opinion, Ida, and I’m nowhere near as important as Mr. Crackers, but not playing their rigged game IS the answer. First, every dollar you keep out of their “economy” is one they can’t kill people with. Every piece of GMO poison you refuse to eat is one more inducement for farmers to quit growing it. Etc. Second, meditating and not being afraid and violent robs them of the energy they need to survive (fear is blind and stupid), as well as denies them any excuse for cracking down harder. Third, consciousness is the key–not in some marharishi way but in a real life way. People see you. They hear you. Maybe it’s one or two, maybe thousands, but at some point, something may ring the right bell for them (just like it did for all of us at one point) and they’ll look around and say, hey wait an minute, I think IDA said something like that once. And your pre-confirmation, before that first inkling of realization, will give them the courage to stay conscious and not shut their eyes again.

      If a tank rolls down your street, you might get to be the next “tank man.” If you’re a great orator, maybe you’ll get to be the next MLK. Or maybe if you’re an internet commenter, then you’re one of a line of people who a newbie looks at and says, wow, those people don’t SEEM too crazy. Maybe I should listen. Keep doing what you’re doing, until you’re moved to do something else.

      • oldwoman I just a regular jackass of a Human and I really em tired of people writing of Fear .. Its a natural .. if tanks roll down your streets your be next to say tank man ??? bullshit .. If tanks roll down your street old woman you will shit your self and I Dare you to say that to any one living in middle east right now .. DARE you .You think as peoples live are being invaded your going to wave , your watching to much CNN with wolf Blizer .. Good wave while they spay you with piss water like in Palestine along with making you work and teh next 5 generations after they have wipe out all traced of your understanding.. well come to America again . The 1st nations people wil tell you on how well that kinda of talk worked out in the end . . Ok Alta/.. :-)

        • You know so called ” old woman ” I did a re read of your comment with my morning coffee . and this is not the 1st you have taken a cheep shot at Zen Gardener along with a weak and spineless comment but with your much bravery as you boast about because GOD only know you would wave at tanks .. quit changing nics and hiding .. Its lame and very trollish

      • Absolutely, oldwoman!

        A few months ago, my very lovely 21-year-old neighbour was amazed to hear that I don’t do Facebook, and she asked me why. Here was an opportunity to reach the generation below me. I could have said that my life just isn’t that interesting, and neither is anyone else’s. But I simply said: “Because it is a surveillance tool,” and she laughed. That was around four months ago, and now she hardly uses it. Those six words, spoken calmly but firmly were all that were needed.

          • indigoviole , where is your blog btw I looked for and I cant seam to find it or web site I know you have mention soothing in the past .. I cant wait to read it .

          • “Typical Tupperware party cheap comment indigoviole ,, It what you do best !”

            WTF are you talking about?! What is your problem with me? Who do you think you are?

          • who do i think i am ?? I am the the ass hole as i am sure you are mumbling under your breath!
            With that being said.. my problem is you make t cheep drive by comments not sure what you dint see the 1st time i said it .. and wait there’s more ! .. I all thinking that you lurking in the back ground .. Just because you acted now in this limited time offer , i will throw in a free insult ! thats right FREE! as you grasp for low hanging fruit in topics and feeling around like a young retarded child for a scene of bonding with your fellow blogger friends I will be all over you like a Pit bull on a poodle like i told you before when you took the cheep shoots with your crazy Dike friend sister tongue the lapping lizard of the west.

        • I agree Indigo – It seems the wind has changed here recently…it’s too bad. I’ve been coming for some time for new ideas and insights. Almost feels like I’m back in high school…
          I just have one (or two) question for “Mr PC” why give you the right to dictate other people’s choices – in fact, why do you think anyone else’s choices or decisions is even any of your business. Seems to me you have plenty of clutter in your little abode – I suggest putting down the clubs and getting at that for awhile…This site is getting disturbing…Peace out all ; )

          • Like i said I bring out the best in people ! .. The wind all ways changes ,, some of sore in it , other fight against it ..so blow me.. dictate naaaa… frustrate 100% ! frustration = head and heart not matching up , good tiem to ask tour self so called “freespirit” how free are you from your self If a jerk like me can wreck your day … Get real and feel .

    • Ida, I think you do what you do best. Zen does his thing. Peek does his. I am stepping in to mine. We all have this thing that we do. If we all approached the same way, then I don’t think it would work. Keep doing what you are doing. Together, we fight on a larger scale. And I think we will get trapped if we don’t keep asking what’s next. They change, we have to change our next battle. Pull from the system and do what you do. In my opinion. Much love, Ida!

      • Thats a safe call Little Momma .. its all ways eh path of least resistance , we have been trained so well to be good little lap dogs ! NOT me ! I take that are not paved over and cleared by clean safe topics ,,and soo careful not hurt such coddled emotional feelings .,. what a crock .. L M .. I will tell you like I tell every one Truth has no friends and it dose not care . So it not about doing what I DO.. there is no gain in this but having topics and bull shit called out so others dont get mis lead. ..I am not here to win any congeniality NOR do I have anything to lose .,..I love Zens Place because i feel its fair and I dont read agenda on Him I do love that he all ways wants kindness and peace I represent that more then most know . BUT I Zen dint post my Videos .. it would be just more time for me to HUNT down these bullshitters and mis direction threw crap information . The real people out speak there minds and back it with facts and prof ..not fables and could be would be story’s.. you want to write on that Great .. but lets call it what it is so other dont get confused . This is not a hobby as some make to pass there time . it is a Problems in the world that we need to Face . Hack job egotistic ” blog group’s like old woman and William indigoviolet ” i keep my tabs on them They only really come out when they can throw in a cheep comment or one of there Blogger friends get posted on ZG .. you never see them take a stong stance when Z G was under fire on that OPP 1776 post ,, they were hiding in the blog field jerking each others egos off .. so see threw.
        ZeN takes a Hard stance on issues but he dose it off Fact and Prof if he post a ” story ” hes clear its a Story and hes man enough to take flack that’s why I am here and I give the guy props for being stand up so I call him my freind because I fell he has the mud in life to not doge scary harsh topics. Be fearful of fence sitting LM its only time before you lose balance

        • wow Peek..yr heart’s flipping huge..in just the perfect device…reminds me when Patton told the self righteous reporters, “Yes, I read the bible, every goddamn day…” Fuck mediocrity, in anything.

        • What?!! OMG!!

          I have NEVER had another name on here other than indigoviolet. And I would NEVER do something so pathetic and cowardly and underhanded and downright petty – all attitudes which I deplore. I would never even THINK of doing such a thing. How fucking insulting!! We all have different views and ways of thinking at times, but it’s your way or the highway. Get off my back and wind your neck in. Actually, do what you like – I’m outta here. I can’t breathe anymore with your insufferable ego.

          • Thumbs his nose ! effing awesome.. that’s it go blow a emotional shit tube ..call a
            waa-a-mbulance while your at it tell Sister Tongue I making the he man woman’s haters club sign ( peek wiggles his fingers under his chin ) and ask her if she like the shocker hang sign i sent her ! Take a breath Violet when you done and you have the nipples to come back we can talk over pretend coffees ok.. and clear all up .

          • Indigoviolet …”Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope.” I’m pushing back my Princess Leia buns to tell you this. From one warrior woman to the next,,check out Boudica also known as Boadicea, the celtic warrior woman, She was not a lightseeker..she was very spiritual, family orientened and Strong! What a woman! Less talk…more walk! As woman let’s start asking our neighbors..”What are you doing bout this?”..huh? as women and protectors of the home, we have every reason to demand this! XOXOXO Beautiful name indigoviolet now show us some strength!

        • And if I loose my balance while I pull someone over… so be it. We all DO more than what this blog represents. I appreciate the warning, Peek. I understand your position. As well as I could. Perhaps I shall get off my fence. However my stance is the same. We all have what it is that we do. We all are a piece of it all. We all do more than this place here, I expect. Maybe one day I will get off my fence. Perhaps I shall pull more over the fence first, if I can. That is what I do. Relate to those on the other side to help them climb over. I can’t imagine if we all had the same approach that it would work out to our benefit. No, it is not your approach. We are all needed in the fight. Thank you again for your warning. Much love!

          • There is no warring in that statement I have walk that road your going down . I am talking out of hind sight and its 20/20 . Dont read into it to deep…. it is what it is
            .But as you made you statement so boldly about ( Ida, I think you do what you do best. Zen does his thing. Peek does his.) there no being a Ref in a game here I will call bull shit as I see it…
            I don’t have thing and I don’t like any one telling me what I can do
            maybe that is the part your not understanding .I know you meant it jester , but for future reference if its not a comment you want to catch shrapnel on best just leaving the ref call s To Zenster .His house his rules I just play rough in it .
            Thanks L M

        • Oh, and Peek… sorry I could not add this earlier as I got pulled away by my children. No, I don’t get into hot debates with anyone here. That is not why I come here. No, I don’t take hard stances on anything HERE. That is not why I come here. I come here for some peace. Hence Zen is what I was searching for when I stumbled in the garden.
          I am not full of hard facts and know all the truth there is to know. I know enough. I cannot recite it to you and I think for most here, it would not be needed. I have not spent as much of my life as you have drilling down. I have two young children that I mother and teach so that they don’t sleepwalk through life like I did. So, there is ONE hard stance that I take. You have taught me something and I appreciate a good lesson. I wish you all the best in your rants to come, Peek. Take Care, Peek!

    • There are things we can do on a personal level, which radiate outwards. There are things we can do on a community level, and on a global level. None excludes the other, and they are all interlinked. We need to get our house in order first and foremost. It sounds to me, Ida, that you are doing all these things.

      What is going on in Brazil is what is ultimately needed. When your back is against the wall you have an almighty store of power and can charge forward in fearlessness, or you can use any fear as a galvanising force. No point in discharging your power by ranting and raving along the way. No offence to anyone who rants – it’s just not my way.

      My heart almost burst yesterday when I read that some of the Brazilian police swapped sides with the demonstrators (and the crowd cheered them), allegedly because they agreed with the protestors that it is criminal to spend billions hosting the World Cup for instance (ball, kick, net, yawn) when the country is on its knees. And this on the back of hearing that some of the Turkish police resigned on the spot because they refused to pepper-spray people! And I read today that the Brazilian govt is listening to the people (it HAS to; it knows this won’t go away) and is offering solutions. It had better deliver!

    • Maybe it could be most of it is for the purpose of witnessing to testify and to preserve this most important awareness to hold the memory of beauty and honor alive until beauty and correctness will overcome the horror. “Doing Something” is whatever you testify to. On your life if you must, identify the enemy without and within. The pivotal MEMORY of the pain of horror and absurdity must also be preserved and used to sharpen the blade of virtue, so that it may never use its trickery upon our spirit of love for now and ever. Yes?

  7. Good rant, Mr. Crackers. Maharishi was a clown (BTW, I swear that was Data sitting next to him. LOL). Action must be there, yes, but without proper insight, one’s actions are generated from the ego, which is based on fear, conflict and separation. That’s what got us in this mess in the first place. All we can really do is try to awaken as many as possible. I have a blog with a few thousand readers, and I post on fb. I try to awaken whoever is open to listen. I sign all important petitions. I don’t comply with the PTB. Fuck them. But short of a revolution in the streets, how else are we going to turn the tide? Other than doing what I’m doing, I don’t know what else there is to do. Face it, most people would rather stay asleep while they are being led to slaughter. And be informed, so the PTB don’t have you wasting your time on BS topics like global warming scams, the political stage show, etc.

    • right on Greg , Many Russian woman said they would have rather been waiting in the basements with pitch forks Vs what happen on taking a a peaceful stance in the revolution.. It is what it is . each of must make our choice and live it . When we leave this chunk of dirt was it a ride in amusement park ? Or am I leaving more Problems behind for my out my own greedy selfish ways .. Love ya Greg rock on man

  8. Ah, Peek. That is what I have been waiting on since you said you were making this vid. I have been spending time with some New Agers. I am amazed at how some of them feel their mass meditations are as far as they need to go. I am all about a mass meditation towards a common purpose, but how in the hell can that be enough? As far as I am concerned, these a..holes are killing my children. Nobody messes with my children, Peek!!!
    I feel as though we are all warriors. None of us that are awakened souls would be here if we were not warriors. By warrior, I do not mean someone that holds a gun and is ready for violence (although,if needed…). A warrior is anyone that uses their abilities to fight against the “evil”. Our abilities are all different in varying degrees. We are meant to pull our abilities together, to become one mighty warrior that is stronger than the PTB, and to find that by overcoming their best weapon (fear) we can win this. When you look at all their tactics from a place of no fear, when you can look at it from an advantage point that is higher than theirs… that is when you realize that we are winning. It took me awhile to realize that. Yes, it is a battleground with different fronts. One is within each of us. This allows us to get to that place of calm. Then we examine them and their tactics. This is when we are truly ready for battle for we know how to defend and we are learning the offensive moves as well.
    Oh, Peek! There is that passion of yours! You have a fire that is your weapon. I am blessed to have come across your rants… I do enjoy them. Thank you for the motivation… I will keep marching… not in an army, but with the band of warriors that fight for all the right reasons. Much love, Peek!

      • Hi Kitty ,, Thanks Keep in Mid New age movement was a C I A M I6 6 and travis stock institute creation .

        I meant Little Momma .. in this comment .. sorry

        • Doesn’t offend me. Kitty being confused with a fence sitter on the other hand. The last time you confused us, seems like it caused confusion on the UK bank situation. I hope the radio show went well tonight. Much love, Peek!

  9. I’m right on the front line with you Little Momma! Agreed this was so full of the passion that I’ve seen in you since the first comment of mine when you responded “I don’t want to piss in your cornflakes but I don’t see anything inspiring about children picking through trash”, remember? And I referred you to this “Stand By Me” from around the world. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2539741
    I fell into the 9-5 matrix for most of my adult life but since awakening to this incredible evil I haven’t stopped doing all I can to enlighten people. Yesterday I was on the phone with a computer tech from India and gave her geoengineeringwatch.org website. She knew about chemtrails, said she’d look it up and pass it on. I’ve purchased the business cards from that website and pass them out. I just know that most people where I live are stuck on consuming, watching TV and sleepwalking through life. But I’ll keep on keeping on.
    Loved the Mariachis singing Sweet Caroline (she holds up her cup of espresso and says cheers) XO

    • 222 as you can see I piss on and piss off a lot of things and people .. Banks , corn flakes , Lotus flowers , Gov buildings .. and BULLSHIT LIGHT SEEKERS so ya ..I make no bones on my stance and I don’t seek safety in my comments nor do I in real life . I don’t sit on a fence waiting to be on any winning side or mis leading info due lack of understanding along with egotistical preaching to pad my pocket book VIA wed site , book , blog .. no of it . I just DO .
      Now ,,sit and lets have our pressed and strained coffee grains My little 222 of the amphibious ones.

  10. Here is a thought….

    To lump all Lighty into the same boat is where this is incorrect. The difference is that there are Warriors and Workers.
    Peeks… your video is to the Workers not the Warriors!

    And… we are doing what we can as quickly as we can. I have been putting up with the lighty’s telling me what to post for years now. Why did you know that I was given shit for putting up Zen stuff on my own site? Screw em’!
    The light workers need to understand that there will be blood shed. And their work will be to hold down the fort until the Warriors come back from the battle. And it is a battle. The damned Satanist think they got it in the bag but… nope!

    So Sir Peaks… you keep giving em hell and so will I.
    Hat off to you Sir Peaks… you are a Warrior!

    The lighty’s need to get that this is a war!!!! And it ain’t gonna be pretty full of love and doves and glittery prose. It is gonna be bloody and gritty and beyond most peoples ability to understand. So get out of the way Light Workers… Go about your biz and let the Warriors do their thing!

    • Thanks Ms Skyz Your a strong voice out there and I know unlike so many other I see take safety in there comments or jump on a ” Your my favored blogger ” support comment Like a few up top ( (cough) indigo old woman .. Looking for cheep shoots where they can toss on in . I am glad you take a hard line stance and not walking on egg shell s with the Malarkey of these so called ” workers of light ” LOL XO keep on Ms Skyx at least you get it

    • Purpleskyz, reading your last paragraph, instantly brought a SNOG song playing in my mind. The song, “The End (Suite) from the “Buy me… I’ll Change Your Life” Compilation. You are spot on, it’s definitely, not doves, glitter, glamour etc,.

      Great comment Purples, the war on us began a long time ago. The “Law of Attraction” wishful thinking, or navel gazing is no solution to end it. Neither is denial of what is unfolding, or trying to gild it with glitter. We live in crucial times.

      • Kassandra you would like her ..shes a No guff shoot from the hip Kinda gal .. I talk with quiet a bit . I bumped into Ms skyz as I call her because she had all my videos saved and some over sensitive blogger on her site was preaching the way of Zen LOL was in HORRIFIC shock of my colorful words ! .. God I love people .. But she stuck up for me and called it truth Loved since.. so now she just throws me a chew toy and a good belly pat ,,Like my plat Chaut dose and I am happy ./( pants )

  11. As a spiritual truth seeker I agree Mr. Peaks…More fist pumping in the air needed! Better choices made in your life even if the path just gets rockier. More and more people are becoming aware than ever before…now is not the time to accept and meditate on how to peacefully endure the chains that bind. We need to say out loud to our neighbors WTF? We need a neighbor watch team that stays focused on BIG brother. What will I say to my daughter one day? I will tell her I learned to live in sustainable way so she would not do without..that I questioned what was happening to the family unit and our governments role in it. That I refused to let her sit in a public school with constant police raids and “code red” drills designed to train our kids in fear of authority. I really don’t think she will be that impressed with my meditation skills :)..but learning to pull away from the system has made dramatic and positive changes for both her and I compared to the generation I was raised in. xoxoxo Great Video…one of your best. Inspiring!

    • Thanks you Ms marry . I Love you walk the walk and I know that you do so many can learn off you If they would get there heads out of there light seeking asses and sniff the air VS trying to scam people or make money of there BOOKS , BLOGs and then turn around and say there are for the betterment of there humans and they want to share it .XO ..You hit on the nail with your children ” code red ” .. I only hope more can take a page out of your lifestyle and strength for life that goes past your own .

  12. We need a new action plan. Gandhi was foolish in his nonviolent revolution. The people were boiling mad, and Gandhi had them bite their tongue and get beat up. Talk about unprocessed anger. In the end, when the British left, the people’s anger spilt out big time, and they murdered each other, millions died. Stupid.
    Neither can we fight the PTB head on. Their technology and arms are too much. I know the ruthlessness of the bastards. Back in ’94 I was hired by the Prince of Wales as sacred geometry consultant. I had no idea I was in the middle of the hornet’s nest. They were very angry at me because they said I wrote about the secret teachings of Plato, and no one was supposed to know this. 2 weeks later I was dying in the hospital, poisoned. So yeah, I’m on their black list. I know how evil they are.
    So we need a new action plan. Noncompliance seems to be the best thing, but it takes more people to wake up and non-comply. So we need to wake up the masses. But perhaps there is yet another action plan that has not yet been revealed. Any ideas?

    • Feeling big time Greg .,!
      I was just talking to chaut about 4 generations of men raised by women.. ( shrugs )
      2 things we could do
      One block the the buildings and dont let them into work and tell them their fired and stay there peacefully , Hopefully military vets like you would be involved no new service men want to go after vets along with Local and state law enforcement
      second is stop spending .. There are lots of farmers that would love Money .. keep it to the most basic needs for about 8 weeks .. Thats is only 2 moths .. Like i said i don’t have all the answers , just know this crock of new age shit has to be brought into the open .

    • Hey theres My Canadian beaver eating Pal ! Missed ya around here Alex . Dont make run in slow motion at you with a wet willy hot and ready ! .. !

  13. Ditto, boy have I encountered this in the last 3 years. So many I tried to awaken and speak to just gave me this BS line of how they were going to all meditate this away and about a great awakening in dec 2012 blah blah blah and how all would be wonderful. Well here we are and everything on all fronts has become exponentially worse and continues to spiral down, I wonder how that is working for them and what they are talking themselves into now. much of this is fear and an inability to face the truth—I pick up on this in so many. 2 people I remember in particular said they did not want these bad vibes in their life etc. sound familiar?
    Turning things around is up to us, our being aware and educating ourselves. boy how “they” must laugh at us. thanks for all your vids. love them.

    • Great Point Betty ! “educating ourselves.” not waiting to blow off on some light beam or spirit from the past or future, space ,, whatever and its not time to sit back and wait in some inter bubble of I am free ..LOL people keep fooling them selves till its to late.
      Glad to read your comment Betty you have a real understanding

    • sixdegreesofbadboy .. Thank Zen ,, Not Manny would touch this one in fear of losing there s light seeking spirit talking wallet grabbing , purse snatching clients …. Should show Zens not a sell out

  14. I feel ya bro. The phrase “spiritual masturbation” comes to mind. This is what they’ve reduced spirituality to. They’ve made us believe that it is a “personal” experience. As an example, it’s all I can do not to bitch-slap myself for ever buying into the “personal lord and savior” myth of my former mind trap.

    Personal spiritual enlightenment is not the goal; at best, it is a tool for making a warrior. If I claim enlightenment while another human is persecuted, mislead or enslaved, I have deceived myself. And where there is deception, there can be no real love.

    • Right on Scoot ! I have a bunch of radio shows that are lined up this next week and will be talking about this topic , It seams like there a lot of people that fee like you and I do and are tired of this mis leading bull crap and they do hiding behind ( love ) or ( no fear ) both are true emotions and both should be understood not used as scapegoat to doge a conflict that will come after them no matter what. ((( Man hug )) Bromance I love your way of thinking

        • sure .. There is another one out of AU next week .. I will get the name of the station and times its on .. and One more in Canada that you can pick up online .. Canadian truth talk . I think that what its called .. and one other but its sound kinda like very religious show I ask the guy a few times .. ” you sure you want me on the show?” so I will get all the dates and times scoot .. see if Zenster will help get them out there .. or email them /.. Just ave to watch my choice words

    • Right on Scooter…you said it so clearly. How can one claim enlightenment while watching others suffer? Where there is deception, there can be no real love. Good stuff!

    • Well said Scoot! SPOT ON! :)

      The New Age Religion was created to lead people into false dead ends. This is the one religion that did not need to be infiltrated. ( Oh and Scientology too) It was manufactured by the PTB, from day one. As Mr. Peaks so clearly stated further up in this thread. He is spot on.

      I lost a good friend to this cult. She has fallen for all the sophistry, and insists no one talk about anything outside of her tyrannical feel good at every moment, new age hedonism. And deny reality that does not fit in with all her fairy farkle edicts. She calls people who speak of negative realities, as “part of the problem”.
      She also believes that every bad thing that happens is the fault of the person who suffers the misfortune. Because ” they attracted it into their life”. Oh really? The infant that was violently abused before it could even walk, that innocent baby somehow “attracted” that punishment into their life? The starving people of Africa, The People of Palestine, etc, all attracted misfortune to themselves. Oh and 911 etc, is the fault of all conspiracy theorists too. Oh really? And she really thinks she is a good, illuminated, superior -more illuminated holier than thou- person, Oh- and she also believes she is loving. As she blames the victims. While playing devils advocate for the psychopathic perps! If this is love then I want no part of it!

      Her mindset really reminds me of the dynamic portrayed in the film. “Dead man walking” The main character showed compassion throughout for the psychopath on death row. Yet, had not one speck of compassion for real victims. Not for the murdered nor the family members who lost their loved one. If this is compassion, then I want nothing to do with it!

      Psychopaths cannot reform or be cured.Their lack of conscience is permanent. People need to understand this. And the fact that murdered people are not to blame for their murder! My friend who is like the leading character in that film DMW, and I became polarized and parted ways. I could not bring her to understand that traumatized people do not choose their trauma, rape victims did not attract the rape, The dispossessed refugees did not choose their state, blaming the victims in life is UNLOVING, and COMPASSIONLESS. The misuse of these takes so called virtues, turns it on its head, so it does not hold a trace of virtue or love. This is the brainwashing. This is all by design. This is how society becomes ponerised. This is how people born with a conscience, and capacity of loving compassion, has that basic instinct brainwashed out of them

  15. For decades now we have been dumbed-down, poisoned by air, water & food, fed a bread & circus lifestyle with gadgets, reality TV, false role models, broken families, etc. ad infinitum. And lastly, we were told to NEVER GET ANGRY. This has all been obviously, by design, but since it happened so slowly (relatively speaking), no one noticed. Now the new norm is zombies who don’t care about anything, are comforted by lies and never get angry – ever. Invasion of the Body Snatchers, redux.

    Jon Rappoport nailed it here:

    So yes, Peak, righteous anger is righteous. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. I’m all about love and consciousness as well, but spoken truth to power is sparked by righteous anger, without which we might as well just surrender. To those who refuse to get angry, I ask you, will you be angry when it is one of your loved ones who is taken away as you are in the midst of a speech about how all this doom and gloom truth talk is so negative?

    • Your aw some Gus , truly are Awesome S P O T ON! sent that comment out of the ball park .
      HEAR HEAR LIGHT SEEKERS ! ( GUS :I ask you, will you be angry when it is one of your loved ones who is taken away as you are in the midst of a speech about how all this doom and gloom truth talk is so negative? )
      Gus I want that on a Bumper sticker so ican slap it right over a few mouths then they can sit in slice and rotate and meditate … shesss scoot 3 some ?? GUS i cant resist hot on the point !

  16. So Martin Niemöller, a prominent Protestant pastor, a demonic and psychopathic parasite who made his criminal living mentally traumatizing people by telling them that if they didn’t love ‘Jesus’, and suck up to the totalitarian Christian power structure, which mindlessly and sadistically threatens extreme and unceasing torture against all non-believers, that they would be burned alive continually for all eternity, is some kind of hero? Is he some example of ‘divine’ ‘ love? He was a useless eater needy of spiritual reform, a spiritually blind and untalented person who was certainly in no position to criticize Adolf Hitler. What did he do to stop the Jewish-led Communist hordes from sweeping through all of Europe to massacre countless millions, and then going on to invade the USA, as Stalin stated he intended to do.

    Your Protestant preacher was no hero, but a dangerous coward , who wasted seven years of other peoples’ time and work, who had to pay for his upkeep, as even before, even before he was interned. So, this big hero, this big man of ‘God’, why did he not not become an outspoken critic of Joseph Stalin and his genocidal excesses instead, which Hitler encountered in Bavaria when tens of thousands of Germans were massacred Red Revolution style by Jewish led German Communists there until Hitler stopped them. Perhaps your man was one of those ‘Christian’ Marxists, after all, there were 6.5 million Marxists in Germany at that time.

    Hitler forbade his scientists to develop the Jewish hell weapon, the atom bomb. Since the ‘allies’ controlled by Jews won the war and developed every single kind of atomic and nuclear weapon in existence since then, (the first atom bomb was invented by a Jew, Leo Szilard, in England in 1933, who patented it there in 1934), the Jews have come to threaten the existence of the entire planet, with their Samson Option, and wars for Israel, and their GMO’s and chemtrails.

    How can you continue to put out this political line that Hitler was so evil? After all, nothing questionable that he did, or was alleged to have done, was not being done by the allies at the time, and his armies were racially mixed but never segregated, whilst the racist US forces were.

    Hitler never started the war and never wanted war, and behaved a great deal more decently than Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

    Wasn’t it said by Gutle Schnapper that if her boys, the Rothschilds, did not want wars, that there would be no wars? And Hitler tried to stop the Rothschilds from making those wars. For that, is it really good and right that Hitler has to be demonized?

    The WWII victors, the Jews, want to kill us all, check out the 1991 Noahide laws in the US, which the Chabad Lubavitchers want to enforce all over the world.

    I mean, you know, it really just does not make sense to continually villify Hitler when we know what the Noahide Laws and the Samson Option intend. I am so tired of Jewish-led anti-Hitler stuff plastered continually all over the media. What is bad about banning usurious fractional reserve banking, bringing in organic faming all over the country, banning vivisection, getting rid of the class system, providing meaningful and happier work,with better work environments for everyone? Hitler never started the war and never wanted it, neither was he a racist, but he opposed Jewish racIsm, and for that was falsely and maliciously declared racist. Had National Socialism just been left alone it would have been doing just fine today, and many other countries would have been emulating the National Socialist system by now, and that is why the Jewish banks destroyed Germany. See Michael Rivero’s brilliant ‘All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars’ for confirmation that the war was about economic supremacy of the British Empire, as the British had offered to support the Jewish aspirations for their own state of Israel in Palestine. and not about ‘human rights’.

    Germany had in fact been extremely generous to the Jews, allowing a greater proportion of Jews in their country since 1822 than any other country in Europe, but Jews switched their allegiance when they were offered this support from Britain.

    • and you know who was a light seeker back then Moth ( Helena Petrovna Blavatsky The Mother of Modern Spirituality.. OHHHHHHHH .. Alister Crawly’s Fave!

      • Right on Mr. Peaks! And CRAWLY is also Barbara Bushes daddy. There is an uncanny creepy resemblance no? 😉

  17. Good one, Mr. Peak.. I’m definitely open to fear mixed with rainbows. Things look more tire every day where the rubber meets the road, . By our acts will they know us. We are all Palestinians now.
    Ida, you seem like a wonderful person. And only you can answer you, because you know yourself best.

    I’m not much into following others’ plans for me. I might not wanna follow Gandhi for many reasons. I might not even want to follow Roger Christie, an honorable man. I am not that strong a ‘happy channel’ as Roger is. We each have to act roles we can handle.
    A person could follow Jeffrey Smith, or Christopher Bollyn. Or her own heart. Do something.
    I followed Maharishi to Rishikesh in the seventies and when I got to his damn ashram someone said go away, so I smoked a chillum with a saddhu by the river and got over it.. Going away was the perfect answer. Well funny thing is the ashram has since been abandoned and gone back to the jungle. The buildings are falling apart. I wonder if the swollen Ganges took it all this last week. Some higher power just took out Kedarnath too.


    • wow . Thanks Marry right from some that Live it .. now that’s what I am talking about !
      Thanks Mary moonshing ! allays love your comments

  18. that was friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!! it also resonated with what i’ve been reading lately about warrior ethics and fighting evil and corruption with contra-violence: “If humanity has an heroic aspect, including the capacity to fight in its own defence and defeat whatever threatens its survival, this focussed definition might now apply generically or universally. So what is the human species up against that would require an heroic response? Answer: predation from its own kind, from within the species. I am proposing that contra-violence is ethically appropriate response to such predation.”

    Apologies if I didn’t attach the link in the correct format I hope I slapped it in the right place but just in case I didn’t I’ll put it here too: http://www.metahistory.org/RiteAction/openseason.php This article is well worth a read and addresses some of the points you raised in your clip.

    “I submit that it is more than obvious at this tender moment in the 21st century that a society that tolerates intra-species predators cannot survive.”

    “Love is not the ultimate solution for world peace. It would be if everyone wanted love. But plainly, everyone doesn’t. Love has no persuasive power over deviant and insane human beings who intend harm, orchestrate social evil, and prey on their own kind.”

    Again many thanks!!!!

    • Great comment …. thank you right on que about teh fighting be bread out of us . sad they have made us into eatable Banana’s ,, It was so hard to eat real Bananas.. now the seeds have been taken out they selection of elimination , just like the 4 generations of men raised by women. We now have open a Can of Diet Protest filled artificiality filled inter peace and false love , and no fear ..

  19. I see the photo of the man with weapons being pointed at him, and then the article referencing “isolating belief systems” that were the result of the individuals own choice. Whereas, most likely, the individual is simply in a state of solitude in which every word, thought, and deed is considered erroneous by certain others with no way to prove otherwise, and being forced to perfect himself under the orders and direction of imperfect beings who are justified by collective association and not legitimate virtue. So this is just my world, but I know my life is picked apart with a fine tooth comb by observers who cannot fail to see wrong in me and refuse to see right in me, so this is the condition I will be living in the rest of my life I assume, due to the collectivist or group-oriented self-justifying beliefs which cannot see error in their collective but can only perceive it in those not present at whatever session or meeting or confab they exist in. So I will be perfecting and exercising myself for the rest of my life with no apparent reward except to perhaps silence critics, which would bring some peace of mind, but eventually I would like to have some mutual understanding among people regarding shared responsibility or even guilt or culpability for any sort of thing wiithout passing the buck around themselves in and elaborate high-tech game of telephone and returning back to me nearly instantaneously with no second thought. And also, if someone is observing me looking for things to correct, I should have at least an option or avenue in which the possibility is there to do so, understanding with the current state of society there are those who will do heinous things and never percieve themselves as having done wrong and retain a sense of legal immunity for it, and transfer responsiblity or guilt for their own actions onto another.

  20. Thank you Zen and PC for caring enough to tell it like it is. Unfortunately, many of us waking up to the Darkness have been blinded by the Light. Loving someone enough to die for them is one thing, loving someone enough to kill for them, quite another. We’ve been conditioned by the propaganda of Love and Light into surrendering to Darkness before the fight’s even begun. There is a time and place for Love and Light, and a time and place to fight for right. There is no contradiction.

    • Tarzan right on there is a Time .. TPB are moving it along with a faster speed now and they want to catch you off guard in your own trance .. Thanks for the comment I hear ya

  21. Just been reading all the comments and thought Id add something else to the mix.I think the way to go is to do something when you see an injustice and wrong is being done. I have sometimes mentioned that Mr Dog and I lost every thing when our business collapsed. I have not told the other story that was happening at the same time. We lived in a beautiful desirable(so we were told) village, all seemed perfect,but we could not ever imagine the horrors that were to unfold, and were to last for three long painful years.To cut a long story short, we opposed a family who un be-known to us had terrorised people in this village for years.We found out that the woman concerned was in fact a drug dealer who supplied locals from the surrounding area but more importantly to local kid’s.Watching her do this became intolerable to us and listening to an 80 year old woman say she prayed for rain so she wouldn’t be harrassed by this woman became the end of our watching and the beginning of our action. We reported her (the woman) to the police and were told they were aware of her activitie’s and but needed” integrity of evidence” and could we help supply it. !!!That was a big mistake , she found out (somehow) and that was the beginning of our nightmare.We suffered from nearly 300 separate acts of random unprovoked hardcore violence, some to our property and some to us and our then young boys. The woman in question had by then recruited a gang of vulnerable young people( all of whom had serious personal problems as we were to find out later ) to do the violence against us so she could not be implicated and consequently prosecuted.We now knew our friendly but useless police officers personally , we had so many visits from them.Mr Dog( a very big 6 foot three ex rugby player) became concerned and worried that even he, big as he was would not be able to defend his family from increasingly vicious attacks, but still we carried on. Meetings, injunctions, solicitors, violence became a way of life. We became the protectors of others who were suffering from this woman’s increasingly bizarre behaviour. I was attacked by a knife wealding teenager who told me he would” cut me”. I had been attacked by patients in the course of my job but this was on my doorstep . I surprised my self, and scared myself too by” seeing him” off and scaring him sh#tless (and I enjoyed it ) I was becoming hard a force to be reckoned, with, 5 foot five 112 pounds worth of hard case !!!

    • OMG, Kitty I am sorry to hear you became a target of that woman and her cabal. And inspired by the strength you found in fighting them. Bravo! Keep on! :)

    • Sorry to ready that Kitty .. Tell Mr dog I was a hooker .. he will know what that means Player for 8 years

      • Thank’s Peek, what doesn’t kill you makes you strong as they say. You and Mr Dog have a lot in common, outspoken and real fighters.( will tell him you were a hooker) He really upset someone this week again LOL ( One of those deep conversation’s again )but said if they didn’t like it they could walk away !! but not quite in those word’s. !!! Love your work ,we need passion and action Kitty xx

    • (second part for Peek Zen) Eventually by stealth and careful planning we had a meeting with the teenager’s involved and persuaded some to stay away from the woman. .We helped them find job’s and started the process of funding for a building they could call their own The violence didn’t stop and after 2 very harrowing and appalling act’s of violence against my youngest sons, the police told us that leaving our home would be a sensible course of action .We lost our business and home at that point so the decision had been made for us anyway .One of the most frightening aspects of all this was the apathy of most people in the village .Even when the kid’s were literally running riot (40 of them) no one wanted to do anything constructive .Mr Dog is a very outspoken man. but even he could not , with his impassioned speeches move any of the resident’s away from their selective deafness. and collective fear. .As Mr dog said” better the bastard you know than the one you don’t “Would I do the same thing again ………. In a heart beat Standing by and watching while others suffer is never an option there is nothing spiritual in apathy and turning away .The woman who sought to enslave us in fear did not win. Our children have flourished, they are awake with eyes wide open, there is no illusion for them, they are caring and dare iI say spiritual young men, true warrior’s .Our’s was an extreme case but we learned so much .We have no fear only because we know it well and refuse to be ruled by it .Being Spiritual is about being totally human, caring for other’s . Always ready to fight but with love not hate xxxxxx

  22. Right on Mr.Crackers!
    Yoga Meditation leaves one shackled in one’s “achieved state of consciousness”, without freedom. That is the main reason I left that method/teaching, that I engaged in for well over 12 years,…. many ears ago!
    A teaching/practice has to give spiritual energy, to the individual consciousness, in a way that amplifies the power and freedom of that conscious individual, on all planes, including the physical!
    That is why, despite Maharishi’s claims of Unity Consciousness ect, all highly enlightened people have usually engaged in “Spiritual Contemplative Exercises”. (think Plato and Pythagoras.) High spiritual development is and has always has been forged through the fire of experience, discipline and spiritual exercises!
    Without freedom one can not act!

  23. A small action that one can take since the NSA through its PRISM program is reading peoples emails is to include a little “diddy” on every email sent out : (one Example!) “I do not give you permission to read my emails and I will take all action in my power to stop this intrusion in my personal life”
    This will give that employee a heads up that you consider his/her intrusive action a serious problem that is not going to be dismissed by you!
    It is just s just a small thing but powerful one since it speaks directly to the person doing the intruding and they know that it is wrong!
    A means of detecting intrusion!: http://projects.justinblinder.com/Dark-side-of-the-Prism

  24. I agree oldwoman – tho’ in my opinion wisewoman would be more accurate ; ) – people are listening and responding. Keep on planting those seeds – we need all the Johnny & Joanna Appleseeds we can get these days…some day we’ll have apples as far as we can see. Hugs….

    • I know your a good soul but don’t kid yourself freespirt ..Oldwoman should change her catheter do to toxic shock and her lack of real truth , she makes cheep shot comments
      Your better then that .

  25. @ Peek crackers June 25th

    Hi there Peek. Well, I am not sure where Blatavsky comes into it, she said that the Jews were a race who also live on other planets around this galaxy, a bunch of space farers who colonize other planets, and I can beleive that to be a realistic idea, as they seem to gain the upper hand on this planet a bit too easily, like someone can just drop their members on this earth colony outpost a bit of extra technology whenever they need it to give them the upper hand, and they certainly are worried about Gentiles having psychic abilities, that really freaks them out, so they turn peoples’ pineal glands to chalk with fluoride. Check out Jim Stone’s excellent research based on medical studies at a university in America where they opened up the skulls of cadavers who had their brains ossified in places, all calcified in the pre-frontal lobes, but could not figure out why, and they found the common factor was that all these people had been on anti-depressants, SSRI’s possibly, and that the damage was the equivalent brain damage to having had a pre-frontal lobotomy done on both hemispheres of the brain, BOGOF (Buy one get one free). The damage done to developing neuron dendrites in foetuses and young
    babies through mercury in ‘vaccinations’ leaves the babies mentally disabled for life, borderline mentally impaired in every case but leaving just enough grey matter so you won’t really notice, you will ‘get by’ somehow. Just a golem, a soulless robot made of clay. The battle against the Gentiles has been won already against entire generations.

    The young ladies of the German Vril Society who channelled space technology for flying saucers from Aldebaran really got them worried, so they are closing the entire cosmos off to the minds of all Gentiles as much as they possibly can as a further precaution against any more space technology or any other form of higher awareness being channelled to us from higher civilizations on other planets that might enable us to rise above Jewish domination. I don’t think that Blatavsky had the real truth as regards her general philosophy, as advaita philosophy is completely impossible. If one had ever been omnisentient, omnipresent, omni etc. etc. then how could one possibly ‘forget’ one’s eternal true nature as a single ‘minded’ infinitude of pure consciousness that experiences as one throughout the vastness of all their infinitude, each spatial sector being known as the centre of one’s consciousness as much as every other sector of that vast infinitude. How could one single infinite consciousness ‘forget’ this? And if this vast single awareness ‘forgot’ being one, it would do it as one, as all of infinitude. If that happened, then surely all of infinitude would also forget as one. Surely the advaitist philosophy is completely self-contradictory and unworkable.

    I look for ways in which all people can easily agree, wherever it is necessary for people to come together in any projects tha must inevitably be communal, understanding that individuality is also very important, as totalitarian uniformity is not something to be aimed for. Every soul has an eternally unique character in the spiritual world, and this must be recognized and not be stymied by any society here on earth, however, people do need to work together in a communal manner in this world in certain endeavours, if not all, and I hope we can agree on that and easily come to exist together in a practical and harmonious manner with a minimum of ‘state’ overview, allowing people their privacy and individuality, whilst at the same time, not relinquishing entirely the higher purpose of maintaining a genuinely benevolent government that has at it’s heart the best interests of everyone in their care, such a government maintaining the compassionate responsibility of handing down higher knowledge gained by past generations to each new generation, in much the same way as ancient tribal elders all over the world would do in shamanistic societies for instance. It is hoped that any good system of government would include facilitating the showing of gentle paths of spiritual development to enable genuine spiritual awakening, without fear being the motivating force, but rather having love as the factor that draws people toward knowing the Supreme Being, that God also functioning on another level as the Paramatma, their communal Higher Self, with each and very soul knowing themselves in the light of that Supreme Person whenever they approach that Person in their hearts and in the hearts of other beings. This would mean the proscribing of the teaching of insane cults that threaten eternal burning or boiling alive of non-adherents, or the infliction of eternal death of the soul on non-adherents, or the teaching that all other souls but theirs are demonic and must be killed, as in the Jewish cult belief, that all Gentiles are non-living souls, demons from hell who must all be enslaved then killed ultimately and their souls sent back to hell, as taught in both Torah and Talmud, by Sephardim and Ashkenazim., so all Abrahamic cults, being insanely sadistic and counter-spiritual in effect, need to be banned in order for society to come out of the dark ages. War needs to be banned aso, as it is only ever an entirely unnatural thing that is never wished for, or arranged by anyone but the bankers these days, in pursuit of genocide of everyone but their own tribe.

    Housing reform would be very high also, to reverse the Stalinist trend of making people live in houses without the means to produce their own food, that agenda 21 is initiating increasingly so that so the Jewish people in power can starve the people to death very quickly whenever required, so all houses in future would have to be much bigger not only as regards room size, taking into account the science of proxemics and recognition of adverse psychological effects of living in small spaces, and spaces in overly close proximity to each other, and all houses would need to have large gardens, more than sufficient to produce all their own food if necessary, and for aesthetical purposes.

    When fractional reserve banking is banned, and money is no longer being siphoned off to pay for endless war to exterminate all Gentiles (that is where the money goes mainly), the working week would be at the maximum 8 or 10 hours with all current labour -saving devices, and a house would cost about one thirtieth of the current cost, so much greater sized houses would be very easily affordable. Plus no more fake medicine that is only designed to harm and kill us, only genuine medicine, and real food, which will be grown on properly remineralized soil using basalt rock dust for instance, to vastly increase the health-giving qualities of food, and such food grown on remineralized soil would actually make a vegetarian diet a genuinely healthy option. All SS members were encouraged to become vegetarian by the way, and a vegetarian diet is much healthier for the mind, soul and body, enabling much faster spiritual development, which is the real reason we are living on this planet, to evolve beyond having to come here again. No further pollution of rivers, lakes and seas, land or air to be allowed, only sustainable and non-toxic industrial processes to be allowed to continue, all others ceased by law. These are a few good ideas that I would suggest for people to consider, and then come together to adopt and practice. I hope that these ideas are all agreeable to you as they are very straightforward, very simple and obviously good for all peoples, all other creatures and the environment. So if you like these suggestions, vote for yourselves already, and go for it, popularize these ideas, encourage new and fairer systems of electing officials, and replace the cancer that is presently in office, with representatives from amongst yourseleves, who you can talk to, who actually want you to live, and not to die.

    I admire Hitler, but think he could have improved on his spiritual understanding, as I believe he was inclined towrds Buddhism, though that was not a negative thing, as it led to him having more sattvic qualities, having considerable empathy for not only his fellow man, freeing them from effective slavery and poverty that had previously been forced on them by Jewish usurious fractional reserve banking, but also for all other creatures, leading him to become vegetarian and banning the terrible suffering that had been caused by vivisection. Of course, Jewish propaganda had to undermine any possible good impressions about Hitler, falsely and maliciously portraying him as an uncompassionate psychopath devoid of all feeling.

    Other movements could sprout up to do the good things that he did, and, in no time at all, Jewish banking interests would attempt to portray those who inspire any similar noble thoughts of the liberation of society from it’s present bondage under the Jews, as racist, demonic, and evil in every way possible, as dangerous warlike madmen, as ‘fascists’ who must be destroyed at all costs, yet these principles I have outlined here are some of the foundation stones of National Socialism. But that name is very unpopular now due to successful propaganda programming in peoples’ minds. See my essay ‘Metanoia’ at ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for other of my ideas for reformation of society to free it from the hellish nightmare it exists in today, that I earnestly hope as many people as possible will adopt together and lead themselves as they must at this time. My philosophy is actually Vaishnava, or based on cultivating a relationship with God, using the understanding of the ancient vedic culture of devotion to Supreme Lord Kriishna. I can see that National Socialism has been the only system ever to oppose the Jews, and that is why I refer to it here, as it is quite plain to any resercher that the Jewish powers that be are thoroughly intent on fully carrying out the ancient and deadly edicts of the Torah and Talmud to exterminate every last Gentile from the surface of this planet, when they have done with us as slaves, and when DARPA has perfected the robotic human in 30 years or so (or much less maybe) then we Gentiles truly will be completely redundant, as the Jews will have their perfect slaves, and they will be able to use those to slaughter us all with overnight with the pressing of a button.

    “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

    “Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.

    “And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    If anyone were to encourage people agreeing to adopt these principles together through a major public movement, such as having a non-usurious banking system installed, having organic farming all over the country, banning vivisection, and similar harmless and benevolent policies, the Jews in power would soon declare that person a danger to the world, precisely because they are the very opposite, because they effectively undermine the Jewish policies which are a very real threat to the world, taking into consideration the genocidal threat by Kissinger to reduce the world population to 500,000,000, and bomb you flat, as they do to every country that does not yet have usurious fractional reserve banking enslaving their populations.



    Such fol-de rol and fiddle dee dee of courses Impossible! –But the world is full of zanies and fools who don’t believe in sensible rules and won’t believe what sensible people say — And because these daft and dewey eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes impossible things are happening every day


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MsgHyRGA88 (my bad — couldn’t resist!!)

    I’m with ya 100%.

    Ida and the rest of the court — with you ALL 100%

    I’m giving everyone til midnight to come up with their specific plan for their specific community. This isn’t complicated people. How about just ONE idea that you feel would work in your neighborhood, and how you will get the discussion going.

    I’ve got a few hundred, so I’ll start:

    since we’re still playing this game of CONopoloy and fiat monies rule the day……

    propose some kind of “community bank” completely under the control of the depositors. start the “bank” NOT with dollar bills, but with residents that have home equity built up – business’s that have equity – start swapping equities – skills – LAND FOR PLANTING – meals on wheels – and on and on….. (build homes for teachers, nurses, firefighters, caregivers…….. that YOU as an INVOLVED citizen voted on to bring into your community.

    All I need to know about the world is right in my backyard. This agenda 21st century bull shit is all about these self appointed ruling elite jet setting around the world. I’ll be lucky if I get to cape cod this summer. I know the majority of people in my town are in the same boat. Let’s all climb aboard the same one, folks.

  27. Mr. Peek. I so much appreciate this video. The Vipassana meditation I teach is very different from the kinds of practice that you have so accurately criticized in your video. It’s about being aware of your now and what you really sense, feel and think. It’s the opposite of anaesthesia and bubble-making.

    Only in the initial stages do you withdraw from active involvement in the world. It’s a training that prepares you to deal with almost anything face on and free. I just want to say that with that training I have been able to face an alcohol mad knife wielder and a crazed relative smashing up my office and to survive a ride in semi-darkness, in the pouring rain on an urban expressway – in a taxi with no brakes or lights. It has saved my life many times – the first when I was four years old.

    Having said that, the skills this form of meditation develops also empower you to do what is right at that moment to help others too either by protecting them or by looking clearly at their lives and having the courage to face real challenges.

    There are many forms of meditation. They are not all the same.

    I also feel that your comments can be cruel and judgmental of some people who are pointing out ways of looking at things that are different from yours. You don’t need to smash someone in the face to wake him up.

  28. Read the following article to see that Hitler was not the bad guy that war propaganda painted him as; the following article reveals how he repeatedly tried to stop war, and how he never wished for war with any country at all in the first place, but was forced into defending Germany militarily, when he wanted only to devote all his efforts to building a marvellous new society within Germany itself instead.

    What the World Rejected
    Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933- 1939

    Churchill stated that the real problem had been not how to avoid war, but how to get it started, and not how to bring the war to an end as soon as possible, but to keep it going as long as possible, as the purpose was to utterly smash Germany as badly as possible, in terms of destroying her industry, and also in terms of exterminating as many Germans as possible. The ‘Allies’ were the real villains.

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