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When You Die, Do You Wake Up in the Morning?


by Robert Lanza, MD

All past generations, a scientist once observed, have lived and died in a world of illusions. Prophetically, this was said before Einstein’s relativity theory, quantum mechanics, and the discovery of atoms and DNA.

We, in the twenty-first century, are no different. We wake up in the morning and think we’re just magically here. Yet, when we examine the stuff we’re made of with our matter-microscopes, scientists have discovered that the particles seem to spring into existence with real properties only when we observe them. “It will remain remarkable,” said Nobel physicist Eugene Wigner, who laid the foundations for the theory of symmetries in quantum mechanics “in whatever way our future concepts may develop, that the very study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of the consciousness is an ultimate reality.”

The world, it turns out, isn’t the hard, cold place we imagine waking up to in the morning. We think we’re made up of dead, little balls of material bouncing around like billiard balls on a pool table. Werner Heisenberg, the Nobel laureate whose uncertainty principle showed this wasn’t the case, once commented “Contemporary science, today more than at any previous time, has been forced by nature herself to pose again the question of the possibility of comprehending reality by mental processes.”

Scientists once thought that the experimental results of quantum theory (such as matter existing simultaneously in different states) were confined to subatomic objects. This spared us from having to accept the logical conclusion that living beings, such as you and me and Schrodinger’s cat, could be both alive and dead at the same time. But alas! Now scientists at the University of Vienna have carried out an experiment (Nature Communications 2, 263, 2011) showing that this quantum weirdness enters the larger world. Markus Arndt and his colleagues studied mammoth organic molecules composed of over 400 atoms, and confirmed that this strange quantum duality (matter existing as both particle and waves of probability) extends into the human-scale world we live in.

But we scientists are only beginning to pierce the surface of reality. Like the rest of humanity, we awake every morning in the present. There are stairs below us that we appear to have climbed; there are stairs above us that go upward into the unknown future. But our mind stands at the door by which we entered and gives us the memories by which we go about our day. Everything is ordered and predictable. We’re like cuckoo birds who appear through a door each morning. We fancy too the clockwork set in motion at the beginning of time.

Over a century ago, Einstein showed that space and time aren’t absolute realities. But since that time, there has been a remarkable and unprecedented burst of discovery, including the two-slit experiment, quantum entanglement, and the observation that all the laws, forces, and constants of the universe seem to be fine-tuned for life. Biocentrism takes things the next step, bringing our worldview up to date with the facts. Space and time aren’t only relative to the observer, but are merely the mind’s tools for putting everything together—they are the language of consciousness.

Many years ago, Einstein carried out a thought experiment, and tried to imagine what it would be like to ride on a beam of light. In the spirit of this tradition, I carried out my own thought experiment last night while I lay in bed with my eyes closed. A few blotches of light appeared somewhere in my mind. As I concentrated, I noticed that I could turn them into very vivid, three-dimensional structures. And without much more effort, I was able to make them move in time, and even swirl in kaleidoscopic fashion. This confirmed what I already knew as a doctor—whether in dreams or schizophrenia (or drug use), that the mind has the capacity to create spatio-temporal realities as flesh-and-blood as the one you’re experiencing right now.

And this brings me back to the central point of this article—that all the experimental facts point to the conclusion that spatio-temporal reality is an observer-determined phenomenon. As John Wheeler, the great physicist who coined the terms “black hole” and “wormhole,” once put it “No phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon.”

It’s here at last, where we approach the imagined border of ourselves, the wooded boundary where in the old fairy tale the fox and the hare say goodnight to each other. At death, we all know, there is a break in consciousness, and so too, a break in the continuity in the connection of times and places. Without space and time, Newtonian conceptions of order and secure prediction have no meaning. In reality you can take any time, past or future, as your new frame of reference, and estimate all other events relative to it.

Where then, will you find yourself when you die? On stairs that, like Emerson said, can be intercalated anywhere, “like those that Hermes won with the dice of the moon, that Osiris might be born.” We think that the past is past and the future the future. But as Einstein realized, this simply isn’t the case.

When you die, you will wake up in the present—just like you did this morning.

More on Biocentrism from Dr. Lanza HERE.



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  1. Shrodinger”s cat is the same ego-centric delusion than the old “does a tree make a sound if no human is there to hear it”.

    Man, still the center of the universe.

    • When veils are in place, it is easy to think this way, and for a time it is neccasary, otherwise in Humanity, never would arise questions of what is beyond Man.

      Everything has its time and place, and purpose.

      The Ego has done very well in getting us this far. It eventually will fade, but never die. It is the Ego of Humanity ultimately that born “know thyself”, which led to the desire to know other Mysteries.

      I seriously doubt one Human knows thyself.

      So, the Ego is still useful as a function, and will be in the next age as well.

    • I agree with you Jonathan. Shrodinger’s cat would still be dead or alive whether I am aware of it or not. Perhaps if I leave it in the box long enough it’s spirit can come back and tell me the precise moment it left its physical body.

      And if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it – it does still fall-I’ve seen them, fallen trees in the forest do exist!

      We need to get past the ego that tells us we are so important that nothing happens if we aren’t aware of it. We here reading this, are aware of things others are not and they are very real fights for us.
      We need to be our selves.Not our ego that is aware but our self that is aware of our awareness.

      The self that is aware that our awareness doesnt make the world, it’s what we do with it that does.

      • You do understand what cynicism is?

        I didn’t mean that literately. Just like when men thought the earth was the center of the universe. When the stars we’re only for us. God made us in his image. Egocentric interpretation and belief.

        Now concerning your assertion, what tells you consciousness is the center if a center there is, because if there’s a center, it means there’s a boundary, then it means you believe in the big bang, a theory which is as flimsy as saying consciousness is the center of the universe. The universe might be infinite, we do not yet know.

        Also, by your assertion, you’re actually doing the same thing as the “men” I am referring to. We are so important that our consciousness-souls-spirits are what makes up the universe. It’s still the same human delusion of seeing their own ego as the center of everything.

        The one thing I might agree on, is that our emotions and life experiences might get imprinted and go back to the great electrical field of the universe, but that is not consciousness per se. Everything is electrons, electricity, it’s everywhere, so that’s not a belief in of itself, but what part of us stays with it and what dies with our body, we do not know.

        Ben Stewart’s Esoteric agenda, Kymatica and Ungrip documentaries are rife with mistakes and misinterpretations (as I am assuming that’s where your belief stems from), and they’re actually almost word for word the new world religion that the elite will want to give us. It’s yet another belief system, a more sophisticated rehash of the same old things they used to control people.

        And you’ll never wake people up by telling them about our consciousness being the end all be all of everything. Try learning a bit about where our behavior comes from. I can tell you from experience that I’ve convinced a lot more people in realizing the system of control they live in by offering them fact-based narratives, concentrating on things they can see for themselves, and solutions that are real, instead of some copy of the khabbalist-star wars belief in the “force”.

      • In the holographic model of the Uni-Verse, the fundamental geometric shape that creates the atom is a dodecahedron shaped energy field. When you peer into the atom we see another atom set at a certain iteration or octave. When you peer into that atom we see more of the same. This appears to continue on indefinitely smaller. A fractal.

        When you peer outward into the universe at the galaxies they are arranged in the shape of the dodecahedron. Making the assumption “has above, so below” It appears to be indefinitely small and indefinitely large. (No doubt a toroidal loop.) How large is large or how small is small is relative to what you are comparing something to.

        In the holographic model the smallest fractal piece contains all the information of the whole. What is occurring here at our level or iteration/octave of the scale is occurring simultaneously at every iteration ration or octave of the scale. Each iteration or octave is connected by resonance. Consciousness spans the entire scale; I guess you could say that resonance is consciousness. So where we are in the scale of things is everywhere. We have no position or we hold all positions in the scale.

        But, that’s just how it seems to me. I could be totally off on this thought, but thus far from my limited understanding that’s how it seems.

  2. I would think that the probability wave function of a 400 atom molecule was exceedingly small and all but useless to hide behind. It exists in space and time at an almost completely defined place because it is so large that physical effects due to the assembly of that many atoms/particles would collapse the wave function – it observes itself in effect. Personally, most of these claims made by scientists today are puffed.

  3. I have studied Quantum Mechanics more than most, and although it seemed interested at first, I soon realized that it is all pretty much theoretical nonsense. As with law, medicine, accounting, and just about any other profession, BS is invented to make the simple complex to dazzle the commoners with things beyond their comprehension, all for profit.

    I have had 2 out-of-body experiences in bad accidents (1 motorcycle, and once hit by a truck on a highway), and I also spent about 10 years with daily meditation and martial arts, and I share this from experience: whatever you are will leave your body at the moment before “certain death”, and everything feels the same, but you have no body/brain, so you have no thinking/memory/past/future, but you still feel the same. You can see without eyes, just as in dreams, and I am not sure about “hearing”, but we can “sense” what is communicated like in a dream … I guess “non-biological perception”, much like a dream, would fairly describe it. I don’t know what happens after that because I always snapped back into my body after several minutes when it seems I was not going to die after all, but I do know that much.

    No angels, tunnels of light, etc :)

    • Rick, me too.

      Twice real and once I actually died in my dream without waking up. .
      It was very nice and even beneficial.

      I was a soldier (korean) hiding behind a large shrub/bush as the enemy approached. I remember vividly readying, taking careful aim and trusting in my marksmanship and natural propensities… and then … DOH! The instant I was about to perform my duty – a hand grenade landed in slow motion right beside me!!! Ha! Ha!

      And yes it did go off as I looked right at it! Wow!

      I did not wake up.

      Instead, as per (instant) karma, ALL goes total black for a micro-instant, fades back into ‘present’ and there (I) was … same location, peeking from behind the same shrub/bush… except I’m now viewing my own funeral.

      My funeral in the lovely woods, under the pines. Friends and relatives. (no angels)

      Then I woke up and thanked the Lord, like always…

    • “…bad accidents (1 motorcycle, and once hit by a truck on a highway), and I also spent about 10 years with daily meditation and martial arts…”

      The martial arts training should have sharpened your senses -but you still got hit by a truck. LOL
      I assume you practice Sumo.

  4. Sometimes people can’t imagine it, because they think when they get anesthesia or knocked out, they have no memory of their time unconscious. But that is because they are inbetween alive and dead, and there is always a twilight area between opposite sides of a cycle where we lose our awareness. Just like when we sleep at night – we don’t remember falling asleep or waking up, but we remember our waking world and dream world. There is always blank unconsciousness between worlds, and if we get stuck there for a while, we won’t remember anything, that time is just “blank/empty”.

    • Exactly. How could there an answer.

      The Vedics (Srila Vyasadeva) are the greatest treasure in every time, every time.

      As Jimi Hendrix (one of our many rightful heroes) sang; so sweetly with his devotion;

      “just ask the Axis,
      He knows everything.”

  5. Whatever happens to ME when I die, my subjective experience as a human being will have reached its end.

    ME, the self-conscious mind within a human body, will be dead.

  6. OK, welcome to the world of 18th century philosophy. This view of the world is not new and has been discussed for centuries. Scientists are way behind.

  7. If you look at the simple Hydrogen atom, then the uncertainty of the electron’s position is less than the atom’s diameter or dx = 1 angstrom = 10 ^ (-8) cm. The observed fractional line width < 10 ^ (-6), so from Plank's Law dp/p = dE/2E = dv/v < 5 * 10 ^ (-7). In the ground state, momentum is quantized as p = hbar / a0, where a0 = 5 * 10 ^ (-9) cm is Bohr's radius, which implies dp / hbar < 5 * 10 * (-7) / 5 * 10 ^ (-9) * (1 / cm) = 100 / cm.

    Simple multiplication yields dx*dp < 10 ^ (-6) * hbar. So much for the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Actually, Quantum Mechanics requires a mathematical point charge model of the electron and proton, which implies infinite self energy, and no physical means for angular momentum, magnetic spin or energy exchange (radiation needs an antenna).

    Authors love to name drop "Quantum Theory", "Dark Matter" and other such nonsense, without the slightest clue as to what they are writing about, because it makes them appear intelligent. However, it only appears intelligent to brain washed idiots who have never studied the actual substance to claims made by well tenured Physics types. Most people who discuss Quantum Theory have no clue as to the physical assumptions made and the large number of inherent contradictions in the theory itself.

  8. As a SOUL, I cannot die. It is not materially composed so that it does not fall under the purview of material Science. It can be studied best by its own self: consciousness in the act of turning the awareness back onto itself….as in meditation. Science has its own methodology. Science does not recognise consciousness as real, though it is what scientists are made of. A pity!

    What dies is my body. Disconnection during sleep, from the soul, is not death for the body but semi-hibernation. It is consciousness connected to bodies that give them their ‘human’ character. When consciousness departs, death results and the body seen only as matter. The body is the perfect protoplasmic robot.

    In the body too, is a dark side. This is not the consciousness that gives life to the body. It is a possession which can animate the body. The soul resides in the head while the dark side is found everywhere else, and in the surface of the head.

    For more on the soul and dark side, the animators of the body, SEE..


    • Thank you, Zen, for this comment by Todd. And, Sue, I hope you weren’t offended. I often “just wonder” why it is that so many spiritual workers are alone, while at the same time, we understand and have felt the merging of sex and how beautiful it is when you are me and I am you. And I often “just wonder” whether there would be any spiritual workers at all if sex were known and accepted for the profound awakening that is. Just wondering. Love, A.

  9. Many years ago, I took what turned out to be a massive dose of “magic mushrooms”. I walked into a Grateful Dead concert late, and the hall was overstuffed to the doors. I was a regular at the hall, the Hollywood Palladium, and knew my friends were center stage up front. The question was, how to reach them? Then I saw a network of blue beams appear, forming geometric patterns between those in the crowd. I proceeded to run through the crowd, following those beams straight to the stage. The friend who accompanied me took 3 minutes to do what I did in 30 seconds. Numerous people came up to myself saying they had observed exactly what I perceived. If this was hallucination, it was accompanied by a physical manifestation (my ability to move through the crowd). I truly believe, that for a few minutes, I was on the cusp of a level of reality where our needs create their own fulfillment. Of course, I don’t recommend my means of approaching that reality, since i have known more than a few psychedelic casualties, trapped forever between this and whatever reality they ventured into.

  10. Einstein..

    “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

    “I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details.”

    (love the capital H)

  11. No… you wake up outside of time. Where you belong, seeing as time cannot actually exist – the perception of time is the only way we can currently perceive the Universe. It’s an illusion. It’s all right here, right now. All of it.

  12. SUE what a roller coaster ride indeed with a few extra loops I tried to relate this article to the near death experiences I have had and I could not make the conmection the only prominent memory I have was that Time was some how different or was maybe none existent.When my time does come the answer to that question will be answered. Unforunately I will not be able to give anyone that answer. But has our minds evolve and gather info on this fasinating subject it just may someday be answered. What really is on the otherside??Just a great great article Zen and I really love the different points of view on this subject


  13. I don’t mean to point out the obvious here, mate, but Einstein abhorred quantum physics. He said that if you
    divorce cause and effect from science then he might as well get a real job. On the same note pertaining to seeing light with closed eyes in pitch blackness, eyes Produce photons and same for DNA. The Phantom DNA experiment was freaking awesome too.

  14. In recent science, it was confirmed that gigabytes of data, even terabytes can be stored in a single strand of light. Science is catching up with Humanity.

    What ever you want to call it, your soul, host, etc, is a light bearer. When you’re alive in your body, your DNA is automatically copying and storing the information in your host. The information being stored is your memories and experiences.

    When you die, your body automatically removes the connection between the light strand within the host. It is full for a travel beyond our time and beyond our world. The sphere of light itself is a light traveler who can be considered ‘the creator’ or ‘God’, who will approach you for a second, speaking outside our scientific knowledge of time.

    The information that you’ve stored in your life time, in this reality, on earth, in this time zone, you will share this with the sphere of light then go on from there… There are NO secrets… You cannot hide…. Be good in this reality, and it will return to you as a award. Be bad in this reality, and it will return to you as a award. Definition of good and bad is still defined by mankind, not by the sphere of light.

    The pyramids of the Earth:

    The sphere of light is responsible for the creation of the original pyramid on earth and on other worlds… The technology is lost to us modern humans because simply the sphere of light took it away. It has something to do with acoustic sound making involving molecular science which turns limestone and granite into puddy. Granite puddy would then be very light material. After it hardens, it is chipped away into shape and becomes very heavy. A clue, what would make granite turn into puddy and be lightweight? hmm…

    When people died back then, their hosts would then merge with the pyramids of the earth which is levied upon the ley lines or energy lines of the earth itself. This creates a whole new set of reality and it still does it today. These pyramids found all over the world and on other worlds are still doing its job today. They may be considered as energy plants, but they’re actually ARE ancient energy plants, but also a ‘deliverer’.

    So when we die, do not worry.. we will be instantly transported by the technological feat of those who created the original pyramid on earth. I believe the original pyramid has still yet to be found. Its most likely buried either under dirt or water.

    Question still remains. How do I know all of this? Its because I was the original leader of Ramaan in another life, in another reality. I remember this lifetime vividly, I even remember the technologies which was used which we do not have on earth yet, simply because mankind isnt advanced yet enough. RA-MAAN means GOD-MAN in certain aspect of it’s name. HU-MAN means NEW-MAN.

    EA-RTH means what? 😉

    However, its all a conclusion that you must decide for yourself. Believe it or not, is the question you will face when you read this. Many will disbelieve and call me a crackpot! or a loon! 😉

    • Part two:

      EA-RTH means GRAVE YARD or its in form of words, whatever you choose, it will be pointed back to that.

      DEATH itself remains the same, no matter how you die. Car accident, murdered, executed, suicide, etc, death itself is always the same. Back on “Ramaan”, death wasnt like that. It was like a fade out of the bodies of those who chose to die and those who had no choice. It’s similar on Earth.. your bodies will decompose and finally become dirt…. either by speeding it up with cremation, explosion or simply being buried but in time, it will become dirt.


      We all have a consciousness, however, there are 2 different people on this earth. Consciousness can be compared to ‘internal programming’ –

      No matter what race you are, no matter what gender you are, and no matter what who you are, you are either one of these:

      1. A fully embodied light being managing a human body.
      2. A self serving consciousness managing a human body without the light being inside.

      The difference relies on the person. You can tell by a person if he has a soul, or host inside him/her. The person who has no ‘soul/host’ inside of him/her will do one thing that matters the most. That is by repeating “mistakes”.

      Identification of a non-hosted body is by his/her actions. If he/she repeats the easily viewable ‘mistakes of life’, based on your perception, means that this person may not have a host, but instead a consciousness.

      There are religious texts out there explaining this, but its hidden away from the eyes of mankind because it can spark a revolution of awareness all over the world. This awareness is the enemy of the negative forces. They will try their best to confuse you, a light embodied being to get you to make up or to repeat a mistake that could eventually result in your death.

      Those who do not have a host, the consciousness are easily ‘programmable’ by the negative forces. These negative embodied beings are those who create chaos among man, or at least try to.

      All life on this earth remains the same as you. You are them and they are you. Animals have a consciousness, otherwise they would not survive from birth.

      Animals are indigenous to this planet. For example, a cat which has its own consciousness. Human beings were placed here by those who chose to be here, in this time frame, in this dimension and in this reality. Darwinism states that mankind reared from apes. This is not true because of the extra DNA status in the human body. DNA was only recently discovered compared to the age of the planet.

      Scientists still do not understand the true implications of the DNA. Creation of a cat, for example, must have had some profound skills. DNA can be created, manipulated and rebuilt if you have the right technology to do it with. The term ‘technology’ is based on our perception of this world.

      Back on ‘ramaan’, technology wasnt named that. It was a need. There’s no word which defines that type of technology, so I am using that as a reference.

      According to your current star maps, “ramaan” is located in the 3rd star system of what is now named as the “triangulum” system. It is now a dead world. It is all desert much similar to the planet Mars in this solar system.

      Mars itself does still have some remaining life on it. NASA wont admit it, but its true. Heck even they discovered pyramids all over on it also. What does that tell you?

      Petty differences between each other, or even at war, will mean nothing when you die. Hatred is a symbolic act of the negative forces. Once you, a true embodied light being managing a human body, realize this fact, you will alone understand how to deal with the negative forces instantly and naturally. This realization will also create a ‘shield’ around your body, adding a distinct color to your aura. This force will protect you from any incoming except overwhelming odds.

      Think of your energy aura around your body as a shield. A blue light, if you will – Each time you interact with someone among you, whether a parent, sibling, husband/wife or a friend, you’re sharing that force with that person without realizing it. Each interaction no matter how minute it is, changes that person’s life force for the greater good or for worse.

      Learn to control the force field around your body. Once you’ve realized that you’re able to control it, you can then make it what you want it to be. It will ONLY allow you to do this if you have this realization and understanding of the natural law of the universe.

      I know, it sounds strange, but you’re getting goosebumps all over you, if you’re a true light embodied being… reading this. My very words are the words of the shield. Maybe this is what they were referring to in the holy bible – a religious document about the ‘Holy Spirit’ – maybe this is what this is about. – I do not know but its eerily the same.

      I write this short essay, in hopes it will reach out those who read this article on the internet. It’s time to take back what we’re destined to, and not allow the negative forces to overwhelm us and use us against our wishes. There are other life forms out there, which has not been scientifically proven yet but in due time, it will be.

      This is all I have to say. Goodbye and enjoy the words of wisdom.

  15. I do find it very interesting how we are all sooooooooooo convinced that how we are seeing it at this time is right. “No,” we say to people who see it differently. “You’re wrong.”

    Maybe we’re all right at the same time. Or maybe we’re all wrong, grasping at realities we can only dimly perceive. But I do find it interesting, that distinctly (and irrititatingly) human propensity to diss others’ realities in favour of our own … which constantly change anyway 😉

    Oh, and errr, thanks for the offer, Todd 😛

    • Sue, I think we are all right at the same time. Everyone has their own path to the truth-that’s how we know its our truth, because we find it ourselves, in our own way.

      It really doesnt matter what the path is and we shouldnt waste time on our journey to stop and debate about which turrns we made along the way. Here we are converging on our paths as one and so I am going to keep walking now.

      Not that it isnt fascinating to read everyone’s stories and ideals. I try to keep an open mind because it is wise for me to keep asking questions and to align with ideas not attach myself to them.

      I love you all and am so thanful to all that you bring to the table!

  16. this stupid article quotes Einstein who was crook and thief of ideas from his Patent office.His IQ is on the level of monkeys and his face is of baboon.Theory of relativity he stole and jewish controlled media did the rest,making a star from primitive ape.

  17. I had the fortunate opportunity to have the Kundalini experience when I was younger. Out of body, bombarded with light and sound and a voice that spoke to me. I was lit up, felt the peace that passes understanding, was like walking on air. I knew who I was. The ego is simply a compilation of stories about ourself. The ego in it’s simple state assists in survival of the physical body. When out of control it is where look to find ourselves. Which is simply impossible, it must be dropped, it is something to be left behind. This is a difficult thing for someone totally emersed in self. Faith and belief go out the door and are replaced with knowledge. It’s a wonderful thing.

    Thanks Zen

  18. The subject matter of death is an intriguing one. I’ve often wondered if when one dies in this version of reality that you simply wake up to continue the story where you left off at. Perhaps you progress through your story until you conquer the EGO’s illusion of death. i.e. you discover how to grow younger in your dream story and find/create your own golden age.

    I thought I died once, but when I woke up my story continued on.

  19. Kinda reminds me of the movie “Waking Dreams” Seems to be sorta that way. Never really anything to fear. Its our attachments we don’t want to lose. I like my experience, so I don’t want it cease. Another way of looking at is “I’m just dieing to see how it ENDS. lol

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