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Who Really Owns This Planet; Revisionist History Lesson (by Philosopher Stone)


I found this article on http://philosophers-stone.co.uk to be very insightful. With so much discussion about “conspiracy” one must simply take a logical walk through history of establishments and empires. We can see through history that What compels societies can be programed and manipulated, from there it is quite simply a case of who is winning the game, the game to be on the throne of your mind, where we give them the keys to the kingdom. Stay informed and connected to your true power. -Z

PhilosophersStone) This was sent to me by a friend. The time it takes to read it is a small price to pay for what is contained in it. This “timeline” outlines the root of our common dilemma. Those that brush this off as “internet conspiracy theory” are simply unwilling to connect the dots. Simply unwilling to face the truth. Historical record backs up the statements made below. Those that still doubt can research the references listed at the end of the document.

Our “collective reality” is changing by the day. If we have no understanding of the road which has led here, we have virtually no chance to salvage any future. No chance.

– D

Man is made by his belief.  As he believes, so he is.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
“What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”
– Napoleon Bonaparte
The History of the House of Rothschild
by Andrew Hitchcock
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  1. Had never seen a compiled list in chronological order quite like this before.. History indeed is a bunch of fable to perpetuate the lies, and continue the enslavement of our minds (only if we consent though).

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