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When Society Breaks Down

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by Zen Gardner

It’s not nice out there these days. While the wake up rolls on behind the scenes, the charade of projected insanity on the world screen only grows worse and more surreal as the world is pushed further and further from any semblance of sanity and truth.

It’s a dangerous time.

This distended polarization has become so extreme something has to snap – and soon. The danger will increase exponentially when that happens as people have become essentially psychotic to put up with this bullshit bombardment. As a result, everything will be on the rebound when the dam of lies breaks and all these infected minds stretched to their limits begin to snap.

All by design. Brought to you from the minds of psychopathic entities that feed off of all this. Whatever you do, don’t take their mind under any circumstance. Fear is the tractor beam. Stay clear of it, even when everything breaks loose.

Dazed and Crazed

I don’t mean to emphasize the negative here, but this is a reality we need to be well aware of and not get caught up in. I’ve been in countries during martial law and emergency situations and it’s no fun. People really freak out. Fear goes on a rampage, rumors spread like wild fire. When you hear gunshots, I mean big guns, and machine gun fire in the streets, and local establishments get trashed and set on fire, the frosty, false illusion is likewise smashed and the reaction by the mass mind is not an experience you ever want again.

My youngest was born at night during curfew hours in Iran when people were routinely shot. This was during the uprising just before the Shah was booted out and Khomeini arrived in the late 70’s. We had to have a police escort to the hospital which wasn’t easy to arrange. We would have left Iran earlier as the violence escalated but no airline would take my wife being so close to giving birth. So we had to wait until he was born, while several jumbo jets were flown in to evacuate the Americans in Tehran. I was just an English teacher and editor so we weren’t on “the list” to get help anyway.

Even then, after the birth, the US Embassy wouldn’t give us a passport for him unless I could meet all these inane requirements such as proving I was in the US over at least so many years before the age of 21, which at that time would take a document being mailed from the US. The postal system was on strike as was most everything in Iran and the phones were shut down periodically, as was the power. All hell was breaking loose. We got warnings under our door that they were going to sacrifice an American for the coming Islamic holiday.

We were very near the University when the whole movement started and angry students were all over our area. Not a comfortable time, especially as the south of the city was going up in flames and the slaughter of the demonstrators by the Iranian guard was happening almost every night.


Black Friday massacre – Tehran Sept. 8, 1978

I Hope You’re Getting the Picture

You might have seen these kinds of events in movies but to experience them first hand is a whole other story. Most Americans have not experienced anything like this. It was several generations ago that saw the last real tough survival conditions in the US. That’s partially what caused my parents’ generation to become so materialistic as they had enough of this scarcity and war and worked their buns off to create a prosperous environment.

We know that was manipulated but the common man was motivated and ingenuity abounded in this American work ethic atmosphere.

The majority of the US population and that of many other prosperous countries have no idea what those conditions are like. Third world countries experience basic hardships on a daily basis and have seen a lot more in their lives that has toughened them up to some of the harsher realities of life. Americans get upset if their game is postponed or favorite TV show is cancelled. I mean people call 9-1-1 if their local fried chicken isn’t available. The place is nuts.

All they’ve known on their own soil are self inflicted wounds like 9/11 and all these staged shootings and bombings to justify the oligarchs’ wars and crackdowns. You can be sure whatever brings on martial law officially will be more of the same. Just as they have imploded every country they’re occupying in the middle east they’re doing the same to their own citizens – financially, mentally, physically, socially and politically.

While it’s as plain as the nose on their entranced collective face they just refuse to see it.

As Mark Twain rightly said, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” How apt.

The Rest of the Story

To finish my story, the Embassy refused to give us a passport until we met these unmeetable conditions. You may have read how the US Embassy was completely inept in how they handled the whole thing, and we got to see it up close and personal. As I exclaimed to the Vice Consul, “Don’t you see what is happening here?” with my arms outstretched, as if on cue several clips of machine gun fire rang out just a block or two away. It was surreal. I stared at him as I pointed to the open window where the sound came from. He didn’t budge.

We came back the next day to try again, hoping to get someone else. Sure enough the Vice Consul had gone to Isfahan, a city in southern Iran, and the next in charge said when I explained what happened, “What? This is ridiculous!” and we had a passport in about 10 minutes. Bless her, she was sane. Within a few days the five of us made the last flight out to where we were going, getting through a very confused airport with our basic belongings and heaving a huge sigh of relief once the plane was airborne.

As for the Vice Consul, we heard the next day in the news that he had been beaten up in Isfahan by an angry crowd. That was the day after refusing us. He wasn’t killed but had gotten pretty roughed up. I guess his wake up was getting a little jump start.


All That To Say…

It won’t be pretty when it happens. The Iranian people had seen a lot of suffering under the Shah, which began when the previous ruler was ousted by the U.S. CIA to gain control and oil rights etc. That and overtaking the banking system and other natural resources is their ongoing standard operating procedure.

So the Iranians experienced a kind of continual, institutional martial law, much like the U.S. is experiencing like a creeping paralysis, but the reality hasn’t kicked into the American consciousness yet. Same with India. I was there during Indira Gandhi’s “Emergency” when she grabbed the reins real tight, and the Indians rolled with it. Life is fragile and one day at a time in India, even though they’ve become such a powerhouse. Reality smacks you right between the eyes there, there’s no escaping it.

Americans? For the most part they’re blindly insane comfort cravers. They have insane eating habits. They have insane, insatiable media cravings. They have insane ego-centric materialism centered lives. They promote and condone war without knowing why except for what they are told. And they insanely defend a fundamentally freemasonic cryptocracy with some vague notion of ideals without knowing what anything even means.

Thankfully there’s a growing swathe of those that are awakening with many wonderful people trying to improve things, but those psychotic symptoms exist in varying degrees in an all too large majority.



The list of insanities is a long one. You know the drill.

It’s been bred into them. Those who don’t wake up are extremely infected, whomever or whatever you want to blame. The onus is on them for falling for it, as it was on us until we snapped out of it and started to take action. But beware, as each day goes by the infection worsens.

Why do you think this zombie meme is so prevalent?

Be prepared is all I can say. If you’re gonna stick it out there you’d better be ready for anything because it ain’t gonna be pretty, especially in the big cities. Obviously some will react more rationally and responsibly than others, but when these types of unravellings happen things get seriously out of control. Especially with the majority of the population suffering from an abject psychosis.

At least band together with loved ones and community. I’ve been exploring possibilities for some time and you might want to as well if you’re so led.

I just want people to be mentally and spiritually prepared. If we do that consciously, the physical preparations will come naturally.

Don’t fear. But don’t be ignorant either.

Much love, Zen



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  1. Fantastic inside looks at what you went threw and I dont mean that with glee, just very well written to provide a in depth visual ,,shesss Zenster must have been a real shock with the US Embassy not giving you a Pass port . wow ,, such a young lad . The best advice is those that have lived it . Thank you Sir .

  2. Excellent essay Zen. We live far out in the country and are pretty much self sufficient; grow our own food etc. I just can’t imagine what sort of Hell will evolve in the metropolitan areas once the thin veneer of civilization is worn through. I must admit some level of sympathy for those who live there and who will be blindsided by this oncoming train. Like shooting fish in a barrel.


  3. Excellent article Zen – so many in my family are intentionally blind. It’s not like they don’t know… it’s like they know and can’t handle, or if I press it, they do the God will take care of me conversation. So I’m the nutter in the room but it’s all good. They will look at it if they have a glimpse of hope on the other side… some way to get through… something to hold on to. I love them and feel for them – feel for all of us.

    Thanks again – great offering of your personal experience.

  4. Thank you Zen for sharing. This has been on my mind lately about the community I live in…FEAR. Those non awake, not prepared people are crazy enough to me. Add some martial law, guns, fear (and HUNGER) into this mix…Wow. I remember how folks acted last summer when the power went out for two weeks and people had limited water and gas. It was getting Scary. Peace and Love for the months ahead.

  5. ZEN you’ve witnessed so much. You’re a fine testimony to enduring through love — there is just no other way you could be the beautiful person you are today. Thank you for sharing your light.

    I live within an earshot of a police shooting range – ain’t no shortage of bullets in Connecticut me thinks. NY and Bean Town are obviously ‘prisoners of there own device’ (such a lovely place) – we saw how well behaved everyone was after their “events”. I think everyone here in CT has already stocked up. local gun makers are just redesigning their firearms to meet the new specs! what a joke! I’m not sure where I want to be when and if all hell breaks loose (we don’t arm our 5 year olds up in the NE) . Where are the most reasonable police? I guess that’s where I want to be …. “under the sea…..”

  6. Zen, thank you for the message of love, I really appreciate all that you are doing for all of us; it is felt with amusing radiance of love. I have to agree completely with you regarding the US situation; It is ugly as ugly can be. I was nowhere near as your experiences encountered in Iran/India, but growing up in a broken third world country was no picnic either. Our experiences, really what we are discussing here is physical survival, will be the determent if we make it post martial/war times or not along with our loved ones. The insensibility, the apathy of most Americans (so it seems) in regard to human life (other than their own) along with their thirst for blood (what passes for justice here) is despicably inhumane; I don’t say this in provocation, I say it with heavy heart at a lower frequency. It is by design as you know that violence is so embedded into our “entertainment”, and addictive behaviors. The perception of strength and power is often mistaken for muscles and guns, love and care as faith and tax write off donations, and satanic offerings as justice served. Our hypocrisy is bar none, that I am aware of, and that is why it is so difficult to admit what we truly are. It takes humility and truth (the raw kind) to realize how dark and disconnected we truly are as a nation (we are not exclusive); all for the sake of our precious lifeless possessions. That off the chest, I see hope here; there are many who are consciously awake even though the typical sheeple is the prevalent majority. No we are not “holier than thou” culture, heck we consented into empowering and releasing the beast lose, and now suffering repercussions of the Archon’s army, in fact that is the nature of this post; it is coming quickly to a neighborhood near you, for some already has arrived. I have no doubt we are being hoarded “for our own safety” while being misled into oblivion. A combination of confusion, depravation of resources, and constant instigation will be the catalyst that will bring about change, to create the necessary dramatic change “they” seek. Drastic change for our biological vessels is not the desired choice, as gradual adaptation is what most is comfortable with. Change is here in the now, what I place my love and focus is into the awakening of millions as the proverbial hits the fan. Many will wake up running, as we scramble to survive another day, many will lose their footing, and many will give up all together, and some will become violent hunters. The universe put me here, and I implicitly trust it that it will provide me with the necessary tools and resources for my next phase, in that I lay my life; I consented to that. Much Love as always..

    • Yes, Gustavo. The latent potential you point out in the US is exactly what they fear the most. Hence the heavy drugging via water, food, vaccines, chemtrails and the like, and the encircling of the fascist wagons they’re pulling now to contain what they know will be the response. I probably should have highlighted that more but I referred to it and implied it. There is always life and always “hope” as much as I don’t like that term since it’s been so manipulated.
      The main idea in that article was to convey the dynamics of the reality of when it happens, which I can see you grasp. I just happen to have lived through those experiences and it gave me a much more realistic perspective I just had to share. One thing I didn’t share that maybe I should have was almost being torn to shreds by an Indian mob during the “emergency”, when Indira said there were “foreign elements” at this event I was attending that “were trying to take her down” and the mindless throng moved in on me and my friends. Were it not for an Indian policeman wielding a giant wooden rod, sweeping it in a huge circle like a burning torch as he escorted us to a rickshaw that hurried us out of there, we would have been toast.

      Your perspective is what I was talking about. Having lived overseas many years it snaps you out of the insulated American experience, and all for the better, yet the Siren of the great harlot keeps on seducing. You come back after years away and it’s a shocker. Your being a transplant you have this knowledge built in and that’s a gift. Most have no idea. Keep that beautiful heart free and clear, brother. You are the revolution. Abracos.

  7. What a compelling look at the world without the rose colored glasses so many still cleave to, despite increasing slippage as the cracks in the foundation of the forced illusion grow longer & wider. In my travels I also have seen the face of staggering poverty and despair on the faces of the starving and disenfranchised souls unfortunate enough to own such a karma. Perhaps in another incarnation those who now have it the worst and hardest were the ones dishing out the misery…perhaps this is their karma, knowing what it feels like for thousands of days without end? Perhaps such is the karmic fate awaiting those who now seek to enslave the entire world. I wouldn’t want that karma. what goes around, comes around! With my luck, I’ll probably be there to see that shit go down as well. From what I hear, Hitler is currently enjoying an incarnation in the mail room of a slave trader in the Orion system. I sincerely hope I’m around to see Dick Cheney get his karmic retribution, him and about fifty others…well, perhaps I could be just as happy just hearing about it! I think it’s about to get real interesting around here.

  8. People need to heed your advice. I have long despaired about USA , painfully I may add, becuase I had important times there and met good, open people, like those who communicate on this site. But in the background of my feelings was that sense that this is white men imposing their weird ideas about modernity and materialism upon an ancient and deft tribal culture who were streaks ahead of their white murderous oppressors in almost all areas that really matter. And overarchingly – in that area known as ‘wisdom’. They didn’t even understand ‘ownership’. My God, what a terrible tale it is. Now the remnants of these once proud people sit it out in ‘reserves’ or ghettos, as all around, the ‘God fearing’ American trashes what’s left of that once rich, river strewn landscape. Tread softly, in moccasins -v- stamp brutally, in jack-boots. How deeply distressing. Yes I know – just another colonial adventure, just another grand gang rape, just another case of savage ignorance riding rough shod over all that tries to stand in its way. But to be able to stand up and say “I’m proud to be American” is just asking for a mssive karmic kick in the rear end. And that’s what’s coming as Zen so feelingly communicates. Now its ‘you guys’ who are going to land-up in the ‘Reserves’ and howl through the chain fencing as the next swathe of ignorant tyrany ‘does its job’. My England subjected millions to this same form of cruel oppression all over the planet – and still tries to hide behind a veneer of polite civility. But I ‘am not’ proud to be British – because I know too much and care too much about this world to allow myself to wallow in national sentiments.

    We need to understand what we have done, or allowed to have been done, and be genuinely humbled by it. That is the first lesson. Without that there is simply no way of going any further along the road of becoming human. One must be sickenned – almost to death – by the carnage that speaks through the ‘Stars and Stripes’ of the national flag. The crossed lines of the Union Jack. Out of that initiation – and it is – comes a flicker of light which leads where it will, if we are brave enough to face the truth. Please forgive me if I got too long and verbose..

    • I’m in tears dear Julian. You broke my heart, and I hope many others, with that breathtaking appeal to heartfelt conscious awareness.
      I feel silly trying to put this into words.
      You exploded the sky.
      Crushed by the profundity, your brother in tears, Zen

    • I’m so in tune with what Julian says. Growing up in South Dakota where ‘drunk Injuns’ weren’t allowed in our town, it set me on a path of seeing things and I haven’t been able to shut my eyes since. Thank you Julian for saying it all !

    • Julian, Living on the other side of the world to the England I was born in, I dare to reach down through the layers of the earth here and feel rooted. I did not have an easy childhood in south London, that’s British understatement, you understand and I hardly felt at home there at all. Even so, when I read recently unembargoed news about what really went on in the second word war and just after, as opposed to what we were led to believe, I felt so sad, so betrayed.
      That old news helped me understand the purpose of the cultural meatgrinder children and adults alike were put through.

      I’m truly impressed with your courage and tenacity to get through the even tougher conditioning you must have been subjected to – compared with us council house kids.

      The sky is cyan bright today… now is all there is. Blessings to you.

  9. I am so glad you were able to get someone to get you and your wife a passport! (hugs)!

    I don’t know what to say to all of this madness going on….I don’t want to give up on people, though…. Damn, this is all so crazy! Words fail me.

    • Don’t give up on people, ever. They’re captives, mind controlled slaves of propaganda, your own family. We’re trying to identify the problem and help them do so as well. Let your heart be your guide.

  10. Very powerful Zen and oh so true. I too have experienced violence but on my own doorstep . In Britain we euphemistically call it “Anti Social Behaviour”, we were told by our helpless local police force we were in the wrong place at the wrong time and were too moral ??? !!!!! ( We stood up against something being done to an elderly woman) The violence was bad enough but it was the collective psychosis of the people who were not our friend’s and did not know what was happening to us that was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced . We lived in an affluent so called middle class area which made it at the time seem even more bizarre. When people are faced with fear on that level they retreat into the hive mind and are able to be manipulated totally .On a bigger scale.all government’s now use the Hegelian Dialectic to rule the” mob” The riot’s in Britain were a prime example of this, they were engineered to create the problem the politician’s wanted to solve in this case to bring about low level martial law to test the water, (sound’s familiar? I was thinking Boston.). Predictably people here clamored for curfew’s and a more visible police presence , interestingly a leading politician said this will only be done when you (the people) ask for these measures to be instituted . Very clever , so when we do have martial law our wonderful poiticians will then say” But you asked for this !!!”. The zombie meme is just part of the predictive programming agenda “They”, the shadowy figures who truly run our world love to play with us by putting in plain sight just a glimpse of what they feel will be our future. The violence that happened to us coincided with another cataclysmic event in our life. So what did i learn from my experiences ? I feel I was being given a great gift spiritually, all illusion fell away totally, I woke up !!!! On a more practical level I am now aware of how thing’s can deteriorate to the lowest level possible even in a place we think of as safe. I now feel I have been prepared for pretty much anything that is thrown at me Every thing happening in our world now is part of a greater spiritual battle but on a temporal level.It does not mean we have to live with our head in the cloud’s and be solely “spiritual”. Being spiritual and practical work very well together and as you say Zen the physical preparation’s will follow naturally if you are consciously mentally and spiritually prepared. I now live in a beautiful remote area. We have a loving kind community, I am truly blessed I am now totally “in this world but absolutely not of it.” There is a quote from the Bible I think is very apt, ” Behold , I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves . Be ye therefore as wise as serpent’s and as harmless as doves” rather apt don’t you think !!! xxxx

  11. What an experience, Zen! Such a young protector of a very young family! Getting cleansed by walking through a bonfire it seems? I am moved by your determination in that situation. I agree with the others that experiencing that at such a young age must be one of many reasons for the amount of love that we all feel here with you.

    We would love to finally get out to some land and just be. That has always been our goal. We are not quite there. Depending on how fast the clock ticks, we may get there or not. We can taste it though. We have some skills and nature has always been our retreat. We can run to the mountains (hopefully) and make do. We would find peace there, at least! For now, the very edge of the suburb is better than in the thick of it.

    All in due time. Take another step, meditate, reflect, and just be. I just listen to the laughter of my children and those friends that call me Momma. That is what it is all about for now. Planning, but not fretting. I have been through enough that I just smile at it all now. This life has been interesting. If I have made it this far, then I am surely going to handle the rest – one way or another.

    Much love, everyone! OH, and there are crystal clear blue skies here today – no chemtrails!!! It saddens me that I find it so strange. Still finding joy in it, soaking the sun, and feeling the breeze. What a world! Then a cargo helicopter flew right over the busy interstate with me as I traveled home. Been seeing their presence more and more as of late. I am sure it is just practice… or making us comfy with the idea??? Bah, sun is shining! All is well. :-)

      • Awe, shucks, Zen. You make my blush. Hugs back to you… as always! Thank you for this garden, by the way. It is my home that replenishes my soul on certain days. There are no words for how your words, the beautiful garden, and all the souls here help me.
        Well, nothing but blue skies for now… and a little daylight left to enjoy it. The most amazing thing… is that opportunity to have sunlight hit my skin and the breeze dance with my hair. I only wish others knew how important those feelings are. hmmm??? It never gets old! Makes me giggle and cry. 😉 Much love!
        Julian – if you see this. Some of us just want to be there when some of these souls wake up to see the fence around them. To console them… let them know that it will be okay. The vision I get in my head is helping those souls heal. The good news… no fence around me yet in the visions. We shall see…??? Life’s mysteries. :-)

  12. Thanks Zen, beautiful and powerful post, so thankful you were able to get out of that city. You are so educated and worldly, and so very special to so many. God Bless You Zman! Thanks for sharing this…for all of us that have read your site for many hours, this puts the teacher into a new level of awareness…:) Namaste!

  13. I have a hard enough time still trying to deal with my own emotional/mental damage, i got off the SSRI dope cause i knew this was coming but its still such a mess upstairs.Fear is a strong addiction.
    Good luck people

  14. As always, Zen speaks the whole truth. I lived through a similar experience on a hurricane-ravaged island. Everything was destroyed, they opened the prisons, and we hunkered down in groups with guns, food and water and survived through two weeks of hell and chaos. By sheer chance and outrageous luck, our group had a Vietnam vet amongst us and he taught us the most important lesson of all: how to control fear. Unless you are killed outright, if you master just that one thing you will come out of it a whole person.

    • I am so very glad one of my brothers was there to share that critical wisdom with you…and eye love your avatar, Would that be the 3-eyed raven?

  15. Heh dear brother Zen – these are seminal moments in a new comprehension of what love really means. Soul mates are meeting, sharing, laughing, crying. Its a beautiful thing – a beautiful thing dear friend. We are greatly nourished. Much love to all those generous beings who frequent this burgeoning garden!

  16. To all here in this fragrant garden and especially Zen……………..

    We create so much tension in ourselves by buying into the view that we have to meet some
    external concept of perfection. We strive all the time to ‘better ourselves’,
    to improve ourselves and to become ‘other’ than what we are now.

    Within the wholeness/holiness all is as it should be.
    There are no imperfections, no mistakes. We are very hard on ourselves.
    We feel incomplete or guilty about being who we are.

    Please be compassionate towards yourself.
    Nobody else is in the privileged position that you are in – to experience life exactly as you do.
    Nobody else could do the healing that you are doing – of the world – as you heal yourself.
    You are unique, wonderfully unique, yet vitally connected to all that is.

  17. This planet is going to die. It’s on the death panel. We are being abandoned to our fate. I’m not afraid. All I can do is reblog beautiful wildlife pictures on Tumblr & cry inconsolably on occasion. There’s nothing we can do, but they’ll milk us for last few coppers they can get because of it. That’s fine. They can have their stinking lucre. I don’t want it.

  18. Dear Zen, I always read your posts and I love them. I ‘m sure you know a lot. But in this case although you were in Iran, you speak about this evil revolution like mean stream media does. On this black Friday in Tehran only 90 protestors were killed. If you want to tell the truth you should know the real facts. I know Wikipedia says 3000 people were killed. But it isn’t the truth. Killing 3000 people is a rumor.( In my opinion even killing 1 person is not forgivable). At that time that you try to escape from Iran, I was 10 years old and I lived with my parents in Tehran and couldn’t understand what it was going on. My story is long and I can’t tell it in this comment. I left Iran 10 years later and now I ‘ve been living in always cloudy Germany. I ‘ve noticed that nobady really knows what hat happened in Iran. Nobody knows what is going on there now. Actually they don’t care about that. People around me know Iran either from Arabein Nights or from TV. Both are wrong. This so-called islamic revolution was an hoax. Surely you know better than me what NOW what did in Iran and what they are planning to do there. Do you know almost 90% people in Iran wished Shah were in Iran now? Iranian deeply regret doing the revolution. Peace and love to all.

    • Yes, it was manipulated like all these color revolutions – it was the kick off of creating the atmosphere of Islamophobia which they’re feeding off of now and using to justify this whole phase of hegemony and mayhem. I didn’t want to get into all that, it was more to share the atmosphere of what it’s like to be in an unhinged situation. Would love to hear more from you on this. You can write me thru the site. Yeah, up to 3000 is what wiki said, I didn’t know the real numbers but I know there were a lot of killings going on. The fire in that cinema in Abaddon where they deliberately blocked the doors was another horrific event that got the atmosphere there really cranked up. There were 70,000 Americans in Tehran I was told, so much military and defense contracting and the rest – it was an American satellite so what happened there was designed to happen for sure. Drop me a note, would love to hear more of your story.

  19. What you say is congruent with what i have been saying for several years as I see the development of a dystopian society. What is your source of the opening photo of the four horsemen? I would like to obtain permission to use it in a book. It is now my computer screen saver.
    Thank you

  20. Zen, your article is intriguing in that you have somehow survived the American cultural juggernaut – enough at least to write this article, but how did you survive this cultural behemoth for all of those years since Iran , 1978 (mass media, unparalleled consumerism, fragmenting reality and society – just to write a few ideas); or is that material for another article?

  21. soliel

    Yes indeed – quite agree – so much to unlearn – so much to learn. So cheated by our ‘education’ in the UK.
    I am from the school of hard knocks – well its tough when you in it – and beautiful when you come out the other side. Nice to hear from you – write again!

  22. Zen, thank you for sharing this story. The amount of courage and trust in the universe, you and your wife must have had through that ordeal is astounding. The protective mother in me thinks, maybe we never know what we are capable of until we are faces with protecting our families. I truly hope people find that inner strength in the times ahead.

    There is a storm brewing. I have felt this for a couple of years and made preparations for my family. I feel at peace. I think the job now is to help others through their fears, because there will be a lot of that and we all know desperate people do desperate things.

    Off topic: I would love to have a dinner party for all of you beautiful souls!

    • Wouldn’t THAT be a blast!!! If only…but maybe we need to step lively and do so some crazy, unboundaried actions….????? Hmmmmm Love you Carla – mega hugs… and what’s for dinner?

  23. Hello Zen – et al:

    I’m not an advocate of violence – EVER. But, like Gandhi, I believe in the right to defend Self and loved ones when threatened. In order to do that – and be an effective LightWarrior too – it is necessary to stay alive, frosty and functional when UGLY Hits the Fan.

    Because reality checks are necessary in order to do this, I offer up these two items (CAVEAT – not fun reading):

    1. One Year In Hell…Surviving a Full SHTF Collapse in Bosnia

    2. On Combat

    While the info in both of these may be very off-putting for the more tender sensibilities here, these ARE discussions of real-world scenarios that are NOT made-up violent movie scripts we can walk out of the theatre to avoid experiencing. They may well be coming to a theatre of action near you . . .

    As with Zen, I’ve lived overseas in a ‘third-world’ place. Violence and murder, night-time firefights in the neighborhood, lawlessness, barricaded homes, locked and loaded transits : all were ‘new-normal’. It was THE biggest eye-opener for me, ever. One day I was a wide-eyed American ‘having an adventure’. The next, I was in another reality – one that bit down HARD if you got stupid.

    It was also the most alive, connected, and appreciative of LIFE that I have ever been.

    I spent three years overseas in Africa, learning day by day how to ‘roll with it’. It was especially interesting since I was an older single foreign woman in a land filled with tribal/race/culture/color/gender-driven conflict. Not only did I survive, I learned to be absolutely present with ‘what is’, to be aware and alert, to deeply rest when I could, and to trust in a Higher Source for both protection and inspiration.

    It worked.

    And now, not much gets to me when it’s ‘crunch-time’.

    No. I’m not callous or hardened. I cry just like the rest of you. But I know how to hit the deck and stay clear when my life – or the lives of those I love – depends on doing just that. Which is a critical skill in any emergency – natural disaster, man-made issues, war, etc. The bit about dealing with fear in one of the posts above hits the nail on the head. Action in the face of fear is manageable – once one has faced it squarely.

    I say all this because we are headed for something that few here in the USA can even imagine.

    Be clear: reality check info may save your life, that of your loved ones, and your own sanity in the face of a kind of world you never dreamed you would experience first-hand.

    Prepare your Self so that you will be able to continue to function and help others, stay strong and hold up a light for those who have lost the way, and keep it together until we get through the darkness. It means biting the bullet and facing the unspeakable.

    If I could do it – you can do it.

    May Creator Bless and Keep Safe Every Wonderful Being Here in Zen’s Garden.


    • Wow – I’m writing you aside from this, but that is stripping it down to the bone. The enlightened will hear and be strengthened. The others pass on and meet their fate, sad but we tried to sound the alarm, they only mocked.
      We do our job, Universe does the rest. But as you so eloquently said,

      “I say all this because we are headed for something that few here in the USA can even imagine.

      Be clear: reality check info may save your life, that of your loved ones, and your own sanity in the face of a kind of world you never dreamed you would experience first-hand.

      Prepare your Self so that you will be able to continue to function and help others, stay strong and hold up a light for those who have lost the way, and keep it together until we get through the darkness. It means biting the bullet and facing the unspeakable.

      If I could do it – you can do it.”

  24. Great article. America has become an embarrassment; a land of lost virtues. The majority of the populace will be having a rude awakening when their toys and luxuries are ripped away, along with their bare necessities. Oh well, they succumbed to the programming and bought into the lies and deceptions. You would think that many more would have awakened to the nightmare by now. The writing is right in front of their faces. This is not going to be pretty.

  25. OMGeeee…… You are so right …. As an antidote to all this crap going on even here in the Worlds most fabulos Wellfare Country I decided to watch the “Green Beautiful” movie and boy did it make me wish that I could/would be on that wonderful Planet!……

  26. Thank you for sharing your captivating story. What a beginning your youngest had. I’ll bet he’s as tenacious as Mom and Pop.

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