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What Is Synchronicity?

by Zen Gardner
First of all, the mystical synchronicity mechanism just is. It’s a manifestation of the great conscious Universal Truth that underlies and drives everything with or without our conscious recognition of it.
To me it distills down to neophyte mankind uncovering clearly connecting events that supersede our mental understandings. And when we do it serves as an inspiration and continual wake up call.
To the ancients this was natural.

On Synchronicity

Here’s some interesting quotes:

Synchronicity – the unexpected merging of two separate events that are emotionally and/or vibrationally connected with each other that come together in outer or inner reality. These events are brought about by vibrational affinity, not through one’s own will.


In a deep sense, all of life is based on synchronicity, since we are at all times emitting energetic impulses without the conscious self being aware of it, and these energetic impulses find their way into the spiritual matrix of which we are a part, drawing to us those people, places, things, and events that will interact most fully with the energy we are sending forth. Viewed in this light, all of life is ‘synchronized’ with our readiness to experience.


The great mystery and beauty of life lies in this: that life’s unfoldment is exquisitely geared to our readiness to receive it. For better or worse, we are the co-creators of the great Mystery that represents the shape of our life.

Follow the Leads

We can only live and learn. That there is more than this matrix of societal interaction and worldly understanding has been ridiculed and marginalized for ages. Truth is we’re in an inter-dimensional soup we’re only barely aware of.

Learn to live and deal with that.

Stay fully conscious. That’s all that matters.

Love, Zen



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  1. Zen
    Synchronicity exists because there is only God. We are not moving towards a Singularity, It is always already the Case. Synchronicity is the proof. When it becomes clear that we do not live, but are lived by a Great Power, then Great Relief is our constant event, the Blessing Power of Life, you know, like You. The Singularity is becoming Evident, that’s what we call the Awakening. When That Which is Always Already the Case becomes common knowledge, the Golden Age will be upon us. Funny thing, It’s always been upon us, we’re just now figuring that out, or so it seems to me.
    with love

  2. I view synchronicity as a reflection. Like when you are standing in front of a mirror and you touch the mirror with your hand, the hand the other side also moves forward and comes to meet your hand.
    Well the same thing happens with two compatible entities. When one moves in a direction it brings forward the reflective entity, wether it’s a person, an object or a situation. It has to be reflective of who we are, reflective of our thoughts, energy etc…We can only attract which resonates like us. The higher the frequency, the more synchronicities.

  3. I have definitely noticed a speeding up of Synchronicity big time. It seems like everytime I turn around, something I need shows up, the person who can most help appears, a clearing occurs with negative energy, and a drawing is happening of people with high energy. Its all been completely overwhelming.

    Its almost anymore, like I do nothing… everything is being done for me. I show up, I do the best I can, and then something happens that finishes the job so I never have to worry these days about anything. I don’t get more than I need and I am happier than I have ever been with a lot less. I worry less, and am more “in the Moment” and more at peace than ever before. Now, how miraculous is that? nice job, Zen.

  4. Excellent, Zen. For some reason, synchronicity was not talked about much prior to Jung in the West although it has been known in the East a lot longer. It is real, scientific in the sense its phenomenon can be repeated by others, but not exact and mechanistic, a spiritual reality that reveals itself to us. We must all know those who set their sails by it hoping to catch a breeze.
    I had never heard Robert Cinque’s explanation of beings lived by a great power but that is a very apt description.
    In Hawaii, synchronicity or revelation is called ho’ailona. To be present is also called kina’ole, or

    “doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling…the first time.”

  5. Here is a new 20 minute youtube video which is basically a short radio show. The topic is how Israel and Mossad are the ones behind the fake anti-Islam movie, the killing of the US ambassador, and how they are using all of this to build up to a massive false flag attack which will be used to justify attacking Iran and starting World War 3.


  6. Mental synchronicity takes me back to time when I was younger and friends I would Jam a lot to the point were we would Jam out a song and my friends guitars phrases would match my drum paradidles on the first run through the song yet we never jammed the song before but we all knew where we were going with the song without saying a word. Now if we could do that on a global scale it would be checkmate for us against the Elites.


  7. My native american friend told me that it was the universe talking to me. For me they always seem to be little moments of great insight. Somtimes, they are big moments. It would be nice to be able to control them. I could use some insight right now – oh right, you just did.

  8. Thanks Z for the link – you will be keeping me busy today.
    What a GRE8T new find that is…

    Experiencing the Divine in the Ordinary…The great mystery and beauty of life lies in this: that life’s unfoldment is exquisitely geared to our readiness to receive it.

  9. okay here’s my favorite synchronicity moment today! For the past week I have been listening to youtube, a soothing music vid named; Merlins magic, it is beautiful and calming and today I pop over to Ickes site and see “Merlin” running for president, 2 minutes into the vid and I found my new Presidential candidate, here are the links:




    I also spend a fair amount of visualization time imagining a new, better planet that looks a lot like a modern camelot,..xxoo

  10. Thanks, Zen, leads me to thinking that in order to synchronize this Planet into the objective Planet of Peace and Harmony, there needs to be a mass consensus. If that’s the case, then how many humans must hold that thought, how strong does the desire have to be, and for how long before synchronization kicks in and the physical manifestation becomes the reality? Not too much longer, I hope.

  11. petunia, i can relate to what you are saying soo much! it is such an incredible feeling. I find myself saying thank-you quite often to this amazing universe. Just be like the tide and ebb and flow, that has helped me alot. peace and love to everyone….nice job,petunia!

  12. Thank you Zen…I believe that this one was directed at me, with all the quinky dinks, teasing and headgames…Starting to understand now…Thanks again!!!

  13. I know that we are being steered. I know that depending on whether we are souls or dark sides, we become instruments of God or satan respectively. I know that we are not the body…but live in the head.

    I know the machinations of the Elites and they have the power and technology to affect you. They can launch ideas straight into your head…with both flavors for individuals or the masses. They use the denizens in the eyeballs to control and lead you.

    People are influenced by invisibly planted ideas in their head. Some of these influences are not compelling and can be ignored. Others MAKE you move or obey. These have to be watched. The soul can discriminate between wavelengths and consistently follow those from divine sources. For the dark side, there is only obedience from superior dark sides they have their hierarchy) and from the same tribe or color (same dark side force in different bodies).

    I have been steered before, so I know they know how to directly ‘hit’ the right spot in the brain. They are skilled in mind control. So before you trust the source, question what is happening. The karma in this world is forced karma not past karma unfolding. When the guilty stay free because they can, and because the forces of justice are absent or powerless, one must be on guard. Whatever this synchronicity is about, do not be manipulated and if evil is not having a date with the hangman, don’t trust it!

  14. This comment does not set out to be demeaning but rather to illustrate. What attracts “Westerners” to Buddhism? Buddhism, oka The Ego or The Supraconscious, like its contemporary Jainism, oka The SuperEgo or The Subconscious, does not involve Divinity which then conveniently free its adherents to retain the ability to demonise from a divinic platform. A very necessary omission should one be an atheist desiring purity willy-nilly. When it comes to desire, however, there is no such thing as The Desire for Purity when The Purity within Desire is lacking [permanency].

    The fundamentalism behind “Western” Buddhists, the “Christian” hallelujahs and other religions is that they all talk about nice things whilst desiring nice things which are unattainable. Desires for Purity like, “The Sun Shines”, “We are Brothers and Sisters”, “The Sky is Blue”, and so forth. It is one thing to sound nice and be airy-fairy about Righting This & That but another when it lacks reality/empowerment – when it is of Religion & Religiosity [R&R]. Then, it is merely Of Knowledge, R&R being a mesmerising Tentacle of The Bookie, The Bookie being the One who profits from Disagreement. This is due to the fact that the knowledge which lacks empowerment is merely a religion – knowledge being the desire to own when its realisation/empowerment is lacking/unrealisable.

    Divinity exists but being Of Spirituality, The Divine cannot be attained via The Material. Materialism like “scriptures”, visiting some holy place, preaching, demonising, chanting/repeating some “holy verses”/mantra, colliding, stringing, and above all else, sounding very nice if not prim and proper too. When there is only R&R, the whole concept then devolves to being of Control/Ritualism, which is latently Abandonment/Licentiousness, that which is relative/transient/non-absolute being co-limits/co-latencies because human behaviours are not material/have no material limit other than its alterego/dichotomy/diametric Check & Balance.

    The fundamental reality which has eluded humanity’s quest for “higher” is that we are innately/principled by Divinity to being dual natured. Without addressing this reality, there could be no absoluteless/permanency of construction/singularity. But guess what humans then do? We try to prove to others [but never to self] that we are singular in nature, such attempt at futility being a quest for some, the more hypocritical and insincere the individual, the more repetitive the quest.

    Due to this impasse, Divinity’s solution is of perfection. Firstly, we are given a body to inhabit with almost all assuming that we own our body, a bad guess or else most would not treat their body as rented accomodation/a tenant. Secondly, we are gifted the ability to think to enable us to realise conscience with most assuming that they are their thoughts which is why Fame, Fortune & Immortality, the collectivised Tentacles of The Bookie, is able to mesmerise almost all, one’s Thoughts of The past and Thoughts of The future being symbolised by the 2 horns of The Devil, there being zero thoughts within The Present. Within The Present, you merely realise much like seeing, breathing and other autonomic functions, a realisation being variously described as “Yoga”, “Meditation”, Dreaming”, “The Eureka Moment”, “Inspiration” and other manifestations of Intelligence. When one is blind-blinded, seeing colours is merely the induced psychedelic state and not the colours one see via true vision. A Simplicity which Eludes is that without having chosen White instead of non-White [Black/Darkness being a myth and only “exists” when White/Light is absent], you cannot have real colours. This is why blinding the unaware is the first step Fame, Fortune & Immortality [FF&I] takes to institute its Grand Plan.

    Every real human has 5 dimensionalities, namely and in order of manifestation, Subjectivity/The Emotional/Conditional, Objectivity/The Material, Projectivity/The Intellect, Spirituality/The Real and [fuller/full/true] Humanity/The Instrument for realising/communicating/communion with The Divine. Should the above be true, without attaining/switching-on one’s spirituality, one has zero means of realising The Divine. Sight/Reality being of self and not of others/another/relativity, the path to attaining The Divine is about being empowered and not being of knowledge. Should this is true, bang goes preaching/informing. Reality/Divinity empowers through Sharing & Unity whereas Relativity/Humanity empowers through Exclusivity & Division. Without having switched-on one’s spiritual dimension, one is not only the blind-blinded, one has hindsight, insight and foresight too. With spiritual attainment comes the empowerment of the sense of absoluteness, the 6th and higher senses, the so-called “Vibrations”, which almost all talk about but are unable to define what it is. Just like “Cool”.

    As such, The Divine is not merely book knowledge/R&R/nice proses, and those who have received the gift of absolute discrimination/discernment are not only able to sense even The Bookie [who smells of putrefaction/decomposition], because the absoluteness within The Spiritual is not malleable unlike the lower 5 fundamental human senses, they cannot relate to others about their experience without jeopardising self and mesmerising the other. The individuality of the realisation ensures that Self Mastery is the minimum of minimum entry qualification to Permanency of Construction and there ensures that mesmerism cannot slip through. This is also where the higher you go, the harder you’ll fall should The Purity within Desire, oka Self, be transient, which then means that The Desire for Purity, oka Others/Another, or Fame, Fortune & Immortality, is still malingering. Afterall, should Divinity be of the highest, He-She must ensure that only the real could be a part of Reality. Put simply, you wouldn’t want your beloved child to be the overly complex, oka The Stupid, or the overly simple, oka The Dumb, would you and neither would you want any ole thief in the night to prowl inside your house either. The path to Divinity is therefore about choosing after being presented with real choices and is not about the favourite hymn of the pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, apparent choices being of the gamble in addition to being about enslavement/the lacking of freedom.

    Should your cup be always brim to overflowing, first ensure that it is filled with Benevolence and not Malevolence and when it comes to Benevolence, like Charity Beginning At Home, it starts and ends with self/Self and no other. This is because ALL are strung together like an unimaginably gigantic String of Pearls such that when one attains Self, then there will be no Other, all having Divinity refracted within their Spiritual realm. In reality, The Spiritual not only superimposes The Material, the Spiritual actually sustains and moderates The Material. Much like the intellect zooming off to Outer Space without first having uncovered Inner Space, most are trying to become others/relative without even trying to be self/real. Realise too that once FF&I has struck, the mesmerised cannot be awakened, much to the consternation and frustration of Conspiracists. When the individual is mesmerised, he cannot be awakened regardless of nice talk about “Consciousness” and other “Sun Shines”/Knowledge.

    Reality, therefore, is about being An Example/Self/Empowerment and is not about being The Leader/Another/Knowledge. Within Reality/Divinity/Permanency, the First always waits for the Last [because The Alpha & The Omega are One even though they are different, just like The Sun/Masculinity and Sunlight/Femininity] whereas within Relativity/Humanity/Transience, the duty of the First is to maintain the position of its Last. In this Blind Cockroach environment, which human has that much [blind-blinded] faith in his “leadership”? Witness, therefore, almost to a man, the leaders as they lead ALL all toward The Abyss whilst high-fiving and selling “insurance” at the same time.

  15. Help! I can’t seem to find the recent article which contains the link to a woman Sanskrit scholar whose name I also forget.

    It’s a very good link with at quite a few subjects zen Vedic sourced comments are offered on a variety of subjects.

    There was a story about Mozart’s healing music, his life purpose. i sure would like to read it again and have tried every search engine, key word/phrases, but nothing..

    Anyone remember where the link was? What article contained it?

    Thank you.

  16. We are all connected, to one another and nature. It’s just that too many people don’t feel it. And the ones who don’t feel this, are the ones who still believe in the ‘God-Myth’. For when one lives in the fantasy world of religion, one has separated oneself from reality and one can’t feel anything about what is actual.

    • We are connected in 2 ways
      A) A connection of the dark side which is the invisible satan that steals bodies belonging to souls. Big dark sides can have their own bodies. There are tribes of dark sides denoted by colors possessing the human race. These tribes unite to play games, fight against other tribes and together make war on souls to ensure that it is themselves who control those bodies. These tribes are all connected in consciousness while still being hooked up to satan. Thus, they are horizontally integrated across the surface of the globe. Like vibrates with like, and the overwhelming number of victorious dark sides controlling human bodies, gives us the all-seeing eye of satan. Presently, however, satan and disciples have lost power. Their all seeing eye is getting blind. Their psychic net is evaporating. Soul people are stirring, once more!

      b) Souls are the usual owners of bodies. They have lost their original state because of the darkness within and the complications that being’s lifestyle entails. Souls are suppressed by the dark sides. Thus they merely live like asleep witnesses, keeping the body alive for satan to use. They are too few and are reared in captivity. There is no inter-connectedness between them….except when they meet (or SATSANGH). The connections they experience are vertically with God through intuition and in being instruments or gateways for God expressing on Earth, limited by individual freedom from darkside influence.

      There is the strawman darkside which lives not only the qualities of its substance, but also the programming given by education/media. This is a cultivated dark side.

      Now, what connection is it that you are experiencing with others?

  17. Synchronicity is the norm. When something synchronistic happens, it’s like the Universe is letting us know that we are on the right path. The distractions of the world are meant to keep us off it, wandering round endless cul-de-sacs.

  18. Great work on this site, Zen. I feel the video linked to below will resonant deeply with many of your viewers. Titled “The Occult Aspects of 911”, this information has never been presented before and it is like opening up the gates in terms of revealing the hidden, underlying occult symbolism which propelled the
    monsters who committed the 911 atrocities. It is
    highly esoteric, but easy for anyone to follow and
    understand. Takes the concept of ‘inside job’ to a whole new level! Check it out here:


  19. I’m learning more and more about synchronicity all the time. First heard Max Igan from thecrowhouse.com talk about it in his radio broadcasts. It’s a wonderfully reassuring phenomenon when it rears it’s lovely head. :)

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