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Where The Elite Will Retreat – The New World Capitols


by Zen Gardner

One of the most underrated researchers and interpreters of the occult design and forbidden knowledge is Freeman. His ability to connect rarely known facts and trends, from freemasonry to the space program, or hidden history to current political affairs is superb, and always with an uplifting and empowering theme.

What many don’t realize is the fact that the NWO designers have already constructed their new world capital cities, just as they have prepared their scheme with their new digital currency, and North American Union and 10 FEMA regions in the US, amongst many preplanned schemes worldwide. All are in place awaiting activation.

The world is wayyyy behind the curve of what’s really going on, distracted by carefully placed fear traps, busyness, breads and circuses. They laugh at our ignorance as they toy with humanity.

We who are awake laugh at theirs. Such dark designs and massive hubris will meet their designed fate.

Of that we have no doubt. – Zen



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  1. It bothered me when I actually went to Canberra – Australia. the roads are a series of concentric circles with parliament buildings in the middle. If you look at pictures drawn up of how Atlantis was built you’ll get the idea…

  2. I think I discovered Freeman through another post you made on the new capitals. He really puts a lot of the puzzle pieces together.

    Much love,

  3. He understands a lot about what kind of play is unfolding before us. He does however miss the biggest illusion of all: TIME. The temptation to predict events in a timetable is huge and usually only correct due to luck or coincidence. Even Edgar cayce fell into the time prediction trap. Is time on your side? Or is it on the side of those who deceive? Since the only time is NOW you decide.

    As far me it is now TIME to convince an alligator to consider vacating my backyard. Once accomposhed it will be TIME for sleep.

    Until next TIME……

  4. A Freeman fan for more years than I can remember no wonder I was also a Prisoner fan as a teenager.
    I’m looking forward to a copy of his latest Weird Magazine in my mailbox any day

  5. Wow! Thanks for this posting. I worked for Siemens couple of years ago. At the end, I was convinced, it is a Nazi organisation. I hadn’t any evidence, but the military management structures and the brainwashed scared zombies as the colleagues.
    I liked Pink as I was younger. But than she changed in a strange way. Or :), maybe I only woke up. I sold the tikets for her last concert and I’m really glad about it.
    Love & Light

  6. The Venus Project….. Really…. I think I have come full circle…. fck the NON-NWO retards!

    Go be unknowing slaves for the paper gods, I will be their to ridicule you for your ignorance; we will call it tough love.

  7. “There,,,” Just trying to prevent an attack from the spelling Nazi’s. We know how much weight that argument carries online….

  8. Australia’s Capital City, Canberra is probably the most talismanic city on Earth.
    It has more talisminic symbolism built into it than any other city I’ve studied.
    Even it’s location, the local terrain was chosen for Talismanic reasons.
    The people who built Canberra new the location, even before the Europeans arrived in Australia.
    Sydney was build not in Botanty Bay where the 1st fleet landed, but instead in Port Jackson.
    Reason given. Better source of water.
    True reason. Sydney needed to be directly north east of the yet to be build capital Canberra.
    The Brits got this information from the ancient egyptions.
    The level of Talismanic art utilised in the design of Canberra is truly stunning.
    Only another Occultist can truely appreciate it.

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