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Who's Fueling Who?


by Zen Gardner

Where’s our energy going? What has each of us consented to giving ourselves to?

Never mind the money, products, services or what have you that people are generating, what is it that is harvesting our attention, intention, enthusiasm, dreams and desires?

Are we anywhere near really being in control of our lives, or are we trapped in an illusion powered by our own complicity?

Why is it humanity seems to be spinning its wheels rather than progressing, while the insane scientific, military industrial complex accelerates in size and power like a monstrous metastasizing ghoulish tumor?

The answer is clearly in the question.

Are we powering our own prison?

Whether you go for there being inter-dimensional or spiritual entities that are ultimately behind this rapacious control system or keep it at the power crazed corporo-psychopath level, clearly we’re not getting anywhere toward the advancement of the human condition. Instead it’s rapidly degenerating into chaos no matter how hard any honest and well meaning people try to prevent it.

It’s by design.

We’re following a script with very little to say about it, while being bombarded with propaganda that’s telling us it’s a natural progression of events.

It’s not. At all.

Who’s fuel are you?

“Human Resources” Powering an Insane Matrix

Just step back and “follow the energy” and see where it goes. This is where much of humanity’s energy gets absorbed and eventually dissipated.

Do you really want to contribute to all of this in any way shape or form?

  • Bloated overreaching governments sucking economies dry while riding high on their people’s backs.
  • Robber baron banksters bleeding the world while protected and encouraged by governments and courts that they own.
  • Self-serving dehumanizing corporations exploiting nations worldwide with hardly a thought for the betterment of humanity.
  • A military machine powered by power mad murderous idiots militarizing anything in sight, using our youth and the innocents of the world as fodder.
  • Mad scientists with unlimited budgets encouraged to experiment on humanity with germs, altered food, water and skies, and out of control technology used to enhance their war machine while imprisoning humanity.
  • A manipulative media, to which billions devote their time and energy following scripted news, mental programming, disinformation and mindless “amusements”.
  • Conditioned, repetitive, rote, dumbing down and disempowering de-education.
  • Fruitless, pagan religions sucking on the masses’ hunger for spirituality and directing it toward a controlling hierarchy built on fear and submission.

The list goes on. That’s not even touching on the spiritual levels of energy vampirism going on, but these are clear manifestations of it

Hence the Downcast Sense of Futility

However you imagine the control system to be, you have to admit there’s understandably an overall sense of futility amongst the common citizen. Not due to the condition of man with his infinite potential, but the lack of fruition and progress and the diminishing economies and imploding societies without any understandable reason. Where’s it all going? So many put so much in and seem to get so little out.

And what is generated somehow becomes something to further handcuff humanity or else disappears into thin air.

Civilization is devolving, not evolving. And it’s all carefully engineered by these self appointed bloodlines and overlords.

Matrix Power Station..tending to the many slaves in the grid.

We Power Civilization.  Without our Cooperation They Have Nothing.

We despised “common” humans farm the land, produce the goods, dig up the natural resources, make things run, educate and raise the children. The controllers just ride on high while steering and manipulating, harvesting our energy as if we’re hunks of slow burning coal in their matrix furnace. On the surface it’s via banks, religions, corporations, the military and other tentacles of control.

On a deeper level they’re literally energy vampires trying to suck us dry and possess and utilize our beings for their purposes.

We don’t need them. At all. Consider them parasitic invaders feeding off of humanity. And it’s time we said “no more”! But don’t reinforce or empower them by wrong actions. Like Gandhi said, he would never go to an anti-war rally. However a peace demonstration, that was a different thing.

They’ve imposed themselves on us. The royalty fraud is one obvious avenue of this imposed paradigm of control. How multitudes can fawn over these hoarding figureheads of misplaced archetypes I don’t know, but they do.

And as far as democracy goes, don’t for one minute think this election thing is for real. Oh, a few might be legit on local levels, but anything higher up must first come through their filtering and obedience process and from those they make their selections, not elections, as to who next will do what they’ll be told.

Don’t be duped. Be free.

BTW, don’t reinforce or empower them by wrong actions. Mother Teresa once said, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

They thrive off of polarity and conflict so watch your step.

Here’s Why They Tap Into Us…We Are Magnificent and Full of Unlimited Potential!

The human machine is extremely efficient and productive. We are an amazing species. That something here or from “out there” would want to take advantage of our naiveté and channel our energies to their advantage is really no surprise.

That’s what farmers do. We’re apparently in their imposed pen. And obviously need to wake up to it.

So what do we do?

Simply don’t give them your energy. You can say no. Withdraw from their illusory world and don’t participate. It takes some doing as you start to identify just how pervasive the lie is, and stuff will keep bubbling up from your previous programming, but breaking free is really just one thing.

A decision.

The Truth never moved nor needs to be chased. You just have to decide you want the Truth and then let it out, come what may. Ultimate reality always was and will be and we are all already hooked up to it. You already are and have everything you need, you just can’t see it yet.

Take time to see it. Then respond. That’s living consciously.

The ride of life will always be what it is, but finding the next level of true consciousness puts everything in perspective and puts “glide in your stride”. And answers all your questions!

Find it in you, whatever it takes.

Just don’t get hung up again on some new hierarchy or power tripping system or self-absorbed idiot out to suck your fuel. Those vampires are everywhere looking for your money, your compliance, your support, your attention. Don’t worry, you’ll learn to spot ‘em, and their nasty nets spread about your feet.

Dance on it. They are the fools!

The big one to learn to stay distanced from is this societal matrix we’re told to assume is normal and right. Live outside their world through being conscious and reacting to your inner voice. Give your energy to Love and Truth and those that come into your life, as well as others investing in consciousness and loving reality. Learn to liberate minds and shatter false paradigms as a way of life. The released energy is the solution to everything and beginning to snowball..you will be seriously encouraged!

Being awake and aware and communicating fearlessly is the whole shebang. Do that and “all will be revealed” as synchronicity comes alive for you!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tsu

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” –  Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Love always, Zen


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  1. Hard to deal with, no? I have to disconnect from it all and keep centered in my heart and not give their insanity any of my energy in any form. Everybody needs to do this, starve them of energy and they will implode eventually… Vis

    • So TRUE, Visionkeeper! There is so much crap being spread on the Internet, just made to cause us to feel anger and/or fear. We must stay mindful of this trap at all times! Use your own intuition and discernment about what you are being told. Your Higher-Self knows the truth. Don’t be sucked in and be reactive. That is EXACTLY what they want and what they feed off of! Every time we react with anything but LOVE, the dark ones party!

  2. I believe it was Mother Theresa who reportedly commented about her attendance at anti-war and peace gatherings.

    Still and all, of course, the sentiment reads true no matter the credit! For this and other closely aligned topics, I keep thinking about our remarkable deficiency in learning, our lack of training to use our Mind. Quite possibly by design, educational programs aimed at dumbing down people generally first excise any meaningful teaching about our essential make up, from GOD to soul to subtle body and Mind. Be it mechanistic rantings, materialistic philosophy, religious taboos, we simply do not learn directly and clearly about our principal servant, the Mind, which we all share.

    I have mentioned this source before and I hope those of you who frequent this site don’t mind, Yogi Bhajan, “The Mind. Its Projections and Multiple Facets”. I was not his student, nor am I a dedicated kundalini yoga student. I have found this series of lectures on The Mind most helpful in my own practice. I highly recommend it to those who would like to know more about the Mind, how to refine one’s use of the Mind.

    Peace, Joy, and Love be our hearts’ content, always.


    • Yr right Alananda. I fixed it, tx! I have a daughter named after her as she was born in Calcutta. Thank you and for the great comment. Love, Zen

  3. I’ve come to realize the ONLY solution is non-compliance with every illegal, corrupt and illegitimate institution and system out there in our world. Anything else or less is simply spinning wheels. On an individual level, non-compliance is a beautiful thing.

    Once it happens en mass though, things will truly change. If it does not happen en mass, things won’t change fundamentally for us. That helpless feeling by those already awakened is often felt because although we are cognizant of the power of non-compliance, we are forced to stand by and witness helplessly hundreds of millions of others completely asleep to the ever quickening tyranny around the world, not to mention those who refuse to even budge on their own persona awakening.

    Hey Zen, on a side note, I would LOVE to one day see a book published by you with all of these amazing posts you write in one place. Any chance we may see something in the future??

  4. Great message, Zen, thanks. Yes, we’re holding the truth and it’s getting to the point where the container in which I’m carrying mine has got to bust open PDQ. I’ll admit that I no longer know how to create in 3D, haven’t a clue as I no longer understand materialsm or see any reason to up the vampire wattage. So the problem, at least for me, is what to do! We are so used to “doing” to survive, it’s difficult to just go with the flow, but I must, otherwise my silent goals may not be reached. And silent and invisible they are, for now, but not for long. Keep the peace, brothers and sisters, and thank you for this Garden, Zen. Love, A.

    • I must say of all the great articles and posts this really resonated with me!

      Every morning I awake, I picture sending unconditional love to my multi-dimensional self, my loved ones and all other light beings, but at a frequency that the darkness can’t absorb. I also state a mantra that I forbid any entity from feeding on my energy without my knowledge, understanding or consent and my consent is limited to only other beings of light that I choose to share with. I also have placed light and love into the dark side consciousness via happy and upbeat songs, quotes and messages of love. They will continue to hear this louder and louder until they stop their attacks on us or embrace love and the light. This is not meant to harm them but is meant to either stop their attacks on us or embrace Gods love! If all of us do similar things we can drive the darkness away from us for good or convert it into Gods love!

      Blessings to all!

  5. Thanks for all you do Zen. I now sing my own songs and dance my own dance without fear of their music playing all around me. I used to think (using the mind) now I feel, using my heart and spirit. I do not sit in fear while the world falls apart, this is their view. I see the deer in the garden, the blue in the sky and listen to the swooshing of the waves and feel thecaress of the breeze.

    I am a full time carer for my husband, and when he is low I boost him up, and also the reverse is true. I tell him jokes and pull faces. I do my own thing, and I let others know what is happening, leaving it up to them to decide where to go and what to do with that information.

    Sometimes I get angry and have to remind myself it is just an emotion, just the more human part of me and I turn it around into something positive and I write something on my blog or a poem or better still, I just go hug and kiss my husband.


    Much love……..mmmmmmmmmuch love. x

  6. I tried to think of something clever and witty to post, but thought better of it :) so instead i just wanted to say thank you
    thank you Zen :)
    In Lak’ech

  7. Zen, read three paragraphs up from your Mother Theresa comment. (And don’t post my comment of course.)

    Good article – I share your despondency at times.

  8. ” We are an amazing species. That something here or from “out there” would want to take advantage of our naiveté and channel our energies to their advantage is really no surprise.

    That’s what farmers do. We’re apparently in their imposed pen. And obviously need to wake up to it.”

    I would, with respect, like to gently ask that you reconsider this comment regarding farmers. I am one. We take so much flack from those who forget that it is a circular system into which we must pour our entire lives in order to bring forth food, fiber and renewable materials that provide for those of you who are no longer on the land. We grow the food and, in order to do so, we are as much a servant to the growing system as it is to us.

    Yes. Big Ag does abuse the covenant any self-respecting farmer or rancher has with his crops, the herds he shepherds, and the land his efforts occupy. But the true farmer, the little guy, has respect for his crops and his creatures. I live with it every day and I would like to ask that the millions of us worldwide not be vilified in this manner for what we do to serve the rest of humanity’s need for sustenance.

    Not all of us are insensitive or uncaring towards the beings we nurture so that others may live. Thank you.

    Much Love, Freddie

    • Sorry Freddie, not intended in that manner in the least. I’m talking about our overlords..I should qualify better. Really good point. Love, Zen

  9. This world seems to need cataclysm to change. Those who have power in it hold on to, and extend, their power and comfort zones to the detriment of the weaker of the species. Other species are not spared. Dolphins and whales are beaching themselves with increasing regularity. Fishes and other aquatic life, birds and animals are mysteriously dying. Human beings are getting sicker and more crazy…. not to forget more homeless and unemployed. Suicides now kill more people than car crashes!

    Something is very very wrong! Mankind is becoming rudderless. Even the the search for rudders are turning up duds. Too many are drugging themselves into insensibility…only to repeat it when consciousness returns. Now that money is a problem, people are giving up. Eugenics is proceeding silently but effectively. Religion has lost its power to grant stability. From childhood, health problems like diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, obesity and alleged mental diseases are reaping havoc. Kids are required to take as many as 8 different vaccines in order to be admitted into schools. Young girls are being killed one by one by the HPV vaccine. Where does it stop….and get better? Malthusian cataclysm conveniently appears to rearrange things. Human beings have run short of answers or the power to effect desirable change. Now, nature is taking over. Drought, floods, storms, earthquakes etc are taking place with increasing frequency. Perhaps nature has a lot of help from the Elites!

    What paradigm explains it all? Is it Elites VS the rest? Is it good VS evil? Is this a script that has divine consent and backing? Is this a plot foisted on a captive world by the NWO? Is it past karma now coming home to roost? Is this just the way it is? Will the world end in 2012? Are aliens like the Annunaki continuing their exploitative MO? Is it a combo of several of these factors?

    Whatever one accepts, one should be satisfied that one has opened one’s eyes and can see these things. One could have been ‘positive’ and refused to look. One could have been asleep and not be aware of the true status of the matrix. Now, one has to devise one’s own plans for survival. Death is not such a monstrous occurrence but let it come when it will. You are souls. There is a supersoul. There is even a dark side force fighting you.

    What continues beyond death deserves the most attention. The soul deserves your attention. Minimise your wants, needs and possessions. Restore your clarity that is stolen by too many objects and pre-occupations. Increase your knowledge. Restore your harmony by therapies like alkalinity, raw food diets, zapping, orgonite etc. If you look for happiness from outside of you, there will be disappointment. It is the nature of the material world to change. With awareness, knowledge and harmony (all key elements in the nature of the soul), life is liveable. Basic needs are a must. Then, what will be will be. Discover your life’s purpose and live it. That itself deserves all the time you can give. Your attention is what this world is after. Then, they either program you or butcher your attention. Ignore all but what is essential. Live in your shell….mostly. After all….the truth is within!

    • Spot on, Pan. Loved your last paragraph.

      At some point we all woke up, and it was probably a long and painful process for most, depending on the degree of unconsciousness.

      I have suffered greatly in the past as I have tried to function in a world that didn’t fit. Even my own soul went away and left me temporarily (depression) – gave up on me. Slowly, I real-eyes’d that there was nothing ‘out there’ that could make me better.

      So, I became more selfish – not the type of selfishness that is intentionally detrimental to others, but selfishness that was generated purely to heal myself.

      Now that my house is in order (after much work) , I can look around and feel calm even amongst the chaos. Perhaps this chaos IS the old paradigm crumbling. We knew it was never going to be pretty.

      If we remember the pain and confusion of our own awakening processes, and multiply it by several million, it will be a very, very bumpy ride. Maybe this is what is happening.

      The young are not watching as much TV as they used to, as they use the Internet and have more control. The hypnotist in the corner of the room is losing its grip on them. I would love to see a mass dumping of the things.

      • That hypnotist is very powerful! I find my attention being ‘pulled’ to the TV set….even though those shows disgust me! Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies and the old shows are what I like!

        Selfishness is a good thing when applied constructively. There is a book called The Art Of Selfishness that I read long ago. I think it is still available. Basically it says that it is one thing to be a good guy, and quite another to be a chump!

  10. The other day I heard a report on the radio that a large number of the roman catholic church’s basis (churchgoers, lay priests) asks for a renewal of the church.
    But they won’t do anything against the pope’s will.

    A young woman said she insists that the pope should give her all answers to our (hi-tech) world and her life…
    I’d say that’s part of the problem.

    Here’s a hint to find answers:



    May the Light shine through you!

  11. transducing positive energy requires an unyielding commitment to stay out of the swirling talmudic cesspit…the MATRIX.

    get an industrial strength “Mr. A’s walking stick” of your own…and stay on the high road…the right path. Know Truth !

  12. More and more everyday i am finding that the very questions and concerns swirling within my own mind are also swirling around the awakening collective.
    I spent hours Sunday mentally purging myself on the idea of becoming trapped and stuck on the evil I see and what I could do to get out of it. The beautiful thing was that once I wrote it all and began editing I realized I had answered my own problem.

    I had realized that for me, part of the truth is that there are many reasons for all things. Another part of my truth is synchronicity, it brought all the things I needed for me to do what it is my soul came here to do. The third part of my truth I found was that we are all a collective. Every single one of us in every place in this multiverse. Every form of life be it plant, animal or human-like being and we always have been. The fourth one and last (so far) is that life is a movie set and we are the actors, playing our roles, lifetime after lifetime.

    For me it brings it down to this- We are all in this together and have always been. We all come form a source of love so divine. We are all connected to it and now its time to awaken to it in ourselves. This is our shot guys, can you feel it swirling in the air around you? The universe is pointing it out in so many ways and they all lead to one thing. We need to wake up our brothers and sisters and tell them the truth. That truth is that in them lies their own truth just begging to be awakened. The whole entire collective is about to create the life we all need and you dont want to miss a chance to have a say. Everything that has ever happened has been leading up to you finding your own truth. Its time.We need to wake everyone of and follow the 100th monkey theory!
    Ther more I look for it the more i find it and I want you all here with me so badly I can feel the yearning. I want a New Earth and my soul is demanding it now but through love! I get it!
    Thanks so much Zen. I wouldnt be here in this new reality if it werent for this place. But of course, you were playing your role therefore- you deserve some other-worldy type oscar! I love you all so much!

  13. Freddie, it does my heart good to see the care you take in your work. It is wonderful to know there are farmers that love and nurture mother earth and the animals.
    Thank you so much for sharing that!

  14. So our parents and some grandparents were lured from there farms to come to the city with promises of a much better/comfortable life.Some people(i wish a lot more) are realizing that this promise has run it’s course now. And that living in the countryside/on the land with the quiet and freedom of thought is becoming a much more healthier/enticing choice. Have we come full circle? Or is that where our rudder(Pandava) was all along. The elites/zionist/corps have us boxed in with out a door. It is up to us to find our way out so that our fuel is not wasted on them but is galdly given to the people we love.


    • There was a plot to dispossess us alright. With the drought, many farmers are going bankrupt. The Corporations and moneyed class are buying land. We are now confined to the cities with no hope of escape. When we cannot pay our dues, we go on the streets. Since we all can’t grow food, GMOs are being conspired on our plates. Everything we should do for ourselves is being done for us…at a price. We have become dependent on the system because we were sold on things that made life ‘easier’ for too-busy people. Now, the farce is crumbling and there is no back door! A new lifestyle is the only answer. Hearth and homebase are as much a prison as they are the roots of sane living. When those who have used PAPER to steal the world from us find reasons to take home and hearth away, we must be ready for another lifestyle! Those with profitable niches in the system are too busy to see this! Did someone say…GO WEST?

  15. Knowing that the matrix is there is a good start. Many prefer distraction, avoidance or denial. Others ask themselves how they can get out of the Matricks?

    The first thing is to see how the Matricks hooks into you – and to see what qualities you have that make it possible for the hooks to take hold.
    I’m afraid there’s no fairy godmother with a magic wand to do that for you. You are the one who can truly know yourself.
    There are time-honoured ways of doing this. Often they have been purloined by big religion or fashion religion.

    Simply take time out to be with yourself and to honestly recognize the scenarios created by your mind, Take more time to be with yourself without having to perform in perceived and culturally imposed roles. Turn off distractions. Don’t read or watch or indulge in them for a while. It feels at first as if you cannot exist even for a few minutes without input from the imposed environment of pseudo-communicative clutter.
    Allow yourself to experience that feeling. Become both the experiment and the scientist. Experience what is happening in your stream of now moments fully, whether you like it or not, and – at the same time – observe the arising, being and passing away of each experience package with as little judgement as you can.

    Little by little, you will come to see the processes involved. You will come to know how the ‘hooks’ can engage and hold you in the matricks.

    You will also know how to avoid being hooked and to disengage from the hooks that are already in place.

    It can be done. It is BEING done.

    They key is to be aware of the present moment.

    Thank you Zen for the chance to share these thoughts.
    Thank you for your inspiring writings,
    Thank you to the great commentators here too,

    Helen J.

  16. Wow, you nailed it with this one! Lately I’ve been openly talking with others about these very ideas, and I’m amazed how receptive people are becoming. You have a genuine gift for getting right to the essential points. Thanks!

  17. ‘Never join an anti war demo – but only a peace demo’

    Isn’t that rather a confusion?

    War and Peace are self perpetuating opposites. Pacifism is no answer. Peace is not an external condition nor an internal one – in the end. It is simply the opposite of war.

    So a ‘Peace demo’ is meaningless: If one wants to demostrate the opposite of war one must take action to change society – not sit down and meditate one’s way into another world.

    We are only ‘at peace’ for limited periods anyway. It is ‘friction’ which keeps our lives going. It is friction which creates ‘Life’ in the first place.
    It is duality which powers movement and creativity. Duality is two opposites (think of the yin/yang, male/female)) and the friction of their close proximity to each other is what makes light, love and change.

    If someone walks into your garden and starts to chop down your fruit tree are you going to bow to them and say “namaskar”?


    I am not – I will try to apprehend that person. If they still ignore me I will hit them over th head with a bottle: an act of war.

    An army invades another Country – that Country fights-off the invader.
    There is nothing unnatural about this. But what should one call it ?

    Mother Theresa mat have had a message which I have misinterpretted. But I will still go to an anti war demonstration if my Country is invading another under false pretences. Infact I am shocked by the lack of participation in such actions today.

    The cult of pacivity is simply handing our planet over to those who are only too pleased to remain in charge.

    • I just said beware and used that as an example. Did I say never do that? Follow your own path, but keep your eyes peeled for their tricks that only reinforce their hold.

    • Dear Redrose: Just want to say that the idea is to get out of duality into what is termed Unity. This does not mean that we lose our individuality, the friction remains in a creative way, because we each have our unique thinking on what it means to be human. It is when this thinking creates without violence that we evolve. Try stepping outside of the you/me, up/down, love/hate etc. thinking, it’s not easy, but after a while something opens up that needs very serious consideration indeed. This is not Pollyanna, this is happening. Love, A.

  18. Robert Monroe wrote that earth is a loosh farm, an power plant harvested for energy.

    Monroe Institute tells me that Robert stopped talking about this forever, right after that particular book was published.

    Love poisons evil, so fill ‘er up !

    Zen, thanks for showcasing vital ‘untouchables’.

    Replete with amazing images.

  19. Not many ever consider how every negative electron particle generated by every negative deed, emotion and lingering thought, contributes to powering the very invisible walls of this matrix reality put in place using the negative electron network system …

    An invading system associated with the satanic elite consciousness … one that prevented the original consciousness of the Positron kind from operating all commands of operation … until now …

    As now is the generation to see that reversal of all things go back to Positive Light, Positive Love and that good and Positive mode of operation ….

    This is the generation to awake to their full Positive Light potentials …

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