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Powerful imagery put to music to pound the points home with. Thanks Rollo, terrific, albeit disturbingly realistic piece.

Shock is good in a comatose world. – Zen



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    • Rollo Tea party .. I know Jeff Martin personalty like over at my house for drinks back in the day .. . .. Great band .. right from my home town ! great Video !

      • We exist in a world where the fear of
        Iillusion is real
        And we cling to the past to deny and confuse the ideal
        Once inside, we can conceive and believe in a god we can’t feel

        great verse………must be an interesting individual.

  1. Thank you, Rollo.

    ‘Sister Awake’ is one of my all time favorite songs. Never heard this one before…exquisite!

  2. They use ti have their Studio above the Fish market , its funny seeing them move along as they did .. Poor Jeff was getting a bunch of negative press calling him a Jim Morrison want a be ..But they did get a good reception in Canada in the end .There was talk about the political party ” tea party ” buying there web site for 1 million bucks hahah like last year ..all ways fun to tease those fellows about that . Jeff Burrows is still this way doing local radio ..

  3. Powerful. Watching this video lifted the lid on the fear topic. The dangers are real but fear is a choice.

    “Fear is what people know about themselves inside”-Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter

    In the Will Smith movie: After Earth, the narrator states:” When you are 100% free of fear you can move among the enemy without being seen….this is called Ghosting”.

  4. There was also a song that was performed live on an outside stage on July 4 some years ago by Josh Groban, entitled WAR AT HOME. The music and lyrics are quite phenomenal. I wish I could remember the year, though; but, time flies so fast it’s difficult to keep up with all that’s been going on.

    I believe the concert was held in either NYC or Washington, DC.

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