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  1. I see the stars turn in the night sky from my home. I know the miricle of rain on the desert. I planted the seed I saved last Spring, Now the corn is making ears, the bean pods swell, the lavender-blue flax flowers sway in the wind. I have held my child in my arms after the struggle of giving birth. I have felt the loving touch of my soulmate in the night as we drifted into sleep. I have smelt the wet pinyon and cedars. Placing my hands on the ancient rock of the cliff rising above me, I have felt timeless. I don’t claim to wisedom, but I know the sense of wonder well.

    • Here I am writing about the loss of the letter Z, and you write these beautiful words of hope, joy and peace with Gaia; the blessed continuation of all life is in our hands – snapped me right back into what is really important. Thank you Kyrathyel

    • your words stirr me to tears
      my heart flows over with gratitude and joy
      it´s the simple things that count
      because they are the essentials
      there is wisdom
      I know something for sure
      we will remain

  2. Why am I seeing the changing of certain spellings of words in a lot of articles I am reading?
    Dehumanising, colonise, organise, realise, harmonise.
    What happened to the letter “z” in these words? Why is it being replaced by “s”? Just wondering.

    • On June 10, 2010 the English Language Central Commission came to the conclusion that the letter Z should be removed from the English alphabet. The main objective was to “simplify the phonetic aspect of the language and to unify the American and British spellings. How’s that for another exercise in diminishing intellectual challenges in education. Just add it to the list of homogenized pap. Pretty soon they will be removing all the vowels and we can just text and grunt. But then again Zombies do not speak, or should I say Xombies.

      • Well as I know I am not considered politically correct, so now I will no longer be alphabetically correct. As far as the new spelling for Zombies, I beg to differ. The spelling should be Sombies.
        What a joke or WAJ, which is where we appear to be headed. Soon we will just be using initials to communicate minus the letter “Z”.

  3. We All Dance In The Chaos Of Life

    We all Dance in the Chaos of Life
    On the mountains of Joy or the valleys of Strife
    We sing all the songs in the whispering winds
    And listen to the silence of our souls within.

    At the crossroads of chaos as our lives are unveiled
    No clue where we’re going, only where we have sailed
    Each heart is a vessel on a wondrous river
    We all dance to the songs of forever.

    Steven L Nielsen

  4. Pay attention to the way they speak in the remake of True Grit. I don’t know if the direct grammar/lack of contractions was done as a hint, but it certainly reflects the deterioration of the language.

  5. I did a very little bit of research on the ELCC, regarding the removal of the letter “Z”, from the alphabet and… there is no such commission. It was an April Fools prank that took off on the internet. It still doesn’t answer my question as to why I see “S” replacing “Z” in certain word spellings, but so be it.
    Zed vs Zee. Zed just doesn’t rhyme in the ending of the alphabet song. At least American’s did something right, which probably pissed off the Brits royally.
    The tune is also used in two other British rhymes. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep Now the Sheep song is a goody, if you think about our term for the world population referred to as “Sheeple”. The Baa Baa rhyme was written back in the 16-1700 hundreds and some say it was created when a tax was put on wool. So a guess history just keeps repeating itself. Maybe that rhyme is so ingrained through the centuries, it’s like mind control. Give me children at 5 and they will be mine for life. Now I will be humming that tune all day.

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