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Watch Your Thoughts

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  1. silence the mind and pure intuition will bring you all that you need and much more….. there are sooooo many amazing NOW moments your mind could have never conjured up…

      • Yes sir! thanks for the shout out! Lets keep this truth train chugging! true true!!! I like your man up attitude my friend!

    • * I just saw this the other day…”Inner peace begins the moment you chose NOT to allow another person or event to CONTROL your emotions”

  2. I don’t think it will take long to get this all straight, actually in pockets of time there are brilliant and bright flashes of light that will go and lighten up the darkest places. Goodness knows when exactly, I see things straightening up in short order but I can’t predict when or where.

  3. Watch your thoughts
    They become words
    Watch your words
    They become actions
    Watch your actions
    They become habits
    Watch your habits
    They become character
    Watch your character
    They become your destiny
    Perhaps I am nuts but I swear I saw a Pteradactyl last week. The bird approaching was huge. I thought it was a bald eagle. I know there is one in the area so I was very excited to see it fly over the property. As it approached, things were not adding up. There were no finger type feathers at the end of the wings, No tail feathers. The wings were bummer-rang in shape from tip to tip and pointed at the ends. It flew as if jointed at the middle of the wing and it was cruising on the air. It is like nothing I have ever seen, I really don’t know what I saw, but it was a thought stopper.

  4. i have been reading up on a similar theme…. and the general message is…. to NOT try and control your thoughts (good,bad) but to just allow them. Do NOT react to the thoughts that DONT serve you well ( create anger etc..) Let it come and go….. if you don’t react to the thought… it looses its (perceived) power over you and… then another thought arises… hopefully from your natural innate wisdom.

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