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Zero Point Energy and The Legacy of the Ark

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The controversy over the alleged Ark of the Covenant and Zero Point Energy converge in this fascinating clip. Explore some very real possibilities that will get your wheels turning when trying to piece it all together.

Don’t take anyone’s word for anything, find out for yourself to your own personal satisfaction as best you can, but this should peel some eyes back as to true, conscious “forbidden” archeology versus rote acceptance of the same lame explain-aways with no real meaning or empowerment to humanity.  – Zen




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  1. The Ark is a model of the human being.

    The Matrix is short-circuitous.

    The Pure Heart/Pineal is a capacitor , generating the Meisner Field like the Ark.

    Only the false / ego is killed by the thunder bolts from the Holy of Holies (of the Ark)

    (“Its a sarcophagus or something ?” david wilcock.

    yes david, wormholes are – way streets . great jungian slip )

  2. wow, i was engaged in an intense conversation last night about consciousness, knowledge, magic, hidden technology and the “keepers” of it. The dialogue was so intense and engaging that my sleep had a totally otherworldly quality to it and Ive been on”automatic drive” all day just keeping the daily routines going while my mind drinks the ideas and insights we generated. When I opened this video it seemed that the dialogue was simply continued from where we left off last night. I finished the video half an hour ago and Ive still got chills up my spine from the synchronicity….. as if the dialogue never ended – just the space time interruption to maintain the balance in the 3D zone!!! Heartfelt thanks Zen. You have an uncanny way about the stuff you choose to put up.

  3. As I say To most , when i am off in never never land all ways thinking about the big Puzzle
    “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.”
    funny i was just talking about this

    • Thanks Peek, needed that Poe quote. I can use it to explain that go-yonder look to family and friends who have to repeat themselves while I’m busy “sorting things out”.

  4. it woulda been nice if you included the links for the first two parts…not that i need the additional brainwashing. My theory is that this all BS. Another wishful exciting adventure into never never land where one can escape reality by believing in some unsubstantiated dream. My other comment is “get a life”.

    • ..while saying “include links to the other parts”? Are you schizo? Make up your mind, you want information to process or not? C’mon “dog”…that’s a nuts comment by any standard. You don’t want “brainwashing” but tell me more…there’s a lot fear and aggressive cowardice in there…why not just be natural and ask?

    • @Dogismyth

      Dog, there are a couple of points i would like to raise with you, though your response to this post raises far more than a couple, but i believe Zen has addressed some already.
      Firstly, you you state ‘My theory is that this is all BS’ and then later refer to ‘believing in some unsubstantiated dream’.
      I am confused as to what your meaning is. Are not ‘Theories’ also ‘unsubstantiated dreams’ ?
      As for your comment ‘get a life’ i would ask you this :
      Who’s life is richer? , one who is able to absorb and assimilate a wide variety of information or one who instantly rejects it as ‘Brainwashing’ or ‘BS’ ?
      I am not saying you should believe this information, but humbly suggest you absorb it or at least some of it, and put it into your minds ‘pending tray’. At some other point in your life you may receive more information that will allow you to decide whether this finally goes into the ‘in’ or the out ‘tray’.

  5. Just reading a very scholarly book at the moment Zen, (more of that collective consciousness again !!!) thought you may like to look it up it’s called First Temple Theology by Margaret Barker. Link’s to the Essene’s. Melchizedek. the Egyptian connection post AD 70 Rabbinical Talmudic Judaism. (a cult) . Watching the video I realized there is a lot of First Temple ritual in the Catholic church which are obviously just memories of the earlier theology connected with the Holy of Holy’s where the Ark was kept. The Catholic Church as you know believe the host during the eucharist ritual is transformed literally into the flesh of “the Lord” .It’s called trans substantiation, (as you know) I’m sure this go’s back to the rituals we watched on the video . Literally the essence of the god is turned into Flesh (bread ) and absorbed by the initiate endowing them with God like qualities. I think a lot of these First Temple rituals actually go back to Egypt. Reading description’s of the priests physical appearance after entering the holy of holy’s is interesting to they are described as being transformed. Barker (in other book) if I remember correctly believes they entered another dimension via interaction with the Ark !! (merkaba?) Really fascinating ,Margaret Barker is really out there, her view’s are very controversial well worth a look her idea’s on” Judaism “are fascinating. Will be discussing zero point energy with parent’s next week will give you any idea’s they have from both scientific and more esoteric point of view . Told them about your site they are both going to have a really good look when they get back from their travels !!! Kitty xxx

    • Wow, gr8 info there! Tx! Barker sounds v. interesting. Yes, transubstantiation, transfiguration and the like rife in mainstream religion, quite freaky how the followers don’t really get it except to cow and “worship” in ignorance, assuming the “high priests” understand and will take care of things–ah heirarchy, ha! Sounds like politics, rulership, corporations and the rest of the control grid. Amazing how it has no power once you identity it for what it is.

  6. The pyramids were essentially tesla towers (or vice versa ;-). That’s why they appear all over the planet by the hundreds, always on key ley lines. To have a dielectric device that could be placed inside the pyramid to store energy, and then take it out and war with it, is more than plausible.

    • Plausible for sure Scoot. And then one day (or short period of time) all these beings hauled ass to somewhere. The screwballs that are preventing a “pull out all the stops” investigation may not even know the valuable information hidden in our history. But they would detest the possibility that we would discover who we really are before they do. Me gut says we are somewhere in the straight away…..going for the finish line.

      The springs in their jack-in-the-boxes are wearing out and our patience is wearing thin.


    • My 2nd comment Scoot. If we arrived at a planet, and the inhabitants there were not evolved to a point to have a useful technology for our application, then we would have to fabricate our own from the abundant resources available…..water, minerals, granite and the like. We could recharge to carry out our business there. Whether it was plunder, control of the existing species as an afterthought, the jury is still in session. Just traveling.

  7. Dog,
    I will recommend Joseph P. Farrell’s books for a foundation … but here are a few very solid bones for you to chew on while you revise your personal myths:
    1) Start with a light dose of Thomas Kuhn and Karl Popper: The knowledge we have now will be superseded and considered quaint soon enough.
    2) Consider the implications of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen and Bell’s theorem for general relativity.
    3) See what Nima Arkani-Hamed (Harvard Physics) & colleagues looking for at CERN.
    4) Get the very basics of String/M-theory under your belt: they play in 10-11 dimensions.
    5) Ask yourself who/what might occupy extended dimensions – if they existed. And why are we stuck in 3D!
    6) Remember: a lot of physicists ‘buy’ zero point energy; Michelson-Morley didn’t really kill the ‘ether’.
    7) There is a growing body of artefacts that suggest ancient high civilizations. That whole notion has been suppressed for religious, academic, and psycho-manipulative reasons; Look at the work of the work of the WWII SS Ahnenerbe: Indiana Jones is not a pure fable.
    8) Get some grounding in what scientific parapsychology has been able to demonstrate about the relationship of humanity, space, time and matter.

    Then you can start to ask yourself and others some productive questions and get into discussions.

  8. The idea of the Ark as a superconducting/supercapacitor explains so many things about the Bible that otherwise don’t make any sense. I was ready to give up on the Bible altogether as being way too manipulated/distorted and altered beyond repair to be a source of any useful information.

    As well, if the pharoahs and kings of the ancients were eating this white transfigured substance, it also accounts for why they had such a high level of consciousness and seemed to have supernatural powers compared to anyone today.

    Absolutely fascinating video, Zen! I was on the edge of my seat. Thanks!

    • The Bible is a minefield with booby traps, deception, truths and treasures, usually put out of sequence and always out of true context. Handle carefully. Look at the religions it’s produced and the peoples and behaviors it’s used to vindicate, while at the same time other parts condemn those same peoples and actions. Look for reliable researchers to get a better grasp on its meaning, as well as missing books. Better yet, take a look at the Kolbrin bible and Nag Hammadi texts. Have to unearth it for ourselves…Have fun!

  9. Angel technology.They are dimentional beings.We are carbon based.why wouldnt they have a greater tech and knowledge of these things.We as humans worshiped them as gods or demi gods. myans,aztecs,native americans,people of old.History.And why wouldnt they ?To them it seemed magic.unexsplainable.As it was and has been said :genesis chap 6 verse 4there were giants in the earth in thoes days;and also after that,when the sons of God came in onto the dauhgters of men,and they bare children to them,the same became mighty men which were of old,men of renown.(Angel mixed with human)Where do you think the Titans come from?Zeuse,Persus,Venus,all the so called myths and legends?I (my opinion and thats all)Think its our timing thats all wrong.Stories change as time goes by,Things are forgotten,thats why they call them myths.Sometimes theres more truth to a myth and more to uncover than what our minds perceive.Angels were here before we were,Good or bad they were here.This is what were uncovering.Just an opinion guys.

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