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White Men Have No Dreaming – David Griffith

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From an email from David:

In the mid seventies I spent a few months working with some tribal men from the Northern Territory here in Australia. It was profound and exhausting.Forty years goes by and I'm pottering about with half an ear on the radio news when a voice cuts through from what sounded like the back of a crowd of angry protesters.'White men got no Dreaming!'The moment came and went but - for me - it went straight to my heart rather than in one ear and out the other. Straight to the heart because the anguish and anger in his voice was precisely because he knew that the general truth IS that 'White men have no Dreaming.' and thus - who would understand the meaning of his words?



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  1. Thank you! This Song says exactly what has anguished me all my life about Men -especially in Finland, but also in other Nordic Countries. Our Young gorgeous Men start to MUMMIFY each at their own speed, but all do this turning-into – a living Zombie through-this -slow MUMMIFYING process! I never understood WHAT exactly it was that was happening to them…. Now I know: They have no dreaming! No Dreams!…..
    When the Socio-political Career is reached and is rolling ever on on the Rails Made and marked for each Career then there’s nothing more to really dream nor do. Hence nothing more to be reached…. Becaus to reach New “Heights” one has to dream oneself up there on the Mountain Top!…. But…. here’s NO DREAMS Thus nothing (more ) to be fulfilled!
    White Men got NO dreaming! That’s it, right there!

  2. White men had the dream once upon a time, but were the first to fall under the hammer of the small god.
    We can recover the dream by learning the sonic scale and resonant phonetic frequencies.
    As an example, the Lakota word for help me in the sacred language is O-ma-ki-i-yo. In terms of phonetics O is space[fifth chakra] ma- is a water field, ki is a fire field and i-yo again is space. That means that if the phonetics are sung in 528hz, {Air]and you are standing bare foot on the earth, you are asking the five bands of power[Skan]that make up our spiritual reality to help you.
    One love 528hz

  3. White people do have ‘dreamin’. We have made the world better and created civilization wherever we have gone. We have cultivated when needed and fought when necessary. We are the salt of this world. These bushmen have done little. They have not progressed. Who are they to talk about us and who are you to slander us. I am sick and tired of white-people being slandered and abused. I am proud to be white and we have nothing to be ashamed or guilty of.

    • Pride before a fall, we are all Human Beings. Was it the salt of the world, that committed genocide on the Native peoples of North America, that helped extend slavery, that’s something to have pride in? I am mixed race, white and red, but in the end I am a Human Being, just like YOU. I appreciate both cultures, but know that one has showed more LOVE for this beautiful planet, than the other, and that is Truth.

    • Carnac, we have polluted the entire planet, and caused the extinction of thousands of life forms, soon we will be responsible for the death of Earth if we don’t change our attitude. Now that’s civilization for you!

    • You are aware that how this tribesman used the word white men, it is not referring to race but western civilization! Thus he is talking about all ethnicities living the western spoon fed dream.

    • Carnac, you can measure “progress” in many different ways. Spiritual progress (which is internal, and what I interpret as the purpose of aboriginal Dreaming) won’t be visible to the naked eye. It is to do with becoming more “in tune” with nature, coming to new fundamental recognitions.

      Material/intellectual progress (which is what the western world prides itself on) gives us outward sheen. Increasingly shiny toys.. technological advance, yes, but also philosophy of domination, might is right etc.

      The former may seem quaint to the latter, but the latter approach is showing its deficiency in the arrogance and ignorance of its champions (look who’s top of the pile the western world ffs!), and the fact that it is driving the whole world into oblivion…

  4. White men have no imagination. They still think that knowing the mass of Mars and travelling at 600 mph is progress. And the women aren’t that much better. Not sure it’s a white thing though I think it’s just mental programming. They call it Education.

  5. Thanks for posting Zen. :)

    Sorry to Carnac that I wasn’t clear on this point .

    This song isn’t just about ‘white men.’ …… if you’re a black American then you might just as well be a white man for the purpose of this song ….. no offence intended.
    Aboriginal Dreamtime has no equivalent within my version of Western culture. That statement will be open to debate but part of the problem lies in the meaning of the words that we think we hold in common.
    Culture is one such word. Dreamtime is another.?

    The meaning of the word Dreamtime is no small matter and not to be confused with ‘dreams of a brighter future’ or ‘living the dream.’

    Your commentator is ‘spot on’ when saying ‘We’re all human beings.’ … thanks Makwah ….and aint it also true that ‘a nasty piece of work.’ is available in every skin shade of human colour.

    cheers everyone

  6. White men’s Ancestors were colonized and genocided. Out of survival, white men killed their own women and children and set out and began colonizing and genociding on their rageful path. It’s a horrible cycle, like domestic abuse. It can be broken if white men remember their roots, decolonize their western mind and make their WHOLE mind be the mind in charge. White men have no dreaming because white men lost connection with their Ancestors because of colonization and genocide. We CAN remember our dreams, our Ancestors and our tribal ways as white people. We can heal this…..yet it has to be from within. It’s challenging work and aren’t up for the task because it means taking a deep deep look at personal, familial and cultural issues. I do believe white men can remember their/our dreaming.

  7. “Now where did I put my initiations?”

    “Oh that’s right …. I didn’t get any.”

    “Yes you did! ….. what about losing faith in the reality of Santa Claus?”

    “Yes …. o.k. …. everybody lied to me. I suppose reaching that early understanding could be called an initiation. But – that left me confused which surely isn’t the purpose of initiation.”

    “What about the child molester?”

    “Right …. nobody prepared me for that possibility but it’s not an initiation except in deceit and corruption.”

    “What about our culture, civilisation and religion? Didn’t you get an initiation into something positive along the way?”

    “Hey – I can’t make a rubber band let alone build a concrete Cathedral so – no – I’m not initiated into the marvels of mechanics.”

    “Religion? I loved the Christ of childhood Sunday school and that He appeared to be one of the few adults who were kind …. and … nice. I was horrified to hear some priest say that without the resurrection Jesus would have just been a good man. To my child’s mind what mattered was his message. I never met Christ in that blindingly real sense that some will say but I do get that Christ – and the kingdom of heaven – lie within and do so whether you’re a Christian or not.”

    I come home from work and my back is sore. It’s because – in a real sense – I’m standing on the shoulders of those who came before me and, already, I feel the weight of those who stand on my shoulders.

    We’re linked whether we like it or not but Western Society fragments us. We’re told we’re individuals as if that were the end of the matter.

    We’re told we have ‘rights’ but no-one states our responsibilities.

    How long is it since anyone referred to you as a citizen rather than a consumer? It would be humorous if it weren’t so horrific.

    I’m not speaking from some lofty height but from a plain of desolation.

    “White man speak with forked tongue.” and every tribal society on earth has had to come to terms with the fact that OUR tribal leaders have broken every treaty ever written.

    Their initiation is all the more painful because they probably thought – for awhile – that we were ‘true’…… that we could be trusted.

    Whatever God might be surely didn’t just start interacting with mankind with the appearance of Christ or Buddha.

    My rose coloured glasses are broken and I mean that literally. I love the colour that they give and wear them while driving regardless of the broken frame. It’s when I forget that I’m wearing them and they fall off that I’m reminded again that things aren’t what they seem.

    “Now – let’s see – how many realities co-exist?”

    “More than one if initiation is to have any greater meaning than cold comfort.”

  8. Live your life as a vision quest…your whole life..Hanblecya…crying for a dream. There are five (or six or seven etc.) major bands of consciousness on this earth among what we think of as ‘people’. Because we / they experience ‘reality’ (haha) differently, sometimes VERY differently, it is obviously a mistake to self-righteously dictate to any body that CANNOT understand. If you have stalked them, and carefully studied the case then YOU may understand…..otherwise we are ‘missing the point…the bigger picture asks HOW DOES ALL THIS FIT TOGETHER? When you know this, you can address the weak points. I have lost count of the initiations.

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