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Who’s Winning the War On You?



by Zen Gardner

We’re at war, and the enemy is us – a conscious, responsive humanity. World dominion cannot succeed with an awake, empowered population. We’re at a crucial time in history and right now the air is crackling with programmed anticipation, and that’s just how they planned it.

It’s all about our minds and hearts. The propaganda and staged events are triggers to shut you down.

We need to see through all this fabricated bullshit.

Showtime – The Bigger the Lie the Better

We’re witnessing the most massive peacetime militarization ever undertaken. Using false flags, false alerts and false enemies, the United States and England are leading the charge into a technological police state that far surpasses Orwell’s nightmare or Huxley’s drugged Brave New World.

Not only is the over-the-top London Olympics psychically begging for an incident while Israel spews their shrill “Iran’s gonna do it” campaign, but the US is wildly cranking up for a vicious war on its own people based on a completely fabricated series of false alerts and accusations used to justify their metastacizing Fascist “homeland security” gridlock.

Now fully augmented by the military a la the Olympics idiocy.   Get their drift?

All they need now is the right “justification” to make it permanent.

They’ve painted humanity into a psychological corner. 9/11 on steroids coming up. Prepare accordingly.

Know Their M.O. – Disempower the Individual

Why do you think these social engineers are fixated on socialism and communism, now cleverly disguised as corporatism? The entire model strips the individual not just of their rights, but their ability to think freely. If you can put people to sleep, with a bombardment of drugs, adulterated food and water, twisted education and mindless entertainment and materialism, while dismantling their cultural,  familial and sovereign framework around them..they’re toast.

Or so they think.

Admittedly it’s not much to stand on unless individuals wake up and shrug off this imposed psychotic quagmire of deceit.

Our current situation in the midst of all these manipulated crises is seriously pregnant with anticipation. The entire build up has been carefully orchestrated. While all of this may appear as external events, really all of it is a war on you—your mind, body and most of all your spirit and soul.

If they can paralyze the individual, groups won’t gather to discuss issues and take action. Protests will be few and far between. The masses will be quiet.

Sound familiar?

That’s unfortunately why the internet is inescapably next. We’re where we meet. So get connected locally. Which we should all be doing anyway.

Any wonder the Colorado shooting played on the fascination with the Dark Hero? It’s all programming. Fascination for evil reinforces violence.

Killing the Inner Hero

The Controllers are well aware of what they’re up against. Divide and conquer has been their slogan for millennia. That and “order out of chaos”…keep the masses divided and confused and unable to form an offensive. A populace on the defensive is at a great disadvantage.

Two of the biggest individual neutralizers are religion and the mass media.

Religion conquers the heart and spirit by channeling your innate spirituality into a limp, useless form. Glazed in phony hierarchy and drippy ceremony, these energy vampires suck humanity’s spirit and place the husks in little jeweled boxes of glittery beliefs of a future kingdom where all is well…while they make off with the loot and shut you down from any positive awareness or action.

Disgusting parasites.

Couldn’t help it…I just LOVE this picture!!!

Vicarious Living – Your Enemy

Can’t say enough about this. We’ve been shut down and have no idea how or from what. It goes back many generations, but suffice it to say, it’s one of their best ploys. The thing is, it has no power except what we allot it, for various reasons. All I can say is, it’s way subversive and watch out.

The media and “entertainment” industry annul your humanity by giving you a completely vicarious life. Why live, when you can be any hero or anti-hero you want by entering the emotionally entangling and soul-sucking experience of a light and sound show of your choosing? Or watch a sit-com and have your friendship desires lived out?

Then go home and back to work tomorrow.

Or maybe you want to release your animalistic angst by getting sucked into a circus/coliseum sports or otherwise staged event? Get it all out, dude.

Then go home and go back to work tomorrow.

Get the picture? Neutralized. And that’s just how easily most of the world is being swept into this escalating phony terrorism trick which is heading straight towards World War 3 and a grab for total global control.

Brain-trained gnomes responding to the call and waltzing into the slaughter.

Learned Helplessness – The War on You

Do not skip this video. It and Snordelhans inspired this post. Take the time to watch it, all the way through despite the academic start. The impact is multi-dimensional if you let it. This is just one of their social engineering tricks against humanity.

And yes, you should be seriously pissed. (Hat Tip to Snordelhans of HereticProductions. Tx bro.)

It’s Time We Woke Up

We all know this. But if our lives haven’t changed to reflect the inner change, it hasn’t really happened. Maybe when everyone’s backs are truly against the wall they’ll come out. Sorry to say, that will be too late for most. Their admitted plans are nasty. They’re talking liquidation and we know they have the tools to do it.


Wake ups do happen! Some exciting things are happening to counter this ugly rising tide we’re facing. David Icke is having 20 minutes every day at 9 PM GMT with special emphasis on the Olympics to backflush this occult insanity happening in London. Be sure to be part of it. (See Olympic Focus HERE).

Stuart Wilde has a beautiful call to cover the event with love, with a warning as well to stay away. (HERE)

Be resourceful, but be.

Something in you is arising and needs to fully bloom into constructive action. It’s for you to find out but find it you must. We cannot sit idly by while this insanity rains down on us.

It’s time to activate. Get connected and follow your heart.

Stop delaying. You’ll love it!

Much love, Zen


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  1. I’m awake and I DO love it. I was a late bloomer – having only awakened a little over a year ago, but even as a child, I had that nagging feeling that something was not right. Having been reared in a tough household, I was the epitome of learned helplessness.

    Perhaps the fact that my lifetime count of something akin to 5 McD’s french fries helped keep my brain somewhat clear. Those things are disgusting greased cardboard sticks void of any value – much like the Pope.

    Thank you, Zen. I had lost a little spirit this last week – you brought some back.

  2. love the post, as always, but couldn’t watch the entire video – i hate tv. but i get what it was trying to tell me. people become sheeple when they give their energy away to tv and just existing to work so they can buy a box to sleep in and stuff to fill it up with. my job brings me into contact with the public and i see so many hollow, depressed shells going to and from work like good little robots. they haven’t stopped to think why they do what they do, and live like they live. sheeple always have a complaint about something but never an idea for a solution. it’s always someone elses job or duty to help them because they don’t have enough faith or whatever to help themselves. i see them, lives ruled by their job and their tv. i’m glad i’m not like them.

  3. Hi all. I live in Littleton, Co. I read where Mayor Bloomberg stated that all cops should go on strike until anti-gun laws are enacted. Good! I agree! Stay home (without pay). This will help our bloated government budgets to be brought into line.

    I suggest that we try a different approach. It’s called OPEN CARRY. I’ll be happy to strap on a pistol to assure my daughter’s safety at a movie. If this guy came in and 4 or 5 guys started returning fire, I’ll bet not half the people would have been hurt. And when did the police turn up? After it was all over. We have mall security guards, NSA surveilance on ALL citizens, mall security cameras and what did it accomplish? Absolutely NOTHING. If the cops can’t STOP CRIME with all our high tech gimmics, then why have them?

    I saw a great news report from channel 19, the FOX affiliate in Cincinnati where they asked many well thought out questions. Look it up. Also, a Marine held up a letter to the CIA and “FEARSTREAM MEDIA”, as he called them. He had explosives training and was familiar with all the weapons used. He said that – even he – could not have pulled this act off. Did you all know that the explosives rigged in this guys apartment took at least 2 days to disarm? I heard that 100 demolition experts were at his apartment, and a lot of them had never seen the complexity of the booby traps that were set. Where did a college grad student ever learn this stuff? Still think he was working alone? How did he get through an emergency exit? Where did he buy the tear gas? Why did he tell the cops that his apartment building was rigged to explode? He wasn’t tortured to get this information. He told them as soon as he was taken into custody. Why didn’t he fire on the cops? Sorry, only conclusion that I get is mind programming by OUR GOVERNMENT.

    and a government staged event

    thanks for all you do Zen

    people are waking up. do you think that they could get away with 9/11 now? not a chance. see you in the FEMA camp, if I live long enough.


  4. Fish Hat Pope got a new “do”. I also love that picture. I especially like the ones of him with the red rimmed eyes, wouldn’t be surprised it he drools too, that is just how creepy he really is.

    I really feel empathy for all Americans, it must be absolute hell what’s happening throughout the country. I afraid we are not far behind, as our prime minister and provincial governements are also bent on doing the same thing. Remember there is a lot of unpopulated space in Canada.

  5. For me, I am blissfully unaware of the olympics, as it is not something I allow into my Consciousness. Only on this site (no offence, Z, for I know where you’re coming from) do I become aware of it – mostly because I visit few sites these days and certainly none that bring me down / lower my energy in any way.

    Focusing en masse on the whole shebang for 20 minutes seems counter-productive and a dubious practise. I shook my head in disbelief when I read that. All this is feeding the beast massively.

    I follow my own heart, and it leads me as far away from that charade as it’s possible to get.

  6. Rummaging around the internet, finding the proverbial “awoken,” alongside the proverbial “them…” on the countless web-sites and pages; much like Zen’s here – demonstrates that although the paradox is clear – the “awoken” remain oblivious to the dilemma of the continuation of their nightmare.

    Continuously, the hypnotised claim “we are waking-up!” Citing this “occupy” or that “arab-spring,” as evidence of the revolution.

    All such devices though, being very much an inescapable part of the predictable and very clearly controlled agenda, barrelling-along with the mob (the sheeple, as the “awoken” call them, but the “awoken” are same fodder in this game) dutifully playing their roles.

    The predictability factor (prophecy) is apparently all too easy to plot these days. The “awoken” claim that because :”more and more are waking-up…” they will have the world they want it.
    Yet, evidently, in correlation to this “mass-awakening” every avenue of life is demonstrating the contrary – more wars, terror, murder, loss of rights, increased air-toxicity, water-pollution, pharmaceutical espionage… (you know the ever-expanding list)

    Yet, this actually brings comfort to the “awoken”, for they can write on their blogs, web-pages, throw seminars… not only “see, I told you so;” but now play their (albeit unconsciously – for the main) predictable role in their nightmare, with their own version of “pre-crime” philosophy.

    All the time hiding from their own spectre(s) which remain, of powerlessness, to do anything but commentate upon their own further enslavement, with an “informed” mind.

    Any device, philosophy, perspective which serves to disassociate one from another – such epithets as “evil” and so on – are delusions of the deluded, fragmented “asleep” self. Which is the master deceiver and works relentlessly at maintaining its sense of continuity, constantly justifying its defence and attack positioning.

    If this is where you find yourself – then indeed, the “matrix has you” – you’re still “asleep” (to use the popular term)

    If you really desire to be the solution – then at some point you have to stop being satisfied by feeding from the scraps that are thrown for you to scavenge from.

    • Life is a challenge, everyday we’re given choices, you have the decision to make, left or right? When we choose the direction to go the outcome is your world, and only your world. We entangle only when we’ve choosen the same path at that moment.

      When first awakening the decision’s appear difficult to make as we are afraid that the wrong decision will have us cast out. As you choose your own life path and make decisions based upon your heart you begin to realize that what you’ve learned could have been biased by the teacher.
      Some do understand the process’s going on around us and experience helps fine tune the choices we are going to make. We should not DIS the choices of others, only make informed decisions on their outcomes.
      Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.


    • You nail it again, Zen. You (and Stewart Swerdlow at expansions.com) are the spokesmen for the sane, in an insane world. From Stew’s latest blog post: Remember, no matter what comes, there is nothing you cannot handle. Ever.

  7. do AGNIHOTRA, you ll influence a radius of a mile and London could be emotionally, so vibrationally , influenced to the better with just several hundred people, Crazy scary shit won t happen when people are calm or at least not hyped up. It multiplies positive intention and has very strong positive effects on your direct environment, it s calming, restructuring and neutralizing toxins, poisons and even radiaton, as it is several 1000 years old and proven to work, but as usual, the really good and easy thing nobody will report, talk or even know about

  8. Identifying an “enemy”, and motivating and ‘justifying’ violence and evil against that “enemy” are ALWAYS theological or religious entities, which is WHY the theological foundations of the religions are of crucial importance to the perpetuation of violence and evil.

    ‘Strike at the [theological] ROOT’ of such violence and evil rather than merely ‘hacking at the [political] branches’.


  9. Zen, You are a master in optical thinking. People know and use the words fission and fusion, both having separate definitions, yet in thinking about both words how many people think of the outcome using both forces? Using the definition of one word “destruction” does anyone ask which was used fusion or fission? Those in real encampment of power the elite have their own definitions while still using the dewey decimal system, but of their own making. The elite tell their children when first born “The world is your oyster…take what you want.” The middle and lower classes teach their children from birth almost as if they must apologize for being born less alone for living life. I admire your complete sandwich delivery of information so well made. We indeed are the meat between two slices of bread. Chemtrails and Roundup. The sheeple are becoming the rotting meat. Your focus on delivery of the topics in each article with infomation and perspective as if I’m into a Christopher Hitchen’s nature of his thinking order. For me to say I admire your stance in the same measure of openness and intelligence as Hitch is an ultimate respect to you, Zen. I’m so pleased to have come upon your site. Where to go after Hitch’s going over that “Rainbow Bridge”? Well, here you are. THANK YOU.

  10. David Icke’s heart meditation feels really beautiful to do. It’s simple and will lead you to modifying your life style in order keep that feeling intact as you live your daily life.

  11. tee hee, we should picture all the rats in big funny hats. Don’t forget to run around barefoot under beautiful trees, it will dissolve the fear-vibe we’re being slammed with. And girls, remember we’re not whores or pant-suited mangirls, the hat-rat types want to breed sluts and helpless estrogenated manchildren. Let our men be men and us be princesses and moms and friends and healers,to bring balance and strip the freaks of power, reclaim our rightful place far away from snookieland. XXOO

  12. Hello Zen. I’m always happy to see your posts.
    Not all ‘organized’ Christianity is just pie in the sky and ritual. Christians are encouraged to do physical works of mercy and to oppose injustice in all forms.
    My brother is Catholic and spends a day most weekends with State prisoners. My Methodist church runs a food pantry, all in need welcome, and also a weekly Alzheimer’s caretakers ‘day out’ , hosting the Alzheimer’s patients. It’s free, too.
    Here’s for peace everywhere, and a new earth!

    • Agreed Steve–I don’t broadbrush people, it’s a matter of the heart. It’s hierarchical religions and all their manipulation and limiting dogma that’s the problem. Each to his own understanding but I like to caution against getting hung up in the many entrapments…I think you get me. Take care, Love, Zen

      • Steve, sounds like your friends would be helping fellow humans with or with a religion. And sorry Z, I’ll grab the big brush, religion is on par with the military industrial complex, with incense and lies, and blood. The religions are as much a part of the evil that now engulfs us as any bad government. Centuries of horrors and slaughter of anyone connected to true humans, ask an Indian or Celt or Gnostic. Sever a connection to earth, and sacred life and fellow humanity, oh and go murder a bunch of people not affiliated with OUR religion. Sorry rant, you want peace everywhere, pray religions are wiped off the planet.

        • TT–big brush religions, even beliefs, all you want! People are infinite consciousness learning to discover itself. Sometimes their inner knowledge gets tangled by these things and they can’t discern it so take the attacks on religions as a personal one. They’ll get it, sooner or later. But as you can see, I’ll keep blasting and trying to untangle and expose all I can to try to help. It’s fun once you realize you’re swimming in a kelp forest with all these predators and the poisonous jellyfish tendrils floating around…;)..we just need to shine bright lights so all can see ’em for what they are…Love, Zen

  13. The ‘FED’ is winning the war on you. So far.

    Audit the Fed Passes the House! 327(Y)-98(N)


    CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459?s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

    I did! Here is the text of my message:

    “I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

    327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? You may wish to think about this question when it comes time for your re-election”

    (Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish)

    • Yep, you nailed it. There has to be an awakening of the American people to save their freedoms.

      Need to read this book about Americans who stand up to federal tyranny & end up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It’s fantastic cause it’s so real & about each of us taking a stand. I recommend it as a must.


      “It’s all about our minds and hearts” is what the book shows & they are now going after our children to control their thoughts.

    • Sadly, this is not going to happen in the Senate. No way will the FED be audited and if it does pass in the Senate, it’ll be so watered down there would be no point. I could be wrong?

  14. You nail it again, Zen. You (and Stewart Swerdlow at expansions.com) are the spokesmen for the sane, in an insane world. From Stew’s latest blog post: Remember, no matter what comes, there is nothing you cannot handle. Ever.

  15. Sorry to say, but this civilization is toast. There is not one group of people I relate with that isn’t rent with conflict over everything. If it’s not gun control , its disbelief that government is the culpret; if it isn’t GMO foods, it’s whether or not there is SOME benefit to altering our seeds to make them unpalatable to bugs, if indeed that is the real reason; If it’s not the dangers of vaccines and what monstrous harm they have caused, its that there must be some benefit to vaccines because….It it’s not that recombinant DNA technology is evil and dangerous, it’s that there is so much to be gained by wiping out certain mutations that cause inherited disableing conditions. (AS IF the govt/military complex is ever interested in benefitting humanity instead of militarizing every technology!)

    Conflict everywhere even as most seem to be still striving to “succeed” in a capitalistic world and climb to the hights or position themselves somewhere higher than they are at this moment on the corporate laddar by following the carrot on a stick technique.

    No thanks! I’d rather play it like Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond and keep my soul in the human range.

  16. “Together we stand, divided we fall!” So stand together and stand Tall! Another great testament. Thanks Zen!
    Caught this headline this morning, don’t know if you’ve seen it yet.

    “Ban Ki Moon does a symbolic morning run at Sarajevo’s Olympic stadium ahead of games” Symbolic of what? Sounds like foreshadowing to me! Take care of yourselves, people(and eachother!)
    Peace and Protection!!!!

  17. The war has been won already…by the Global Elites. They are in charge like never before. They have all it takes to win like never before. They have the SCALAR weapons. If one knows the capabilities of these weapons to create physical manifestation by using the energy of the VOID, that conclusion is the only sane one. Together with systems like HAARP, EMP generators, thermo-baric weapons, weapons that act on consciousness (TV sets?), weapons that act on flesh and a slew of poisons…..mankind, whether awake or sleeping, does not stand a chance.

    The goal of erecting lucifer or satan as god of this world has already been achieved. One just has to look at the masses to see that they are led by the Occult. Knowing what’s going on does not change anything. In fact, the Elites fund both sides. Some stars in the alternative media have been fingered as as Illuminati operatives. Guns cannot win if those who can fire them are otherwise destroyed. So, being AWAKE is no cause for celebration. In this one-sided contest, ‘knowing’ is more cause for frustration and general impotence. Even preparation by buying seeds and dessicated food etc will delay the inevitable only in the very very short run.

    So, that leaves us with the question of what to do. To wake others up, one has to go into the causes of why they sleep. Ignorance of what is happening is only one factor. Participation in the Occult spiritual system is holding people in the Elites clutches. And we are talking about most of the 99% here, worldwide. People’s lives are being directed from the Occult control via the ‘eyes’ and optic nerve. People reach to their ‘eyes’ to get directions of what to do. Big mistake….it is not a spiritual power. There are microscopic denizens that have an affinity for the eyes and take up residence there. This is part of the reason for all those compulsory vaccines. That and cigarette-smoking (and sex) supplies those denizens which act as interfaces with the Occult masters. Those denizens have invisible dark side bodies that the Occult masters and other dark siders can access.

    The way to fight the Occult Elites, and so get your personal freedom, is to take back your body. That means health. That means destroying the interfacing micro-organisms. That means using things like colloidal silver. That means using Beck zappers and Rife machines. Once the die-off progresses, one will notice the changes towards mental harmony and reduced mental chatter. It is a much longer story which includes using magnesium chloride (see IMVA) to restart and recuperate the body’s mechanisms. When you retake your body from the Occult Elites, you have beaten the Elites. You become really awake and become open to intuition from the divine side. No more can satan use your body. You have have poked a hole in the dark side net that the Elites erected over the face of the Earth, and which is centered on each human body. The masses will keep sleeping even though they know about false flags because they have not retaken their bodies by dismantling the mechanism of occult control.

    This is how you fight back….believe it or not. The dark side rules over the 99% because they do not take their bodies back. If enough people poke holes in the occult net, the more divine help will be available as guidance. The Elites won’t be able to use the darkness within to keep their system and their control going. This is the root of the problem and the core solution. Take it or leave it!

    • There is no such person as Satan or Yahweh; Isaiah 45:7 reveals Satan as the flip side of Yahweh, or El.

      “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

      Yahweh and Satan are one and the same, one without a second. Though I can appreciate the idea of the the dark side of God taking over in this world and all that, but in truth, there is no Satan or Yahweh, as both are creations of darkest elemental magic, a communal thought form dominated by conscious minds of the rabbis and other empowered Jews who know how to work the elemental machine like a ventriloquist’s dummy, and of course, the rabbis control the elemental manifestations of Jesus and Allah by the same method, playing the gentile goyim for the fools they are.

      ‘Your’ body and that of everyone else in this material dimension of maya, is actually a transformed part of the spiritual ‘flesh’, so to speak, of the soul that is known as Krishna, our communal Higher Self and ‘God’ (God has no name really, but the ‘name’ incorporates the understanding of the quality of that being, thereby directing our consciousness toward that being, and also attracting the attention of that being towards us). So, we are are criminals here, in that we are all trespassing upon the flesh of another, our Lord God.

      The substance of the cosmic material ego of maya (the gross and subtle material elements of the material universe that embodies each soul here) that covers the awareness of every soul that is held by the material maya potency of Krishna in this material world, is in fact the analogical representation of the particular substance of Krishna that we had begun to desire to dominate for our own selfish purposes, whilst in the spiritual world. For instance, some desire to occupy the position of Krishna for themselves.

      Because we made this mistake of being lazy, forgetful and selfish, not remaining attentive to our spiritual service duties to the cosmos that we should have held to by remaining focused on Krishna in an appropriate manner, and starting to drift towards the notion that we could emulate or become Krishna in His position, then that aspect of Krishna that we would have trespassed upon becomes the very material world that we inhabit.

      Krishna arranges the lessons of maya to allow us sufficient pleasure whilst we learn to renounce it at the same time, as we are all expansions of Him, and he has immense compassion for us all. He arranges our lessons in life so that whilst we have free will to form the seeds of desire, He grants the fulfillment of the desires of everyone in such a manner as to bring souls back towards perfect happiness within Him, whilst at the same time coordinating all external physical manifestations of such desires as much as possible in such a way as to prevent total chaos, whilst yet still permitting free will and fulfillment of the desires of each being nonetheless.

      But we are criminals and prisoners here, and there are limitations and consequences, of suffering sometimes for our selfish desires. Krishna helps us to understand our material and spiritual experiences in these bodies, in such a way that the dead material substance no longer holds attraction for us, and we then drop our desires for it, concomitantly dropping our mistaken desire to dominate Krishna, and then we wake up, and return to our true, eternal constitutional positions in association with Krishna as His devotees in Vaikuntha, dwelling in the spiritual planets once again.

      When this happens, we are no longer covered by any external regulatory bodies. External bodies are not necessary in the spiritual world. The material bodies we wear here act in various ways, at times like a straight jacket (for guys that like to play with nuclear weapons and so on), at times like a climbing frame for a plant, at times as a template to remind us of our highest eternal form with the ability to think, speak, hear and see and touch. For instance, when a soul has been dwelling in the eternal Brahman white light effulgence surrounding the Vaikuntha planets as an outer covering, or demarcation zone between the spiritual and material realms, the soul living there has no mind, ability to see, hear, think, touch, or speak, and has no concept of individuality or individual mind or will, and needs to be rehabilitated from such an unconscious state of existence, and so the likeness of their highest eternal spiritual form is placed over their individual soul to remind them of what they can be like when they return to the highest realms above the Brahman white light effulgence.

      The thing is to attract Krishna to guide us, and then your mind and body get more and more free from maya, and more awake by gaining more association with Krishna.

      All the Abrahamic religions threaten the eternal and unceasing torture of all non-adherents, which is a totally non-spiritual and anti-spiritual concept. These cults are pure evil, and any tiny notion of goodness that might be accomplished by a little philanthropy in this world whilst being a member of such a cult becomes entirely meaningless and insignificant when matched up against the horrific reality of eternal torture of someone that we become party to by having association with such a belief system that practices such mindless sadistic violence toward others, say because they were a Buddhist or a Vaishnava, a Shaivite, a Daoist or a Sikh, or atheist, or tribal medicine man.

      Thank goodness that such hells as envisaged by the criminal Abrahamic cults do not exist in reality, yet the threat of them is enough to send millions insane to such a degree that they will torture, and kill others in this world to avoid the threat of such a terrible fate themselves as being forced to live in agonizing flames for all eternity. The physical and mental sufferings and illnesses that these belief systems produce is a terrible hell in itself, and a totally unnecessary one at that, one that we can all bypass by removing all influence of those mistaken and limiting beliefs from our lives.

      Hare Krishna

      • If you practise the lessons of the Gita, all this theory you came up with, vanishes. If you practise Yoga, you will come across the not-self. If you read the Mahabharat epic, you will see that the external war has its internal equivalent, hence the value of the Gita. If you have fought both battles (the external battle is necessary to stay alive) you will be enlightened as to the truth. What you present here is a religious strawman or one body with one consciousness. That is your error. If you practise the Gita, the internal duality of soul and dark side are observed.
        There is a big difference in the natures of the consciousness of both entities. They are not both sides of the same God. That is purely fiction. We do not know God that well, regardless of which Guru asserts that it is so. It is disinfo!

        We can trace the causes of suffering to the Bankers and their ethnic brethren. It is false to suppose that Krishna is doing this for spiritual evolution. What we see is the system moving towards Global governance, Eugenics, Wars and general suffering. The Gita is most relevant here. Fight back, told to Arjuna, is still the best advice!

        • I have studied various interpretations of the Gita, including the advaitist philosophy that you observe, but I do not subscribe to the advaitist doctrine. What I write is not my own theory, but is centred on Vaishnava philosophy, which I believe in, and I do not consider that I deviate from it in what I write.

          One main message of the Gita that has been missed by you is the following:

          “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be. As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from childhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.” (2: 12-13)

          All the individual souls, (the demigods) and the Lord of these gods, Krishna, who alone possesses cosmic spatial dimension in comparison to we atomic-sized jiva souls, is self-existent without any beginning. This is the actual nature of the spiritual cosmos, where consciousness does not have to evolve, or come into existence, what is there is the natural eternal constitution of the spiritual cosmos without any beginning. That is the surprising nature of the quality of the reality there, and it is perfectly natural; from that perspective, it is the earthly reality that appears very strange.

          There is nothing else in the spiritual world but conscious souls joined together via the central nexus, Krishna; there is no impersonal ‘energy’ or dead matter in Vaikuntha, only vibrant, pure, blissful loving consciousness centred on the beauty of Krishna.

          I do not understand your rather vague reference to ‘the internal duality of soul and dark side’ and the rest of what you state. If you think I provide disinfo, provide a clear proposition so that I can properly evaluate your ideas. I have to say I find your reply to me largely incomprehensible as I think you rushed it a little and were too brief. Quite frankly, your statement “If you practice Yoga, you will come across the not-self” smacks of conceited BS. What else is awareness but self, whether one considers that truth from either the perspective of the individual jiva soul, or the perspective of the jiva soul who has completely merged as one with Krishna in the highest form of Svarupa.

          You possibly desire all souls to be one, though you maybe have a hybrid philosophy of accepting the existence of some kind of ‘dark side ‘ entities that may be irredeemable. In fact Krishna is so generous that He fulfills all wishes of His devotees as they are all expansions of Him, and as they are part of God, then He must fulfill their desires as part of Himself. Krishna does not think of jiva souls as beings to push around and bully into submission like the Abrahamic conception of God does.

          Krishna does not accept the existence of ‘Satan’ or any literal dark side, or any eternally irredeemable demonic souls; also, the idea of such eternal demon souls is a Jewish and very negative concept. All souls in truth come originally from the highest spiritual planet Goloka, and all can remember their eternal spiritual nature as devoted associates of Krishna, with a little diligence and conscientiousness, and return to the eternal spiritual dimension, Vaikuntha.

          Some wish to become God without really understanding what God is and what He does, and they merge into the impersonal Brahman, the ‘white light’, in one type of Svarupa, but those souls who are of a far higher and purer sentiment of devotion in service to the cosmos, merge totally into Krishna, as Krishna Himself, in the the second type of Svarupa.

          Souls in the first type of Svarupa, that the advaitists aim for, do not factually merge as one with the Brahman effulgence, but rather dwell in it under a pleasant mystical illusion that they they have become one with infinity on the rather limited plane of consciousness on that particular wavelength, though because love of others and of Krishna is not engaged in on that plane, the level of pleasure attainable there is many times less than is attainable by engaging in relationships with Krishna and the other souls in Vaikuntha.

          Ultimately, Krishna would be far lower in pleasure and bliss if He was only one being, and the nature of the spiritual cosmos is many souls centred around one common nexus as Supersoul and Lord God of all gods (themselves). So Krishna prefers to be many, so that love occurs, and this builds up all types of pleasure within the cosmic body many times greater than would be possible if all souls had simply merged into one .

          A further state called Sarshti is also provided by Krishna, where pure devotees are given the same potencies and pleasures as the Lord God Krishna Himself, so Krishna as our communal head does not repress us or keep us as submissive inferiors, rather He permits total equality, even allowing us to merge totally into Him as one person, one soul, in rare cases of extreme devotion, yet even that state of Svarupa is not encouraged by Krishna for obvious reasons. There are other types of relationships with Krishna available in the spiritual planets also.

          I have not said Krishna is the cause of what the bankers are doing, but the greed of the souls of the bankers is given physical expression by the material maya potency of Krishna. This does lead to a deterioration in society, just as yugas descend into Kali Yuga; suffering is not just measure for measure, as selfish souls can increase suffering beyond anything due to any ‘karma’. Souls have free will, and can create hell where they live, though currently, Lord Krishna Chaitanya has provided the opportunity for a 10,000 year mini Satya -Yuga as a break within this Kali-Yuga, and this opportunity, if people will take it, began in 1486 in Mayapur in West Bengal Bengal.

          Also eugenics is a common misnomer used in place of the word genocide. Eugenics would be a science in which the best in each race would be given the greater facility for reproduction, to improve the standard of vehicle generally available to all souls to aid spiritual culture, and Lord Krishna Himself practiced eugenics in it’s true sense in ancient India.

          What is mistakenly referred to as eugenics today is in fact merely genocide, as no improvement whatsoever is intended or produced by the entirely random killing within specific racial groups that is taking place, with the exception of the Jewish race, who are not subject to this process that they are forcing on all other races, as the Jews consider wrongly that all gentile souls are irredeemable and totally evil souls, which are held by them to be a form of Satanic excrement left over by the creation process, that does not belong on this earth, as they are the source of all sin, and thus may be exterminated in order to purify the world and make it a Jewish paradise, for Jews alone.

          Jews themselves do practice eugenics amongst their own race, but purposely make eugenics a dirty word among the gentiles, so that the gentiles will hate the very idea of bettering what type of vehicles are available to them for future generations. This suits the Jews fine, as self-limiting gentiles will breed themselves out as the Jews force racial intermixing on them, whilst Jews utterly forbid interracial mixing in Israel, and in Jewish communities around the world. This mixing to produce one uniform race in fact harms all gentile races, as all races should preserve their root stock for their own welfare, and bodily vehicles have evolved further after creation to have highly refined abilities and qualities specifically suited to their particular geography and ecosystems, which mixing all races together as one will destroy.

          The Jews as master race will look down on weakened stock with glee, as the gentiles will be all the more easily manipulated, and easier to destroy ‘to purify the world’, as is intended by the Jews according to both Torah and Talmud.

          • I actually don’t believe what I am reading here! Do you believe all that Hindu philosophy. Do you feel that the Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) is not part of the disinfo that exists in Hinduism. Next you will say that Bhakti and the sharing of Prasadam will grant you Mukti. I studied the works of Swami Sivananda. A basic work of his is Practical Lessons in Yoga. In there, Swami will tell you about the not-self. So much for your BS remark. I also studied Swami Krishnanda and spent time in Sivananda Ashram some years aback.
            I do not copy other people’s philosophy and I opt for mine own experiences and intuitions. I have my own path based on the study of the matrix and of the soul.

            As I see it, you have been programmed by ISKON. Prabhupada was a good man, but he did not have any knowledge of his own. You may dispute that. Krishna might be this and that, but it is I who practised the yogas and gitas and evolved from the written. I am the same as I was when born, except that the SAt and Chit aspects of the soul are now developed. I do not rely, like you, on beliefs that have been spun in my memory. Beliefs take you no place. You circle in ignorance among ideas that hold you from exploring other possibilities.

            If you do not discover the dark side within and fight the battle, you keep being the dark side in this kali age. The experience of life in other ages is devoid of this much evil. Wake up to this year in this world without all those theories of Krishna. In fact, you must let Krishna be your guide in the battle…if you decide to fight it! No fightback….no guidance!

        • Reply to Pandava, to comment dated July 31:

          Vaishnava philosophy is not actually Hindu as such; rather it is sanatan dharma, the eternal path of knowing and serving the real God beyond all worldly religious conceptions of God. I am not a member of Iskcon nor ever have been. Prabhupada’s writings have been altered by modern day Iskcon.

          I can see that you do not care to build and cooperate, but to tear down what is good. What is your objective spiritual tuning fork to guide you? Advaitist jnana can leave you speculating on what is objective reality for billions of years, trapped helplessly in the Brahman effulgence like a fly in a spider’s web, without a brain or a mouth to express yourself. Who will you call to within your soul to set you free when you realize you were wrong in your false assumptions about the nature of Krishna? You will still have to lose your arrogance and call to Lord Krishna in His true nature, as Supreme Lord

          You think you have woken up to the existence of some so-called ‘dark side’ and that I need to recognize the existence of the ‘dark side’ in myself too, that you say I need to fight, though you still do not define this ‘dark side’, through your own inability perhaps. Creatures living inside your eyes you say?

          I can imagine just what it is in me that you feel is such a nature. I am completely awakened to the precise nature of just what the evil is in this world that we need to face up against, and it is of course not merely some ignorance, cowardice, laziness, procrastination and recalcitrance within each individual that is responsible for that, as a certain cult has taken advantage of the sheeple and blinded them with fluoride, mercury, GMO’s, unnecessary wars, evil Abrahamic religions that introduce the horrific concept of eternal torture of the soul, and violent political propaganda to cause people to kill each other just so they will ensure their own extinction, to leave just one race on the face of this earth. Tell me I am wrong on this and I will know exactly who and what you are. I don’t buy the bullshit about Satanic aliens doing it all that some people are putting about; that is just a smokescreen.

          What do you have to do with Krishna anyway? Surely you pose yourself here as a devotee of Shiva, of the erroneous advaitist view of reality in purported association with Swami Sivananda, and you don’t even know who and what Krishna is, as well as not knowing who and what Lord Shiva is. Your false advaitist theories do not even permit you the knowledge and association of Krishna in His real nature. All you have is your arrogant ego.

          You must surely have heard of the statement by Shankaracharya, where he said how he wished that his students would be true devotees of Lord Shiva and really do yoga as Shiva does, by being devotees of Lord Krishna.

          Lord Shiva presides over the mode of darkness, tamo guna, offering basic spiritual help to the most ignorant of souls, who are most deeply addicted to dark practices and thus bound most tightly under maya. But Krishna can offer even better help to these same souls in any case, if they so choose. However, the so-called devotees of Shiva do not serve him properly, as if they did, they would emulate him rather than trying to merge into him. Lord Shiva in actual fact is Lord Krishna Himself, but self-manifest only in partial revelation as a material demigod. Lord Shiva, it may interest you to know, is the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna, being one of the twelve mahajanas, or great knowers, in this material universe, and not the superior of Lord Krishna.

          By opposing the true nature of Krishna and wrongly educating others, YOU are embracing the real dark side, tamo guna.

          • I actually love reading what you write….it is healing to know that there is a God who gives a damn about good people!

            I will be short. I do not do BHAKTI. I am not a devotee! I did that years ago because I just had to know how it works. Bhakti is most usually an ego/dark side activity. All that is necessary is occasional body vibrating with AUM. I do not go into Hindu Phi;losophy anymore because it is a barren field, usually adopted by the ego. It is not the pursuit of Jnana. The methodology of Jnana is to hold and idea in the eye of intuition and get a ‘flow’ on it. A complementary discipline is study or research. The principal technique in this Kali Age is to fight back against evil…….both the external and the internal evil.

            Evil is not a permutation of God. It is a completely different substance from Atma or Paratma. Evil is easily observable externally. Internally, it takes a war to make the dark side show up. Try shutting down the senses and the dark side will show up. It even talks to you. The devils on the outside will get in touch with you as soon as you start to reduce the dark side. That is an experience that awaits. I fought the evil outside to stay alive and found the evil within to be the triator. I defeated it. If you dont’t fight that war…how will you know what it means to be a Soul? All that news about Krishna and his potencies…I don’t care for. I do my thing, let him do his. God does not really enter human affairs unless you are fighting the dark side/Kauravas!

            Can’t tell you how to live but you should stop the Krishna is God litany. It is all propaganda. Believe it or not. Try working out the causes, effects and processes that join both, in the matrix. That is the pursuit of knowledge. Transform by health thrusts eg alkalinity., nutrient rich foods, no processed foods etc. Hatha Yoga is good. Get off the LECTURE circuit. I spent some time there and was told about it. I realized the truth. I started solving my own problems, then researching to get to the root of things. You need CLEAR awareness to fight the dark side within. Build the SAT and CHIT …awareness and Knowledge! What I tell you is as it is. I fight the battle! ONE CLUE: if evil has not attacked psychically and otherwise, it means that your dark side is serving them well. But then, these days, evil has no power to attack anyone. God took that power!
            We will talk again!

  18. When everything feels pointless here’s 3 suggestions:

    “Surrender to existence with total trust, accept yourself as you are with love, do everything with total awareness.” ~Kiranji

  19. This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media… finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
    WE need to come together with people we wouldn’t normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.

  20. okay, can someone help out a blond, I’m in Texas, London is 7 hours ahead of me, my dallas afil tells me coverage starts at 6:30pm ( is it tape-delay?), so what time do I go dance and vision the spider sculpture getting leg-wrapped over with my mind-bow/rope/arrow like they did with the genetically-gruesomfied mamoths in LoftheR’s (or the star wars really tall snow droids) And sing loudly when their demon bell rings, specifically, when in my time are the actual opening events. I’ve got a full day ceremony planned back-at-em…..thanks for any insight

  21. From all of the comments I’ve been reading, all of which are with merit and gravity of our entrapped situation as a species, the above advice is without exception the most definitive and extremely crucial to human spiritual survival. 

    How many people do you know, who are in poor health, one way or another, obese compulsive crap-food addicts who have less will-power than a heroin addict to resist shoving another malnourishing piece of fabricated fecal matter that has been palmed-off as “food” into their mouths?
    How many people, including yourself, do you know who can hardly resist the urge/desire to perve at the spectrum of sexual images and body parts, both in pictures, videos and directly at other humans in their day to day living?
    (I’m one of these types and I’ve been consciously fighting this one for that past few years as I now understand that it has been where the occult forces have had their hooks sunk firmly into my soul and as I age in years, with fatherhood and a loving, dedicated marriage I’m understanding more and more the malnourished shit I expended so much of my youthful energy on chasing and acquiring — now, with some strengthens clarity and vision, I’m winning this battle slowly – It’s something I have really craved almost all my male life this hungering daily urge to gorge my eyes on the semi-naked/naked female form, drinking it into my eyes like some intoxicating drug, long before the internet it was magazines supplied the “hit” (all of which are secretly supported and funded by the occult) or anywhere I saw women in public and then think about porning-out with them indulging in loveless sex over the years — these dark, occult forces that have us ensnared in their cloak of darkness that surrounds the earth had my soul pinned-down like an insect in a display case and laugh their asses-off at each one of us in our miserable, deluded condition.
    Ditto for all of our other common human addictions and compulsions that fester our health and strengthen the demonic infections that are condensed in certain favorable parts of our bodies – 

    If you have never heard of Dorris Lessing or read any of her incredibly insightful books, I would suggest checking out her work. Most especially is a book of hers that is a very heavy, sad and depressing read,  yet it has an extremely pertinent and relevant message for our trapped human situation here.

    “The Making of the Representive From Planet 12”

    In the end – it’s our souls that are the only thing that really matter in this multiverse (or better labeled “infinite-verse”) and the dark occult forces of Satan are laser-locked onto stripping our most precious gift in existence out of our bodies — our souls and they can do this….the human whore-sluts who have sold out on their own brothers and sisters have constructed a machine that will do this for their master’s bidding.
    So when they martial law our asses into corrals – guess where they will be sending so so so many.

    This is the trap.  You can escape now by following the above comments advice.
    If it sounds “religious. Well that’s coz it darn well is – Good vs Evil — and that’s essentially what the grass roots of ALL religion is about, despite having been taken over by evil mutineers.

    Clean up your bodies – eat healthy – don’t eat crap – loose some weight if you’re fat and compulsive and can’t stop eating – the pain and discomfort you will feel stripping your body down to being lean and healthy will be nothing compared to the pain and excruciating death yo will experience having your souls torn-out from your body – get back in touch with your soul, reject the occult chains they have on your body. Reject pornography in all it’s forms – reject all the dark shit they are spoon feeding us daily – and we will begin to punch through the blanket of darkness they have covered the earth with, 

    Reject – Punch Through the netting – forget about this dimension and the physical – the evil bastards have won this hand – its cactus in this dimension – but our souls can escape and if enough of us can do this then 
    We Win – and we carry our love with us like seeds to replant and grow 

    Love is the ultimate weapon against satan-
    the more love there is in the Universe
    The more piss-weak satan becomes
    If pure, spiritual, loving souls grow enough in number then we take control and there will be no more of this evil ass-clown – EXTINCTION to Satan

  22. As I have mentioned before in another post here,
    It is amazing how The Olympic Park Stadium resembles Gotham City.
    And, how much they have IN COMMON….VERY FREAKY!
    CHECK OUT – Gotham- DC comic database.
    Both on an Island
    Both have toxic ground soil
    Both have 2 parts
    Both surrounded by water
    Both have two 2’s mention…2012 for Olympics
    And the Story of Gotham (2nd paragraph- 2 last line and then again near the end)..”2days later”….2 days into the journey….etc.
    Both mention Wizard / Warlock
    Both have symbol – Olympic park has Chimney, Gotham had a Totem Pole where evil was buried.
    Gotham mentions ‘black fire’ – Wonder if that will be in the Olympics?
    Gotham has a ‘slaughter swamp’
    There are other things very similar.
    Christopher Nolan did 3 movies
    1. Batman Begins – where Dr. Crane/ Scarecrow – poisons the water with a toxic chemical and wants to use a microwave emitter. In it Batman was given the toxin and was rescued by Alfred and awakes….2 DAYS LATER…Coincidence?
    The toxin is only harmful in Vapor form and is pumped into Gotham’s Water supply.
    2. Dark Knight – Heath Ledger was the Joker and he died.
    3. Dark Knight Rises – and some guy in a black outfit takes out people at a cinema called Century.
    The 27th July will be the 209 day of the calender year
    The 29th July will be the 211 day of the calender year.
    Take out the two 2’s and you have 9/11 remaining.
    Very interesting indeed.
    Something else, the Obit Sculpture, was inspired by the ‘TOWER OF BABEL’
    and is said to be instability and stability. (Order out of Chaos)
    Ok, that’s it for now,.
    There is much more, but there’s enough now to know something is happening.
    How did I get out of the Olympics…???
    Man, “I ran” – as fast as I could and left the ‘Island’ and went to ‘Ireland.’

  23. CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459?s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

    I did! Here is the text of my (2nd) message:

    “I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

    327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? I noticed, that in 1995, you spoke openly FOR an AUDIT OF THE ‘FED’ – of course, the need for such an audit has not changed since then – why has your stance (on this issue) changed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn1u3yDjhN4

    (Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish)

    Related News:

    Audit the Fed Passes the House! 327(Y)-98(N)

    Harry Reid vows Federal Transparency Act will never be voted on in the Senate 7/25/12

    Harry Reid’s ULTIMATE FLIP-FLOP Passionate Speech Pleading for an Audit of The Federal Reserve 1/23/1995

  24. Just read this on BBC about the Olympics!

    “Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain was ready to welcome “the greatest show on earth””.

    Well? “Just wondering” what that could include? Aliens or nuclear fireworks perhaps?

  25. Nev, you are brave and good for your self-assessing. remember we are so much more powerful than they are, which is why they must constantly flood us with their low energy traps-they know the minute we can rise above their; fear events, fast and poisonous food, porn, war, murder, emf onslaught, we take back the power. Did it ever occur to you, you may hold in your dna the codes of a great warrior, or shaman or knight of the round table, so have been triple whammy-targeted with every possible devise to keep you in their dungeon? When you see a fat, sickly human, know those beautiful people represent what’s being done to the entire planet, and offer kindness and warmth. Try not to feel defeated, they know they can’t contain our higher abilities so want us to think they’re invincible–we can win..

  26. I believe we are light energy. We are consciousness, we have a soul. We are sentient beings capable of experiencing everything that consciousness has to offer. Right now we can’t even begin to understand the vastness of it all. I pray that some day we do.

    I believe we are here to evolve our consciousness at least to the degree we had set before we got here and far beyond if we are able. Ultimately I believe we evolve into pure love; however I do not know what that is. Circumstance and life events, most if not all, I believe are preordained to suit the needs and objectives of any given individual. (and we are chief on our own committee) If we are to evolve we must be able to be in contact with spirit so we can see and understand the lessons that come our way. More often than not, these are subtle. And in order to catch the subtleness of this energy there are rules that need to be followed. To sum it up simply it is the golden rule that must be followed in order to reap the benefits of spirit and continue evolving on an ever increasing upward (outward?) spiral. But there is so much to this golden rule, as this golden rule seems to begin with my breath and goes out to infinity touching all points in between.

    Firstly, “do unto others as we would have done to ourselves”. Sounds simple, but we know better. And it isn’t just “unto others”. I believe it is unto “all things”. This demands respect, not in the least, to the earth. All things, animal, vegetable, mineral, if we do not respect these we are denied spiritual evolvement to the same degree. Simply called karma, which is not good. The cycle of karma needs to be broken and we move into dharma. This is anything but simple, anything but easy. It requires a constant vigilance, dedication and determination, especially in an insane world. It is difficult to evolve in love in the midst of ignorance and apathy, hatred and greed, lies and deceit. Awareness needs to be honed to its ultimate sharpness. And this must be maintained.

    I believe we are all one consciousness, different aspects of the same. We are taught that we are individuals separate from each other. From a very early age we are pitted against each other. Encouraged to compete, bully one another, which spawns nothing but negative energy. This is not human nature, this is learned behavior. Cooperation and compassion are the better avenues to take. This also is learned behavior but seldom taught or encouraged, even though this is more along the lines of human nature.

    I believe we need to be responsible with what we have been given. To be the best stewards we can be. And that doesn’t mean with just material things like natural resources but also with our body, mind, and soul. And not just with ‘ours’, but with every being of consciousness we come in contact with, because they are us. When we hurt someone else, we hurt ourselves. And absolutely vice-versa. I believe nothing should be exploited, only allowed to flow at its given pace. Today, everything is exploited beyond perversion, in the name of greed. Such a pity.

    I believe it is in nature or at least in touch with nature, that we receive our instructions as to the path we need to follow next to further our overall spiritual evolvement. Like tonight for instance, it’s almost midnight and cold. A gentle rain is falling, no wind no lightening. It’s dark, and quiet, except for the sound of the rain drops hitting where they will. It is one thing to know this yet another to experience it. It is much more beneficial for the evolution of soul to have the experience rather than just the knowledge by itself. To ‘be’ with it and learn to become one with it, in hopes of understanding it. No matter what the experience of any given moment we learn to either temper it or enhance it to bring about balance. I believe it is part of our ‘job’ to learn to balance the energy we come in contact with. And by this I don’t mean that we control energy, we let energy flow as it will. As we learn to follow the flow of it we begin to be immersed in it, and begin to feel, see, hear, taste, smell; and experience these synergistically. This is getting closer to just ‘being’, like in a static state with natural earth and cosmic energies coursing through our bodies. This is not a goal, rather a by-product of the mechanics of it all. The goal of course is to evolve.

  27. Shalom Zen and thank you. Came across an extremely interesting side a few weeks ago .It’s a Jewish site and would explain quite a bit. It’s called Mishpattsedek .com and deals with the EREV RAV . Souls from the world of chaos reincarnating in the present . Check it out if you wish. And maybe you as well Mothman. Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Fred, and thanks for the link to a very fascinating piece of reading.

      I think Vaishnava beliefs that I accept are fundamentally different from the Jewish percept of all the ‘seed of Amalek’ being pure evil, totally irredeemable and intended only for extermination and the transfer of their souls to hell under the Angel Duma. All gentiles are held, by extension of principle to be amalekites too, and the edict of both Torah and Talmud is that all gentiles are to be exterminated when the Messiah comes.

      I think that this view is likely to cause a lot of trouble when we receive more space visitors, and the Jews say, well, you must be the seed of Amalek too, and you certainly are not Jews, so we are going to exterminate you too. Well, I think we both know that such a conflict will result in the destruction of the people holding such silly views, and who knows if they will be able to swallow their false pride and admit the existence of other chosen children of God who are not Klippoth (devil dogs from hell).

      500 years ago, an incarnation of Supreme Lord Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was visited on this planet by many representatives of other humanoid species, disguised as earthly human beings from all different types of planets from 14 different levels, and all these species of humans danced and chanted Hare Krishna with Lord Chaitanya in India, and they were all satisfied to be devotees of Krishna, Now that is the way to go, the way of love, peace and cooperation throughout the cosmos, based on sharing the same Godhead throughout the entire universe. The history of this event is contained in the book Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita.

      I think that the Jewish faith is no true faith at all as it is completely at odds with all other peoples, not only on this planet, but by extension throughout the entire cosmos, and what will happen if they demand to be the only ones in heaven?

      The Jewish faith is essentially advaitist, or impersonal, involving the reabsorption of all souls into one formless light beyond individuality. It is essentially a form of self-worshiping atheism, as Yahweh, is essentially the Jews themselves, and when they say they have to receive the permission of God to have Israel again, they merely give it to themselves, and when the statement in the Jewish scriptures is seen that when the Messiah returns, all gentiles will be exterminated, the Messiah can be understood to be already among the Jews doing just that, as they are obviously busy working on that already. The coming of such a messiah is imminent at the very least anyway according to another stream of belief within the Jewish faith, as Rabbi Schneerson who is to reincarnate as Messiah. So the Jews determine and create their own future as much as is possible, yet they are blind to the existence of Lord Krishna, as they do not like to accept any authority outside, or beyond themselves, mistakenly viewing their own number as the totality of the substance of God ultimately. The Vaishnava position is more subtle than that, and of course the position of Lord Krishna is that there is no eternal dark side to God, no ‘Satan’, and also the Vaishnava position is that all souls are the same quality of substance as the supreme Lord Krishna, that there are no eternally irredeemable souls composed of pure evil, or anti-spiritual matter, such as the Jews propose that the gentiles are.

      So, in a nutshell, the Jewish belief is that all gentiles are pure evil, a form of Satanic excrement, quite literally, left over as a kind of waste product form the creation process, that can never be made good by any form of conversion to the Jewish faith, as the souls are quite literally a different substance to living soul; the souls of the gentiles are literally held by the Jews to be eternally dead, not alive, and can never be made alive. All gentile souls are understood by Jews to be Satanic, and are held to be a constant source of sin and sinful propensity that pollutes the Jewish people, and it is held that when all gentile souls are removed to hell, where they belong, according to Jewish belief, then there will be no more sin among the Jewish people, as all the sin that currently afflicts Jewish people is a kind of infection from gentiles that unjustly pollutes them.

      Jews themselves are held to be Godly and without any sin or sinful propensity, so they believe that when the gentiles are all exterminated, then the Jews will have their sinless Godly paradise.

      I believe that the fundamentals of Jewish belief are riddled with self-conceit, and so extremely parochialistic that the the Jews cannot see any reality beyond themselves, resulting in extreme paranoia and violent attitudes towards gentiles. If they could step out of that mindset and realize that the cosmos is full of other beings who do not have to be Jewish in order to be alive or be with God, they might start to wake up.

      Needless to say, I am not too happy about Israel having a bunch of thermonuclear missiles that they are prepared to incinerate the entire planet with, according to Golda Meir, Martin Van Creveld and other prominent Israelis in the military etc.

      They have hyped each other up into a frenzy of paranoia and have unfortunately lost all touch with spiritual and material reality. They badly need to leave their religion as quickly as possible, as the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, stated himself, not only for their own sakes, but for the sakes of all the rest of us who are having to wait to see what they decide to do with all those nukes.

      Martin Van Creveld, senior Israeli military historian and tactician, said regarding this matter, “I consider it all hopeless at this point.” It sounds like he is ready to kick off then.

      I don’t have a lot of faith in that man’s mental stability, or in the safety of the rest of the planet as long as Israel retains hundreds of nuclear missiles, and remains legally recognized as a legitimate state. Someone ought to disarm the Israelis before their mental breakdown takes an even nastier direction.

  28. Joe,
    Brilliantly written. As you wrote, “It is difficult to evolve in love in the midst of ignorance and apathy, hatred and greed, lies and deceit” – I can see this as my own biggest, personal challenge, and perhaps that of many who are aware of the nature of this reality (as much as we can be aware).

    Personally, lately I’m finding it excruciatingly difficult going through the daily “rituals” of life as the bankers, politicians, corporate millionaires, “philanthropic” billionaires and the rest usurp the entire planet in the name of their personal dominion and at the amazingly brutal expense of billions of beautiful souls that reside on this planet.

    Why work, why earn money, why go to the bar for a drink, why go out for dinner, why go on vacation, why why why to all of it when, well, all of it seems absolutely meaningless at this point given the impending implosion of life as we know it. . .

  29. All the love in the world won’t fix the religion problem. As long as people believe in primitive, barbaric, stone-age fairy tales and live their lives according to dogma, we are done as a species.Only an end to all organized religion(s) and institutions will save humanity. So………… we are done.

  30. Gus – I hear you. Why stay plugged into the matrix which was set up before we knew this earthly existence…requiring rent, food, electricity, cars, petrol, loans, usury…and our labors to fund it.

    Another life is coming…and it might be a primitive one, but I am convinced, a more fulfilling life…with time to ponder nature, struggles to raise food, confront our demons, and either rise or fall to the occasion.

  31. Keep it in Consciousness, My solution, Zen, My friend. Pumping it out once does little. Pumping it out now and then does a bit more. Pumping out continuously WILL make a difference:


  32. Here is my Saturday rant. I watch big banks cheat the hell out of people. YOU have been cheated just a sure as if they broke into your house and robbed you. I watch big pharmaceutical companies cheat the socks off of you. When they get caught, the “government” steps in and acts like they are punishing them for their misdeeds. Timothy Geitner was head of the New York Federal Reserve bank and new about interest rate rigging. He did NOTHING to stop it. Now he’s secretary of the treasury. He was caught cheating on his taxes. “government” did nothing. When they do something, it’s a joke. They fined Barclays bank for interest rate rigging. The fine was about 1% of what they made on the rigging. Glaxo Klein Smith, the pharmaceutical company, was treated the same. The VP of the company was then knighted by the queen, I suppose for being such a good cheater. When are you people, yes YOU, going to say enough! and get rid of all these clowns? ” we have to have Romney, he will save us from Obama” BULL HOCKEY! They are two crooks from the same organization! I BLAME YOU! Yes, you my friends. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing…………………….
    So do anything, sign petitions, email your senators and representatives, stand up for yourself. If you don’t, I guarantee no one else will and they will take all you have, down to your soul if you let them.

  33. Yes, RELIGION DOES INDEED KILL. Go to the thing that the Zionists HATE to understand where your safety is. Begin there. And what / Who it is that they truly hate more than anything? What belief is scourged by the world. Not Catholicism, not Pentecostals, not psycho charismatics, not presbyterians, not methodists, not baptists–those are all man made religions based on the purity and cleansing of the cross but twisted now, for the most part. The pure belief of Jesus Christ risen from the dead is what the Zionists want to erase. Pure spiritual insight. Those are the people who will be killed off first. Everyone else has already drank the koolaid of spiritualism, connecting with oneself… that is NOT GOING TO PROTECT ANYONE FROM WHAT’S TO COME. If anything, new agers, spiritualists, buddhists, hinduus, they too are going to go down with the fall. Because in the end it will indeed be a Jew (the antiChrist) who is going to rule for 3 1/2 years and it’s going to be far beyond what any alternative news reporter or reader is ready for.

  34. obviously like your web-site however you need to check the spelling on
    several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I
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