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When the Odds Seem Overwhelming – Deconstructing the Great Normal


by Julian Rose

The awakening process has its deeply cathartic moments. That is inevitable. It’s a bumpy road. As we gain insight into the grand deceptions of the matrix, so the direction of our own lives is thrown into greater relief. The choices become more stark. There’s no longer any compromising middle ground left to stand on.

The harder we’re hit, the deeper we have to go to find an answer to the seemingly overpowering state of affairs that manifests itself all around us.

On some days, it seems there’s nowhere left to turn. No light can be found to relieve the pain. No thought succeeds in lifting the weight of darkness.  These are times of trial for those human beings who pit themselves against the torpor of mass serfdom to demand the manifestation of something   so much better. Something called Life.

I have felt the force of this madness – more than once. Many have. Our sun seems trapped in the underworld of a long parched night. Our soul transfixed to the dark side of the moon. Nothing appears to be moving to free us from this cavernous eclipse.

‘Crisis’ must eventually stand at the door of all those driven by the desire to manifest a greater destiny, yet are still caught in the web of the deceiving matrix. One foot in truth and one in illusion. If neither is lifted the soul is rent in two. Yet, in many ways, this destruction can be our salvation; our last chance saloon.

During human crisis the dice is rolled according to another hand; our old familiar control mechanisms are paralysed and gone  – barring the ancient survival instincts. Yet even then – this crisis remains our greatest hope. Perhaps the only tool left to wrench us out of ‘the great normal’ and put us on a track that leads to the other side of the abyss – to our real selves – the real world – the extraordinary.

So it is with society today, where the rules of the game are tightly fixed on the criminal code of a deadly status quo and the players thoroughly infected with sterile normality syndrome. Only a crisis can break the chains. Yet, oh how the confrontation is resisted! Oh how the voice and fire of cleansing love is so readily repressed and hidden behind a barrage of petty  indulgences.

The forces of darkness behind the matrix master plan have laid their plans well. There is always Prozac to help resist when the unsettling demands of truth get too insistent. It’s a Prozac World today. The ‘great normal’ is easy to maintain with the help of Big Pharma .. and the bottle. So while they remain the greatest sellers the crisis can’t even get a look-in. It’s beta-blocked out of existence.

The matrix masters know this only too well. It’s their work. They act against the cleansing fire of crisis. They work against allowing even a chink of light to manifest itself. It’s for this reason that forces are marshalled against Countries like Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal dumping the Euro and quitting the Eurozone. The paymasters don’t want to lose control over the payers. Insiders are put in place to douse any impending fire. Mind control is employed to slip the dumbing down message into the unwary neocortex.

Then, as we know, the big banks ‘aren’t allowed to fail’ – at least not as long as we the taxpayers remain so willing to bail them out and keep the bosses’ bonuses in permanent uplift.

Wars are not allowed to end. Their perpetuity is in the interests of keeping the fear button pressed firmly down and thereby ‘the great normal’ held in place. You see, we are supposed to accept all these dark debased acts as ‘normal’. Most do. That is the great secret weapon of the control system.

Certain ‘deviations’ are allowed of course. We can get our kicks from a thousand tricks – and our energy sapped by a thousand acts. But that, as Orwell and Huxley knew so well, is all part of the medicine prescribed to ensure that rebellion remains tethered to the spot and ends up devouring its own tail.

We need to break this mould – now. That is the job of light workers. We are the one’s whose task is to pierce the veil – and announce beauty and abundance beyond. It is we who are to beat the path to that place. Not just ‘our’ path – but a path that opens the way for other travellers to journey with us. And we need not cower at the road blocks set to halt our march. Each one is a test of our courage and determination. Each one overcome adds a greater depth of strength to our quest. That strength is needed now – more than ever. For it is our lot to stand in defense of the innocent who are caught up in the chaos, not just in defense of our own needs. Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in  this service to humanity.

And if it takes a crisis in our lives to get started – then so be it – there is no avoiding a rite of passage if one is fully determined to tread the road of truth. I have good reason to believe that dark nights of the soul bring forth shining knights of the heart!

So jump to it! Now is the time to mount our steeds! Let our horses galloping hooves scatter the criminal cowards of the great normal! Don’t delay for fear of your life. The only death we truly should fear is the sterilization of the God in the Human – for that is the goal of the purveyors of darkness. Let us pass through the darkness and emerge out on the other side – transformed and ready to take-on whatever the death purveyors can throw at us.
Julian Rose is an early UK pioneer of organic farming, a writer and international activist. His book ‘Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems’ can be purchased at www.changingcourseforlife.info . His forthcoming book “In Defence of Life” is to be published later this year.



Julian is one of the pioneers of UK organic farming, commencing the conversion of his farm in 1975. He joined the Soil Association board in 1984 and campaigned vigorously for the widespread introduction of organic farming methods at a time when this system was not known. Julian achieved notoriety when he brought a cow up to London (Hyde Park Festival of Food and Farming) and demonstrated vociferously against a government attempt to ban unpasteurised milk. Julian went on to develop his farm as a mixed organic enterprise selling all its main produce locally, while refusing to sell to supermarkets. He developed a theory of local production and consumption which he named “The Proximity Principle.” His advice has been sought by local authorites, development agencies and government and he has spoken in the British, European and Polish parliaments. Julian has written and broadcast extensively and has just completed his second book “In Defence of Life", about the radical changes needed to bring new hope to society. He started his career in drama, but took-on the Hardwick Estate (and Baronetcy) on the premature death of his brother and father in the late 1960s. He is an environmental activist, holistic thinker/actor and a defender of peasant and family farming traditions throughout the world.


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    • What a good aricle, made my morning coffee so refreshing! Thank you:-) i know will get through this phase, and those who choose to get out of this heavy matrix, they will!! We are free

  1. Julian , for me the best article you have written here.i know all too well of the darkness St John of the Cross describes so passionately in his Dark Night of The Soul . You describe our spiritual journey so beautifully it took my breath away !!!!! This came at the perfect time for me and has uplifted me so much (synchro again) love Kitty xxx

  2. Great post Zen. This is a topic that’s been gnawing at me a lot lately…”its the latest trend”, “the world is dynamic; you have to adapt”, “we have to adapt to the changing environment/climate”, “shape in or shape out”, “adapt this, adapt that”. And all this time, no one says “hey, stop. Maybe if we stopped chemtrailing our skies & fluoridating our water, then all these ailments/problems will go away”. I guess Mike Adams of Natural News was spot on when he declared in a recent post that we are in the thick of a zombie apocalypse. I wonder how a sane human being can nonchalantly be busy staring in to their i-whatever screen as their 6 year old son is watching & singing along to a music video of almost naked men & women doing soft porn on a screen in the same room. I witnessed this and when I asked the person whether she didn’t find it inappropriate, her answer was “its normal” and promptly went back to more brainwashing by the i-whatever screen. In as much as we truly want to break this parasitic matrix and expose its devilish purveyors I reckon in such instances its better to just let sleeping zombies lie because most of them are beyond redemption anyway.

  3. Beautifully phrased….eloquently expressed and 100% accurate….fabulous sentiments and wise directioin….love it.

  4. Just watched this wonderful video on hemp farming, and all the things its good for. Have to admit I had no idea not only is it comparable to steel, but lighter and stronger. I’m sure this isn’t news to most here, but I thought it a good video to sum it all up in under ten minutes folks could pass on to people that have no idea such a good for Everything crop exists.

    Be Safe,

  5. Thank you….
    Last chance Salon reminded me of Stuart Wilde as I remember he wrote an article about it….
    Well, it looks like we are here…just entered the dark and dim Tavern and it takes time for our
    eyes (soul) to adjust ….and we feel unsettled, uneasy, fearful even, ….
    As the eyes start adjusting and we start seeing other dark figures around the place …
    And, after more adjustment, we see the figures are other people….
    Others of like mind and we realize…… we are not alone….and we have found real friends.
    In time, we shall be there to welcome others, knowing they will feel unsettled as they also will enter into this strange dim tavern….
    A place they have not entered before, …but after…they will be eternally grateful that they did.

    (currently, I have just entered the tavern, I am adjusting…am scared,
    but something within…like a scent….keeps feeling like ‘FREEDOM’….
    This, I must follow, no matter how scary it seems, even if it be baby steps.
    Bless each and every one of you on your journey through this portal of time…G

  6. Julian, what a beautifully written piece!

    You covered the dark truth without being doom and gloom.
    More importantly, you reminded us that we have the power to change things. I have felt that I may be a lightworker. If not, I still hope to act as one in any way I can.

    Thank you for your inspiring message!

    Sending light and much love,

  7. I agree with Kitty, Gustavo and Annabelle but, Alananda, i think that (were he still here) Mr. Alan Watts, for all his brilliance and insight, could learn something from Mr. Julian Rose. It’s called informed, compassionate truth-fired action.
    Thank you Julian – I had to dust off my battered old Thesaurus to find a word that means more superlative than superlative…. erm ….. incomparable… matchless (nowhere near).

    This is truly a great piece of writing.

  8. I am very moved by your comments dear fellow travellers – a great tonic to prime the creative pump – We are all in this together – and offering each other love and support provides heart warming fuel.

  9. Dark times indeed. Just had a pain in the neck yesterday. – Someone I know a little. Told him to leave me alone because he threw pebbles at me last weekend while I was meditating in nature (he often disrupted me there). First he tried to ignore what I said, started another topic. But I stood my ground. “Arrr, you can’t know, you were sleeping… You bloody liar! Freak! …” – “Just shove off and never bother me again. And tx for dropping the mask.” He went fucking mad. People were staring at him. 😉

    Listen, you fucking ghouls out there: If you cross my way, I’ll kick your rotting ass into the void! 😀

  10. This essey gives validation to thousands of people, suffering these painful throws of being re-born -as this phenomenon was called by Jesus; when coming back into one’s own Authentic Self after the seduction of our Spirit that was done to us -each and every one of us. Thank God,that we even are given this possibility to be re-born back into our own Me’s! Don Miguel Ruiz (“The Four Agreements” , Mastery of Love) calls this whole process of the seduction of our true being “The Domestication Process” quite accurat, methinks.

  11. Downey: I don’t understand… Colonel Jessup said he ordered the Code Red.

    Galloway: I know but…

    Downey: Colonel Jessup said he ordered the Code Red! What did we do wrong?

    Galloway: It’s not that simple…

    Downey: What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong!

    Dawson: Yeah we did. We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willy.

  12. “Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in this service to humanity”. Yes Julian…so true.

    Excellent article…so well written….encompassing…comprehensive.

    Thanks Julian and Zen for puttin’ it on.

  13. “The only death we fear is the sterilization of God in the human”, this is beyond brilliant. I can’t thank you enough Julian for this post. Everyday is a Herculean feat to hang in and not give up. The gems of posts on this site help me to hang onto HOPE. I gotta believe that we are going to make it, just gotta for my son’ sake.

    • Gotta see it transcendentally – cuz the physical’s gonna crumble, you can pretty much count on it, at least for a time. The world’s interconnected and interdependent – by design – like never before in recorded history.

  14. I’m by no means a fanatical Christian type, but I am reminded by this article of how the life of Christ and his disciples was constantly challanged by “crisis”, that repeatedly brought them to new levels of realization, of reality.

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  16. Julian, amazing!!! “This crisis remains our greatest hope”- The collapse of all these horrid systems the so-called powers put into place to enslave us will bring about the opportunity to build our interdependent and loving home. It will be ugly as it all falls. And yet, there will be beauty there as well. No matter if I participate in the aftermath… I will smile as their systems fail and fall. Much love to you, Julian. Thank you for such amazing writing/thoughts/emotions to fuel my heart and spirit as the body and mind carries on with stuff. :-)

  17. Thanks for sharing a motivational topic, i could do with the refuel . From the comments here, it appears there are too many adults in this forum.

    Alananda prescribed Allan watts for Julian, but we all know what he would say about Kali Yoga, all this is normal, and its just the universe making waves, and waves have to rise and fall. And ofcourse the more we do nothing about it, the more likely it is the wave will no crash anf fall.

    But then he goes, what kind of waves would you like, is it the type that goes up and up and up, never comes down, then all of a sudden crash!!, if it is really Kali Yoga, then the world is just making waves, so there nothing to worry about, just go with the flow, cant have the smooth wihtout the rough, no ying wihtout yang, no mountain wihtout a light side and a dark side.

    I am pretty much quoting what Mad Dog Allan Watts would probably say, after watching too many of his vids on youtube in the last 8 months, never heard a person speak like that before, there is a sense of honesty in his wisdom that makes his speeches all the more easier to digest.

    After a few months listening to the guy, i finally worked out the question i always had about the guy, and it is, Allan watts does not preach morals, just mysticism.
    So i learnt i had to hold on tight a bit when i listen to him, wihtout letting go completly, after all mysticism is helpfull, but its not morals. And as he said, both are usefull, they just not the same thing, and he Allan Watts does not teach morals.

    There is a sense in which the moraly inclined, could demand as a reward for its effort, that things always go the right way, and the mysticly inclined on the other could as Allan Watts suggests see himself as wave traveling along with the ups and downs the universe flows with him.

    From that i gather that, if there is a sense in me that the world now is not alright as it is today, then i am not getting the point of it all, or have become too attached as Eckhart Tolle would say. Eckhart Tolle is another great youtube find, few vids but worth it.

    I fear that any sense in which i want to fix the current world situation could be Ego talking, but i am compromised in this belief by the fact that i still have to earn
    a living therefore engage myslef in attachment, you know the mystic with a day job as they say Gurdjieff thought.

    Freedom is what it is as the set me free of truth, and as i peel away at layers, you guys just highlighted me another layer i might want to peel away to mahe me freerer.

    Its now a game of identifying the layers, and crossing those layers as you make your way out of the matrix towards freedom.

    The layer of the topic of this thread today , maybe i can summarise as spiritual response to the situation.

    Should that spiritual response be focused at fixing the situation, or should it become free by tackling the view of going with the flow of whatever the universe is doing, cause this is also freedom, freedom from tension, from fear. Krishna Moti said, you wana reduce your fear, reduce your pleasure, the two are linked.

    So this days when i see obstacles, i am thinking should i be bringing it down, or looking to be from from what ever it does, up or down.

    The question for me then becomes, how do i see a world where i can go with this flow wihtout worrying about it, Allan Watts says about this that, who are you
    that says you Mike, you move your hands , digest your food, beat your heart, and you say your name is Mike, comon who are you really!!!!!!

    Eckhart Tolle put it best in a way that i never quite gathered from Allan Watts when he said, to discover, you need to operate in binary, regualry swithcing between Mike and who you really really are, one way of this he said, is by spacing out your thoughts on purpose, then you start to catch the longer wave of thoughts, they have more meaning. Cause as Allan Watts said, if you use your mind like the average person, youd have nothing to think about expcept thoughts.

    Krishan Moti said the type of sleep you have at night, or even dream, is related to how much mediation, or mindfullness you were during the day,

    I heard this on Mobb Deep rap, we already in space, and heaven is here, not in outer space, depends what thought waves you wana tune into, the long wave that requires mindfullness or the short wave, where you have the pleasure to chnging your mind when the thoguhts get boring.

    So far on the long wave, i am finding it easier to see Allan Watts point on this topic of the blog, which is to go with the flow of whatever the universe brings,
    For this flow ,Eckhart Tolle recommends you tune in to the long wave of thoughts, cause they match a more real picture of what the universe is doing where you are NOW, so that
    you can flow along with it.

    Allan Watts said, adn when you do this to a point and you notice that there is synchonocity between your mind and what your enviroment is doing, its cause you are the same ONE body throughtout the entire universe, but you cant see that on the short wave of thoughts.

    Mindfullness to Freedom Could lead the way out of the matrix and into the Flow.

  18. I agree.I keep reading about acceptance and allowance and divine timing, etc. etc.But when you are surrounded by sleepwalkers who CANNOT STAND the light coming out of you and will do anything to deny the HOLY SPIRIT,JESUS,THE TRUTH,and want to continue to sleep in a world devoid of anything that will challenge their comfort zone, then you gotta rock the boat a bit.Shake up and wake up!

  19. Jaska – you left out this “Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in this service to humanity”.
    Without the ‘giving’ element neither the ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ ways cut the ice..

  20. Thank you for the inspiration. It reminds me of a monologue from’A sleep of prisoners’, a play written by Christopher Fry in 1951.

    “The human heart can go to the lengths of God…

    Dark and cold we may be, but this
    Is no winter now. The frozen misery
    Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
    The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
    The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

    Thank god our time is now when wrong
    Comes up to face us everywhere,
    Never to leave us till we take
    The longest stride of soul men evr took.

    Affairs are now soul size.

    The enterprise is exploration into god.
    Where sre you making for? It takes
    So msny thousand years to wake…

    But will you wake, for pity’s sake?”

  21. There are many who like to believe that one can achieve all that is necessary by taking the ‘inward view’ – letting the heart lead. However, most fail to gasp that the nature of the struggle we are up against today is both an inner AND an outer one. For example, the struggle to prevent GMO from entering the food chain demands taking ‘outward’ action. In certain cases , literally scything the crops. But the awareness that makes one recognize the destructive nature of this product comes from an inner conviction concerning the sacredness of nature. It is always both.

    That is why I can’t really agree with those who appear so adamant about the overriding veracity of internal empowerment; such empowerment amounts to nothing unless it is then applied to physical actions that demonstrate service to greater humanity and a willingness to play one’s part in staunching the neglected wounds of this bleeding planet.

    • Rt on…some are still getting to the point of action .. if they proceed in truth they will get there although it should be almost immediate if we’re truly conscious and aware..the full understanding escapes many, esp when “the hands refuse to labor” and we choose not to go further…having guts and courage of conviction is rare but it’s there…I expect more to show some pluck really fast…love you Jules, you’re a gr8 example and truly walk the talk…

  22. @Julian

    Thanks for the topic Julian, Alananda prescribed Allan Watts, so thought i’d save you 8months of reserach like i did.
    Mostly lazing about watching youtube.

    after my last post, i thought it important to put things in perspective, cause looking at the intresting topic, i felt the need to make

    regards my views.
    Cause i saw your interesting topic, and felt the desire to make a controbution, but intially i did not know what to say, but i wanted to make a contribution.

    Then i found that allowing the spirit of the desire to conbritute to take control was the best way, you can probaly tell by now that spirit cant spell much.
    Cause there there was no intellengce on my part in that post, it came out like one would for example, sneeze. And it was in reponse to my intentoon to make usefull contribution to a good project.

    I thought it important to mention the sneeze part , cause this morning, i just said my first delibrate prayer fully conscious of mind prayer in a long time.
    when after about a day since my last post on this thread, the thought occured to me again, asking me my memory of the sneeze that became my last post on this thread.

    It was the intention to contribute, or maybe a micro prayer if you prefer, sitting there at the keyboard, sneeze, and then its over. After realising that infact
    i submitted to the spirit of good desire to make my last post, i said the prayer “May i aways have good intentions”, since it seems these intention have a way of manisfesting themselves, thought i’d give you guys a heads up, cause that was a strange feeling this morning, or its just another synchronicity.

    I forced my aunt to listen to Allan watts, she enjoyed it, i think a bit, then she said, but he is more likely to be able to preach to me than her.
    Soon after i had to release her from the experience whilst she was still being polite about it.

    I had to mention this cause, there is sense in which my last 8months of research was just dumbing myslef down, Allan watts admits this too.
    Cause its all simply about intentions and what manifests, is the technology of the cosmos, not the mind of any man as we know it.

    Cause as they say, we all know that, thinking is one way of avoiding the truth, truth probably being, there is nothing to grasp, no methods to learn in order to
    be the best you can be, as long as the intention is there, and of course as long as that intention itself does not become a desire.

    In short, i just learrnt again this morning that, its good to exercise, explore the power of positive intentions, cause they have a habit of manifesting.
    I was hardly around, till i stopped typing the last post i made here, so ofcourse i had to read it too, and in some cases learn from it.

    I have always been shy to explore the power of intentions, so i try to be clever by seeking knowledge, so that i can gain method to do it myself.
    Both this morning again, again, i keep getting reminded that at it best, a good relegion or practice, at its very best, when refined toi maximum, a good practivce will have no method
    and nothing to preach.

    Cause its all about that most primitiv of powers called intentions, so that our world is the manifestation of the cobined intentions of all its people.
    all here ands now

    And maybe if you dont like part of what you see in the world, you can develop a conscious intention, and nuture that intention, with some attention
    and maybe enough people doing this, it can speread like a virus. As you know all technology is designed to showcase tip of ice the berg of what the mind is capable of.
    So teching up good intentions to spread through the people you know like a virus just might put a bug in the matrix. Some kind of mystical virus experiment for anyone looking for a glitch in the matrix.

    Cause sometimes when my inner most drone is in charge, even Allan watts sounds like driblle, and nothing but a whole lot of noise, and uneccesary complication of trying to explain something that is a “NO THING”
    As Allan Watts would say, the presenter of radio show will taling about everything, but digpgram of the speaker via which his sound reaches you.
    So on occassion when i am tthat diapgpram of speaker, Alln Watts sounds like drible. All i have to do in that state is communicate with intentions, atleast for as long as energy allows me to keep that orbit.

    Cause you see where i come from, i dont think ill find a little people to impress with Allan Watts, cause they deal the language of intentions, and any words you add to that is the act of one, who like to put too much sugar in his coffe, try to sweeten something that is pleasing already.

    Only in recent years did i realise that is why in my area, poeple’s regular speech and conversation sometimes sounds like a prayer session, cause they keep adding in
    in statements that are effectivly prayer into conversation, can be confusing and quite frustrating conversation if you not used to this sort of people.

    The language of intentions is humans first language, it cant spell, and any words added to desribe what it is, is out of context with its doing in the moment you decide to do that analysis.
    So this is mostly done out of fear, so that is how technology of the physical world started, as result of fear.

    When we finally overcome that fear, we will not be so squimish of the jungle anymore, not cause we would have aquired new knowledge that makes us more comfortable to share the ground with
    the graass and the ants etc But i think its cause we would have been transported into a state of mind where we have ZONED out past all that, and this num to the feeling of a rat walking over your leg etc.
    I suspect such as state of mind is what must have been normal in very ancient times.

    Cause ifd you bored for long enough and there is nothjing you can do about it, some fundamental concepts start to clikc for you. You reach a state of mind that is way out compared to our norm today.
    That is why i am starting to think, when man finally really returns to his roots, even the ipad never mind electricty will be allowed to come along. Cause what technology did for you, you know do with intentions.
    So that Rather than designing the vermin out of your enviroment, you simple overcome the fear of it, or if you prefer flow with it. And everywhere this was not done for last 10000 years, is probably why the world is where it is today.

    This morning i learnt again, that altimately there is no usefull wisdom other than that which reaches you by itself, and all you have to do is keep a rythym of good intentions, and when you find that
    hard to do, sleep, or have some hagindaz ice cream.

    So most importantly ,since what you say or intend often has a habit of coming to pass, this morning i used the opportunity to pray for good intentions.
    No wisdom required for any of that. And any steps we take to enquire into its details as philosophas like Allan watts did, we have to admit we did it for pleasure
    and not for education, cause ther is no ediucation that is usefull, until you create people that can not do wihtout it. then you can make a lot of money or even steal a lot souls.

    Thanks for the elighting topic guys, as i said before too many adults in this forum Zen.Cause such postive energy as is shared here is an island in a vast sea awash with tales of football.
    If they can fall for that, then you cant blame them for anything, cause its a symptom of empty space in its cosmic struggle against substance, but if its not a struggle, then it would be a dance
    as in the ying yang symbol. Bith we all made of spcae,substance,space,substance and it goes on. Maybe some people have just too much space in them, that why they like the football soap opera.
    Had to beg my nephew to explain to me why he so hooked on football, so i let him off when he said, it grips like a osap opera, he said so you have to folow the next match and all the ones after that.

    The greastest thing i have heard Allan Watts or even anybody for that matter preach, is the middle way, balancing, between trying and not trying, and such as ther are o words for art, there are no words to describe how you balance wanting to improve yourself, and leting go so you can be free from the desire to want to improve yourself.

    So altimately there is nothing to learn other than being MIndfull, not controlling, but encouraging good intentions, and even that is too complicated.

    Maybe something as simple as BLaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, with no meaning, now that is a simple religion with no words or education required, the trees do this and we cant
    Before you abuse the relifgion of trees, dont think for a second or even a fraction thereof that trees dont get bored standing in same spot for hundreds of years.
    Cause when a tree has had enough and cant take it anymore it will either die, or get up and walk to a new location, like some of those trees do under the sea.
    Its a whole a new world when you take the view everything is as conscious as you, and there si some truth in every statement

  23. While generally I don’t like “New Age Humanism”, which makes a Godly thing out of this wretched clay made by the ARCHONS, I do like the idea of Light Beings trapped within these manacles OVERCOMING them, overcoming fear, anger, lust, greed, envy, hubris, ego more generally, and all the while and in step with overcoming the ignorance that comes from IMPOSED BLINDNESS DUE TO THESE BODIES. So yes, sally forth, but don’t do it in the name of these “human bodies”, because the Light Beings of Truth are trapped in them, they are not our normal or Real Abode. Physical death, THE INEVITABLE OUTCOME of each human life, only frees honest and sincere True Beings! False beings are doomed at death, for their entire existence is wrapped up in the parasitic existence which wraps around a True Light Being through the ego, and they are shaped round it like a parody of a Real and Extended World, which this hologram of deception IS NOT.

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