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Was the Titanic Sinking the First Staged 9/11?


Zen Gardner

If this is new to you strap in for a treat. As always the PTBs want more power and control and to maximize their financial advantage at whatever cost they can get away with. Rest assured that with almost every historical event we weren’t told the honest truth, and this is no exception.

You might call this a Titanic lie since it’s literally so, but whichever, always, always re-examine so called recounted history very carefully from a conscious and aware viewpoint. Their antics will be increasingly easier to spot as the dots continue to connect and the patterns reveal themselves.

Here’s a couple of related posts and explanations leading up to the video. – Zen


Question – If it was the Olympic that sank, then what happened to the real Titanic?

Answer  –  It sailed as the Olympic up through WWI where it was converted into a troop transport, then it was finally scrapped. Watch the videos. It makes sense. J.P.Morgan cancelled his trip the same morning it sank, kinda like Lucky Larry having a doctors appointment the morning of 911.

Olympic was nailed by a military ship prior to Titanic’s completion. The repairs were too much money and White Star would’ve gone under. With an iceberg accident they would and did collect more than the ship was worth. They were 12 miles off of the rendezvous point which is why the rescue ship failed.


Here’s what was rumored right away when the Titanic went down.

The new ship was well-insured, but its already-in-use sister ship, the Olympic, had sustained damages several times — maybe hard to steer those Big Girls??

Haven’t we all thought the Titanic was the first (and only) of its kind?  Not so.  The identical-in-structure Olympic was launched earlier, a luxurious passenger liner in 1911.

But there had been incidents, accidents.  Repairs were getting out-of-sight expensive (not to mention the ship being repeatedly disabled from profitable service), and the insurance premiums were going sky-high.  (Or perhaps ocean-deep.)

Maybe the Titanic was so highly promoted as “unsinkable” because fears had developed over the Olympic’s numerous problems.

And so… while the as-yet-unlaunched Titanic sat in dock beside the banged-up Olympic, some highly paid workers made cosmetic changes (so that previous Olympic passengers would be convinced they were aboard the “new” Titanic), with Titanic letters being bolted over the Olympic letters on the prow  — the scuttlebutt is that the wreckage does reveal an exposed “M” and a “P” where there should be the “A” and “N” –

TitANic lettering overlaid on OlyMPic —

and voila!


“The Titanic” and its big insurance pay-out was ready to go down, and the Olympic would be an albatross no more.

(The empty Californian out on the ocean was awaiting the signal to come rescue everyone, but that got fouled up.  Talk about “Oops!”)  I’m pretty sure the White Star Line did not actually want to create lost-life liability, whereas the 9/11 plotters counted on great loss of life — to drive us into their desired wars.

This documentary is pretty good — LOTS more details — with the producers stating that all the information is a matter of public-domain record.




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  1. This story has been well documented over the years. Personally I have no dounbt that it is the Olympic on the bottom and NOT the Titanic.
    Just follow the money…..

    • and i suppose the moon landings were fake,9/11 was an inside job,the protocols of the elders of zion are real,sandyhook was a falseflag and on and on? yawn

        • Nope. Read just a portion of ‘Wagging the Moondoggie’ and you’ll never believe a word of the moon landing crap again.

      • Sorry to startle you out of your ignorance but, yes, those (moon landings, 9-11, Sandy Hoax, Boston puff-bombing, and thousands more going back hundreds of years) are ALL fake history. You are welcome to shove your head back into a mountain of sand now.

        See yourself in this quote?

        “Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business as if nothing had happened.”

  2. Peek sings..john jacob jingleheimer schmidt…Whenever we go out,
    The people always shout,
    There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.

    Dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah

    john Jacob Astor, along with Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss, were three very wealthy and powerful men, all of whom were vehemently against the creation of the Federal Reserve, and were quite outspoken on the matter. Morgan viewed Astor and Co. as a huge obstacle. These three men died when the Titanic a ship built by J.P. Morgan’s White Star Line — hit that infamous iceberg and sank …Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn

    • Rt you are Senor Peek – like the towers ’twas multi purposed – they get a lotta bang for their bucks, the fucks…evil has such sway because good people can’t fathom the depth of their darkness…

  3. Deja Vu all over again. This explains the queerness of the free fall of buildings 1 and 2 and 7. I think the free fall of building 7 is the key to this mystery. Lucky Larry doubling down! wtf? The leaders going along with it, wtf. Too much foreign tyranny over the American people I think. The free fall of building 7 should be our battle cry. I think.

  4. I was fascinated with this, when I first watched it a year or so back. Incredibly, most people are really not that interested – in the truth – or curious enough to take the time to watch docos like this. Same ol’ same ol’ then…..on it goes – the lies, the cover-ups and the getting-away-with-it…..

  5. Second try at this comment. So, more incripted.. did LS own the titanic too? We moved from Chi town when he bought the S tower. Then lots of expititives…use your imagination and added I haven’t cursed in years.

  6. And those few powerful men tht were in opposition to the creation of a Federal Reserve, were also conveniently seated on the Titanic….dead men cant protest.

  7. another parallel with 9/11 is that BBC did a documentary on the Titantic/Olympic issue wherein they dismiss the idea after showing a parsimonious, slanted sampling of evidence, much like their documentary on 9/11.

  8. “We have no choice… if we don’t do it we’ll lose everything… ” At that moment evil could be felt. I wonder if those are the words always spoken, always thought, always used.

  9. At the recent centenary of the Titanic a new museum called the SeaCity Museum opened in Southampton. Less attention was put on the city art gallery, where in a small exhibition, it was shown clearly that a hidden hand was involved. This was shown through art work. Thus is was shown visually to those who could see, yet it was hidden. Personally I didn’t believe that it had been a staged event until I saw the exhibition. It was called the ‘Red’ exhibition, for those who want more information.

  10. And as usual “they” underestimated the power of the truth to sip through the years and surface again, “evil never gets it right in the long run” (my mother’s words); the issue for us all is the impact and conditioning of the history books and academia (generalizations). The entire expeditions into the world of Spain and Portugal has tons of veils as well. Like the media today the dissemination of the information/knowledge was carefully crafted and controlled as well. Some say that lots of the old manuscripts and written history of our human experience was purposely hidden from us because the information contains portions of our supernatural abilities and extraordinary powers we possess, which the “elite” always works so hard in preventing us from reaching, hence the secret societies hold on all of historical artifacts. As famous quotes go, by the little man himself: “History is a set of lies agreed upon” (Napoleon Bonaparte). Interesting part is how the consciousness activates and presents paths for truth to be known and verified. Their trick is always to present enough variations close to truth to confuse and discredit the real truth; if it was all about our biological 3d capabilities alone indeed evil would have prevailed a long time ago. Much love..

      • 3 of my best high school teachers were fired because they were telling the truth . Entire student body walked out of school for them to be re-instated. In a photograph taken of me at the resulting hearings,
        A photograph, taken of this virgin classic (me) in the resulting hearings , poignantly conveys the traumatization of innocence.
        Why wouldn’t Snowden be bored with the school system ? Along with all with detectable pulses ?
        Curious what other untapped genius Snowden carries.
        Calling all Baryshnikovs of Soul.

  11. “J.P.Morgan cancelled his trip the same morning it sank”. When Titanic sunk it had been at sea for days. How could a trip be cancelled the day it sank? I think your looking for a solution where there is no problem.

  12. Truth always outs in the end. Lies betray themselves, as they crumble, they ironically reveal all that they wish to be hidden. Objective facts, evidence, and truth are all that remains standing, after the deceitful illusions wash away like so much flotsam on the tide. It is our perceptiveness, our ability to discern that rankles the PTB so much. It is this that they fear. If all people see through it all. That ultimately means the end of enslavement. Slavery begins and ends in the mind. We should never believe one syllable uttered from any official source.
    Ever. Whatever “history” they teach in school is not worth a moment of our time. It is all false. Everything they sell is a sham. Everything they do is for deceitful gain while they sacrifice proles in the process. Psychopaths of any age, behave exactly like this. It has always been like this.

    I am not surprised in the least. Actually, I have often wondered who they wanted dead on that ship and if it was a deliberate sinking? Thank you for sharing this.

  13. The first,huhhhh,whom are we kidding?!? thinking so gullibly and giving “them” so much credit?!…. Nooooo…. what about the Waterloo SCANDAL???… just for starters…(there’s more. Much more. Take a closer look at EVERY singel sociopolitical event and /or disaster.
    History will always continue to repeat itself untill we wake up and do “things” different/ly…. That’s just how Life works. The zionists (and all the zionists before they were organised – “into a Movement” . Ja, Hallelujah…. ^o^ – officially by Hertzl) say without a drop of shame that (whenever) anything happens IT IS MADE TO HAPPEN (!)…Yepppp…. so, this is what I also have found to be the truth of our so called His story…. Exuse me ,whos???? HIS!…. *o*

  14. So the surviving passengers didn’t know what ship they were on? You gotta be puttin’ me on.

    And it wasn’t the first false flag, if that’s what you’re getting at; that would be the USS MAINE in 1898. Get yourselves straight!

  15. I think you all talking bulls*!t the hole that you so carefully circled in this picture are from the impact the ship had with the sea floor it has a bigger hole pointing in the opposite direction on the other side of the ship, Titanic was made of iron. All iron ships that have a big impact on the sea floor is going to twist, Olympic was scrapped and here smoking room was fitted into a hotel in the north of England the rest was donated to museums and sold in private auctions. As for 9/11 it was a tragic event that happened but if like so many of you believe it was a demolition job then the building would never have collapsed the way it did “they” would have needed to make the buildings fall in the direction of the Hudson river to avoid any casualties on the ground, Explosive experts and Demolition experts have stated that for ANY building the size of the North And South towers it would have taken months and months to prepare and there is No way which ever way you want to look at it where anybody would not be spotted.

    I think you all need to get a life and a real job and stop with these fu@king conspiracy theory’s if you can’t physically prove your “theories” which there are more than one I imagine then you have no case in any topic Titanic, 9/11 etc

    • And you call yourself ‘You Want The Truth Well Here It Is’? That’s a laugh. More like ‘You Want More Of The Same Bullshit Well Here It Is.’

  16. william, it’s so ridiculous in this day and age that people aren’t waking up to what is staring them in the face. If it wasn’t for the issue of mass murder, yes, it would make for a good comedy show.

  17. This article lost any shred of credibility with its opening picture — any moron can demonstrate the same bulging effect when you try to bend a piece of paper in the same way that the hull bent forward. It’s insanely obvious even there that the prow is buckled like 30 degrees downward from the rest of the mass behind it, and if you try to bend steel plates along that axis, they will indeed buckle out like that.

    Titanic’s forward A-deck promenade was glassed in during construction, giving it a distinctive visual distinction from Olympic. The pictures of Olympic in later years are missing these dozens of giant windows. The pictures of Titanic at the time it was leaving its various ports (and the ones of it on the sea floor) have them. You can’t just make that change overnight.

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