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Why Are We Here? – Graham Hancock



“You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.”
– Terence Mckenna


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  1. Indeed, we are here on a voluntary basis to grow our OWN individualized Soul and subsequently incarnate our “God-Self” into either a physical form or any form we may then choose in order to experience infinite possibilities. We are God Consciousness. It seems that we’re in our infancy and just starting to “walk”.

    Therefore, it’s no wonder that the “powers-that-were” wanted so much to prevent the collective Consciousness (Soul) from completely individuating and becoming fully God / Divine.

    They accomplished this by indoctrinating everyone, from birth, with the ever popular “herd” mentality, chemicals and the various “choice” of their religions.

    This has, up until the vast awakening of humanity, ensured them a vast supply of “physical” and “ethereal” food for their parasitic needs.

    Trust in and follow your Higher Self. It fully remembers what it came here to do and it will accomplish its goal if you intend for it to do so. Don’t be too overly distracted by this theater of illusions. On a much higher level, it’s only a game, so allow your Higher Self to use it to your eternal advantage. :-)

  2. beautiful, and yes so true, speaking for myself–I have come so far in such a short time. People, even those in my family tell me it is not my job to try and wake others up. I so disagree and it is not a job but a responsibility and why we are all here–to connect with other souls.

  3. I often see a playground where we are evolving and spinning on the ride around… We have to keep our feet on the ground in order to change rides/plays/games though.

  4. Benny, you expressed so nicely what I have come to believe is true. Thank you for sharing it here. It helps me get a better understanding of what I have learned.

    Betty, I think we are very similar. I, too, have come a long way in a short time. And like you, I have felt from the start that educating others – waking them up, sharing what I know – is something that I must do. My family Is not on board, and as such, my marriage of 21 years is ending, and my son is very angry with me.

    I must follow the path my heart tells me to take, even though it’s not always easy.

    Much love,

    • Whao!!! Charity! I can’t believe your strength! Your new found life turned your family against you; and it’s not even that you joined a new religion or sect! You just changed your perception about life around you and your family think you nut?! I once thought I was alone in the world now I know better! I have often wandered how telling people to only listen to their very inner spirit vibration in everything they do will sell. Well, it’s obvious it won’t sell easy. We are in trying times my dear. But U are so lucky. Where did U want to get your strength from? We may be continents apart but now I know that we are ONE!

    • * Sometimes you have to cut the anchor chains in safe harbors… to set sail with the high tide… & explore a deeper instinctual ‘calling’ from the ‘ancient wild within’…remembering distant echoes & feelings..of a long lost eternal freedom in another world… before you were tamed & chained to this illusion generating matrix.
      …I lost my wife of approximately 10 yrs…for the very same reasons…. regrets- Yes…but No regrets about my decision…anchors can serve as a safety or a hinderance… cheers

      • We all seem to be the same here in Zen’s garden Alex.losing thing’s ,people , is all part of the awakening process. Painful ,hard but worth every second.xx That’s why being here is so good . We help each other ,and can be at one with each other . That is all it’s about really , just love .Kitty xxxxx

  5. Clarity, just thought I would send this hopefully as encouragement to you .I have been where you are. My first marriage ended simply because my awakened state had alway’s been a problem to my banker husband . I left him , my kid’s were appalled and my family bemused.I could not and would not ever advise you but I feel for you so much .All I would say is have no fear,trust the Universe will give you all you need,it loves you passionately and it’s greatest desire is for you to love and be loved.You write most beautifully what a wonderful gift !!! I am now married to Mr Dog my life has been a roller coaster ride ,I have lost thing’s but gained the Universe !!! I feel blessed beyond my wildest dream’s . I wish you much love on your journey ,never be afraid ,if you jump or fall into that abyss we all fear there will be a soft landing ,there was for me.Follow your heart ,it will always lead you to where you need to be . Love and many blessings Kitty xxxx2

    • @ Kitty
      @ Alex
      @ Vicky

      Kitty, thank you for your encouragement.  It means a lot to me.  Your experiences are valuable to me.  Sharing them – even offering advice – is all welcomed.  In the end, I know my own circumstances and I try to gather as much information as I can before making a decision.  All decisions are my own, but I accept input.  😉

      I’m sorry for what you went through.  The details of our circumstances may be different, but I’m sure I have a better feel for what you went through than most people.  Alex, this applies to you, as well, and I thank you for sharing your experience with me.  You both wrote such wise and helpful words.  Please know how very much they are appreciated.  

      When I first woke up and shared what I had discovered with my husband, his reaction was hostile.  You may choose not to give things your attention.  You may choose to live your life ignoring what is going on around you.  I have a hard time, though, being told, “I will never believe any of this stuff,” especially when I have plenty of facts and evidence to back it up.  Projecting into the future as to what I might discover, learn, or say, is a pretty big trick.  

      The worst things, though, were being marginalized in front of my children: “You’d better not let your job find out that you’re a … “. That, and telling me that not only am I no longer a good parent but that I’m a bad parent – that my inspiration being the desire to keep my family safe was not accepted, and that I was destroying our family.  I knew right away that our marriage was over, and for some reason, I was at peace with that from the beginning.  I knew it was meant to be and I was okay with it.  Not knowing how things would work out, though, was unsettling.  Could things be stretched out until the kids were both out of high school?  As it turned out, no. 

      My son picked up his dad’s attitude – a perfect match, unfortunately.  He is angry with me.  My daughter, though not interested in world affairs, is a little more open.  I will tell her things on occasion, and she listens.  Better than that – she questions.  I tell her that’s exactly what she should be doing!  Six months ago, my plan was to leave the country.  I felt I needed to.  I couldn’t find the right place, though, and when I went to check one place out, I realized how far away I’d be from my children.  I felt I needed to be closer to them right now, so I believe I’m where I’m supposed to be.  It was hard enough moving out of the house and leaving them behind.  I hope to start looking into other countries again, once I’m settled, so that if I feel I need to leave in a hurry, I’m not just running blind.  

      Vicky, thank you for what you wrote.  My strength came from within.  That’s the best answer I have.  I recognized that I am not me – this person sitting here typing a comment.  Rather, I’m a soul – the sum total of many lifetimes.  I found my strength from looking at things at the soul level, and knowing I had to do what is right for the real me that I am.  I had to try to do it without hurting my children, and by continuing to be their mom, a role I am playing in this lifetime.  I also knew – hoped – that my actions could be a lesson, or a model for them.  I’d like them to know that you can do the right thing, even when it’s difficult and painful.  It’s important to take care of yourself, although it’s best if you can honor your obligations and not hurt anyone else in the process.  Living truth is the only real way to live.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Be true to yourself.  Mostly, I hope they will one day realize how much I love them, and even though they may not have understood at the time, they will know that my biggest motivation from the start was my love for them.

      While this has been difficult, I’m trying to focus on the good that has come from it.  There is a sense of peace in being able to do what I believe is right.  There is now a place and the time for that.  I also make the time to be a mom.  I am trying to balance it all, but I don’t have the same feelings of being judged when I’m reading articles at my computer, or of trying to be careful what I say when a “truther” friend calls.

      Ultimately, I think that strength comes from following your heart and doing what you believe is the right thing. 

      Much love,

      • Thank’s for that Clarity, sharing feeling’s can be hard but often cathartic . I was in the same situation with my children from my first marriage, I thought I had lost them forever at one stage but age, maturity, understanding, but most of all love won through I realised that surrender to the Universe is the only way , and now this is the way I am and have been for nearly 20 years. Of course this was the polar opposite to the thought’s and feelings of my ex husband buying thing’s and people was the only thing he knew !!! . The thing’s he said to me were pretty similar ,the remarks about my parenting skills were the worst , but I looked back and understood he was afraid . I now have a reasonable relationship with him and his wife(, his blood runs through my children as well as mine ) and in a way I feel nothing but a kind of detatched love for him (I know you understand that concept ) because he has nothing but his thing’s and his desire to collect more and more thing’s , which makes me very sad .Even more sadly our children have eyes wide open and see him as he is , but are spiritually mature enough to love him still and accept his weakness. On a more practical level you write beautifully. You have a flow that makes me want to read more !! xx Perhaps this is a way forward for you ? to give people hope and joy this way is such a gift , I hope you are able to use it I think I have been asked to tell you this , I have read most of your comment’s because they are so insightful , Clarity is a very appropriate name !!! I think thing’s for us all are going to be a bit of a roller coaster ride in the next few years but we are ready spiritually the rest in a practical way will follow naturally , we just have to move from believing to knowing XXX Kitty XXX

  6. Another love-light soul at full bloom, isn’t it so beautiful to listen to these words dance inside you, and know that what he says resonates totally with your soul and bring you so much joy? Love it! Zen thanks for posting this.

  7. “Plastic ~ we’re here to make plastic because the earth needs it and doesn’t know how to make it herself”
    ~George Carlin~

  8. A realization that often visits: (Consciousness) I do not have to completely understand it to fulfill it. This trans-commute with Source soaks my soul with an elixir of love and understanding….far beyond words to describe its essence. Embracing it….feeling its pure love carries with it an assurance that my spirit has never been alone….is very…very old, and is connecting with other like spirits…we rise together.

    Synchronicity is part of that essence to help this being along a path….that my spirit has traveled before, with each journey completed a maturation process…Deja Vu.

    Thank You Zen and to all you lovely people that share your insights in the development of an understanding we may never fully comprehend…but will dance together in the joy of being.

  9. Hello,

    ‘ZG’, I have a small question that I’ve tried to get my head around, but I just couldn’t get a sensible answer. So here it goes.

    I just cannot comprehend the idea of having a choice, and then choosing to suffer. Why would anyone make such a choice ? Or in precise words, how would one defend this idea ?

    Thank you.

    • Biggie grasshopper . 😉 … I think we only choose to suffer due to ignorance, as the teaching goes… but that has a lot of aspects and ramifications etc. Sometimes we know we have to go thru stuff to get to the other side, and we’re driven by that envisioned reality to be had. Similar to suffering for your children’s support or protection, it’s often instinctual and really often driven by love. However, in the larger sense it really transcends reason. Just as we can question all day why we’re here at all, fact is we’re here and our lives unfold as they do. When conscious awareness surfaces something wonderful clicks, and the circular craziness of seeming meaninglessness suddenly stops and the sun comes out in our hearts. It just makes sense. At that point we can understand why the buddha and others say ignorance brings suffering – when we find out we have better options than those given by the matrix of illusion the BS falls away. It’s almost hard to understand why others can’t see it and continue to make such poor ignorant decisions. But we’ve all been there, and so it unfolds as each are the Universe discovering itself in this earthly setting in some new way.
      Problem is so many try to re-gather up the smashed illusion for fear of not having anything, rather than realizing are are all part of everything and we don’t need that damn sense of self and ego like we thought. We often see awakening in a sense of loss…which is probably why the full wake up takes some time, cuz the crap we’re attached to seems so real and screams at us, including loved ones, to NOT let go…cuz they don’t get it nor want to either. Vicious cycle. That’s why we need to love each other to help each other let go and know they are totally complete right here and now, no conditions, no attachments or possessions, no accomplishments necessary. That’s the beauty of the nature of our unconditionally loving Universe of which we are all part, even when we don’t think we are. 😉 Hope that helps. That’s not complete by any means but it’s a go at it. Keep on loving! (and you want something that doesn’t make any “sense”, think about that! Unconditional love! even to one’s own seeming detriment at times! and it’s just waiting to be tapped into and utilized to free and nurture a loving world! That’s crazy, baby! 😉

  10. I am a meat popsicle! I felt better after reading Robert Monroe’s books years ago. Less frightened of all this. I always thought this world would be a better place if a few other folks read his books to. But no one wants to talk about it anymore. Grahams stuff used to be inspiring but lately I sense an outside influence. (maybe age, lol)

  11. We are here to serve the illuminati and to become slaves of the corporate faschism of the banksters, otherwise we are useless eaters/goyims only good to donate organs!

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