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Will Sandy Go Nuclear?


by Zen Gardner

Already Hurricane Sandy is looking about as manipulated as you can imagine, and it hasn’t even hit fully yet. Whether you believe in its manipulation by HAARP and other weather technologies (which could also avert such a confluence of storms if they wanted to), this thing is one major media ploy from the start.

When did you ever hear of cutting the use of utilities before a storm before? Or giving the predicted disaster costs per city and region?

This broadcast of this predictive programming is opening the floodgates of possibility in the minds of millions of people, and from the looks of things they’re gonna guarantee this situation is well “managed” and fully taken advantage of!



*Notice Sandy’s path overlays the most dense concentration of nuclear reactors in the country as shown in top illustration.

The Fukushima Factor

For anyone with eyes to see and that has been connecting the dots for any period of time, the Fukushima event was clearly engineered, if only simply fully taken advantage of at the time of the 9.0 Japan quake by blowing those reactors. You can think what you will, but the Japanese Orwellian denial, coupled with the fact that the US EPA shut down their radiation monitors following the event and the massive continual release of radiation over North America and the northern hemisphere speaks clearly to the issue.

We’re under a manipulated attack.

Now translate that knowledge to this apparently engineered confluence of storm systems in the most densely populated area of the United State just days before a major Presidential election.

Getting the picture?sword-damocles-nuclear


The Pre-programming Has Been Continual

Besides the on-going Fukushima event and highly publicized knowledge of the deterioration of the obsolete nuclear reactor infrastructure , how many reactors have hit the news that had to go off line due to leakages or “accidents” since Fukushima? And one of the biggest threats was reactors affected during the American midlands floods.

Was this to keep the issue front and center?

Their biggest weapon is fear, and nuclear holocaust in whatever form has been used since WW2 to keep the world on their heels in anticipation of potential horror.  Now the threat of a nuclear conflagration over Iran has been hung over our heads like a sword of Damocles.

Will they use the nuclear option now to create additional chaos?

They’re up to no good, we know that. And it ain’t just politics. We’re talking control excuses.

Anything for further clampdowns and elimination of personal freedoms.

Stay on your toes.

Much love, Zen


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  1. Thanks for sharing Zen. I read on my wreather site the estimated damages from SANDY is $6 BILLION DOLLARS. That told me instantly, HARRP IS DOING IT. WE have to stop those heartless BASTARDS. How can we do it with so many sleeping?? The Elite must be stopped. There are more of us than there are of them. What the HELL is wrong with us? Knowing what we do, sitting back doing nothing makes me ill.We are no better off knowing all we do than those that know nothing. Thanks Angel

  2. Wonderful. I live in central NY and can see the plume of a cooling tower. Time to stock up on potassium iodide. Oh well, what is life without liberty?

  3. I consider Sandy to the effect of a high energy cloaking field of a very huge celestial craft coming in for a pick up over land … and that an even larger object rising from deep waters is the true cause of such a devastating high rise in waters … as this huge craft also use the pulling effect of the full moon to bring it’s big structure from under the weight of so much water …

  4. I an convinced that Fukushima was destroyed by the Stuxnet virus. I think when it was originally designed to attack Irans centrifuges it may have had routines built in to recognise a abnormal situation and trigger its destruction mode. So when the software in Fukushima detected the tsunami it set itself of and destroyed the pumps ect.
    I’m worried some of these plants may have that (or a later version) virus, and it might be triggered by the storm.
    But same as Fukushima – is the virus infection an accident, cyber terrorism or an attack by another country or is it Another False Flag.

  5. Re general things I think they want to establish as large an area as possible under martial law. And keep it that way as long as possible. Much confiscation of guns will be carried out which will probably cause enough fight back to keep the martial law in place forever.


  6. Am realizing, as a hypnotherapist (who DE-hypnotizes people FROM fear), that big news items hypnotize the public into focusing on horrors and terrors and that focus adds to the plans of anyone who wants to create chaos. So let’s see what is happening and focus on the opposite – that this storm shall stay out at sea and be harmless.

  7. I agree with you 100% on the alarmist issue. For the last 2 days, here in Toronto, news stations have been speculating about how much damage COULD be caused by this storm and how long the power MIGHT be out for, JUST IN CASE you can not get out to get food. Makes me wonder why “they” are trying to make everyone panic before the storm even shows signs of coming. They have been sure for at least 3 days now that this storm is going to hit shore, even though storms quite frequently change course and blow back out to sea. Maybe they want people to be evacuated in advance so it will be easier to do “something” that can not be explained away when questioned about? “Something” that will most assuredly be questioned by even the most faithful of patriots, perhaps? Just speculating. Since you can not actually get the truth from any of these depressingly dressed clowns, might as well speculate every possibility!

    Peace and Protection to the waking world at large!!!!


    Sean (Eaglehart)

  8. The impending superstorm appears to geo-engineered (steered) to target NYC. Is it to disrupt or derail this investigation?

    On 911 all of the evidence for indictments in the Enron investigation was destroyed when WTC7 was pulled.

    Bloomberg appears to be taking no special precautions. It could be a deliberate move to leave an area unprotected. The ensuing chaos would provide the perfect cover for key witnesses and evidence to go missing. Obama is doing everything he can to delay this investigation until after the elections.

    Frankenstorm: Divine Wind for Obama

    Engineered Storm? HAARP Monitoring Project Records Strongest Readings Ever Directed In Path of Hurricane Sand

    Mayor Bloomberg: Frankenstorm Is ‘Very Dangerous’ But No Evacuations Yet

    CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

    Robert Holmes, key witness in Libor fraud case = Global elite bankers face jail, son set up?

    Major Banks, Governmental Officials and Their Comrade Capitalists Targets of Spire Law Group, LLP’s Racketeering and Money Laundering Lawsuit Seeking Return of $43 Trillion to the United States Treasury


  9. A bigger question, Who Built the Nuclear Plants, and it’s pretty obvious they would be
    break down over time and destroy the earth…Is Satin the Power Plant owners? Think deep, think how much money they have in their deep pockets…..Think they also own NBC/Comcast think NEWS BLACKOUT of damage…..G.E. Electric you did us in….where’s my bunker ticket to heaven? And when I get that bunker ticket, I want my guitar and friends with benefits.

  10. Totally agree with you on all counts. Many Nuclear Power Stations across the USA were already leaking high levels of radiation before Fukushima. The costs of repair and waste disposal go into the billions. Greed, corruption and the suppression of clean free Tesla technology has led to this situation. It appears that with or without Sandy, the fallout has and will continue. Expect many videos again after this with “strange noises,”attributed to “Aliens,” “trumpets,”and goodness knows what else, when it is in fact pumping of Nuclear Feul Pools.

  11. Zen,
    I’m a long time reader of For first time commenting. For the last 7 years I have been relentlessly researching, connecting dots, expanding my awareness and trying to share my understandings and perspective with family and friends. While I have noticed an exponential increase in reception as of late, I still notice so many still apathetic to the intensified acceleration of the control system in all it’s forms. While I’m grateful each day for life and have an optimistic attitude for my childs future and humanity as a whole, I often dwell on the lack of unity collectively needed immediately. I also often wonder why the biggest platforms in the alternative community, who routinely advocate non compliance, don’t come together and coordinate an event. With the amount of human beings that follow you, Icke and Jones etc…don’t you think if a date was scheduled and massively publicized to all participate in a non compliance day, that a tipping point could be very plausible? If we are serious about putting a stop to this and looking out for “the whole”, why can’t the people who have the biggest spheres of influence coordinate and put out the ultimate effort. It seems that while so many are still “asleep”, there are plenty of us “awake” to make the 100th monkey. I honestly feel in my humble opinion that the painful correction that would stem from such an effort would be much less than the long term pain if we sit idly by. Just my thoughts. Thanks for all you do.


    • Sully, I get what you are saying and I have wondered the same thing but then I realized that we have already assembled here and we are winning this thing the smart way.
      If we physically collect and rally, we bring the wrong attention. If we sit here sharing thoughts, the PTB dont see us as a threat but in fact, we are.

      The awakened are the gate keepers. We know the things that they dont. How do we change that? we tell them.
      My intuition is starting to show me the way in to each persons heart. Everyone is different and thereby motivated by different things so if we plant a seed and tell them we found our info on the net, they can go looking for themselves.
      I dont care if I sound crazy to them, Ive let that go. I am just sharing the truth so more people can join us here.

  12. Good work in both pieces on Sandy. I have had a gut feeling that this was manufactured ~ Dutchsinse always keeps us on top of these things.

    This time they tackled the big Apple.

    Fear fear fear. Katrina. Gun confiscation. Is the blackwater whatever they are called now there yet?

    ONE good thing. Pamela Geller’s awful racist anti Arab posters in the subways may have been destroyed!

    Always remember as well, nothing shifts populations so much as the elements …… as they wished to remove the “riff raff” out of New Orleans. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

    Has anyone considered the fact that Montauk Island and that hell from whence mutant creatures and created diseases (Lymme) escape was directly in the middle of this horror storm?

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