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Weather Channel Helping To Hide The Geoengineering Assault

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24 2022




The Weather Channel Switches To Reality Shows

In the last two plus years, the “Weather Channel” has increasingly shown it is not so concerned about covering accurate information on the weather. Reality shows are now its main feature. In years past, whenever one turned on the “Weather Channel”, one got the weather. Not so any more.

About two or three years ago the first “reality shows” started showing up on the TWC. Perhaps this does not seem like a big deal to some, but for those of us that are weather enthusiasts, when we want the weather, we want the weather. I did not subscribe to “The Weather Channel/Reality Show Channel”, but it seems we no longer have a choice.

So Why Would Weather Channel Radically Reduce Weather Coverage?

All main stream media is in the hands of the global media empire, this includes The Weather Channel. The very same players that run the corporate/military/industrial/geoengineering complex, run the mainstream media.

The first step toward hiding the “elephant in the room” is to simply stop covering it. As the ongoing global geoengineering programs continue to decimate our planet, climate, and weather, there is less and less weather reporting on a channel whose very name would indicate otherwise. Weather Channel now does an actual segment on weather only about every third or fourth hour. The rest of their air time is now filled with an ever longer list of “reality shows”. The lack of actual weather coverage has become so frustrating for many, including myself, that I now often don’t even bother to look. Perhaps that is their goal.

How Is The Weather Channel Spinning The Weather They Actually Report?  (Between All the Reality Shows)

The weather around the planet is spiraling rapidly out of control, fueled by the massive and completely unreported climate modification programs, SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) and SRM (solar radiation management). The powers behind the geoengineering programs have certainly known from the start of these weather modification experiments that it would be necessary for them to also completely control all major weather reporting agencies in order to help “cover the tracks” of the ongoing geoengineering programs. They do this by “spinning” weather coverage from every angle in order to defuse the concerns of the population as they are witness to ever increasing weather anomalies and catastrophes. They have come up with new terms like “mostly sunny” which generally means no natural clouds in the sky, but rather horizon to horizon jet particulate trails, the “high level haze” and/or “wispy” clouds that are the hallmark of sprayed geoengineering particulate “clouds”.

“Heavy wet snow” is now a term commonly used by Weather Channel “forecasters” to describe the now all too common “artificial ice nucleation” snow storms that we increasingly see beginning at temperatures of 40, 45, and sometimes even 50 degrees Fahrenheit. As an “artificially nucleated” storm progresses, the temperatures typically drop considerably as the chemical nucleation process cools the surrounding air mass. One needs to take note of the temperatures as the first flakes fall.

When TWC meteorologists show a radar screen and point to areas of rain that is “changing over” to snow, a red flag should go up. Rain does not “change over” to snow at temps far above freezing without a lot of aircraft sprayed chemical assistance being carried out above the storm systems. The Chinese stated on the record they were “ice nucleating” rain storms to create snow storms. Certainly we can assume US/NATO technology is much further advanced in comparison to the Chinese. Indeed NASA holds a patent for this exact purpose. The list of weather modification/geoengineering patents is long indeed.

It is now common to see radar images showing incredibly large areas of drifting rainless cloud cover around the globe. This is especially true over North America. Some of these drifting cloud banks are at times a thousand or more miles wide and several thousand miles long from west to east. Completely clear skies with no “aerosol” clouds are increasingly rare. This is especially true of “blue” skies. This again is anything but natural and is also a hallmark of geoengineered cloud cover. It is the expressed goal of numerous geoengineering patents to do exactly this, create vast regions of artificial cloud cover. This is precisely what we see overhead on so many days in recent years. Even when there are no obvious geoengineering “grid patterns” overhead, this does not mean aerosol spraying is not going on. Grey featureless skies often provide cover for extensive spraying above the haze. TWC of course does its best to convince us all this high level toxic haze is just “high clouds.” The weather graphics and imaging which shows the “spray haze” makes their spin machine all the more convincing.

Keeping The Focus On What They Want You To See?

Though the land surface temperatures in the lower 48 have been far above normal in 2012, shattering over 50,000 high temperature records so far this year, TWC keeps the focus largely on other issues. As we enter the fall/winter season, they will rant and rave about some small patch of the country experiencing “heavy wet snow” with cooler temperatures, and neglect to give much or sometimes any coverage to the far above normal high temperature records which continue to add up. Of late, TWC forecasters have been working extra hard to make it seem like “winter” in spite of the record warmth around the country for 2012. This facade is further spun by the fact that the temperatures being reported around by the National Weather Service are now commonly several degrees BELOW the actual temperatures being recorded by independent monitors.

As winter approaches, temperatures will eventually come down, but the wild ups and downs will continue. This is again a hallmark of geoengineering/weather modification. Though TWC does occasionally mention the changing climate, you can bet they will never mention the fully deployed global geoengineering programs that are the major cause of the ongoing destruction our climate systems.

So Who Owns The Weather Channel?

Available information indicates TWC is owned by three main entities. Bain Capitol, the Blackstone Group, and NBC Universal.

In the case of Bain Capitol, articles relating to corruption and involement with the establishment power structure are too numerous to list. On the Blackstone Group, the Rothschild’s name surfaces at the top of the list. The Roshschild’s name comes up again in regard to NBC universal. In the case of NBC universal, there are other players as well. The media giant Comcast, and then there is good old General Electric. One could go into the rabbit hole still further in regard to the top of the ownership chain, but the point should be clear. Money, power, and control are the usual goals for all the players involved here. Total ownership of all major weather forecasting organizations is part of that power structure.

For the record TWC recently purchased “Weather Underground”, the last of the independent reporting agencies. What a surprise. Speaking of which, they also own 50%  of Pelmorex Inc., the Canadian company that owns the Weather Network and Meteo Media which have a standing in Canada equivalent to the Weather Channel in the U.S.

Is The Weather Channel Helping To Cover Up Climate Damage Caused By Geoengineering

Even NASA admits “jet trails” are causing climate change. 60 years of completely out of control experimentation on the atmosphere comes at an inconceivably high price. Though human activity has unarguably been very detrimental to the planet, this is not about Mr. Gore the hypocrite or his sham carbon credits, it’s about geoengineering and the agencies, like TWC, who help hide it.

Global geoengineering programs (which includes as many as 18 HAARP facilities around the globe) are decimating the climate, the weather, and the Earth as a whole. It has now become the role of TWC and other main stream weather reporting agencies to explain away the ever worsening climate and even more so to deny the reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs that are behind much or most of the deteriorating climate. See geoengineeringwatch.org

The Weather Channel, like the rest of the main stream media, is now generally little more than a source of mass distraction.

Legitimate reporting on weather and climate from TWC is increasingly being exchanged for reality shows, weather spin, and outright weather propaganda. Unless or until geoengieering is stopped, we won’t be seeing much in the way of “blue” skies, and we will all be witness to ever worsening weather extremes. Don’t count on The Weather Channel to finger geoengineering as a primary cause.


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Dane has a background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. He has been engaged in constant climate/geoengineering research for over a decade. His personal residence was feature in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California. Dane put all his focus, efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying. He also noted significant decline in forest health. Extensive testing and research into the geoengineering issue was commenced and has continued since 2002. He is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) to HAARP. He has appeared numerous films, and radio interviews to explain the environmental and health dangers we face on a global level from geoengineering. Dane lives in Shasta County, California.

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  1. Very true what the article says it is really more horrible if one only truly sits and thinks about it man playing god man defying god man deceiving god

  2. Surpise, the Rothschilds (city of London bankster criminals) invested in the Weather Channel in the last year.
    It was a takeover by the dark side.
    Act surprised that all of this is coming down.

  3. Most of the Pay TV shows are garbage. I get cable TV because I can not receive the digital signal by antenna , since we live in a river valley, though we did receive the analog signal before our area went all digital. We pay 25 dollars a month for the free air/broadcast channels, but for some reason they throw in the weather channel,speed and hallmark. PBS is the most watched by me in our family.
    The weather Channel used to be the go to for weather, but since all of us reading this post have internet we can get our weather through many sources that post them on the internet. This includes current radar-maps-forecasts.

    I remember when MTV came on cable in 1980 and it was non-stop videos for the first year. Before long it was just sex junk with shows about spring break week and no music video’s.

    As I am typing this my youngest son said “Finally we have a clear day without clouds”. I burst his bubble by telling him to look at the sky more closely and that he will see the Chem Trails crisscrossing the sky leaving a layer of overcast.

    When I flew out of O’hare Airport last week going south you could see the layers of brown pollution for at least 15 minutes. It wasn’t until southern Illinois/Indiana until the haze was gone and when we hit the Gulf of Mexico it was generally clear and no sign of Chem Trails all the way to Fort Myers. As Zen mention to me in the last Chem Trail Post they seem to be concentrating their efforts on the northern part of North America for now.

    PS- I just want to remind everyone that the heating of this planet comes from our sun. The core is heated along with all the outer layers. Without the sun our planet turns into an ice ball. The glaciers are melting from the bottom up. The weather manipulation i just a sinister charade that won’t even benefit the PTB’s.

    • They’ve made a right mess of everything. Dane’s coming out with more soon but the methane releases in the oceans are a mega bad influence on this phenomenon, which in conjunction with the chemtrails and HAARP idiocy is wreaking havoc on the ozone layer and the whole structure of the atmosphere – our layer of protection. Things could get much much worse very soon he believes. That’s not even mentioning the radiation, which the chemtrails also help to carry…nasty, but we need to know.

      • Don’t forget that the oceans carry radioactive particles very well. The Gulf of Mexico is still loaded with oil and chemicals. It has been 2 years since I was at Fort Myers Beach in Florida and the amount of seagulls,pelicans and sea creatures washed up on the shore after high tide at night is declining. The water coming out of the faucets at restaurants,hotels and our cousins place in Naples smelled beautiful compared to the crap I get from lake Michigan. There is a difference even between the water smell and taste in Chicago and Cook county suburbs than in Dupage county where I am at. The water comes straight out from the city to to town of Elmhurst where they put more chlorine and probably other nasty chemicals in.

        I have been getting stronger intuitional feelings each month to leave this area. My wife who never wanted to move before is also getting these same feelings. It will be interesting to see what lies in our future.

        When these chem trails, HAARP,GMO and the chemicals that are put into food and our water supply start to kill people in mass, the surviving clods will demand everyone in the large city areas get vaccinated. As I was in the airport a person had a carry-on bag that said “Stop spreading the Flu Virus- Get Vaccinated”. I can and never will see myself being stuck around people with this mentality when SHTF.

        They have made a mess out of everything, but I do believe when the PTB’s are gone, technology will appear- like out of nowhere- and clean this Earth up Fast.

  4. So why is the weather being modified in the first place? Why are the perps spending all this money and going to all this effort in the first place. I can conceive of no motive to trash the earth and its atmosphere.

    • The PTB (powers that be) want to eradicate 90% of the useless eaters (us) of the planet thus reducing the population down to an easily controlled group of slaves. Weather Modification would achieve this rather quickly, once all was in place, and engaged all at the same time. Every man, woman and child on this planet we call home, need to join together with one voice and say No More to this. They need to come together and thro anyone, anywhere who holds “power” and thro them all in jail for the rest of their miserable lives for their crimes against humanity. All Gov’ts need be eradicated. Peaceful people CAN self-govern! People do it all the time, and have done so since time began. I personally am tired of having some idiot say they represent me, when if fact, they don’t. They only represent themselves in furthering their own agenda’s, to make themselves rich, at all of our expence!!! The People of this rock we call home, need to wake up, and NOW!!!

      • I talked to 3 people today about this as I pointed out a huge spray going on. None ever noticed it even though they do it here almost everyday, some worse than others of course. All wrote down geoengineeringwatch.org and chemtrails in their phones to look up at home. One person yesterday. As Dane says, if we each talk to two people a day and they go on to do the same, it wouldn’t be long until 5 million new people will have been informed and had their eyes opened.

        Try to make that a goal. Otherwise we’re just preaching to the converted.

        I start by pointing them out and saying “have you noticed this?” or “do you like your skies engineered?” and then take it from there. Go softly as they’re in shock in most cases, like having a veil lifted. They always ask “why are they doing it?” or “what’s it for?” That’s when you can start with geoengineering and say there are tons of government documents about efforts to supposedly reflect the sun back to prevent global warming. Actually, the canopy they’re spraying is making it worse….if it gets that far. I wouldn’t jump into depopulation unless you get way down the rabbit hole over time. Also explain how contrails are ice crystals and ever since you were a kid, remember they were teeny and followed the jet and dissipated? The sun hit them and they dissolved. These stay up for hours….etc. etc.
        You never know who you’ll talk to and what energy you can release but helping someone see the Truth. I did it outside a department store, very casually, as I was filming the sky. Outside grocery stores is good, or coffee places. Anywhere works. Watch out for security cameras. Look for blind spots, or hit and run. Cheers (not just for you Mike, just wanted to share that…)

        • YOU CAN’T EVEN GET PEOPLE TO LOOK AT THE SKY, PERIOD! I once got off a bus, and the Fuji Blimp was a few hundred feet overhead, downtown. Those Lycoming engines are loud, and make a distinctive sound. I pointed at the sky (feeling like Captain Beefheart) and said, “LOOK! THE FUJI BLIMP!” Not one person looked up. They looked at ME, though, like I had escaped from Ward Eight. They had might as well be PIGS, who CANNOT look at the sky. They can, BUT REFUSE TO.

          • Not always, but I hear you. Have to pick em off individually without the heavily induced fear/peer pressure…

    • As I have read in various books – It is easier to control millions of people or less than billions.

      If you can not grow food in the prime growing areas on Earth for a few years, you will effectively starve the majority of people that live in the larger metropolis’s. People will beg for food and volunteer to enter survival camps. It is like a big puzzle and all of the pieces are nearly in place.

      Money is no object for them, they just print as much as they need and charge us minions interest on it to make us poorer.

      There are people in Power on Earth that don’t give a F— about people,animals,plants,Earth Etc………… it is a thrill ride for them and they can not get enough control and power into their lives.

      • Brzezinski said at a CFR meeting “It is now easier to kill a million people than to control them.” They don’t even try to hide it any more.

    • WHY? TO KILL US! We, all of us who are not them, stand in the way of their heart’s desire: TO OWN THE ENTIRE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN OR ON IT. They will not easily be stopped. They want to “do away” (so CLEAN sounding!) with all but 500 million, but I don’t see why. It won’t take that many to grow and cook their food, make their clothes, etc. I think they’re lying about the number.

      • Cheer up, things could be a lot worse, and they probably will be…ha! Rise above it with conscious knowing there’s SOOO much more to all this…;)

  5. I have always wondered about radiation counts not being displayed on our weather stations around the world? Talk about a cover up,


  6. When i bring up Chem trails to peoples attention, they think I am crazy! This is the problem with the truth, it’s unbelieveable!

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