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Where Will You Be When The Music Stops?


by Zen Gardner

Where will you be? Where will I be? We all know it’s coming. To ignore it is tantamount to insanity. At this point we’re playing musical chairs and everyone knows that clear underlying truth somewhere in their being.

When the music stops is where you will be. Period.

Anyone the least bit aware knows the seriousness of  our pending manipulated world situation and has food, water and other supplies and contingency plans. If they don’t they’re asleep and dangerous. The decidedly unprepared are the ones who will freak out and mooch off the first succulent neighbor they can find.  Just another symptom of the selfish, parasitic driven reality we live in.

Me first, and what’s yours is mine in a pinch. But there’s a way to avoid that scenario.

Being Ready – Are You Asleep or Awake?

Good question. I think location, where Universe wants you and has been steering you is the key.  Naturally, Universe is wherever we are.  But there are always decisions to be made. And thankfully wherever we are is where we are.

If you can fully grok that.

Except perhaps, if we’re too dumb or insensitive to get to this better place we’ve been shown, at least any thinking person should at least prepare for where they are.  What is the excuse for humanity to be hiding its head in the sand in the light of such globalist attacks as we’re sustaining and know they’re planning?

Is intentional government induced dependency the solution? No wonder they’ve created that paradigm. So FEMA the reamer will save you? Doctor Doolittle and his doodlers? C’mon folks! Will the “authorities” who’ve taken away all of your civil and personal rights as they militarize your streets help you?

Think about this.

And this is just the culmination of an increasingly fascistic society. It’s been going on for years and has now metastasized to a monster control system. And one of their central signals is to tell you “all is well”. Sorry, it’s far from well, and is about to shut down any minute.


Musical Chairs

I’ve lived in countries experiencing revolutions, martial law and uprisings. It’s no joke. Americans are about to be woken up so horrifically I personally do not want to be here to witness it first hand. Americans are so sheltered and spoiled they will freak out to such a degree that the rest of the world is going to stand back in absolute shock and awe.

The “great whore is fallen”…and she will fall hard.

It’s estimated there are between 3 and 5 days of food on the currently available supply circuit in the US at any given time. That’s down from 6 months of food from only a few decades ago. Mega cities where the sheep have been deliberately corralled will be decimated if the system shuts down. If that isn’t Orwellian enough, those who “hoard” more than 6 days of food are now suspected terrorists.

Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Where Will You Be?

Getting the picture? Where will you be? Is  your current situation endurable for you and your family and loved ones? Do you have community to help pull together during such a shut down for whatever reason?

That’s the key.

Conscious community. Loving empathetic cooperation in times of stress. But without grasping the drastic nature of what is about to befall us is foolishness, denial, the worst form of sticking our heads in the sand while the whirlwind blows our butts to high heaven.


Real Survival

It’s consciousness; conscious awakened awareness. All else follows. We’re in a spiritual warfare first and foremost. When that’s won, everything else follows….and happily.

If that isn’t clear then keep pursuing and figure it out. But prepare. The shitstorm is coming….very soon.

The loving, conscious  thing is to be ready.

Much love, Zen




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  1. This is depressing as hell for me but accurate. And I’ve been realizing my situation for quite some time. I have food, water, supplies etc (still on the fence about a firearm). The problem is I’m alone, early sixties, no family, fixed income living in a city of sheeple who can only bitch about the price of food and gas going up without connecting the dots. Where is one to go in my situation? I would love to find a community of like-minded people. I even bought heirloom seeds but have no place to plant them. At least I’m wishin and hopin. But day to day like you say Zen, I need to be conscious and aware, all else follows.

    • pisces222 410 / 12 ga ! it more then fine and cheep I hate to say it But…. as for you being where you at and with a fixed income pay as you need and keep a stash .Low key under the radar No depression! (holds one of your web hands ) no need for anger inside out ..whatever come’s you way smile with enjoyment laugh at the illusion. Stay out of banks as much as you can just pay as you need

      • Sometimes your ebonics go right over my head Peek but I get the gist of your message. (she still ponders what the hell 410/12 ga! is, lol). I shall laugh at the illusion, there’s plenty to see around here! Thanks for your kind words. Love you.

        • Sorry 222.. should have been more clear…”shotgun ” 12 gauge 04 410 gauge , the 410 is nice for women because its light very little kick and still effective

          • That doesn’t sound like your original post AT ALL. Are you certain the post and its explanation are one and the same? You can make perfect sense when you want to. The question then becomes “why don’t you WANT to?

          • It really doesn’t matter what kind or caliber of gun a woman holds. Just the sight of it is enough to instill stark fear into any man’s heart. The reason for this is because he doesn’t know whether to speak, or not, to run, or not-because when a woman’s holding a gun on ya there’s just no way of knowing what will make her pull the trigger. :)

    • Since a discussion got started on the Thanks post involving exploradora, you, and me. I thought I would respond to you personally also. I am your age with no human family and simiar interests. I do have 3 guns, one with a laser. I am not sure I need bullets with that one since that fun little red dot is pretty spooky when you see it on your body. That one is my bedtime gun. Anyway, I am working on soliving the problem for all of us lone wolves. See other post on the thanks site.

    • Just want to sympathize with pisces222. I too am in my early sixties and surrounded by people (in my case in Spain) who only want to talk about food and gas prices. Being pretty well traveled I’ve looked around the world trying to find someplace to hang out for my remaining days but there seems to be nowhere. This may not be of any practical help but at least you know there is one kindred spirit out there.

  2. Its Go time .. This pimple is ripe and its going to be a gusher. I say bring on the shit strom mother effers! One for the Sand :-) I was born for this shit and welcome it.

    • Peek! Disgusting analogy, but it DOES get the point across. Hah! And your, “I was born for this shit!” I’m so with you on that one, sweetheart. I’ve been getting ready for this for eons. These are tragically sad and overwhelmingly joyful times. **Muoah**

  3. I’m not going to worry about this because the music never really stops in my head.

    “Everything will be ok in the end. If it’s not ok, it’s not the end”

  4. Shit…you’ll have to forgive me but in those circumstances, I’ll have to slap and awaken the consumerism monster in me and get buying! Watch out stores…Martine’s monster is on a rampage…buy, buy, buy! Get those shelves plump and ready…I’m coming!

  5. It’s bound to happen but hey whatever. I’ll just deal as it comes. I’m just glad I don’t live in a city. If I gotta die I gotta die. I’m not afraid of that. Whateverrrrrrr.

    • I feel similarly, Dani. It seems irresponsible to some to live in the Now, but that’s what I choose to do. You can’t have it both ways. Stockpiling is fear-based, and I don’t like the vibe. Don’t worry, I won’t be after anyone’s alfalfa sprouts if the SHTF!

      • I used to struggle with that also indi, but then I considered the beings on the planet still in commune with the Creation and how many of them do exactly that… stockpile, from season to season. Also, they defend themselves and theirs with all means available.

        • I’m not against stockpiling. To each his own. But when I see some articles featuring lardy families amassing tons of food and supplies (and therefore advertising the fact that they have it, duh!), part of me thinks that this attitude – greed – has got us into into this mess in the first place.

          And defending one’s stash from the masses is one thing, but the authorities have weaponry available that would drive them from their homes within seconds.

          We must just do what we are compelled to do.

          • I am not thinking a gov problem .but coming from Detroit where the Police department now shuts its doors @ 4 pm in the afternoon ,nothing better then having the right to defend myself .. You dont have to look far to see this coming to city near you . As for food and water That just being self responsible . I never want to rely on Government or another human to carry my weight while I am able body .Its not a hording thought its a self responsible act.

  6. Throughout the history of zen in Japan (Nihon), it was not uncommon for monks to be pressed into the service of whatever idiots might be waging war at any time. WWII was no different. One such zen monk found himself put on a warship (a true story here). To the displeasure of his conscriptors, he spent much of his time sitting in meditation. One day he was sitting on a deck, during a pitched battle, when a round of ordnance fell beside him. Others about him were stunned to see him simply place his hand upon the round as he sat unmoving, to see if the thing felt hot/active, and finding it was not, continued to meditate. What he “might have done” if he determined that the thing was active? That is to miss the point.

    It has never hurt to have food to spare at any time here on Earth. Any creature may put a little by, even if just by eating it. We are the only species alienated enough from the way things work to feel we need to stockpile, trying to fill an inner hole with outer material. Then again, stockpiling now is not a bad idea, for we will have a lot of hungry neighbors to feed. Our excess will be put to good use— how compassionate of us to think of it!

    • yes–the problem lies in the fact that man has moved off of the land and into unnatural cities. And the system has a choke hold on the food supply unless you have access to locally grown food and a water supply. That’s why community as well as location are so important.

  7. Off topic kinda. Thank you Zen for introducing Nahko Bear to me. ‘Aloha Ke Akua’ & ‘Great Spirit’ are in my life every day now. He is a beautiful spirit that has brought magic into my life. A simple country girl on a mystical journey-extremely restless lately, like I need to GO. Trying to plan ahead is difficult when you’re partner isn’t ready. I’m sure there are many in this situation. Again, Thank you.

    • Hey, Lance, “permaculture” just might be an oxymoron. “Find and take” is piracy and all is well with the….. the thing is “no fear” is what it’s all about. And please, Pisces222, don’t get a shotgun. “Know yourself” is happening to each and every person on this Planet and yes, it’s as Jersey says, watching “expiry” dates is not my “cup of tea”. Love you guys, A.

      • Altea, while I can appreciate your viewpoint and would certainly choose peace and love, that is not always reality where I live. A couple of years ago I heard gunfire right outside my home. Things have gotten better but I don’t aspire to be a sitting duck for a lower intelligence life form either. I have a fantastic imagination and rich fantasy life so I do put myself in a place of safety and bliss always – it’s just the other guy that you have to keep one eye open for. Love reading all your comments even when I see things differently. It’s all good :)

        • I feel ya 222 been there and lived it .. It is a honorable feeling being defenseless.Its a mind set that i hate to think about but its reality . some might want to just be ok with robbed or excepting violence from other as 22 called the lower intelligence, I respect that . Its not in my spirit that’s all and I think it is responsible thing to do for one’s self .

  8. Nature has plenty of food stockpiles for us. For example, you can live on burdock roots for the rest of your days if push comes to shove. A hell of a good way to connect to our “roots” and a giant cupboard on top of that ! But I can understand that finding good nutritive roots in sidewalk and asphalt cracks might be a bit difficult. However, uncultivated areas are generally full of burdock and guess what, nobody will run like mad to pick ’em up. There’s a legend about a guy with long hair, a beard, with a long rag over his body and sandals who said something like not worrying about what you will eat. And when I look at the abundance in nature I say to myself “Christ he was right !”

  9. Agree with Paracelsus – We do not need to fear, worry or concern ourselves with where we are, especially do not give power to doomsday scenerios! We need to live love and light everyday with introspective reflection for personal improvement. Go have fun and live life to the fullest. We will be where we will be which is always where we are supposed to be! Much love x

  10. It bothers me that so many people have completely forgotten about those of us who can’t afford to stock up on supplies- and can barely afford the things we need now. We are ‘aware’ and in the know as much as anyone, but we can’t afford to stock up on all the survival shit we might want! This article seemed totally ignorant of the economic situation so many people are facing NOW, and to claim we will be bothering the people who had enough money to stock up food? How insulting. I don’t own cable, the internet, an iphone, an ipod, or anything else similarly unnecessary- I am twenty six and I am working towards being a teacher right now on a frickin educational assistants pay- so I make only enough to buy the things I need now- yea I wish I could stock up my whole family with supplies, but I just can’t. I hope in the future you think about people outside of your income bracket before you start spouting shit about how so many are CHOOSING not to be prepared- and realize that if we had the money you had- of course we would stock up on survival supplies! DUH!

    • Where there’s a problem there’s a solution. Understanding the urgency is the first step, now follow the dots and listen to the leads. That’s the whole point, dig deep.

  11. *From Sama Callan–
    I also echo that sentiment. I ask myself ‘who am I’? If, or when, I am part of the great culling, my despair and panic will only mirror the degree to which i have identified with myself as a physical entity, local to planet earth. I am however a part of creations purpose and therein my sanity lies. If all gets erased in the expendable, which unfortunately the end result of current humanities points towards, mostly through no fault of our own other than acceding to the corruption that pervades the planet, at least a part of me can hopefully escape elsewhere, and I speak of my spirit, and any ‘angels’ i may have build during my lifetime that are not of expendable processes. This is my understanding; but of course I fear and rail inside but working towards a settlement of closure in a world where it is simply to late for a patch-up job. We are in a time of tumultous changes and the old needs to break down to make way for the new; new and utterly different from anything we might imagine. As a very clever man once said; what is needed now is volunteers for the new work to be done, not survivors. I hope this makes sense to you all.

    I am in the later years of my physical existence here; I could possibly have a more bullish response were I a younger person but I need to listen to what my life is telling me is appropriate for me now.

  12. People are always talking about the old breaking down to make way for the new…..but what IS the new? I cannot envisage what the “new” is. What sort of life are we talking about? What will we be doing, and how long will these changes take? All I see is people talking these issues round in spirit-speak circles…..I ….don’t….understand this language.

    • it’s “new age” gobbledegook.Another version you may have heard is”ordo ab chao”(order out of chaos).The current way of life is to be destroyed in order to usher in the utopian ideal.Unfortunately,mankind always gets it wrong and there are unscrupolous types ready to capitalize on the outpouring of good will and “positive energy” from the naive who believe in things like “the law of attraction” .What mankind will get instead is a dystopian nightmare administered by the same crowd that is today causing the social upheavals we are lamenting.We all have to die,but there’s no need to accelerate the process by being an easy target.The “universe” helps those who help themselves.Those who now talk about letting things take their course and “it will all work out” will be disappointed when their belly is empty standing in line waiting for handouts.

  13. Food and water are an illusion too and not necessary for perfect life. There is a man on Youtube who has not eaten food or drunk water for over 70 years. First comes the thought, then the reality.

  14. how could white people/eurathrapoids think they’re about to experience redemption, peace, and happiness after spreading the exact opposite over all the earth since their commencement?

    • Racist Pig You Are! We are all the same physically. It is the illusion of Individualism/Ego that separates us when using these bodies.

    • Maybe even “white people” can evolve and redemption wasn’t only for non white people, last I heard. I for one am a “white man” who has been long since close allies with native Australians of my homeland and who at fifty is a convert to Islam and married to a Pakistani lady. I am deeply involved in the lives and welfare of her family and the country itself and where it comes to picking sides I am body, mind and spirit committed to the victims of Western/Zionist imperial aggression from its soiled and largely mischaracterised history to its grotesque militaristic, polluting, looting, pillaging self righteous present.

      I think I am qualified to say fuck you brother and stick your racist bullshit.

  15. Look it’s going to be bad, no doubt about it. They’ve prepped their holes, and will be underground when they send the balloon up ! We the topsiders must share with one another for no one will hold out on their own. Depending on the scenario that will dictate the response we’ll have to contend with. As former soldiers know walking ain’t easy, so prep by doing that if you must. Store vitamins, they are light, and easy to carry, and will help stave off starvation. Spend big on great clothing, waterproof boots, and rubber footwear. Carhartt’s are good, and a waterproof bottom, and top to slip over in a downpour. In short, if your warm, and dry you can contend with more than if your cold, and wet. Above all, maintain your humanity. We’re not animals, we can think therefore we are. We all will die one day, let’s not go with more regret than we already carry.

  16. My name is Eric and I sell storable food for a company in Montana. I am talking to people from all over the USA and your message is right on topic. I won’t mention the name of our company as I am not soliciting business but please folks GET FOOD NOW. A well armed society with NO FOOD ,,,,, the Globalists will just sit back and watch this society destroy itself. Peace in your heart, Air, Water, Food, Shelter & protection…all else is a luxury at this point. Be Strong.

  17. What can be done? Everyone has a remedy so here goes…just to convince myself I am not worried. When the music stops, either grab a chair fast or sit on your friend’s lap and pretend it’s all good. If he hold you in his armchair you might feel his disease. One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.
    Eventually as the evening wears on, go outside and scan the skies for an answer. If there is a loaded Nuclear Power Plant nearby, run, bike, or jump a train out of town-immediately- and don’t look back. When your stone stops rolling, help build community of like minded devoted people who can and will work hard together to survive. The hard work will seem at first to suck but you will be happy if there are musicians or people who can just shake a rattle at the campfire. Canned food is not a prep…a bandaid temporary fix. Try some oceans, rivers, forests, and gardens. Be prepping and fine with that, cuz frankly the enemy do not have the skillsets to survive very long compared to the likes of us. For them to engineer this misery is like the dumbest move they could make, but hell if they gonna force it on us we will see who is left dancing. I would still try as hard as possible to put Monsanto, the Fed, Israhell, Agenda 21, and the rest of em out of business before it comes to collapse, but if it comes don’t lose it amigos.

    • Yes, about what I’d have said if a little differently. I’m in this for the long haul. Most important tools for me going forward has been a pretty substantial collection of valuable skills, practised for years in most cases too, from permaculture and self sufficiency on a small farm to the different jobs I’ve had over the years, and the sports and hobbies. I can shoot and handle most weapons up to anything available to infantry, I can hunt, fish and live off the land where I live and I can build houses and set up stand alone systems from electric to water and sewerage. I can make explosives, drugs and other interesting things and I know how to obtain what I need to do it, from the point of origin. I have a rudimentary knowledge of geology and metallurgy also. My resources are limited and so beyond a prudent supply of some things and a generator and some fuel, my main preparation is as portable as my head and hands and when it comes to surviving whatever comes our way, it is simply my intention to make the best of it, using a lifetime of preparation and experience. Having open eyes and the right knowledge is probably as cheap as it gets and yet as good as you need to survive for most cases.

  18. Zen,

    I wonder, do you follow Yahushua the Messiah? I’ve noticed that you tend to paraphrase the Bible very often yet still use terms like “Universe” (in caps). It’s apparent that this spiritual information comes from the Word of God so why not mention the name of the Mightiest One? The Truth is that without Yahushua (Jesus to most) no one can survive the coming tribulations, spiritually or physically. That is the real message that needs to get out to those who are perishing. For what good is bread that cannot save the soul compared to the Bread of Life, which is offered freely to the world to save them from their sins, i.e., the result of breaking God’s law? This is a very real truth that people ignore every single day (suppressing the voice of the Holy Spirit which speaks to us all). At some point in what I believe to be the very near future those who continue to suppress It will lose it completely and be lost for ever. We were created by a loving God and He is merciful and compassionate and loving beyond all human understanding, but, His probationary period is going to come to a close and those who are wicked will remain wicked and there will be no salvation for them. In other words, the door that leads to God’s Mercy and Salvation is soon going to close and those who do not enter through that door (who is Yahushua Messiah) will be marked for judgment, punishment, and then eternal death (that is what true justice demands). Wake up brothers and sisters and come to Yahushua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and He will give you life.

    • Hi John. I’m very familiar with that paradigm and the Bible. You’re welcome to your belief system but there is that transcends all of that. You’ll know it when you find it. Until then my advice is to be careful about dogma and exclusivity. That’s what got us into this mess. I don’t often use the word God because of all the baggage that comes along with it. Watch the interview with Eben Alexander who wrote the book Proof of Heaven. It touches on a much more universal concept that everyone is already a part of, no tickets or special passes required. It just needs to be discovered within each of us.
      Can’t summarize what I’d like to convey so quickly but since you asked there’s the beginning of an answer. Love, Zen

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