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[Beautiful, illustrated comment on "Why Do We Weep?"]

Words fall short, I paint it out sometimes. This one is for you Zen, Peeks, Randall, Chat and the community here. It’s also for my sons – one who spent six years in military training while studying and the younger one who got conscripted into the Air Force.

Love, Soliel




Meditation Master, artist, author, intuitive healer and Reiki Master, professional editor and educator, grandmother and mind adventurer. A Londoner who has been living in Thailand for over 40 years, she was ordained in the Mook Rim Society (Korean Zen) for eleven years but is now an intuitive independent. She has travelled on invitation to lead meditation retreats in Australia, Austria, Thailand and the USA and currently runs meditation and healing courses at The House of Dhamma in northern Bangkok.


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  1. Transmutation of the Soul – so very beautiful, Soliel. Thank you are just not strong enough words, so I will just say “I’m another you ~ You’re another me” and Namaste!

    • The three paintings are a series. They hint at 3 kinds of ‘enlightenment’: The first is more towards Intellectual understanding; the second awakens the heart too; and the third

      transcends and synthesises both as we together become the physically embodied phoenix of truth.

      Chautauqua, I really appreciate your comments and your writings. I enjoy being a wordsmith too but for me painting often says it better.

  2. WOW How incredible is that ! Blown back in my chair Solie.. Holy Heart felt ..Those are beautiful I would have never known you had that in ya … I am flabbier gasped ,, and with my big yap it never happens ..Love it ((((( Solie )))))))))))) No wedgies to day .. Peeks shoves Rose peddles down solies pants ! your shit dose stink like roses ! ((((massive huge extra tight long man hug )))

  3. Painting it out…yes a beautiful illustrated comment! Picture poetry without words….nice touch Soliel.

    Your sons so fortunate and Thank you ! Love.

  4. Now this is the true meaning of *wonderful, just wonderful!*.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful art with us Soliel.

    • Two men may listen to the sound of the wind in the trees.
      One hears a melancholy sighing and the other hears creation making love to itself.
      Which choose you?

    • In this country, there’s no choice, it’s compulsory unless you have a medical condition that would make it impossible to do the job required. And it’s tough… unbelievably tough. Take whatever you know about the training in your country and do it in 39 – 41 degree Celcius heat and sky-high humidity. The food is dismal and sometimes has to be eaten in five minutes when going through the jungle. Add malaria, wild animals, leeches and flooding and you get the picture. Remember, you don’t have a choice unless you want to become an unemployable outlaw on the run.

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