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    Listen  Download  Hour 3 – Zen Gardner – The View From South America

    (The first clip and link, Listen, is only half the show. The Download button has the whole thing. Enjoy!)


    1. Good show. As someone who expatriated in 2011, it really resonated with me. Zen, I didn’t understand what the kids in the mall were doing with the computers and the carts. Can you explain?

      • They’re mossad agents under cover. The place was crawling with these “kids” and I watched 2 people come thru and check in on the mall cart computer I was watching and the guy who ran the cart, another Israeli kid, not even pay any attention. It was clearly routine. Very dark people and clearly up to no good. I took some pictures and was followed out of the mall by one of them…nasty bunch They claim to be students etc. They’re also famous for their art selling, even going door to door. I’ve seen a lot of Israeli locksmiths as well. Careful.

    2. Loved his Zen , had a dark cloud hanging over me today but this interview lifted it and now the sun is shining :) Kitty X

    3. “nothing more insidious than a partial truth.” right o captain. nice Zen.

      “use your tongue as a spear, chunk it right into the heart of the dragon with no fear” alcyon massive

    4. Nice interview, Zen. Good to hear the comments on living in South America. I’m certainly among those who would like to get out of the US. For now it’s up in the air… it’s challenging to get the whole family on one page, but they’re starting to think South!

    5. Oh… yes, we truly cannot know what they have to use against us, but at least we know what to use against them! ;-) Great interview with great topics. Thanks, Zen!

    6. Great show Zen. Sounds so much better than living in this nightmare. I would leave in a heart beat if my circumstances allowed me and I would take my children with me. Maybe something will happen in my life someday that will make it happen but until then, maybe I can reach my audiences in my neck of the woods with my articles and other articles on my website and wake more people up so maybe this country can be transformed into a better place someday.

    7. Sorry I was late .. To this post .. Great Show Zenster / Jeff .. The Banker Murders .. my call this will lead back to libor .and the scandal . As I told Pisces 222 a few weeks more coming and they came .. I also posted this back on this site .. Its all liked to Libor .. More of these deaths still to come its not a warring .. Its a clean up ..

    8. Very good show Zen and I’m still getting myself lined up to get the heck out of dodge. Just doing what can be done but living as simple in the here and now as possible. The matrix get’s hardly anything from me and I’m probably being considered a worthless eater because I’m NOT A CONSUMER – - well not for the fascists anyway. Love hearing it all and going to forward to a few I know. Thank YOU! Love,peg

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