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    • Dawn have you heard of the band midnite? I saw your pic of the lions on one of their videos. Awesome band I urge everyone to check em out. They bring the truth for real.

  1. Well the good news is that less are falling for it each time.

    One of the best things about the internet is how many people can rip apart each piece of what is really happened through the facade they present. No doubt this hinders their ability to take certain actions. This must really burn them up since they put so much time and effort into these things and must have a timeline. Probably limited opportunities due to astrological activities as well.

    Lately the collective deconstructions happen in record time. Soon the collective learning curve will be ahead of the controllers curve. Conspiracy theory will become conspiracy prophecy. This may already have happened we just don’t have the proof of their original plans. London Olympics, Dallas Super Bowl. We may never know.


    That’s the benefit of millions of minds against thousands and a common source of access to shared knowledge.

    They want to destroy each part of us but especially our minds. They will also continue to actively seek to control or shut down free access to the internet using the usual fake tactics. Protect us, protect children, protect intellectual property etc. The Philippines just received a good dose of reality relating to this and the US has had numerous attempts already.

  2. It’s hard not to laugh at the incredible lack of creativity the poo-heads offer. Let’s all turn our backs, moon them, tell them we don’t believe any of this attempted re-run of the latest bs rammed down our throats… And we’re anxious to see the next move, because we won’t believe that either..
    Perhaps a 4-story Jesus appearing over Kansas? An armada of killer ewoks circling the white house? No one believes! You are powerless! We take back our minds, our lives, our planet!!!!Go minions, go ask -your- handlers what to do, tell them we’re not buying your bad fish anymore!!!
    We’re done with you and power point presentations!!!

  3. Not this time!! Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. No more war!! We are all sick of it.


  4. “You’re falling for it again”….
    Of course.
    The herd perpetuate the crap.
    Lowest Common Denominator.
    It’s not recoverable and it’s not here.
    I do my bit, but have zero interest in changing anything but myself.

  5. Absolutely LOVE powerful images like this! There should be more out there. Images like this say more and have more of an impact on people that thousands of blog posts, articles, analysis, etc. Would love to see someone compile a ton of these (as there are many out there) and flood the Internet with them. How about a side by side with Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam when we backed him back in the 80’s contrasted with less than a decade ago where he’s shouting at the world that we need to take him out. Same with Libya – Hillary just loved Mohammar, then she’s cackling about “we came, we saw, he died”. The list of hypocritical lies (and images that go along with them) is infinite.

    Reminds me Zen of that amazing list of images you compiled all in one place on this site some months ago of our Illuminati friends. One image alone is powerful, but compile dozens together and people (even sheeple) cannot ignore it. Great, great stuff.

    • …how about a picture of Michelle and Barack in their beautiful organic White House garden juxtaposed with a list of Mr. Obama’s Monsanto White House hires. Ok, I gotta stop here before I get started. Wow, the list really is endless……….

      • Beautiful Zen, you got me hooked like a crack-addict to that page! Amazing montage, and fantastic captions on em’ – many had me roaring and tearing up!! ps: I think a couple of broken links in the images….

        I believe the death of these megalomaniacs/nut jobs will eventually come as a result and in the form of utter ridicule of (and non-compliance from) the billions of beautiful souls on this planet. Can’t wait, and I see that I don’t have to!!

  6. Obvious photoshopping aside the look in Bibi’s eyes is one of pure contempt for his audience that day. Powell? We know now that he was duped by cherry picked reports stove-piped from the OSP. Larry Wilkerson is on the record order about it. He had the most credibility among the inner circle (Can u imagine Cheney, Rummy or W himself being so convincing?) and let’s face it, a lot of us believed or wanted to believe it was true because of the messenger. He gave his career and reputation away that day.

    Bibi on the other hand will not get the same pass. He’s run out of dupes and patsy’s and has to use his bad sales skills (I hear he used to sell furniture in Philly) to try to get the job done. His body language and facial expressions only impress the neo cons salivating for more war for greater Israel. My PM Stephen Harper (I use “my” loosely as I would never vote for this clown) is so far up Bibi’s dirt road, we will likely get blowback we don’t deserve.

  7. Was it planned this way? It’s creepy how similar these pics are. Maybe something subliminal about the poses? Either way, karma can be a bitch.

  8. I was lucky enough to see Netanyahu show this on TV. It was so funny it could have been a comedy skit. Did anyone really take it seriously?

  9. As noted in different words above, I too am delighted with the www whitehats’ ability to offer more cogent
    counter-narratives in real-time in response to the NWO fog-machine output. And the mere existence of
    such counter-narratives are giving people the will to venture ‘down the rabbit hole’ to confront the (usually upsetting) reality that the majority of what are considered ‘governments’ are bankster-financed theatricals.

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