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Who In the World Is Spraying?

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TruthMediaProduction: We must find out who is behind the current ongoing destructive geoengineering schemes being conducted around the world. From the award winning production team that brought you "WHAT in the World are They Spraying?" & "WHY in the World are They Spraying?" comes an in depth investigative search into WHO is doing this. "WHO in the World is Spraying?" is currently in production. Please visit http://www.whosprays.com for funding opportunities and pre-orders.


  1. I don’t get why they spray during the midnight hours. they made an X that intersected perfectly in front of the bright (getting hazier) full moon. What could these trails possibly be reflecting (if this is still “the story”) when the sun isn’t shining?????? ARRRRRrrrrrghhhhh There IS NO explanation for this other than it’s just over my house and I’m the only one seeing this! — yeah yeah that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    maybe there really is some kind of incoming solar virus coming (I read that somewhere — I think……?)

  2. Presentations like this are the ammo we need to get the word out. The 5 W’s still hold the essence of investigation even as we get to the bottom of it. We know the where and the when….right here right now.

    We’re getting closer to the big H….the mechanics of how they administer this lethal aerosol. Time is overdue to wake up the skeptics and uninformed. Good info here.

    Go Zen!

  3. I would buy it except for the obviously crass use of children as mouthpieces… so lame.. undermines any legitimacy.. An appeal to raw emotion and an insult to illegence

  4. finally watched the video and read the “witwats ” archangel appeal — – from N Hollywood California — – wtf… they can’t find a bunch of George Clooney characters to expose this chemical assault? where’s NPR’s voice on this?? HOW THE HELL does joe rogen get airtime ?????? http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2013/08/08/syfy-channel-joe-rogan-show-reveals-link-to-chemtrail-troll-network/

    they’re ALL in on it….imho

    I’m going back outside to cast a few more moon shadows on the side of the house while I entertain myself with my own version of MST3k (NEITHAN!!! the shadow from my satellite dish is providing the perfect background!!! – LOL — gonna foil up my Viking Hat — this is TOO perfect!) Hey…. two can play this cognitive dissonance game….

    • I’m beginning to think these maniacs really are trying create an arctic “paradise” for themselves. OH I know… all the countries are involved in this melt down and will share in all the natural resources they uncover. an endless supply of earth’s resources for our ever growing population. It’s All For Our Own Good! (right?)

      “The global warming hoax is perpetrated due to a combination of fraud, faulty data, deception and yes, conspiracy. Humans are not causing global warming by our carbon emissions.

      There is a power cabal using this myth to tax us, take away property and force us to live in small smart-metered spaces in packed cities, while they control the resources.

      The melting of polar ice is being caused by solar dimming from chemtrail spraying in the skies (geoengineering), and worsened by the methane released from the ice. This public poisoning is done quietly by those in control.

      Chemtrails are also used for weather control, including both storms and drought. This is being done to damage crops, lessen intelligence and cause illness and death. (Starvation is another power cabal tool of population reduction.)

      Meanwhile carbon credit trading and commodity markets are becoming high profit venues for the elite.

      If you think this sounds crazy, it is. Those who are doing it are psychopaths, but they are in power. See http://chemtrailer.com and pursue the links for details……..”

      “Thank you John David Miller. We don’t know all the answers but the history of proposals to warm the arctic is robust.

      Can you imagine the global warming was actually proposed as a “good thing” for 90 years an up to 1962?.

      Renowned Meteorologist, Harry Wexler proposed rapid warming of the Arctic by destroying the ozone layer over the north pole. using “stratospheric aircraft” to dump geoengineering chemicals. Sound familiar?

      Wexler said the intense UV radiation would accelerate the ice sheet melts to allow shipping lanes and access to arctic oil reserves. The Russians wanted to divert warm Atlantic waters into the Arctic oceam for access to oil reserves with no regard to the consequences…. The media and public expressed no panic or outrage to these proposals until the United Nations propagands succeeded in erasing the memory of Wexler’s ideas with fear-mongering. Propaganda succeeded in changing the paradigm of warming from a good thing to a bad thing.

      So, can you guess who is the most likely suspect behind the past 20 years of aggressive chemtrail spraying to deliberately engineer and warm the climate?

      Read more and keep writing on the many deceptions of the American Sheople. Start here and red the posts on the right column. http://chemtrailsplanet.net

      • You are the king of the links, Neithan!

        So, how’s your orgonite placement going?
        If I can’t be there, I definitely want a picture or three of “UP YOURS” written in the chemhaze!

        Hey – you know, maybe that’s how we can get out messages to wake people up. It’d be like skywriting, but in reverse. Although, first we have to figure out how to get them to even look at the sky…

        HUG back at ya!

        • Hey Clarity!
          King of the Links or Lord of the Links? ^_^
          Hm, dunno, just do what comes to my mind. Seems the best I can do is “borrowing”… ;)

          Huh? Orgonite placement? I’m just the guy with the jokes (and ideas). Haven’t worked with orgonite yet. Someone with stuff at hand could bring results much faster than me. :]
          (Needed some today. Someone with a ghetto blaster playing rap and hip-hop sat near me for a while. Felt like a circular saw straight through the head. Very bad vibes!)
          :) Yep, the skywriting-thing wasn’t only a joke.
          Don’t know how to make them look up – yet; esp. those walking around staring at their mobile phones. So switching off the towers is obligatory.
          But it should be hard to declare as “natural effects of clouds and planes”. Though I’m pretty sure someone will come up with “whirlwind” or “‘Nascar’ sky-lines”. :D


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