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America taught the world to be manufacturers. We honored the ingenuity of those who sparked the industrial revolution. We filled our country coast to coast with factories that gave meaningful jobs to the  people.  People who could feed their families till their bellies were overfull and live in a nice place with the wages they were paid.  But we gave it up.
We gave it up by encouraging the factories to leave America behind to set up in other countries with grand tax incentives for leaving their dedicated employees in the lurch.  Gone are the venues of production that gave us a tangible way to dig ourselves out of any economic problem.  We allowed it to slip through our fingers until it was no longer available when we needed it.  We could have stopped it.  We should have stopped it.

America taught the world to be farmers.  The great expanses of arable land within our borders fed many of the hungry of the world.  Our reserves of grain kept us assured that we would not starve, and that we could afford to feed our families.  But we gave it up.
We gave it up by depleting our stockpiles to drive up prices.  We gave it up by allowing big agribusiness to buy out the independent farmers and then pollute the soil – as well as our bodies – with genetically engineered, patented seeds, protected by the government who should be looking after the interests of the people, but don’t.  We could have stopped it.  We should have stopped it.

America taught the world to be innovators.  If the encroaching future presented a problem, we put our heads to work and created something that helped us leap into the future while overstepping the “problem”.  Nothing could stop our forward march.  There was a future of promise for our children.  But we gave it up.
We gave it up by being contented to sit before the television for more hours than we speak with other humans each week.  We gave it up by being contented to purchase the distractions, the toys that were dangled before us instead of carving out the spiritually fulfilling lives we can have.   We gave it up by giving our children over to the “public schools” (read: training ground for future slaves) where they learn to repeat, not to think.  (The point is not what you can remember – it’s what you can DO with what you remember!)  We could have stopped it.  We should have stopped it.

America taught the world freedom for the people.  Generations of us  grew up knowing that those around us, those who were “in authority” were limited in their power by a document – cherished as the only governmental document that mentions happiness as a God-given right  – that says that we may speak, follow a religion, move about the country and in and out of it, publicly air our grievances and opinions and be secure in our homes and persons without fear of interference by the government.
We were the shining example to the world that when given such freedoms a country flourishes by the works of its people.  We became, as a country, rich in scientific knowledge, rich in the arts, rich in athletics.  We also became rich in economy, which, unfortunately, took reign over all other riches.

Will you give up your freedom next?  Will you stop giving your opinion because someone may hear you say it and report you?  Will you stand in line to be groped or shown naked for the privilege of boarding a plane – or entering a prom,  or walking through a mall, or driving down the highway, or….?  Will you limit what you say in an email because you don’t want to set off the NSA’s email reader?  Will you choose another religion because the one that feels right to you isn’t on the approved list?  Will you take the pharmaceuticals because natural remedies are outlawed?  Will you eat the poisons because it’s against your town ordinances to have a garden in your own yard?  Will you take the chip in order to buy or sell?  Or will you say “NO” at any cost?  Some things are worth standing up for.

And will you take the best of whatever led us to this mess we are in today, throw away what has proven useless and add new ideas for the future?   It’s up to you.  It’s you who will be affected by the outcome – either way.   It won’t help to say, “We should have…”

Dan and Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and hosts of the free podcast, “Still Surviving with Dan and Sheila”, both available at  survivingsurvivalism.com.  For information about their survival community, or for other questions, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com



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  1. I find the whole “America taught the world” thrust of this post to be really quite offensive. Do you really honestly think that America is the only country in the world that has understood and lived these principles?

    Perhaps that is the reason why the foreign policy of America has been able to give rise to such evil and corruption over the past 50 years. After all, if you are labouring under the illusion that you are the freedom deliverer for the rest of the world, you will fail to see how your government has foisted the complete and exact opposite on so many different countries.

    • I agree, Sue.
      “America the great”.
      What nonsense.
      Arrogant and near-sighted.
      Most Americans havn’t got a clue what’s going on outside the Home of the Slave and Land of the Fee.
      Home of inovation….
      Only if the inovation fitted in with the machine.
      “Free thinking”….
      What a good idea.
      Let’s have some.
      “Rugged Individualism”….
      Oh, dear.
      What a world….
      It’s “upside-down, inside-out and back-to-front”.
      It’s everywhere, but I do find the way that America sets itself up as the be all and end all, totally offensive.
      They’ve a long way to go.
      As all nations have.

    • Good points, Sue. I was a bit put off by that recurring theme as well. Sometimes I feel rather ashamed to be a resident of this country…

    • Thank you for saying that Sue. The only bit of it that was true ( the original American constitution really was a new thing in the world in its attempt to protect citizens from the government) is Americas greatest shame – they just wasted it – it’s gone. All that remains is a country of the stupidest, most parochial, insular and blind people in the whole world. I would be deeply ashamed if I was american. Under the control of Israel they have become a nightmare blight on all people everywhere.

    • also agreed, what many of those of the blue collar refuse to recognize is that many of those factories were busy building a massive war machine. even when they weren’t, they were stripping the earth of resources and polluting the air & water with filth. america & england before it for the most part, manufactured death & left sickness in its wake. and for what? was it worth it in retrospect?

      as far as the Con-stitution is concerned, if anyone were to read the history of the drafting & ratification of it, specifically the stories of the Anti-Federalists, one would see that its lofty ideals were doomed from the beginning, due to the deceitful & crafty machinations of certain so-called elites who wished to ensconce themselves as the new ruling class.

      this is not to say that all is doom & gloom, but rather to encourage us to kill all of our darlings that we hold near & dear, for that is the only way *something* that doesn’t follow repeat the course of *his*tory once again can be birthed.

      less jobs, more work.

  2. I agree we have to (as in the old Fastway song) Stand up – and be counted !!!

    We showed the world the way GreatBritain I mean industrial revolution,free trade,freedom of speech,so much of the blueprint of the modern world.

    America has equally showed the world the way and in the same way you have we’ve thrown much or depth in producing,manufacturing,resources away to 20 years before America did the same.

    Our economy rebuilt on finacial services and public and service sectors,fine in the global boom times but we’re seeing now how flimsy foundations of paper truly are.

    Once a nation of the dynamic,bold,talented,creative,free thinking,eclectic,innovators what have we become…

    Suckered unwillingly into the European experiment guess which country played by the rules while the rest bent them to suit themseltves ??

    America seems bent on a similarly self defeating path.Jobs,industries moving overseas to maximum profit.Importing cheap and losing the skills when the homegrown talent cant compete simply down to the bottom line.

    Don’t let it continue like we have for so long.

    Made in Britain once was a byword for quality.

    Dönt allow made in America to lose its meaning !!!

    Don’t let it get to the point we have

    Austerity and quantative easing arent any use when you need foriegn investment to creat the jobs required to make hints of growth into a recovery.

    And dont,dont,dont vote for coilition.lol.

  3. I agree with the sentiment of this article. It is a wake up call, however, the feeling I got when reading it was that it was primarily about America.

    In the few times I went to America, I was shocked by the short-sightedness of so many people I met. It was as if there was no real world outside the borders, only playthings and exploitables. Yet there were many wonderful, warm people there, especially those who lived on the land.

    But WALKING to the local supermarket raised eyebrows and often there was nowhere to walk, cars had space but not people. Should you happen to speak to someone who worked in a shop (sorry … store) there would be gasps all round.

    Some people lived in myopia, on organic salads in glittery ghettos and others eked out an existence in drifting groups wherever they could find spaces to sit down. Their worldly possessions were nearby, bundled up in discarded supermarket trolleys. And that was twenty years ago.

    So sad. So many wonderful people in fear-induced isolation and compliance.

    I’m not saying this does not happen in other countries. It does. But it is easier to see when it it not what you grew up among.

  4. The world used to celebrate artists, musicians, poets, writers. Now we celebrate business men and women with our “celebration levels” a direct function of how many millions and billions of dollars of fake toilet paper fiat currency they earn.

    Some thirty years ago the world cried when John Lennon died. Last year that same world cried when Steve Jobs died. We cried for Lennon for both the person he was and what he represented and stood for. For Jobs, unfortunately, the world cried for the technology he created and nothing more. And so it goes.

  5. The idea of America was sold so well to Australians. When I visited America it was everything I’d imagined and more. It was like being in a movie or Tv show everywhere I went. I realize now, that I was programmed by Tv from a young age, to idolize America, and during my adolescence I did. I know the anthem, the pledge of allegiance, the famous presidents, the sporting teams and heroes, the movie & tv stars, the cities, the history, all from Tv.. I still love America and I want to see it become the nation we know it could be. Its looking bleak, but if they want their nation back, they certainly are capable of turning the tide.

  6. This was played brilliantly by big corporations like Ford and GE. Wait out the collapse until you can get over qualified people to work for much lower wages because there unemployment ran out, then look like heros because you brought back jobs from China! And classifying me as an us in America as as Sue says is offensive.

  7. Remember when shoes were Made in America? Now, the basic construction is a cheap carbon-copy that quickly falls apart. And the clothing offered for sale looks like what I’ve observed in circa 1990s Poland.

    Last trip abroad was ’07 for 5 wks. IF I could somehow force myself to coalesce w/ TSA, would have to imply nationality other than American.

    Know that European countries have been economically and culturally brutalized in recent years, but often wondered how Americans could process their freedom from threat of healthcare bankruptcy and return with same attitude of American exceptionalism.

  8. Nationalism was sponsored by the Elites so they would have a stable captive market and economy…. while expanding the thrust towards global hegemony. There are no countries and nations as organic entities. All ‘countries’ serve the Rothschild/khazar circle.

    Believing this created greatness of America and the lapsing of American oversight…..is a false description of what took place. It was all the conspiring of the Elites. You would probably want us believe that America and AMERICANS are fighting these wars in muslim countries because of 9/11 and their love of freedom! We actually know why!!!!!

  9. “We filled our country coast to coast with factories that gave meaningful jobs to the people” …. to manufacture …. “the distractions, the toys that were dangled before us instead of carving out the spiritually fulfilling lives we can have.” These 2 points from the article seem a bit contrary to each other. Maybe we shouldn’t have given ourselves over to the factory jobs that eventually eroded everyones basic survival skills and caused mass dependency on a system which is now cutting everyone loose.

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