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Warlords in Drone Frenzy – Global Rollout Planned


by Zen Gardner

I don’t know how else to see this insanity. We complain about our “enemies” and keep arming them to the teeth. And not just for war on the enemy or invader du jour, but now for the global war on the freedom and autonomy of all citizens anywhere.

How long can they keep this charade up?

And you can bet your booties these drones will be rigged to report to a central intelligence installation. The Big Eye goes global.


Nobel Peace at last – even Orwell would be shocked..

In Plane Sight – Here’s the Latest Announcement:

Pentagon lists 66 countries as eligible to buy US drones

The 66 countries were listed in a Defense Department policy worked out last year to clear the way for wider overseas sales of unmanned aerial systems, as the Pentagon calls such drones, said Richard Genaille, deputy director of the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency. He did not name them.

“We don’t really have a comprehensive U.S. government policy” on such exports, he told an industry conference called ComDef 2012. “It hasn’t moved quite as fast as we would like, but we’re not giving up.”

Northrop Grumman Corp chief executive Wes Bush on Wednesday praised the Obama administration for what he described as significant moves to boost arms exports, but voiced frustration at delays in codifying them in a new export policy. [emphasis mine]. Source

Whatta joke. You really think these guys wait for approval? They’re just getting the public mind caught up to what they’re already busy doing in most cases via their black ops programs.


Yes, George. War is Now Peace

That might sound moronic but it’s actually what has been embedded into the psyche of millions of people, as aptly predicted by George Orwell. If you talk to the mainstream mindnumbed new era “patriot” anxious to send our children off to die in pointless and endless wars, this is definitely the way it should be.

You might notice there’s not a peep of anti war propaganda since Obama got in. It’s part of the mind-screw. Suddenly the protesting stops, the changing of the guard being successful, and you’re given the impression that it’s all good and things are “being taken care of” as they’re claiming in these idiotic campaign speeches.

Hard to fathom. But the subtle effect is, if the protesting stopped, there must be peace! We must be in a peace with some justified fighting going on…a sort of suspended reality. And despite hugely escalating wars and new fronts opening all the time, the mass hive mind sees it as a state of “enforced peace”.

For them….and to hell with all the innocents getting bombed and strafed into oblivion.

And this same “enforced peace” will be the mind numbing mantra used to break America’s conscious backbone as they marginalize, incarcerate and kill any and all opposition to the State.

What kind of country targets rescuers as the US did in Pakistan?

Drones – The Ultimate Peace Enforcer – No Flesh or Emotional Engagement Necessary

There’s hardly a peep about the forays of US drones into helpless countries there’s not even a stated conflict with. The ubiquitous “war on terror” label has apparently given the psychopathic warlords carte blanche permission to do what the hell they want.

After all, are you hearing a peep against these brutal murder missions in the mainstream press?

Damn them. There should be such outrage it would make the Vietnam protests look tame. But alas, just too busy living the American dream. Now that’s worth fighting and killing for, whoever the hell it is!

“Fire away drones, shoot ’em all up to hell just like in the movies and video games. It’s not touching me and it’s cool!”

Murder by Joystick

A drone treatise by Zen Gardner dramatized by the amazing, talented Snordelhans. Hang on.

Never lose your outrage, this reality they’re pushing isn’t real and it’s bad for humanity.

Love, Zen


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  1. Obama so eloquently said that war is peace is in Nobel acceptance speech:
    “We will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. There will be times when nations — acting individually or in concert — will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified…So yes, the instruments of war do have a role to play in preserving the peace.” If the instrument is a toy, model airplane video game, then how can people feel outrage?

    • Although I tend not to believe anything coming out of Holywood even John Cusack seems to be awakening. It only took him 4 years but hey it is a start. I wonder how long the big picture will take to hit him.

      He can make Better Off Dead 2. Instead of a teenager has to deal with his girlfriend dumping him the plot can be an adult actor wakes up to the reality of America.

      “Is the President just another Ivy League A–hole shredding civil liberties and due process and sending people to die in some s–thole for purely political reasons?”


      Oh and can’t forget the great George Carlin quote on this “It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”

  2. Zen – I hate the drones nearly as much as I love the video, Bulls-eye and Kudos to both of you. Definitely a vid that needs to go viral!

  3. Hey Zen;

    I’ve read almost all of your commentary: and it’s all great; though, Death By Joy Stick, may be the best.

    I understand that’s just my opinion, and maybe it has something subjective to do with my life experiences.

    Even in the ungodly realm of war, there is still room for courage and honor, to some degree; or, there once was.

    No more however.

    Some sources have it that Col. Qaddafi was promised free passage, under a flag of truce , to leave Libya ( by Hillary Clinton no less ) and was in the process of caravan-ing out, under white flags, when his convoy was ‘droned’, he was captured and beaten, then murdered.

    She then shamelessly appears and says, “We came, we saw, he died, ha ha ha tee hee hah ha ha ha.”

    I really can’t describe the repulsion I have for all that U.S.Rael is all about.

    Now when we connect the dots with Domestic Drones, and the Defense Authorization Act, of Dec. 31, 2011; which was signed into law by O’bwana, and allows for extrajudicial killing of U.S. Citizens, it’s over.

    Drone Air Force, and Robot Soldiers, to eliminate American discontent. (or worse, to cull the herd)

    Any way, Death By Joystick is a tremendous call to conscience, and it is said so well. No ‘human’ could read it, or thanks to Snordelhans hear it, and not be awakened.

    You and he couldn’t have done better, even if you two ‘conspired’ on it.

    That’s one thing about truth; it need not conspire.

    We’re all just together, without that mischief, by way of ‘consciousness’. We’re all ‘on the same page’. Any ‘human’ would be.

    • How true–“one thing about truth, we need not conspire”. He just picks what hits him between the eyes, says it just comes from there. Terrific conscious process. That one he said he sat down and went over 13 hours straight doing it. Incredible.
      The only time we deliberately collaborated one was with the Jerusalem – Altar of Sacrifice one I just re-upped after screwtube nixed it some ago ago..it’s on the home page. And that was freaky too…he told me he had an idea and shared it with me. And just like how his videos come, I started and something almost completely different came out, but with the fundamental idea deeply woven in…and it just came. Really amazing how stuff works with synchronicity and all. Anyway, a little background for ya1 Much love, Zen

  4. Drones used to be entertaining fiction in futuristic films. I guess, the future got here already.

    Drones are the perfect attack weapon and spying device. They give a freedom from the bulkiness of helicopters, jets, chemtrail spraying planes etc. They override the problems of terrain and distance from the targets. Macro-war for macro-control can now go micro. This is where the elites pay attention to the details as they complete their victory over the rest of Earth. The destruction of the intellectuals and professionals taking place in the Middle East can now be expedited in the Western Countries. Drones will make short work of the opposition to the elites. There is nothing to protect those who follow the Constitution and stand up for their freedoms. Citizens have no protections from absentee trigger fingers!

    Drones make it possible to target the resistance more precisely. Certain chosen communities can be completely spared while others razed by one means or another. Drones can deliver chemical strikes as well as biological weapons. What if the Ebola virus were dropped in certain recalcitrant communities? The scientists working with this and other viruses have largely all died by suicide or freaky accidents. When drones come for them, what will Americans do with all the guns they have accumulated? AAh! The possibilities! And to think that 66 countries will be having the same experience!

    There is no political protection available. The conduct of the Representativess, the DNC and RNC shows up the hypocrisy in politics. Even the evil masses supports drones as used in Muslim countries….wait till they support it against home-grown terrorists. They even believe in suicide by 2 bullets through the forehead! If only there were more Davids’ like the one who invented the slingshot!

    The pace of global control has accelerated. When their own institutions like Facebook and JP Morgan are being allowed to fail, you notice the acceleration. You notice the accelerated responses when WPIX Channel 11 carries a comment that basically says…..The FED audit revealed secret bailouts of $16 trillion…the same as the US debt. The Federal Reserve which is as Federal as Federal Express, was created in 1913 while Congress was in recess, and the 16th Amendment was not ratified. All the while, a huge monitor behind the comment-maker carries anti-NWO art by David Dees such as you regularly see on rense.com. When the Colorado false flag shooting causes a drop in cine-goers and Hollywood profit, it is not a miscalculation. Why are researchers saying that nobody died in that ‘massacre’?

    How do you beat a drone attack? By EMP or other method to fry electronics? By staying out of sight? Chances are Facebook and other methods have already given the elites the lowdown on who hates their control.

    • Yep, the ‘Drones’ have a chilling psychological effect. When they become as ‘everyday’ as police cruisers we’re done.

      I can think of no other instrument of terror that so symbolizes the phrase “Full spectrum dominance” as the ‘Drone’ does.

      • Yeah…when the autonomous foot soldiers appear that’s Skynet in full effect. Heard about the tethered blimps with cameras they’re putting up? Sick sick…

        • According to that article you referenced on the DARPA robot development program, ( here – http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/08/pentagon-developing-autonomous-humanoid-robots-to-perform-evacuation-operations-2453462.html ) it won’t be long at all.

          They’re projected to be operating by 2014. They say they are for ‘rescue’ work. The specifications though; ability to drive and operate ‘tools’ (ha! weapons) of all configurations is amazing.

          Then, they can run semi-autonomous or ‘full auto’ on whatever they’re programed to do….

          …..if that ain’t “Terminator”, then what is?

          You know, the Transhumanist Guru that I saw on video, and whose name slips me right now, said something to the effect that once the “The Borg” is achieved, we’ll be indestructible enough to go to other planets and ‘Assimilate’ those folks, Terra-form their planet, and move the whole idea along on the level of galactic conquest.

          Perhaps, just perhaps, that is a hint to what is really behind ‘Disclosure’.

          Perhaps also, we’re not the first planet which has undergone the intrusion, at the hands of entities who view eons as we view years.

          • Makes more sense than thinking we’re alone in the Universe…and if we’re not, certainly races of entities have been around a lot longer than us…we’re just bound by this psychic cage so we can’t see it clearly and perceive the depth of that reality all around us…but connect the dots and sure seems it’s the only deduction you can make. If humanity knew this in their current dumbed-down ignorant state they’d go stark raving mad..wouldn’t make for good worker bees, now would it?

  5. Wow you hit the nail right on the head Pandava not only can these drones watch and kill with ammo. But they can carry like you stated chemical and viral pay loads. These kind of weapons can control everything from a joystick in a bunker from the air. This technology we leave us totally defenseless. What can I say brush up on your skeet shooting abilities??


  6. What to do? I can’t even make people aware of chemtrails? As Freeman and Jaime say “Humans are Good.” They unfortunately are naive, trusting and assume those in power have a conscience and a soul. The “PTB” need the drones now, because veterans are waking up. Zen, any pointers to help guide us to all find our divine power and change this paradigm would be welcome. I am praying, I am visualizing, and I am searching for truth.

  7. Thank you Zen for posting that picture. People need to see that stuff, it breaks my heart a thousand times to see our brothers and sisters like that and it happens EVERYDAY…… Unbelievably out of control, what a disgusting parasite the US has become. Imagine the world we could live in if all that money was spent on loving and nurturing our neighbors, our brothers and sisters world wide! Peace MUST happen, and it WILL…..

  8. Thanks Zen fwe all should prey and have empathy for those we cannot see. Leaders killing other people in other lands for greed…..Horrible indeed…Censorship is BIG here in the USA….

    Amazing what America could learn if they TURN OFF THE TV:


    If we all would Love more, maybe we could all be the candle creating more light to expose Satin’s lies.




  9. Another great article Zen…Obama should have been given the “Nobel Piece Prize” Cause he’s so dam good at blowing childern into Pieces…

  10. obsurdvation?
    wonder how responsible slaves felt when they personally knew friends and relatives who reached a certain age and got sold down the river to a 6 month or less life expectancy working in sugar cane fields?
    wonder if those slaves felt they had not done enough.
    wonder if they felt that general strikes or protest marches and hunger strikes would have made a difference.
    anyone got any ideas on just how well it’s going when confronting the ruling class about how they’re ruling?

  11. ” Imagine the world we could live in if all that money was spent on loving and nurturing our neighbors, our brothers and sisters world wide!”
    Imagine the world we would live in if money were completely outlawed and we adopted a barter system. You get “paid” with all of the necessities of life (food, water, shelter etc…) by providing a needed and useful service to your community. No money= no elites!
    I am pretty sure that the command and control signals for these drones has been successfully hijacked in the past. Also, just like following a bee back to it’s hive, we could figure out where they take off and land… hmmm

  12. I saw this type of drone two times in late July this year – once while I was at Illinois State Beach(Zion,Ill.) and over Twin Lakes Wisconsin.. They were flying at an estimated 6-7 thousand feet. People laughed at me when I pointed them out{been used to this for over 40 years).

    My oldest son saw a smaller one at about dusk in June of 2010 near College of Dupage in Glen Ellyn, Ill.

    During the nato and g-8 summit in May of this year in Chicago I saw at least 15 military vehicles with markings of Homeland security,nato blue,camoflague and others parked for one day at College of Dupage. This college built a homeland security training facility next to this parking lot 2 years ago. Each truck had numerous and different types of antenna’s on them.

    The war against humanity is already in full swing right in our own backyards. People look at me like zombies when I try to talk about these things.

    The time for waking up is just about too late. Once you are awake – you then must enlighten yourself for it to all make sense.It is a very Lonely Path.

    Make every moment a happy learning experience and let the darkness and all that is not at the highest vibration of your being pass you by..

  13. I Abhor Drone Strikes! I wear a ‘Collateral Damage’ Ball Cap!

    US Drones In Somalia Kill !2 Injure 72
    We are very efficient with killing with them.
    I Don’t Think We Will Have To Wait Long Before It’s Americans They Are Killing
    Department Of Home Land Security Readies For Civil Unrest
    Check Out the Armour For Domestic Use…

  14. of course, those purchases will be subsidized by USFedGuv “aid packages” to said countries under the implicit agreement that said aid will be used to be said drones from USCorps, which will then boost US GDP (emphasis on “Gross”). of course, that funny $$$ will be conjured up out of nowhere by the USFedRes.

    $16,000,000,000,000 and counting….the petrodollar ouroboros just keeps turning and growing and turning and growing while the MIC jackboot presses harder and harder on the face of the global population.

    sick shit isn’t it?

  15. Skynet is certainly going into full operation. It is sad that this country still profits from its killing of innocent people around the world.
    Back in the sixties when I refused to raise my right and and step forward, and received five years in federal prison, I had hoped things might change, what a silly thought that was.

    “I believe in compulsory cannibalism. If people were forced to eat what they killed there would be no more war.” – Abbie Hoffman

  16. Anybody in their right mind knows that when we hurt someone, we feel bad about it, it haunts us and we want to make it right. So how can people go along with the fact that human beings are hurting, suffering and killed in order for us to obtain what……Peace?!! It’s not a peaceful feeling to see others suffer…far from it. Nor will we feel free after ripping countries and families apart. It’s impossible, we are not make that way. Freedom means enjoyment of life…it will never happen at the expense of someone else’s life. A lot of people have a lot of thinking to do.

    • Not every one involved in this is human.

      The ‘others’ use the human imagination to program the behavior. Once engaged in, it forms patterns of thought – habit – response etc.

      It takes a real wake up to reboot the human principle. Even then, there is the lag due to proximity and environment of those fluctuating in various stages of delusion.

      Lessons learned are easily forgotten by way of media continuum over ride.

      Perhaps if one had it all together, absolutely all; then he might find that he/she is entirely alone, and on their own. We are, many of us, islands in a sense, surrounded by the ‘Matrix Sea’.

  17. Great article Zen….the more I learn, the more I think Nibiru is coming to clean up this planet and it’s horribleness….it will end everything in a BIG way…I hope you all have planted your garden.


    God Bless You Zen Master of Light…Thanks for your great work….If our world leaders had love in their hearts and compassion for others, maybe we could be safe and a planet of PEACE…..:) If what comes around goes around then we each can help others be better humans each and every day. This planet should be a beautiful place for all…It is time for all WAR to END…..Now, if women ran all the world’s countries…just think…..LOVE would take over…Now, a world full of LOVE would bring us back to the Garden of Eden….


    It is time to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of human civilization..

    • “Now, if women ran all the world’s countries…just think…”.

      I thought! Worst Idea I have ever come across. Gender profiling is not a solution. In fact, part of the problem can never be part of the solution!

      Love? We must have different definitions!

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