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You Are The Battlefield

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by Zen Gardner

There’s no looking for crowd validation. There’s no waiting for outside redemption. There’s no collective bargaining to rely on.

The awakening is you. Only you.

That’s what all this ruckus is about. The battle for your spirit and soul. And that’s the boat each of us is in. There is nothing more important in this life for you, or me, than waking up. Once that’s straightened out the rest will follow.

How we perceive the world around us creates and reinforces the world around us. Once we become conscious and aware that this existing matrix we’re witnessing is an arbitrary creation manipulated by power-crazed puppeteers, however you perceive them, that is when the change happens.

And the Universe will tell you what to do from there.

That’s what to respond to. Nothing else. That’s your job. That’s my job. Don’t shirk it when it happens.

Enjoy Your Earthly Suit, But Rediscover Who You Truly Are

Like me, you are sitting inside, or somewhat near anyway, the body you chose to be in. We’re looking through and freely operating these amazing biological machines on a fabulous planet. And, “Wow, there appears to be a whole lot of other beings like me walking around! Where am I? What am I here for? And what am I supposed to do?”

I know, jumped off the deep end there, but that’s exactly our predicament. And what immediately sets in once we arrive? As young children we have this abandon as we experience this incredible place and all its feelings, sights and sounds. We screech with delight, sing made up songs, swing our arms around wildly, and run in place. We just express!

Then what happens? We start to conform to what we’re seeing, as well as what we’re being told. We become more regimented and are herded into classrooms and categories. We start feeling social pressures and are then handed this fundamental doctrine of insecurity where fear and scarcity become our main drivers. Your purpose in life now is to “fit in and get a job” so you won’t run out of money or food. Your internal, conscious response? “This is strange. Everything’s a problem here. Sure didn’t feel that way when I arrived.”

The Illusory Attachment Trap

The main trick of the illusory world around us is to make us think we’re somehow attached to it, and therefore dependent, and that we need to conform to this world we’re viewing. We tend to judge by the standards we’re exposed to, and act accordingly. We base our lives and actions around these perceived behavior patterns, which in turn gradually dull the voice of conscious awareness.

You might have noticed how blind people, such as entertainers Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder, gesticulate totally freely, rocking their heads while singing or talking, and have wildly free facial expressions, almost as if they’re handicapped.

Obviously they’re not. But it strikes you. They’re free from visual conformity. They don’t know how everyone else acts. They’re free to physically express their emotions without having to conform to the suppressed, fearful conformist nature of our hung up society. They don’t know you don’t rock back and forth, shake your head and smile so broad your face almost cracks. How liberating!

And that principle can be applied across the board.

We judge so much by how we think it will measure up to the world around us rather than just express what we’re thinking and feeling openly. Whether with close friends and family, our peer group, or the message we pick up in public or from the media, we’re being programmed. Programmed to not respond to obvious needs, but to strange, shallow self-serving impulses.

Just like everyone else.

You can say that’s just natural, but it’s not. It’s induced behavior from a manipulated and self-regulating created collective. Natural for the matrix, but not for a conscious human being, especially when the crowd is clearly going the wrong way. But who’s looking when you’re sleep walking.

The Cost of Vicarious Living and Beyond

In the end most humans end up living a vicarious life, acting out the projection they think they’re supposed to live up to. That’s bondage. The yardstick is acceptance rather than truth or conscience. This is heavily reinforced through education, the media and the existing paradigm they’ve succeeded in creating. It appears to be the only option out there…but only to the unawakened.

But there’s a price to pay.

Everything. Waking up costs everything. So what? What are you saving up for? Aren’t you paying that price anyway even if you’re not waking up? Life always costs everything. You’ll leave here eventually, like me, and the cost will be your life. How did you spend it? Consciously, or trying to conform, and using that to hide behind to justify living as a comfortable, selfish, lazy brain donor to the system you’re too afraid to buck?

That’s the battlefield. You. Me. It goes no further. What we see playing out in the world is a bunch of you’s and me’s deciding if they’ll live consciously and truly respond to that still, small voice within them, or not. The sad reality is almost every one of them has been duped into being fixated on what all the other “me’s” are doing in order to keep up with the projected reality. It’s like a school of fish feverishly clinging together in response to a perceived predator.

The only thing is, for conscious, spiritual reality there is no predator. That’s the secret. We are eternal consciousness having an experience. The way to solve these problems is to re-create the perceived reality through conscious awareness and conscious actions.

When You Get the Call, Take It!

We, individually, have to change first. We have to commit to consciousness, get free of entanglements and live a conscious life. The rest has little meaning until we get out of the matrix ourselves.

If each of us would get that message the phony world structure would crumble in a minute. Every soldier would drop his weapon and go home. Every politician would wake up as if out of a dream and go be with his family. Every policeman would lay down his gun, take off his uniform, and go help someone in need, smiling and greeting people on his way.

It’s you. It’s me. Your personal world and experience is the only one you’ll ever know. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Just let consciousness be your guide. But act on it.

And don’t fret too much about what it is you’re supposed to do. You’ll know it when you see it. It comes in the form of little things, little decisions, the rest follows. Learn to listen to that voice and act accordingly and it gets louder and louder.

Just walk away from what you know to be wrong, and do what you know to be right. It’s not that hard once you start. And again, once you get your boat in motion, the rudder will take effect.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao Tzu

…Now go for it.  I can’t wait to hear about it!

Love, Zen

P.S. I was honored to have the amazing Snordelhans of Heretic Productions produce the following gorgeous piece. Be sure to give it a look. It’s shortened with just selected excerpts but it’s beautifully done. Enjoy. Go HERE



  1. All my life it was percolating like a pot of coffee.
    The clues and hints were swarming around me like pesky gnats.
    Nudges, bumps and redirected focus courtesy of spirit guides.
    Growing sickness with formulaic radio/TV/entertainment.
    The moment of epiphany was beyond uplifting, a moment beyond description.
    Just like this article, Zen.

  2. Thanks, time to remove the snooze button – It’s morning in the Universe.

    Let the sun shine in ~ Jay

    ‘ Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists’ – ACIM

  3. Beautiful article and wonderful message Zen. Thank you for this post. I believe it will open the minds of all who read it. I am forwarding this link to my students to spread your message. Wishing you and all a glorious holiday season on our beautiful planet.

  4. So us as human need to listen to our inner spirit if I was told to build an underground bunker I should do so …and in the end all we will all be told the heavens have came from a ufo I come to a conclusion this will be a ship of reptilians(satan)….die in peace with the planet with first touch foot on..

  5. Great post….the internal battle vs the external cultural moral dilemma of stop the train, I want off ,to actually step up and deal with the world and do the right thing! Courage of convictions or don’t rock the boat , even if it’s sinking.

  6. Thanks for another great article. You always seem to be expressing what I’m thinking about. Waking up is not easy but its the key to freedom.

  7. you’ve only hit the fuckin nail right on the fuckin head. if Zen is not your real name then it should be.

    A Song to me,from my Higher Self.


    O My Love, the hour is late
    Still you gaze across the sea
    O My Love, why do you wait
    Time will never set you free
    But love will wash away your pain
    Like tears in the rain.

    O My Love, why do you seek
    The face your eyes cannot see
    O My Love, why do you speak
    Of where your mind cannot be

    Know the one who wants to know
    Watch the one who is watching the show
    And love will wash away your pain
    Like tears in the rain

    O My Love, the sun will rise
    And we must play the final scene
    O My Love, the hero dies
    Such a timeless theme

    Know the one who wants to know
    Watch the one who is watching the show
    And love will wash away your pain
    Like tears in the rain.


  8. Your message is wonderful. I feel that it was corrupted in the video…the visuals were absoluely beautiful…the narrator’s voice was, to me, like all of the powerful voices, in our world that keep our world operating at the negative level in which it does…it was almost frightening. I am happy to have been able to read this in print, and very sorry that the video was made in this way, that is by using this narrator to deliver a very important message.

  9. Another great piece, Zen. Concise, perceptive and straight to the point. You nailed it. I’ve just watched the video on You Tube incorporating your words and been blown away. One of your best yet. Been following your work for over a year, and right now you’re really blowing hot, man. A massive inspiration.

    Keep it coming from the heart.


  10. My message is for Sports FANS the wold over. How can you sit there..oblivious of the world around you.!! I choose to give you a guilt trip that you will not soon forget. There you sit warm and cozy, with beer and snacks, thinking of no one else on this planet! How can you be so SELFISH! Yes, that’s you! You are probably, on average, an adult male of average health and stamina…right? So, what have you done for the elderly person on your block that can’t carry out their garbage or fix their porch step? You probably have an income of some kind or else you would have to forgo the beer and nachos…right?So, did you put some money in the Salvation Army kettles this year? Did you try to feed a starving child? Are you a thankless, selfish couch potato ? or are you going to do something for somebody. ? Halftime would be a perfect time to do SOMETHING! If not. I hope your guilty conscience ruins your whole game! From a 72 year old woman that knows what it’s like to get an offer of help!

  11. Maybe you could help me here, about commiting to consciousness, it seems like I’m trapped in it, except when I’m asleep, am I missing something?

  12. Dear Zen,
    May I put a link from my website to your article here. The video was extraordinary, but what you have here is just stunning. I have an ecstatic smile on my face and it isn’t going anywhere.
    Are you somewhere in Scandanavia? If so you are located at the other end of the earth… sort of, but I hear your voice.

    Thank you for being you.
    Helen J.

  13. ZEN, PLEASE ANSWER, WHO IS THE MAN SINGING IN THE BACKGROUND? He has an incredible voice, and would look like to know what song he is singing, what is his name and the full lyrics to the song. For goodness sakes, I”ve asked so many time for this information and have receceived no reply what so ever. PLease, what is the name of the man signing, what is the son his is singing and the lyrics. PLLEASE ANSWER. Thank you so much.

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