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Why The Deliberate Trashing Of Planet Earth?


by Zen Gardner

Ultimately those who awaken invariably come up against the big question; why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet bring the house down around their own ears? Don’t they get irradiated, chemtrailed and ultimately modified like the rest of us? Aren’t their children in peril just like ours?

Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

What these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing. For humanity and all of nature. Why would anyone/anything do such a thing? To answer that, people first need to realize that that’s what they’re doing.

Deliberately trashing our planet.

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The Utter Insanity

It’s beyond our fully grasping how these entities think and operate because of the difference in vibrational understanding. They’re insane in our minds, we’re dumb sheep in theirs. Someone said the reptilians told them to trash the environment but don’t worry, their greys will restore everything. Neat little package but it always makes me wonder since they’re doing exactly that, trashing the place.

The oceans are being deliberately killed off. The Macondo oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico never ended. It’s still gushing oil and other toxic elements which work their way around the gulf and then take the Atlantic current up the US coast and over to Europe, screwing that whole system up. What did they expect would happen when you drill miles down into a known volcanic undersea region? And oil leaks and spills continue worldwide with hardly a mention anymore.

To then spray the banned dispersant Corexit over the area so it wouldn’t look so bad, further killing off sea life and dangerously toxifying the entire region is even further insanity.

Sewage and waste, much of which won’t decompose for centuries, is flooded into the seas and tributaries in gargantuan amounts. On top of that the US Navy is “experimenting” with huge algae blooms that starve sea life of oxygen and disturb the natural life-cycles of the sea, while they’re also playing with sonic warfare equipment that also results in mass fish and other sea life die-offs.

Add chemtrails to the mix now, and weather manipulation and earthquake induction. How about genetic modification of just about anything that’s alive.

To top it off, the irradiation of our planet–all from years of hundreds of atom bomb tests, reactor meltdowns and even medical and so-called security usage. Remember, Fukushima, like the Macondo well, is still spewing, and our atmosphere and oceans are getting massive amounts of radiation. With hundreds of reactors reaching deterioration point and a mad world on the verge of a nuclear holocaust, the outlook is, what you my might say, a little tenuous.

That’s the state of our home. The planet on which we live.


Feeding Off Accelerated Entropy

At the very least these manipulative forces imposing their paradigm upon the earth and her inhabitants is a purely anti-creative force, a form of relative darkness that feeds off of the entropic breakdown they engineer and exacerbate. Instead of the magnificent creative growing complex force of life, entropy is the breakdown of organized structures into lower, simpler forms which in turn releases energy.

In nature this happens as living forms decay, giving off heat and and water vapor and replenishing the soil with nutrients for the next cycle of growth of living, wonderfully complex organisms. All natural.

Engineering entropy is another thing. While harnessing a river’s energy via electric generators may seem innocent enough, the by-product of man’s actions are cumulative. Damming up the world’s rivers has changed the natural flow and distribution of water. Drilling for oil to burn and mining massive amounts of other natural resources is changing the make up of the earth’s interior and the balance of nature as well. Asphalting and paving the surface of the earth is literally turning the world inside out. That cannot bode well.

This entropic reduction for power can be dramatically seen in an atomic explosion, which only results in death, destruction and the lingering of deadly radiation for many hundreds of years. Other forms of massive energy releases such as other weapons of war are using entropy for power and control. Fluoridating our water, chemtrailing our skies and altering our food are other forms of this. Besides organic and even inorganic structures breaking down unnaturally, these and other toxins and drugs are making humanity stupid and dazed – chemically lobotomized and unable to function properly.

In addition, our geoengineered skies are also precipitating increased methane releases, more entropic breakdowns, that seriously threaten our planet’s very existence. EMFs from cell masts, GWEN towers and massive antenna arrays such as HAARP further break down the natural magnetic resonance of the planet, ourselves and everything on it.

The entire biodiversity of the planet is shrinking drastically as plant and animal species are disappearing at an exponential rate. All a designed breakdown to harvest energy and bring the planet to a lower vibrational state.

This is where it becomes apparent who is engineering all of this. We’re dealing with a force not natural to our environment, something we often call other worldly that exists in another dimension and seeks to transform and take over the world we inhabit. It is not only from another plane of existence, it is parasitic in nature and seeks the complete subjugation of our planet and our species.


Ultimately It’s Psycho-Spiritual Vampirism

Similar to the chemical and biological programs, breaking down the human spirit for psychic energy harvesting is another exercise in entropy. This is the big one, their drug of choice. We know the entities that guide and motivate the dark rulers of this world feed off of fear, violence, pain, suffering and even death. For them the more heightened the intensity, the better, which is why drugs, perverted sex, human sacrifice and energy sucking Satanic rituals are so madly pursued by these dark energy vampires.

The breakdown in society’s complexity and the cultural variety of the planet has always been important to them. Our natural tendency as conscious beings is to love and care for each other, unite in cause and purpose for the betterment of all. This tremendously creative force generates incredible spiritual awareness and empowerment and re-creation, like crystals spontaneously growing beautiful fractal structures as consciousness taps into infinite potential.

That forces have always fought against this for the empowerment of some titular energy/control freaks at the top at the expense of the many has apparently been our planet’s plight for hundreds of thousands of years.

Our connection to infinite, conscious creative awareness is diametrically opposed to the world they come from. While we revel in empathy, compassion and love they have no such affinity. It is not just foreign to them, but anathema. Their cold, calculated realm runs purely on self gratification, which extends from sexual lust to the dark ecstacy of having control over the lives of others.  It is two dimensional. They wish they had what we have but wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway. That’s why they fear us, manifested in the intense hate and violence they breed. They know the only control they can have over a superior consciousness is fear, which shuts off our connection to Source.

Where the Hell Are We?

Is this planet a playing field to see who wakes up and who doesn’t? Are the asleep destined to constant recycling into this strange arena called Earth until they get the point, wake up and make an effort to help get this planet on its true track of conscious awareness and a society based on love and cooperation?

You can sure see why the religions have a field day with this. People want to know, they want this question answered. Even if it’s only a belief, they want to lay it to rest. Unfortunately they play right into the controllers’ hands when they do so.

“Back to sleep, now. Don’t want you to ask too many questions.”

Even the dualism we see being played out is part of the game. While there is a struggle between what we call light and dark forces, these dualities we see being played out at different levels are illusions, distractions from the core principle of life – conscious awareness.



There are a lot of very interesting theories as to what’s really going on here. Knowing there are infinite parallel worlds at play makes it all the more exciting. Our particular 3-D theater is quite macabre at the moment and about to get a lot worse if and when these entities unleash the big stuff. That there’s an ongoing ascension of the awakened could be true at some level, but last I checked I’m still here.

However things are shifting vibrationally and continue to shift so it should be exciting wherever we’re headed.

If there is a cavalry to be sent in it sure should have happened a LONG time ago. Don’t hold your breath. This is up to us. That’s how they got away with it, by continually berating and intimidating humanity via lies and deception. The enforcement trip is mainly a ruse, as there’s no way they could stop all of humanity if we all rose up to throw them out. The problem is centuries of dumbing down, physical weakening and spirit breaking.

That we’re being terraformed for habitation by an alien life form isn’t that far fetched to me. Those who’ve yielded to and carried out the programs of these parasitic entities are clearly no longer human by the natural, spiritual definition, so they are carving out their own hell to say the least, no matter the expense to the races that populate the planet.

One thing for sure, knowing the realities outlined above will help find a more true answer to our current predicament. But much more profound than that, discovering and awakening to the infinite true nature of who we really are is the ongoing solution to it all.

From there everything makes sense. We may not have every answer to every individual question, but we know what’s important.

And that’s important.

Stay awake and aware, conscious and acting accordingly.

We do our parts first and foremost. Universe will lead us one step at a time.

Enjoy the ride!

Love, Zen



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  1. Great write Budy ! This is where you shine papa…. the big picture ..I think even after i leave this bag of skin that my spirit’s duty will still be going after these evil pricks in the next life .

  2. Zen;
    That has always been my question regarding chemtrails. How do the cabal members escape the effects when we all breathe the same air? Peek, I think your spirit has always done that. I just wanted to say a few things about Peak Oil which you mentioned in the past. After studying this topic for years until my brain hurt, I’ve come to this conclusion: dick cheney believed Matt Simmons and his book “Twilight in the Desert”. Matt argued that if Saudi Arabia was past peak, the World was past peak. Ole dick believed him and created policies and war based on that belief. (along with israel’s “security”) The Project for a New American Century explains it all: belief in Peak Oil and full-spectrum dominance.

    • Imo partially. Much more massive oil reserves have been discovered since then…Cheney is an insane, self righteous, dutiful executor of the program..mind burned out a long time ago…

      • Hi Zen;
        I agree. People argue that the Mid-East wars are only about oil. Or only about israel. It’s both and dovetails perfectly with the Project for a New American Century plans. Even if Peak Oil were not true, Full Spectrum Dominance required control of the Mid-East oil as described by Brezenski in “The Grand Chessboard”. The real problem did not turn out to be Peak Oil but the petro-dollar has to be supported. cheney’s belief in Peak Oil just helped roll it all out. What about cabal members breathing the same air?

  3. The one thing about your site Zen is the love that you promote as well of not losing a track of the now and call to action for the betterment of one’s own spirit, Greed is a lost work here at ZG but it is very clear to be self responsible your the actions we chose and how it will impact others. The awareness that you bring to the big picture is so under fucking rated from most sites i look at. This is where it’s headed for any one that reads and understand what i am talking about. You still must take the stairs because an elevator to consciousness will only have you missing steps. This post is long over do – props to you and I know your a Humble man – But one of fortitude conviction and a driving passion for Love and along with peace for all life. I hope that others will soon have more and more of what your write ups express and the message that is promoted .
    HUGGGGGGGGG MAN H U G .. now i am going to stop before we see 20 comments saying “hey you to get a room ” :-)

      • Peek Gabs Alex and gives a him a wet willy !and a purple nurple ask Tom foolery to I gave a sweet one as he was helping customer .. All ways worth a socking expression

        • * Yes… Zen hit a ‘homer’ with this sage & prescient article…no wonder you forgot what sex you were! …what, with Zen’s rockstar status!…you just got swept up in the moment & forgot yourself!…but there’s no harm done coz after all… we’re still only hu-man (lol)

  4. conscious awareness really is taking the wind out of the anklebiters sails .
    it is a lot of work leaving the track of craving and rejecting. we are so used to judge and take positions, identifying with body and thought and taking ourselves serious.
    meditation is the medication.
    although i know that hoping is craving once more, i really really really hope that we as huMEN will make the quantum leap of consciousness- or like don juan matus would call it: the deadly summersault of thinking-
    soon enuff to save as much of the tremendous beauty of the planetary nature as possible.
    i hope this because i am still a MAN, still in a body and still drawn to tears by natural beauty itself and by the onslaught of it as well. i can´t help.
    the good news is that IF or- for the better- WHEN the leap is taking place, there is all the ancient and modern knowledge, all the technologies we will need to restore nature in collaboration with the spirits of the natural realms and the planetary spirit itself.
    i am sure this would take rather years then decades.
    i dream this world into existence and pray for it.
    may this days come soon.

    love and laughter

  5. I’ve heard ‘we read to know we’re not alone’. This article affirms that with gratitude. I’d add ‘and watch’ since following Mr. Crackers. Thank you both for the courage of your convictions and the talent and love in which you present them. As Trudell wrote, “Thing is, it has to do with Heart. We have to understand what hearts are for, before we can get back to heaven or paradise or the power of our mind.” Thank you Zen Gardner and Peak Crackers .. for your Heart.

  6. The “people” doing this feel they have the right to do so: the right set of genes, the right amount of power and deceptive abilities and the right perfect hidden technology to forever continue this agenda. The one’s that look human are referred to as the blue-bloods and have a long history of positions of control. Then there are those hidden from human eyeball abilities, those believing and salivating over their knowledge that when we buy into their shit and add fear to it, we empower it. We need to continuously check our own thoughts and beliefs to undo our own demise.

  7. To maintain such a low vibration costs a lots of energy!
    Maintaining soul contact becomes effortless after some (or a lot of) emotional and mental cleansing and soooo powerful. Imagine millions of fearless people standing and holding their original energy within the heart. All knowing how powerful they are in reality.

    What would you create?

    Make it so.
    A familiar captain would say.

    Truth sets us free. You are true Zen.

  8. Alex Collier, ET Contactee, has stated often that the alien Greys are working with the PTB. And, that the elites have been manipulated into believing that they could trash the planet, then after millions, perhaps billions of people have been removed they (the Greys) would help them return it to balance with their advanced technology.

    What the PTB fail to grasp is this ‘alliance’ is all a set up. They were seduced by technology. The Greys plan to create another block culture from what is left of society. (That’s why there is the push for trans-humanism). They too will be assimilated.

  9. I doubt that retribution is the answer to anything except greater and more prolonged strife. we merely join the opposition when we adopt the same tactics as those or that which we see as the “problem”. Perhaps the answer is as simple as releasing all of those fear based reactions we’ve come to believe will ensure our continued life, and begin to express love for any and everything/everyone we experience. I know this is a difficult thing to actually do when faced with a situation that seems to threaten our very being, but the alternate is even scarier when it’s fully understood that it hasn’t or will not work to save even one of us in the long run. So what’s to lose??? When your walking on thin ice you might as well dance!!!! Hope is not necessary when eternity is guaranteed. My dearest wishes for alal of us in the magnificent experiment. Lyn

  10. Another excellent article, Zen. Yes, we are being terraformed by off world aliens. This should be obvious by now. Our leaders are only fractionally human, psychopaths without empathy. And this is all perfectly orchestrated by divine intelligence. We are at the end of Kali Yuga, where the energy becomes completely entropic and evil. All energy, consciousness and time spiral through cycles of positive and negative, Yin and Yang. We are at the end of this cycle. In time we will reach the climax and we will be forced through the eye of the needle. The energy will transform from night to day. Our only way out of the dilemma we are living in is to become awakened, self actuated. Nothing else will work.

  11. The planet, for me, is a dimension. When people believed in mass that the “planet” was flat they really believed it because of the false testimony of their eyes. They lived lives limited by their false beliefs. Sailors proved the planet was not flat; science will prove we are not on a planet like we think. The dimension we exist in is multiple else I could not have 2 of me witnessed at the same time in the same room. How did I create money out of thin air? How did I make a hotel door open with the wrong card key? . How do all the so called “laws” of so called planet materiality get broken daily? Because we are not on a material planet. The healing needed is emotional and spiritual not physical.
    Thank you.

  12. * It’s all been very ‘mind boggling’ of late, as I’ve been ruminating, tossing around & weighing with ‘head & heart’, the existential variables of this now emerging & undeniably apparent, parasitic ‘Archon’ infestation, with very grave concerns about this oppressive/ omnipresent quandary & subsequent ‘head-shaking’ baffling incredulity, regarding the depraved betrayal & diabolical in the extreme, purposefully premeditated, ‘in yer face’ destruction of ‘EVERYTHING’ the gentle folk hold as eternally sacred amongst the plethora of a myriad of animal species, cohabiting/ inhabiting this ineffable & beautiful ‘jewel-like’ water planet floating in space…we call Earth….It’s time to shake the fleas off!
    …Maybe “D’ Ickeman” ain’t so crazy after all!
    ..The fact that Zen has the ‘cojones,’ to put this oft occulted posit out there, for all to see!, speaks volumes about our present situation… as people are transitioning away in droves from the specious MSM propaganda pablum- ‘shill-swill’ & changing focus onto ‘conspiracy-facts’ of what their “awakened” friends & their newly burgeoning & heightened collective intuition, is really telling them… could indeed be plausible… shifting into the realm of what could be undeniably possible & therefore true.

    “When you have eliminated all which is possible, then whatever remains, however improbable…must be the truth” – Sir A.C.Doyle

  13. It might be likened to a prison riot, where the inmates smash up their cells and tip burning mattresses and furniture below, and maybe those in power are revelling in what they wrongly perceive as their power to challenge God, and are attempting to confront Him by smashing up His creation, and saying come on, if you really exist, stop us!

    They desire in their egotistical madness to become God, ‘the creators of their own reality’ as the new age saying goes, and to manifest the powers that He does, but do so in an evil and demonic manner, concerned only with their own welfare, and to hell with everyone else, thus as the saying goes, gaining the world and losing their souls, as Krishna cares for all souls in the cosmos, not just the Jews, so the Jews cut themselves off from God in their selfish greed and madness, as to care for all is to be with God, and to hate everyone else in the cosmos. as the Jews do, is to totally cut themselves off from heavenly society, and God, in the spiritual planets, the Vaikuntha planets, which are all aspects of Krishna Himself, parts of His own cosmic soul that supports us all, whether we know it or not.

    It is an act of pure hatred against God and against all other souls, who are all originally from God, who are not desired to survive by the JWO, to destroy the environment to make it uninhabitable for all time. They believe in their power to create a new earth or a new dimension for themselves as part of their insane self-worshipping religion that has in fact totally broken away from the real God, Krishna, a long time ago, leading to Christianity and Islam as further offshoots away from the real spiritual path, all three ‘religions’ proponents of the totally unnecessary eternal condemnation and eternal punishment in hell of all others, examples of mindless sadistic insanity.

    Those in power have simply gone insane with all the intoxicating energy of those below them coursing through their minds and subtle bodily systems, and they cannot see the point to anything anymore, except when they kill millions, and have some cocaine, perform a few ritual sacrifices of little children and hire a few male or female prostitutes to give them all the pleasure they need, by stealing more material energy from the auras of their victims, thinking that to be spiritual energy, and this they exploit, as they have no need of God, but only of mayic material energy in their dark and hypocritical insanity. They maintain the ability to avoid any sense of guilt, employing the use of a good few Kapparot rituals, many involving the killing of human beings, as detailed in the book ‘Psychic Dictatorship In The USA’, by Alex Constantine .

    They are deliberately trashing everything in a Bacchanalian orgy of mindless destruction, some at least out of their minds on crack cocaine such as Barack Obama uses, along with many top bankers, who are also known for their rash decisions and mad behaviour due to excesses of cocaine. It is the hellfire club.

    And the mindless madness of the unconscious sheeple below them facilitates everything they do. The leaders and the led keep each other asleep willingly. Anything to avoid waking up to personal spiritual responsibility, which just involves becoming more caring and loving on a broader scale, to cultivate an attitude that resonates with God’s caring for all the beings in all the cosmic dimensions in empathy with God actually, nothing too difficult, but even the prospect of that seems a terrible threat to their materialistic pleasures that they ‘enjoy’ in their nightmare sleep deep in the clutches of Mother Maya.

    Of course, they do not yet know what real love is, or real happiness and pleasure.

    Forget the archons as a scapegoat, the JWO are the ‘archons’ incarnate if you wish to call them that.

    • Mothman777;
      That was absolutely beautiful. “jwo are the archons incarnate” with that yehwea character leading…

    • * An interesting perspective Mothman & I don’t disagree… a generational ‘cluster-fuk’ cacophony, of inbred attitudes & consequences, created from a dank & dire state, of a spiritually bereft, narcissistic ponerology of the ‘Nukin-Futz’ Tribe… that always has the ‘Sampson Option’ running on a pre-planned time line, as the ultimate panacea for their self loathing & deteriorating mental health.

  14. Who are they? Satan and his fallen angels whom God cast out and bound to the earth. Agenda? To deceive us and ultimately murder each and every one of us because of their hatred toward us and God.

    This destruction is leading into the “great tribulation” and it’s not a fairy tale, you are seeing the beginning of this at this moment. Think I’m being a little flakey? Watch and see. Time is growing short…pick a side.

    • Jerry, I would caution you on viewing this from the traditional, dualistic Satan vs God perspective, brother. It puts way too much baggage on Source and implies a savior event is the answer. Perfect love and truth could not, would not, craft a great tribulation. Punishment is a foreign concept to Source. We are creating the tribulation ourselves and the parasites are providing the script and the urge. We are the warriors of light. We are the solution.

  15. They do not fear death but consequently don’t value life, including their own. Their masters will fold them back into the same bloodlines so they can continue to chase the sick nightmare of counter-creation and the parasite’s agenda. Just like they try to fold us back into yet another slave capacity. You think their clever in this dimension? Dont fall for their shit when you exit your space suit.

    • Right on Scooter…don”t fall for their shit when you exit your space suit…Very Cool. We are all in this together..we are the Salvation (I live in the Appalachian bible belt is all I can say)

  16. My take on this saga is what has been alluded to in a previous post using Ghandi/India & the great evil genocidal British Empire. As the Brits realised that their hold on the Subcontinent was lost before they were booted out the door they, in their infinite scumdom, caused as much wretched havoc that they could muster up from their stiff upper lips.
    The great schism is beginning to be repaired and will take some time to be completed. The parasite and probably the upper echelons of their halfbreeds know it and they cannot fucking handle it. They don’t want to simply leave the keys on their way out the door for the rightful tenants. They want to trash the fucking house like the retarded ferals that they really are.
    Oh and at the beginning of this age they gave us a piece of their mind. All the anger, hate, malevolence, fear, despair, lack of empathy etc. They despise and covet all that we have. Well they’re going to get a dose of their own medicine when they get a piece of our mind. That of unquenchable love, empathy, heart and true multidimensional cosmic power and it will destroy them.

  17. I love most of your article. It really helped me to feel better. It was very depressing for me to learn that Bill Gates is funding the private geoengineering corp of David Keith, the high priest of chemtrails. The spraying is intensifying. Fukushima still smoking, mountain top removal, it goes on… We are being fleeced like sheep. The most difficult part for me, is that most of the people I know, are oblivious. When I point the chemtrails out to them, they just seem to space out and say they are contrails. People don’t seem to give a damn. I have ordered a psychology book on the normalcy bias. I feel as though I am in
    a Twilight Zone episode. I can’t seem to buy the reptile idea. I think these individuals are
    psychopathic. They can’t feel, are highly narcissistic, and it is all about gaining as much control as possible. We are able to identify over 1000 diseases genetically. Why not a gene test for psychopathy?

  18. Gosh,the Europeans that colonised my country were/are such an industrious lot,it’s only taken them 160 years to totally f*#k our ecology forever,onwards and upwards eh,they’re now selling out to the Asian sector to maximise the pollution,eh sorry profits
    Now that’s progress.

  19. It matters not which meatsack boy/girl body you live in. Pure evil exists in men & women. Out of whack feminine/masculine energy =fear, fear = anger/aggression. We all have both inside us. I am a nurturing, caring, non-aggressive (feminine) mother. Wanna see my warrior (masculine) energy? Mess with my kids. I have never felt any hostility towards the feminine from Zen or any other posters here.Quite the opposite. I love these people. It’s sites like Zen’s, Stuart Wilde, Zen-Haven, Gregg Prescott that remind me that we are all 1.

  20. folks seem to be under the delusion that the “elite” are in fact in charge. This is largely the reason things muddle on the way they do, the “elite” the names you know, or even think you know, are NOT in charge, they are at best, middle management. Historically we have looked at the King as the one who is the last stop, we still do this, by thinking any number of said elite controllers are the last stop, they are not. The second major hindrance to understanding what is happening is the assumption that we human/bodies are at the top of the food chain – we are not. If you are confused by this, consider the top of the food chain never gets “eaten” by something below it – hippos kill a lot of human/bodies. We are not at the top, we feed others that are not seen, and the feeding is not a system of rational control. As crops, we are a commodity consumed by an irrational group who use others with in the system to created an environment that prevents those cattle from seeing they are cattle. In order to do this they must obfuscate their effort, which, leads to the destruction we see. Each person must stay asleep in order to feed those they feed, what we see is they are at the end of the gimmicks to keep the cattle alive enough to feed them. Something will give, it always does.

  21. Posted on

    #6 by Peek Crackers on April 30, 2013 – 8:55 PM

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Dont troll Z G no more .

    You talk huge game .. so what have you done other then blog about it ? YOu come on other sites and troll .. Now what if come here and do the , See while people there that have been charge for going after these pedo priest in the big club of evil .. its tawts like you that come and pipe off about your Harvard schooling , but know where in the trenches to be fond while other takes mouths full of chem spray and ribs beat by police clubs,for going after the ones who pray on defenseless life .

  22. Some of the things the elites are doing make sense if the ‘breakaway civilization’ (Dolan, Farrell, et al.) is a
    reality. Zen’s great commentary should remind us of A.C. Clarke’s ‘Magic is indistinguishable from sufficiently advanced technology’ – because this is probably what we face (with an overlay of cargo-cult-style ceremony).
    We may face something like a hostile version of the ‘Q’ from Star Trek.

  23. Great article! Thanks.
    It ties in to a considerable extent with John Lash’s views

    John Lash http://www.metahistory.org

    In a recent post he said:

    Remember that the telestai considered envy — Greek phthonos — to be a primary mark of the Archons. Those human animals who are actually “less than” the rest of the brood — i.e., who contribute the least morally and creatively to the experiment — even though they consider themselves to be set apart and supreme, by way of compensation, no doubt, are overwhelmed and driven to insanity by envious rage. In that pathological siezure of cold-blooded rage, “blind with envy,” they shun co-existence with the other subjects of the experiment, and even refuse the generosity pouring from the Wisdom Goddess herself. Such a refusal is THE supreme act of ugliness on this planet. And then to fall in love with one’s own ugliness, and turn that refusal into a triumphal hatred of the experiment, directing murderous intent against those who do well on their endowment, who learn with delight and play beautifully… well, you get the hint.

  24. Predators go where the prey are. This includes cannibal predators of whatever sort.

    Sentient beings using other sentient beings as prey is cannibalism. It doesn’t matter if the “prey” is of another race/species/whatever. Aliens of whatever sort using humans as prey is cannibalism. And humans using aliens as prey is cannibalism.

    Cannibalism is absolutely forbidden. There isn’t anything to discuss, negotiate, or compromise. It is absolutely forbidden.

  25. Bhagavad-gita 9:25


    Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who worship Me will live with Me.


    “Pisaca worship is called “black arts” or “black magic.” There are many men who practice this black art, and they think that it is spiritualism, but such activities are completely materialistic. “

  26. This is a hard one to sell to the unawakened. But, as Max Igan so eloquently states (over and over), we could turn this thing around in 3 seconds with a paradigm shift of the mind. What is going to take? I sincerely hope it is not a BIG event….. but the masses are so addicted to the faux food, entertainment, pharmaceutical, religio-politico, brainwashing ….Pray? Meditate? Reach out with consciousness?

  27. Wow, that article really hit a nerve! Could this answer your question, Zen?


    The Elite won’t be satisifed with just a New World Order; they want to conquer the whole Universe! Once the psychopaths have trashed this beautiful world they plan to subjugate and despoil others. The rest of the universe is not going to be very pleased if that happens. Turchin completely missed the plot.

  28. To me is seems as if the utter dominance of Bolshevism is at hand. The Bolsheviks have endured a few setbacks during the past century, but no defeats, as far as I can tell. The Russians have been under their boot for almost a hundred years, and it is now obvious to me that they would have been in a much better condition had they kept the Czar. Aside from natural catastrophes, such as Krakatoa, I believe that Bolshevism is the worst thing to have ever happened to the human race. Oh, and they were financed by the entrenched plutocrats. I continue to study Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope and I can tell you it is loaded with a great deal of discomfiting information.

  29. Look at the Rockefellers and their step-n-fetch-it nigger-jew Kissinger. They are responsible for more blood shed than the rest of us have ANY idea. Look at ‘Jay’ Rockefeller’s wife Sharon Percy. She and Valerie were sex toys for rich pappa. Valerie threatened to tell so pappa Percy told his mafia henchmen,”get rid of her but I don’t want to know what you did.” They offed her and he got sympathy votes. But those are good just so long-until people start to figure out things. Rockefellers are big into sex mind control and using small children as sex toys. Look at Jay Rockefeller. He doesn’t even look human. He resembles a vampire which he is-one way or another.

  30. Thank you Zen Gardener for your kindly comment. Your Hospitality is much appreciated.
    I enjoyed reading your article and the Power of your words touched my heart.
    Well, it just seems logical to assess the problems of the “planet” by defining what is the planet first.
    Applying some logic for solutions and ditching the emotions about all things political and material is useful activity to do. Otherwise, you could get an “Extraction” off this so called ” planet” 😉
    Today on awakening it was profoundly clear to me how we are all surrounded by ideas. I mean the idea of a toothbrush was someone elses, ideas of dishes, the idea of toast, the idea of a bath or shower and our whole world of ideas goes on throughout our every day. We dont even think about our world of someone elses ideas.
    Cars are ideas. We, all of us, are living in a world of someone else’s ideas vibrating in a dimension unseen by human eyes. Wow!
    Now, who is telling us there are no more ideas left? huh?
    Dr Emoto showed in his lab the power of Love and thought on water. It cleaned the dirty crystals to pure.
    There is more healing of this place if we forgive others, even the “homo Aristos” ie. ruling elites.
    Can we love them overcoming their system? Then one act of forgiveness brings more new plants and fresh water, songs clean the air, renewal occuring more than we will ever know from our higher vibrations.
    Into our Power of Who We Are we will find Our own individual way and our own world of ideas!
    We Keep striving keeping the image of our universal group perfection close to heart.

    Big blessings this day to all,

    Thank you.

    • (it was here after all Katie – I hv to “moderate” comments so that’s why you didn’t see it..commented on yr other version–posting this so you’ll see it didn’t disappear. hugs)

  31. Lol! My message went poof! I’ll try again! Ha!
    Thank you for your kindly encouragement Zen Gardener! Right back to you!
    Today I realized with a certain profoundness that Everything i was using throughout my day was someone else’s ideas! The toothbrush, the dishes, the shower, the clothing, the car, the phone, etc.
    All of us are living in a world of IDEAS! We don’t even consider it as such.
    Now are we really going to believe there are no more ideas?
    Do we want a better world?
    Then I suggest one idea of an act of forgiveness to another and ourselves helps renew the
    Planet in more ways than we will ever know.
    Dr. Emoto showed the power of Thought on water crystals. This is a clue.
    Turn up the music and see what you want in your mind.
    We can fix our world with fresh ideas and the power of love and forgiveness!

    Blessings, and have a lovely day you all!

    • Brilliant observation, Katie! It’s bringing the spiritual infinite possibility into existence in this realm. And you’re right, that’s how things change–it’s also why the dark side discourages and attacks creative innovation or turns it into a control mechanism or weapon. We just need to overwhelm with more and more loving creations and creativity – they can’t stand that. It’s just like after a great destruction over time nature replenishes and restores the natural course of things–if we let it and cease the destructive process. In time it always works out. As they say “nature bats last”. Love you.

      • I just had to let you know Zen you made a psychic comment about ” Nature “bats” last”. We were watching much baseball yesterday. How neat is that?

        Well, back to your question of “Why the deliberate trashing of the planet?”
        I think it is because of the Pirate Mentality.
        We can’t all follow our ” Leaders” and all of us be pirates! Huh?
        Pirates have no honor
        Pirates always burn the ship ( ship of state)
        Pirates always want more
        Pirates always fight each other & everyone else (continuing wars of profit)
        It is always about looting and booty!
        It was revealed to me that our “Ruling Elite” join the pirates society and fly their flag right under our noses!
        The Scull & Bones! They are all Pirates!
        Trashing is what Pirates do.

        I Love you right back Zen! Have a lovely day!

        • You too. Study the pirates, you’ll be shocked it was the same old shylocks doing it, and blaming others, another eye opener as to the scripted, lying world we live in. Usual suspects each time, in your face obvious yet they rewrite or hide history. It wasn’t long ago most everyone knew the true causes of problems…we’re the most blatently lied to and manipulated generation in history in my opinion, esp. considering what’s available if anyone would look. Just amazing. Love you–Z

          • Howdy Zen.
            You’ve sparked some thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to participate on your board. Do let me know if how I see things and what I say is acceptable to you. I would never intend to offend. I am grateful to share ideas.

            IMHO this is my take on how a false human sense of how “bad” things are for us in this current generation is not true nor supported by history.

            Pirates throughout the years have had the same Method of Operations. Theft is a big part of our Earth system. It is emotional, of course, because theft springs from the false emotion of never having enough.

            History shows that written record of humanity only goes back to about 5 1/2 to 6k years ago to the Sumerians epoch poem Gilgamesh written sometime around 3k BC. We know as a species we are much older. We also know we have had about 6k years of endless wars, strife, and being exploited.

            Therefore, I would say humans are missing a large chunk of our History.
            We have the impression we are more lied to today because of the surrounding electronic media, i call the “electronic fence”. (EF).
            Technology gives the impression of more lying, but historically I think the lying is equal to past generations; it is suggested by Mr. iZbigniew Brzezinskis, a Polish American Political Scientist, people are waking up ( becoming Self Aware). I believe he is referring to the manipulations of emotional control through lies and deceit.

            Some famous historic lying as follows:

            The lies that we’re told the German people that the Poles started the war by shooting up radio stations in 1939. Giving cause to a German invasion of Poland.
            Hitlers and Stalins whole regimes were based on lies. Mussolini too.

            The Japanese were told the were winning by their government.

            William the Conquerer was a Big liar by claiming Edward the Confessor gave him the throne. 1066. Elizabeth 1 was a Virgin? She didn’t know about her pirates?

            Talking about pirates, Governor Charles Eden of N. Carolina, gave sanctuary to Blackbeard and was his personal fence! No kidding!

            I was shocked to learn that American signatory to the Constitution, John Hancock, was a smuggler. Oh, a tea business man!

            Judging human History takes perspective i think. Every generation thinks “theirs” is the worst.
            Confucius was talking about the youth being disrespectful in his time. This was around 551 Bc.

            Human nature hasn’t changed all that much throughout history. I do believe we are evolving, but because of our short life spans it is hard to see progress.

            There is much good in the world today and of course all the crap. I think we can collectively put it in perspective and still live meaningful and whole lives.

            Just some thoughts here!

            Have a lovely day!

          • Lovely indeed! Could add to your cognizant list but don’t need to..you’ve clearly made the separation and the list for both of us, and all, will continue to lengthen. A privilege to know you, co-awakener! 😉
            The conscious awakening in each “round” of all this is the same…wake up or not. The perpetrators have generational costume changes for flamboyancy I guess, part of the time illusion. Our challenge now is to fully wake up to the role we can effectively play, with all of our accumulated knowledge, understanding and awareness. In the face of their planned ultimate fulfillment, but even that will never quit, as we know.
            Mighty big challenge, while appearing to many a flippant click on the internet to a new perspective. May we all grasp the significance. Envision and enact is our calling.
            March on…. love you, Zen

    • Hey Katie..Your a hoot! Love what you have to say Chick! .Agreed the Dr. Emoto study was fascinating! The power of words and talk. Blessings of Love and light to you!

      • Hey there Mary! Thanks for the compliment!
        if I’m a hoot, does this make me qualified to work at Hooters?

        Oh, my bad…..

        Have yourself a lovely day!

        • Hey Katie, just read your post today. You sound like a person I could listen to for a download. Very interesting.

          Forbidden archeology suggest that the re-set button has been hit at least 6 times.

          Recently I’ve been studying the Gnostics. The common thread of their varying stories goes something like this: There were 2 creations created, one was real and the other a counterfeit . They reference Genesis “The sons of the true GOD (the real one) saw the daughters of men (the counterfeit one). The Gnostics say that when they procreated they bound our essence together into an incarnate loop. They say the creator of this counterfeit creation is an evil Demiurge and that this Demiurge holds out has a carrot the idea that man can somehow evolve into a peaceful Utopian higher order. But it is really a cruel sick joke on us. They say that the prime creator will resolve it all by utterly destroying the entire false creation.

          Now this is not the view point that attracts me. But again the EGO wants what it wants, just because I don’t like it that way doesn’t mean its not so. When you consider the Sumerian stories, as will as our history being re-pleat with human misery they make a good argument. However from the perspective of the GAME it very will might all be just part of the script in a story.

          Truth changes at different levels consciousness. There are absolute TRUTHS in the Newtonian laws of physics that are not TRUTHS at the quantum level. So its hard to pin down.

          Terrance McKenna suggest that this life is somehow a preparation for another. I myself hold conflicting views that I have not yet resolved. I’m waiting for a teacher to come along and reveal to me a truth for the level I currently am in, in this game.

          I tend to look at such information recorded by the Sumerian’s or the culture that built and left the Pyramids as intentionally placed for us in the future as clues in a riddle. Props!

          It seems to me that we are time travelers and as we flow through the river of time we leave behind clues to continue the quest.

          Like a computer virtual game where you have different levels of achievement and each level having unique ways of accomplishing that level. You get killed off and re-enter the GAME becoming more skilled at each level> Soon if you play the game enough you are able to quickly play through the lower levels to get back to that level you become more challenged with.
          Clue: The GOD THOTH has written that he has incarnate many thousands of times.
          CLUE: The GOD THOTH is said to be the GOD of Mathematics & Science and is the creator of this creation. This kind of corresponds with what the Gnostics espouse. This creation is a GOD technology of a sort, it is a mathematical geometric creation formed holographically.

          So every 3,640 years the reset button gets hit according to the Sumerian’s. The archaeological record suggest that something like this keeps occurring at about an interval of 3,600 years. We wish to think that our creator is benevolent ( I know I do) but what if the creator is not (has the Gnostics suggest) After all we create things to later destroy them. There are so many ways to view things, in the end we tend to choose what we wish to believe. The EGO is truly tricky stuff.

          I hope this makes sense, my thinking gets kind of abstract sometimes. It makes sense when I writes it but when I read it back I lose it myself LOL

          • Gr8 stuff Manna-live! 😉 Love your wonderings…I roam the same turf in constant processing and wondering, then start all over. Key is to not get hung up on anything…

            As for the teacher…. “When the student is ready….”…as the saying goes, although everything is always broadcasting continuously anyway–but it does seem the tumblers have to fall in place in some form, ha!

            Tumble on! Love you.

  32. Thank you for your take on things. I see it much the same.

    I would like to share some perspective with everyone, a way of looking at things. Based upon all that I’ve learned thus far from my experience, study and much contemplation, this is how it seems to me to be.

    Our greatest adversary hides in the place you would very least expect to find him. There is an aspect about self that most are not aware of. There is a voice inside your head that you think is you, but its not! Conscientiousness is dualistic it seems.

    In order to get good at a game, we must be challenged by a better player (opponent/adversary). To better understand who we are, it may help to understand at the most fundamental level, what we are. What we are, I submit, is a hologram. A mathematical geometric creation of light. There is no matter to be found anywhere in our reality, everything is made of atoms and atoms are empty. Because this is a creation, then there must be a purpose for creating it. If you created this high-tech holographic virtual world, it would seem to me that you would do so to experience it.

    LIFE the ultimate game! Our bodies are vessels (avatars) utilized by the creator of the game to experience the creation. Each of us are a fractal aspect of the hologram. If you understand holograms you will know that any fractal piece of the hologram contains all the information of the whole piece. This is what explains kinesiology. (Read Power vs. Force the hidden determents of human behavior) How is that the body can know the truthfulness of a statement and yet you may not have any conscious awareness of the matter stated? It is the EGO, which prevents us. It is that voice inside that you think is you, but is not. The EGO is the great ADVERSARY, the LIAR. (SATAN, the DEVIL)

    The divine self would never hurt itself, especially for something someone else has done, yet this what the majority of people do. Every event in this reality is a neutral event, you have freewill to choose how you wish to respond to the event. Never choose the reaction that is detrimental to you! Learning the attributes of the EGO is how you differentiate that voice you think is you, from the divine voice.

    The EGO is addicted to its beliefs and opinions. The inherit problem with BELIEVING is that it puts you into a position of defending what it is you think you believe, but what if what you believe bumps into information that contradicts with that belief? How often have you heard someone say, despite all the factual information to the contrary, “I know, but, I just can’t believe it? This is how & why “belief” the drug of the EGO prevents you from knowing what your body already knows.

    All the waking hours of our lives we are having a conversation with ourselves. We use language! Think for a minute how you would think without language. Who are we talking to and why can’t we just shut up?

    We seem to be actors in an interactive theatrical parody of a sort, a game of quest. If we are actors then, choose your part. The way you get good at a game is to play a better player and learn your opponent!

    Fear is the tool of the EGO. Death is the illusion of the EGO. Consciousness is eternal. What makes you conscious is the same source that makes me conscious. I am a fractal aspect of you. We are here to experience THE GAME! Lets play to WIN!

    This planet is a stage, its not real and your objective is to figure that out. Fear is the tool, but it is all a contrived illusion! Face the fear and you will win at this game!

    For reference I would suggest the following;

    The motion picture movie REVOLVER .

    These books; The Holographic Universe and Power vs. Force

    Research these subjects: DMT, Pineal Gland, Magic Mushrooms, Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry

    • Hi Manna!
      I really admired your post. You do write very eloquently. I have just started writing again and the words feel weird. Gee, I hope that made sense.
      Anyway, I am intrigued about your idea of Adversary. Do we have to have one or am I too dense to get it or maybe it isn’t being dense… I can’t seam to think of why I don’t understand why is there an Adversary?
      Can we change that concept? I would like a dialog with you about your understanding of Adversary. I am thinking I would not like to have an Adversary, but would like to surround all challengers with a water like energy of usefulness. ? Love even?
      Just wondering…

      I like your saying that LIFE is the ultimate game! I even made a poster of a big deer in my backyard and I wrote on it “Another Day in the Game”. LOL!

      I do like many of the things you said and how you said them. You wrote about Ego Conscienceness addicted to a false identity!
      I agree very much with you. We have to watch our thoughts daily, hourly, minute by minute.
      Somewhere I read that EGO stands for Earth Guide Only!

      Revolver a Guy Ritchie production? I think I saw parts of it.

      Yes the so called “Planet is a stage! ” Right On Manna!

      I was calling it a dimension because the material world is just how our eyes photograph things.

      Have a lovely day.

      Thank you sincerely for your post!

      Peace Out!

      • Hi Katie

        Thank you for your comment. If you would like to continue the discussions, email me at mannamade@hush.com. What I wrote was really the readers digest version of the subject. There is much more to the subject that I understand through experiential knowledge that you may find interesting. Of course to me its more important to get it right vs. being right. The pursuit of truth is the path. Look forward to hearing from you.

        Kind Regards

      • Hi Katie and Manna,

        I so much appreciate your comments.

        It’s a long read, but you might enjoy The Glass Bead Game (German: Das Glasperlenspiel) by Hermann Hesse. It won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

        ‘The book has also been published under the title Magister Ludi, Latin for “Master of the Game” ‘

        Although it is through direct experience that a person can really understand the game, reading this book some 45 years ago, deeply impacted my view on the manipulations that have been going on for so long. When Hesse started to write it, in the 30’s, this was the ‘Matrix Trilogy’ of the times.

        ‘Now’ has always been the optimum time to awaken.

        • Hey there Soliel,

          I’ve never heard of book, The Glass Bed Game. Thanks for the recommendation.
          I have found in my life that recommendations that come my way are always from Source and I am to pay attention and receive them with gratitude in my heart.
          So, Thank you!

          Are you able to tell us what was enlightening to you from his writings that you would recommend?

        • Thank you so much for that reference Soliel. I’m excited to find it and read it. I love perspective. I’ve kind of blazed my own trail for the most part. It was due to some very interesting yet bizarre experiences that got my attention and started me on my quest to understanding. Like Katie I to consider synchronicity as a message from source. Has it is said “The teacher will come, when the student is ready” I can look back on my trail and see that everything has happened just perfectly and for good cause, because where I am on my journey is a very good place. Really, I find it hard to believe that I have even arrived here both in a spiritual sense as will as geographically. I’m in the perfect place, at the perfect time, being in a perfect way. I couldn’t have imagined it any better it seems to me, and for that I give thanks for being in this most spectacular game. Its an awesome GOD technology!.

          A CLUE IN THE GAME OF QUEST?…. You know the scripture where GOD says that the rainbow was there to remind him NOT TO DESTROY the earth again? Question: Why does the all knowing GOD need a reminder? Could it be that GOD is incarnate YOU & ME here playing in the hologram? LETS NOT DESTROY IT, I’M THINKING!

          OH that reminds me…To everyone concerned about the radiation. Please YOUTUBE “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the Planet” outstanding 20 min. mind download by someone who knows his chit. As it turns out mushrooms just happen to love radiation. They eat it up and mitigate 100% of it. Hmmmm now with that understanding… find a source of water from the mountains where the mycelan network is vast and the underground water is purified. Further, include mushroom in your diet.

          There are many, many, other benefits to mushrooms which would be to much to add here. There is also something about our past that is profoundly connected to the mushroom I’ll give you a glimpse. Taken from the flood story:

          Before the flood Noah drank his grape juice but didn’t get drunk. Before the flood Noah did not eat meat protein. Before the flood man lived a very long time.

          What do these clues mean? Why are these things even mentioned in the story? I’ll give you another clue. It has something to do with anaerobic and aerobic life forms, H202 and amino acids.

          Another clue for the game: Our world view is created by sense. We utilize a sensory suit to experience this reality in. What if you were missing the use of a sensory instrument in your space suit. What kind of information would you be missing out on that might complete the picture?

          The pineal gland has a cornea, a retina and photon receptors and its located in the cerebral fluid between the brain lobes and you are not using it. Why not? CLUE: Its the same reason why Noah started to eat meat.

          I’ll leave you hanging on this one and just say when the student is ready the teacher will come.

          (Just to clarify.. the use of the Noah story does not mean the story is based in truth on a real person, I wasn’t there so I can’t say, but looking at it purely as part of a riddle for the quest, the story reveals a lot more than most understand.)

          As Bill & Ted would say “be righteous to one another dudes”

          • Ha..answered the last one before reading this…synchro. Answer. The firmament. But true or false? Cosmic rays breaking us down without our protective water layer that flooded the earth? Or an analogy for a spiritual event/truth? Just wondering… 😉 (Tsarion says the water was from the smashing of Tiamet. Hmmm.) Like Icke says, when we finally see the real story behind all this from the next level or wherever we are going to laugh our heads off…(if we have one, ha!)

  33. Mary is the last one to arrive at the party again…The group of Souls migrating to this site is AMAZING. Thank you Zen. Great post. You have attracted such wondering and searching beings of Love. Peace & Love

  34. Hi Zen is there a link or email that I can send you some information. I would post it here but its to much I think. I’m sure you’ll be interested in what I have to share with you. Its something of a profound nature that I discovered that you have likely never heard before, so I think you’ll take some delight in bumping into this piece of the puzzle. Then if you wish you can share it with others as you see fit. You have my email so you need not post this comment after you review it.

    Kind Regards

  35. Bg 16.1-3 – The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Fearlessness; purification of one’s existence; cultivation of spiritual knowledge; charity; self-control; performance of sacrifice; study of the Vedas; austerity; simplicity; nonviolence; truthfulness; freedom from anger; renunciation; tranquillity; aversion to faultfinding; compassion for all living entities; freedom from covetousness; gentleness; modesty; steady determination; vigor; forgiveness; fortitude; cleanliness; and freedom from envy and from the passion for honor-these transcendental qualities, O son of Bharata, belong to godly men endowed with divine nature.
    Bg 16.4 – Pride, arrogance, conceit, anger, harshness and ignorance-these qualities belong to those of demoniac nature, O son of Partha.
    Bg 16.5 – The transcendental qualities are conducive to liberation, whereas the demoniac qualities make for bondage. Do not worry, O son of Pandu, for you are born with the divine qualities.
    Bg 16.6 – O son of Partha.in this world there are two kinds of created beings. One is called the divine and the other demoniac. I have already explained to you at length the divine qualities. Now hear from Me of the demoniac.
    Bg 16.7 – Those who are demoniac do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behavior nor truth is found in them.
    Bg 16.8 – They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no God in control. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than lust.
    Bg 16.9 – Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.
    Bg 16.10 – Taking shelter of insatiable lust and absorbed in the conceit of pride and false prestige, the demoniac, thus illusioned, are always sworn to unclean work, attracted by the impermanent.
    Bg 16.11-12 – They believe that to gratify the senses is the prime necessity of human civilization. Thus until the end of life their anxiety is immeasurable. Bound by a network of hundreds of thousands of desires and absorbed in lust and anger, they secure money by illegal means for sense gratification.
    Bg 16.13-15 – The demoniac person thinks: “So much wealth do I have today, and I will gain more according to my schemes. So much is mine now, and it will increase in the future, more and more. He is my enemy, and I have killed him, and my other enemies will also be killed. I am the lord of everything. I am the enjoyer. I am perfect, powerful and happy. I am the richest man, surrounded by aristocratic relatives. There is none so powerful and happy as I am. I shall perform sacrifices, I shall give some charity, and thus I shall rejoice.” In this way, such persons are deluded by ignorance.
    Bg 16.16 – Thus perplexed by various anxieties and bound by a network of illusions, they become too strongly attached to sense enjoyment and fall down into hell.
    Bg 16.17 – Self-complacent and always impudent, deluded by wealth and false prestige, they sometimes proudly perform sacrifices in name only, without following any rules or regulations.
    Bg 16.18 – Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger, the demons become envious of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in their own bodies and in the bodies of others, and blaspheme against the real religion.
    Bg 16.19 – Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, I perpetually cast into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species of life.
    Bg 16.20 – Attaining repeated birth amongst the species of demoniac life, O son of Kunti, such persons can never approach Me. Gradually they sink down to the most abominable type of existence.
    Bg 16.21 – There are three gates leading to this hell-lust, anger and greed. Every sane man should give these up, for they lead to the degradation of the soul.
    Bg 16.22 – The man who has escaped these three gates of hell, O son of KuntÈ, performs acts conducive to self-realization and thus gradually attains the supreme destination.
    Bg 16.23 – He who discards scriptural injunctions and acts according to his own whims attains neither perfection, nor happiness, nor the supreme destination.
    Bg 16.24 – One should therefore understand what is duty and what is not duty by the regulations of the scriptures. Knowing such rules and regulations, one should act so that he may gradually be elevated.
    BhagavadGita Chap.16 Divine & Demoniac Natures

  36. Bg 16.7 – Those who are demoniac do not know what is to be done and what is not to be done. Neither cleanliness nor proper behavior nor truth is found in them.
    Bg 16.8 – They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no God in control. They say it is produced of sex desire and has no cause other than lust.
    Bg 16.9 – Following such conclusions, the demoniac, who are lost to themselves and who have no intelligence, engage in unbeneficial, horrible works meant to destroy the world.
    BhagavadGita Chap.16 Divine & Demoniac Natures

  37. …” this bag of skin” hahahhaha you cracker me up Crackers! I hopp on the wagon too ! (-you don’t mind, zen, eh? 😀 )

    But seriously. WHAT IN THE WORLD are they thinking????? WHY WOULD ANYBODY WANT TO ) TRASH and SHIT in THEIR OWN LIVING ROOM??????

  38. *Still suffering from the ill effects of an acute case of ‘Misandry’ eh-‘Twisted Sister/ Nasty Tongue’?!?
    …You should get that looked at, by an androgynous witch doctor, for an impartial assessment (lol)…and silly me!… I thought it was a ‘young boy’ behind those masks!!!…go figure?..I guess we must all see what ‘You’ want us to see & believe what ‘You’ would have us believe!
    …Pure pathological evil, cares not what sex it embodies or enslaves…as there is ample evidence of this glaring fact, with the innumerous psychopathic “Black Widows” in recent times & over the centuries
    …So cut the crap!…& find a (mixed company) anger management rehab & perhaps track down what is really hiding behind your inappropriate outbursts of seething rage.

  39. Male/Female divisions are still stuck in duality. I feel a lot of enmity towards men in your post. Past traumas?

  40. sistertongue Your Bio Amelia A. Free, MSW, LCSW, LMT, is a counseling astrologer, former psychotherapist, published author, fine artist, photographer and bodywork therapist. In addition to her astrology practice, she conducts workshops on the dynamic understanding of taoist chakra systems, tantra, non-hierarchical group dynamics, movement integration, writing, art and authentic relationship. She teaches taoist martial, meditative and medicinal art, core body awareness and kinesthetic integration classes.
    Amelia studied political theory at Mt. Holyoke College and received her Master’s Degree in clinical social work from Smith College School for Social Work. She is the former Clinical Director of both the Sexual Abuse Treatment Team and the Family Therapy Team within the Department of Child Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center. She has been qualified, and testified, as an expert witness in these areas in civil court. Amelia has lectured nationally on the subjects of spirituality, resilience, stress and trauma at a number of institutions, including Harvard Divinity School and Boston University Schools of Medicine and Psychology.
    sooo Amelia ..i see you have the big sigmund freud your paid for your smarts paper , as we say in Detroit dont bring shit to my house you don’t want at yours ,

  41. @sistertongue

    Last time I performed an autopsy on the female gender, a “reptilian component” was clearly seen in the anticipated location within the lower-rear of her brain; just as with the male brain I did the week before. Women are as much a “reptilian contributor” to our problems as the men are.

    One theory is that we are being entropied mostly by male homosexuals, whose tiresome emulation of the female fills them with the urge to destroy … just as portrayed by the Hindu Goddesses: Kali and Durga.

    Tens of thousands of psychopathic women pollute our culture, and unfortunately hundreds are employed by various (usually the lesser known) agencies of the United Nations.

    Behind every evil male there is a complicit female encouraging or egging him on. Material greed tends to be accentuated in women, far more so than men.

    Women feel … men think. This has been corroborated throughout millennia and across all major cultures. Got that clear now?

  42. So before you “out” me Peeks I’m coming out out of the closet!…I play basketball. :) And Zen, I call this thing, this void entity – the “other”. I also don’t think “it” is of the same spiritual reality, by that I meant I’m not so sure it is of the same spiritual universal energy. Of course much of this is just intuitive, but your article about this helps. Thanks again.

  43. I’m laughing so hard I really can’t say anything Mr. Peeks. That was some gizzywiz talk fer sure. Here we just post No Trespassing Signs. xoxoxo

  44. * Anglo Saxon …as long as you’re not Hannibal Lecter(lol) …this is an original & thought- provoking read, with different interacting layers & are not afraid to follow ‘any’ threads of truth… to an interesting & logical, yet catalytic conclusion…cheers

  45. I spammed her comments…will block her IPs..turns out she uses several, sign of a troll..she’s always a trouble maker. Gave her several chances. Let me know if she gets thru again.

  46. @ Alex.
    Thank you Sir! I have had some practise at this game.
    Now for my comedy bit: I am a vegetarian (at least most of each week) so I don’t Lecture … er, I mean I don’t Lector.
    N.B. It was your initial response to ‘sistertongue’ that actually inspired my comment, so Cheers!
    Best to you.

  47. Alex…you rock too. I stopped laughing after Mr. Peeks only to read your reply. Thanks for your presence here as well…always enjoying reading your feedback.

  48. * PS…Check out(google) …the ” Pink Swastika’ .pdf…which tracks a 19- 20th century militaristic/sodomic cult (that is actually intolerant of gay ‘Fems’)… dictating policy in the shadows, but has wielded incredible influence on the world stage, with the other sodomic cult aka: the Vatican/Jesuits. So I do ‘grok’ the implications of what you’re saying.

  49. More people are going crazy as has been predicted for many years. The next one could be in your own immediate family. Many more deaths too – dead in only a weeks instead of many months or years. Keep your vibrations high and the crazies will keep away from you.

  50. It’s important to dig into these concepts and feel around for what resonates. Connecting the dots is really about the best way to explain it since we’re of limited capacity in this world, and giving our heart, spirit and intuition the opportunity to lead us and show us greater Truths is a way of life as I see it. That’s being truly alive. The beauty is there’s no need to get dogmatic or caught in some system of belief about anything, as the matrix attempts to make us do to freeze up our way more important qualities available via an awakened consciousness. Have fun with it all John. Cheers!

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